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The conservation minded 11.05 Revival release from Mars Lasar is the most recent project in the Eleventh Hour Series to make a significant statement in both the trademark designer music Mars continues to envision and next in series dedication to protection of our planet that arrives with just in time precision.

The Eleventh Hour Series relies on an electronic instrumental infrastructure to get the message out. It now appears clear Mars Lasar was just ahead of his time with the series. His deep exploratory music touches the senses while beating a constant rhythm in music lover’s hearts, exactly when a new resurgence in conservation is suddenly thrust into the forefront of the next generation’s minds.

11.05 Revival on the Sound Manipulation label approaches every aspect of Eclectic, Electronic, Instrumental & New Age Groove, canvassing the inherent beauty and peaceful serenity of our magnificent planet in an epic and colorful illustration drawn from one man’s timely musical perspective.

Earthbound exhibits a strong opening by first reaching out to grab, and then capture your attention by a distinctive percussion rhythm that steadily glides into full keyboard environment, giving a pulsating melody in motion testimonial. During refrains, choral vocals announce a clear message while swaying melody acts like a pendulum to once again move in counter-motion behind the energizing concept.

Parallel Worlds permits you to breath again while navigating at a gentler pace during orchestration crescendo revolving around lighter percussion, woodwinds and twinkling effects, giving brief moments of interlude during this unilateral event.

Some of the introspective songs heard on 11.05 Revival could be perceived as a warning for our ecological in-actions and resulting consequence to humanity, since several songs have a deep perilous atmosphere that rightfully command your attention.

Globalization conjures up equally deep and lighter emotions by modifying sound images in this majestic song that uniquely articulates the projection of imagery during his compositions. The deeply integrated keyboard and vocals are centered by a twinkling sequence to mirror the bright reflection of a full moon and resulting tidal effect.

Ancient Astronaut & Final Countdown take giant leaps onto the planetary surface of ambiance by having an audible feel of intensity in their own domain. While one song is geared to a constant percussion countdown timed to the precision of a second hand with far reaching melody, another explores rich orchestration by engaging brass, winds and strings that seem to defy gravity by dynamic theatrics alongside intertwined lighter and deeper orchestra concertos.

Next Millennium has a design of the future piano melody with counter beat notes and intriguing voice box dialog that competes for your attention. Moderate patterns return with several songs in a mid tempo pace and feel like heard in Evolution. Graceful Orbit has a cycling pattern by the static effect, strings and vocals. Celestial Challenge has a voice box dialog with flute in an engaging improv sequence and Guide To The Ozone shows a blend of instrumentals drawn into softer songs that float along accordingly.

By The Sea ushers in the relaxing singing of a new age vocalist, where Contemporary Jazz is introduced to softer classic vocals alongside piano and saxophone accompaniment, lending a soulful and poetic touch which nicely compliments 11.05 Revival and newest release in the Eleventh Hour Series.

Mars Lasar has truly made a bold testimonial in this timely masterpiece, renewing the true spirit behind the Eleventh Hour Series while also personifying his dedication to conservation music legacy. The positive aspects of our world worth saving are clearly shown in unison with the extreme challenges ahead, exactly when the music of today’s generation and inherent staff of conservation awareness is carefully relayed into the open arms of the next generation.

Visit MarsLasar.com to sample or purchase 11.05 Revival and other new age albums or visit Mars Lasar’s CDBaby page. Picture Copyright Bigstockphoto.com – karmaamarande.

* The Eleventh Hour Series 11.05 Revival has a 10 % donation to conservation.org with your album purchase.

There are a multitude of genres where an acoustic guitar enables an artist to express themselves personally. When placed in the hands of a skilled musician, this stringed instrument becomes a beautiful companion, telling everything about the artist with each passing measure.

Ciro Hurtado is one skilled solo guitarist or guitarrista from California, whose performances include Traditional Latin, American Folk, World, Fusion, Latin Jazz, and many more popular genres, becoming adapted to many forms of personal expression. His natural talent, along with studies at the Guitar Institute of Technology have placed him in a well recognized stature as a musician, highly regarded for his artistic technical abilities and versatile rhythms for many years now.

Ciro’s musical compositions on guitar are not limited to specific categories since his adaptable styles also range from more traditional Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, Pop, Blues, and Rock, so versatility does play an important role in his music.

Guitarrista is the 5th album to explore his talents as a guitarist, where many rhythms and sub rhythms on this project are abundant, in a solo album that finds many points of interest during this thoughtful encounter with individualistic expression. Latin influences play an important factor during his many changes in style too, as both hands connect with the strings in a well versed manner.

Performing without percussion, brass, or winds, his solo touch of the strings give multiple layers of well versed melodies and nicely done sub rhythms, giving me the impression that any added musical accompaniment would be unwanted sound that just gets in the way of his unique approach to this solo guitar album.

The intricate patterns, along with a relaxed atmosphere, greatly emphasize his individual composing and performance skills, while also telling a beautiful story to his audiences.

Besides his solo projects, and performing with Strunz and Farah, he founded the popular group Huayucaltia, touring in the U.S. and other countries while opening for Sting, Jackson Browne, Carlos Vives, and other highly regarded artist. His numerous movie and documentary musical score credits are recognised in the film industry as well, since producers have also taken note of his versatility as a guitarist.

Ciro Hurtado’s prior albums In My Mind & Tales From Home both have accompaniments that blend just right with acoustic guitar, and expert performances are shown in all of his albums.

This comes from a person who recognizes that the guitar is really just a pretty instrument, and that a beautiful outcome is always dependent on whose hands the guitar is placed.

Visit cirohurtado.com to sample here, and cdbaby.com here.

Picture Copyright Bigstockphoto.com – devulderj.

Katrina is a name that brings up vivid memories and sense of helplessness for all who witnessed the hurricane’s massive devastation and became the largest natural disaster in American history.

Michael Brant DeMaria, PH.D.  is a clinical psychologist, composing musician, poet, author, and dedicator of his Healing Sound Series to all hurricane survivors past, present, and future.  In his psychotherapy practice, Michael created ONTOS (  Greek for Being  ) to help people live more meaningful and effective lives, and his ambient music is designed as therapy to help assist survivors by easing their return to coastal living again.

While writing this review I learned  Michael was among those who lost their family home during the  2004 – 2005  hurricane seasons, so his therapy support does arrive from a first person perspective.

The River  began the Healing Sound Series, with  Ocean  second in the series based on over  25  years of personal and professional research in the fundamental principals of sonic healing techniques, helping survivors relax and return to a more peaceful existence through ambient sound techniques.

His third release  Siyotanka  won the Native American Music Award in the Native Heart category, being placed on the Grammy ballot for Best Native American Music Album, while retaining the  # 1  position on ZMR charts in February 2009.  His music, art, and poetry acquired  U.S.  recognition while gaining international acceptance in Australia, Europe, and Russia, touching the lives of many persons.

The Ocean album helps reclaim the natural bond we share with our greater oceanic waters, rejuvenating our vital relationship by interweaving calming ambient therapy, in a bright reflection that restores a more positive link with our mysterious, life sustaining hydrosphere.

Ocean  responds by calming ambiance and some unique blending of World & Contemporary instrumentals  of Native American flute, African Djembe, Middle Eastern Doumbek, Indian Sruti box and Aerophones.  More traditional keyboards, piano, and percussion also form the connection into  11  songs reflecting titles in the theme of our primarily blue planet.

Open Water  begins with a compelling quiet stillness, approaching more subtle moments before synthesizer starts the slow emergence into woodwinds equally calming approach, nicely illustrating the vast waters that comprise over seventy percent of the Earth.

Light ambient notes appear in  Moonlit Sea  to instill a moment of solitude before woodwind flute begins a comforting reflection by softer drawn out notes, generating a gentle shimmering effect like small surface ripples moving outward on top of peaceful waters.

Transformation  enters a flute prelude with graceful motions that show like soft sound waves quietly lapping against the shoreline and ambient notes soon appear like airy clouds that drift alongside bass percussion signaling an ancient rhythm. The distant chants put forth a revitalizing atmosphere while deeper tones give an impression of deep universal depths, before bringing the lighter theme back to the surface.

The commingling of deep and shallower notes are also heard in  Remember,  conveying soft chants and woodwinds while interacting with a deeper mesmerizing background, defining the chosen ambient theme for the album as a pleasant and relaxing one.

In Search Of Home  divulges into intrigue I felt was natural, enchanting, and just right for a final reflection about the Oceans since we enjoy, yet depend on them so much. Just like our hydrosphere which pretty much remains a universal unsolved mystery that completely surrounds us.

Visit Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria’s website at ontos.org.  Music can be sampled and purchased at ontosmusic.com here, or his CD Baby.com page here.

Picture copyright Bigstockphoto.com – argus456.

We receive a large number of CDs sent to us directly from artists, promoters, and producers, delivering a wide range of music to choose from, so we may present the best of what we can find for our readers wide variety of musical tastes.

9 Muses is a recent artist to send a modern mix for those who like New Age Alternative, with melodic female vocals and a lively rhythmic beat. While listening to the CD, my foot began to tap, and it occurred to me that a lively Pop influence could be added on the album description too, since mainstream audiences will like the modern day direction this album projects.

Feel to Heal is the title from 9 Muses and first in their Elements Series, that predicts more releases to follow from the artist, with this first 10 lyrical love songs belonging in the theme of 9 Greek mythological muses, whose purpose if to liberate the listeners artistic creations related to song, literature, and the arts.

Cool Water is a decorative ornamental song, with percussion and keyboard backing trendy vocals that are displayed as light and pleasant, along with a faster tempo snare drum and groove based instrumentation, giving a nice arrangement from this first muse.

The Moon Told Me is much like the first song by the alluring vocals, rhythmic pace, and lighter melody, but the Rock style guitar runs make a noticeable distinction between this first group of songs.

The middle tempo is maintained with In My Arms, carrying much of the modern day vocals and keyboard instrumentation patterned with a similar mindset. There are also some chic percussion enhancements like heard in The Man That Never Was, which vocalises lyrical connotations of a lost love and everything that embodies.

Master Mind starts out with a memorable beginning while posturing in slower, more anticipated vocals like heard in Not Love & Just to Dance With You. Bruised Tears is also among this song formation that changes the collective mood while also sustaining the engaging sensual theme. The intriguing lyrics behind compelling female vocals are joined with moderate percussion rhythms and synthesizer backgrounds to exhibit more casual surroundings.

The 9 Muses album title song Feel to Heal rebounds boldly by a brisk tempo and set in stone ( Dun da Dun da Dunt ) energy driven Groove rhythm, having a tantalizing pronunciation in keyboard delivery that generates attention right from the start. Percussion maintains this articulated faster tempo, while the elaborate xylophone runs intermingled with the vocals effectively add an interesting angle, becoming a nice touch to a vogue song having more of a Pop resemblance.

While Feel to Heal is not a classic New Age album there certainly is an audience that will appreciate this Contemporary Vocal blend, and you can be assured can always find music to fit a wide variety of musical tastes.

9 Muses does not have a website so sample Feel to Heal at CDBaby.com.

I conducted an interview with John Adorney to reveal insight about a world class performing music therapist, whose beautiful relaxing compositions could easily be termed comfort music.

John Adorney began with the Beckoning album which became an instant hit with New Age fans, likewise acquiring many listeners who simply adore the Contemporary Instrumental genre in the process. The Other Shore, Waiting For The Moon, & Trees of Gold are his preceding albums that dispense the beloved classics we easily recognize from his relaxed musical signature.

The Fountain is the newest release to showcase his reliable artistry in blending Electronic, Contemporary Instrumental and World music while quenching the thirst for a wide variety of music lovers who depend on beautiful song melodies for survival.

John Adorney wrote and produced the 11 songs for this album, along with instrumentation of piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, cello, and percussion. Inclusive enrichment by female vocalist Daya Rawat, and African vocalist Marcel Adjibi, who wrote the lyrics, pleasantly enhance the project on a number of songs with their fluid harmonious voices.

The Fountain album takes an exploratory examination into music having an elemental influence from India and in the process, recreates the beloved John Adorney signature sound. This mosaic showing the ancient footprint of India is an aesthetic treasure openly embraced by Western listeners, along with his broad multicultural audience.

The steady stream of rich colorful songs everyone has come to expect starts with Safe Haven, securing his uplifting brand of Contemporary, Electronic, and Instrumental fanfare with an ideal beginning. The piano melody shines radiantly by administering a comforting theme in classic style while prescribing symphonic intermezzos along with lighter percussion and their clave counterparts.

Title song The Fountain is filled with the exotic touches of India, in an authentic sprinkle of spices that nicely compliments the mainstream Eastern entries. Daya softly chants an Indian passage in the song as ethnic instrumentals accompany her, along with more traditional piano and acoustic guitar rhythms.Comme Le Vent is immersed with opulent vocals by both Marcel and Daya, extending their reflections by a melody that seems to glow when placed alongside peaceful piano support to display all musicians as rich and radiant.

Feather on the Wind is a light picturesque blend of piano and symphonic instrumentals encircled by warm cello splashes of color. Abundant percussion rhythms in Echoes of Thunder enhance an illuminating mid tempo groove melody, while Even In Your Darkest Hour hallmarks Daya singing a soft eloquent song of peace, comfort, and hope. The lyrics are cradled by lighter percussion and an array of symphonic refrains to endorse her all is well message. An Ocean in the Drop has percussion rhythms counter piano notes tour up and down the keys.

Silk and Stone will become a favorite by the unique mosaic of multicultural sound excursions that transport you to many continents around the globe. Your flight takes off with American hand clapping and bass drum rhythms before crossing the border into Latin countries percussion clave patterns. Smoothly landing with an intriguing European groove feel and enchanting accordion entries pleasantly remind of our restful stop at the outdoor cafe.

The music itinerary then moves into Middle Eastern style keyboard navigation before boarding acoustic guitar verses reminiscent of India. Circling the globe by Southern route, Brazilian tempo celebrates the festivities before a final touchdown into John Adorney’s home country of America, arriving well relaxed by one of his more adventurous music albums in the luxurious comfort we have come to expect.

Visit johnadorney.com here to sample The Fountain and Amazon.com to purchase here. Read our interview by clicking here.

Picture copyright BigStockPhoto.com – WizData.

If you are one in the multitude of dreamers with an ambitious goal in mind, permit me to tell you about one musician’s personal story for reaching goals since she is a source of inspiration for those who already know and listen to her music.

Vicki Logan first began without formal music lessons, having only a dream of becoming an accomplished musician someday. Her spirited philosophy of believing in yourself, boldly taking the risks, and then dreaming big since anything is possible, has proved to be more than just a mere statement about turning dreams into reality.

Vicki is now an accomplished and outstanding musician taking her own advice for years by creating a heartfelt 4 album portfolio where each album title and theme chronicles the subsequent chapters of her achievements along the way. Chasing Dreams began the first stage for her success and easily set a high watermark for future albums of Finding My Way, The Ride, & The Journey To the Places In My Soul, along with a much anticipated album now in progress.

Chasing Dreams reached nomination for Album of the Year in regional music charts, then her subsequent albums were established in NAR / ZMR Top 100 charts and abundant online radio airplay on AOL, Sirius Radio, and XM Satellite, grew to reach around 1000 station worldwide.

Writing the original music on Chasing Dreams, along with playing piano, strings and flute, Vicki enlists several exceptional musicians with co-producer Randy Gildersleeve on acoustic guitar, banjo & mandolin, Andy LaCasse on bass & electric guitar, and Peter O’Gorman as percussionist.

Change is the only true constant in life. Instead of fighting it, we should always look for the advantages to change, and then use them to our benefit. In the end, dreams are only dreams unless you are willing to make them a reality.     New Age Music Artist – Vicki Logan.

Chasing Dreams is a 10 song classic storybook of concertos, with chapter one titled as The Only Way To Say Goodbye. This first song reveals feelings of hope for those who have lost a loved one by a moving piano piece that marks the first song notation as a memorable one. Respectful by turning each page with a soft finger to key touch, drama crescendos with every step until an emotional full chord melody is expressed, reaching a finale that I can only describe as heartfelt and poetic. The Reprise version offers another impression and moving portrayal of this exquisite melody.

An Epoch Of Childhood represents growing to adulthood by a wonderful piano opus enhanced with guitar entries and percussion, reaffirming the positive vibes one feels from her entire album collection.

Highway 8 From Minnesota To Michigan is a piano and woodwind ballad that navigates at a mid tempo pace with flute passages describing the event as one of amazement, becoming one of your narrator’s favorites.

Beautiful by the emotion rich drama, this song is composed to stay in your mind and I do find myself recalling it often. It’s just one of the positive aspects of her classic New Age albums.

Title song Chasing Dreams is another beautiful piece to bookmark in Vicki’s story of dreams. Soft wind chimes herald in a thoughtful piano and guitar duo that unite in refined stages until the deepest emotions emerge.

The classic piano notes chord phrasing is pleasing not only to the ear, but to the heart and mind, having a wonderful rhythm that conveys only positive sentiments. The Reprise version gives another chance to hear this pleasing song in the same key, yet in a slightly faster tempo defined by synthesizer background that sheds light on this new perspective and classically displays her artistic originality.

The Hopper Song is a lively number that showcases the skills of all musicians starting with an upbeat percussion that leaps into expressive piano chords, while mandolin and banjo strum their engaging scripts with confidence. This song reminded me that writing songs to inspire people is what Vicki Logan’s music is all about.  It made me picture the multitudes of optimistic dreamers out there also becoming a success, in their own personal storybook of dreams.

Vicki Logan’s story of inspiration can be read at VickiLogan.com. Read reviews for her albums including our recent artist interview and discover even more on my pages for Vicki Logan. Picture Copyright Bigstockphoto.com – trebeb.

Some of the artists I write about find inspiration by discovering the scenic wonders here on Earth. Natural compositions with peaceful and majestic music themes from an individual and local perspective can indeed be very inspirational.

Ontario Canada is the geographical location of a New Age artist who brings a beautiful listening experience to a worldwide audience. Showing a fine music observation of the abundant natural beauty that surrounds everyone each day, here is a nice album where time was given and attention was paid while orchestrating their scenic recollections.

Bruce Mitchell is a composing musician blessed with a natural talent for bringing out the best of what mother Earth has to offer with the just released New Earth Goddess album on the Millennium Label. His music compositions have a great distinction of being the feature TV soundtracks for Nature Watch & The Global Family in Japan’s multiple language International Public Broadcast program (NHK) becoming a prime time success in Europe, among other countries.

Bruce Mitchell first began with earlier albums Hidden Pathways, Dancing on the Edge, and The Gathering, relying on rich orchestra movements to translate his natural music abilities. Celtic Destiny & Celtic Sanctity are also consistent with his prior work and shown with just a touch of Celtic influence and now leads to his current release.

New Earth Goddess is an album with 10 song exploration into the hearts and minds of ten charitable goddesses who provide a (song subtitle) depicting the gift endowment held within each individual song. Bruce once again engages his friend and world class flutist Ron Korb, who likewise solidifies the project playing concert flute, bass flute, and 2 exotic bamboo woodwinds Dizi & Bansuri, with both instruments having ancient origins.

New Earth Goddess by composer Bruce Mitchell and co-musician Ron Korb represent skillful craftsmanship in composition and piano skills of one, along with equally strong woodwind skills of another. Their performance gives a dramatic looking through the lens glimpse into the naturalistic side of music by powerful symphonic expression, choir entries, and harmony rich vocals.

Flowing song Athena grants (inner wisdom) by the brass horns that open eyes, ears, and minds to a mid tempo classic presentation of piano and flute melody backed by an orchestra landscape full of strings and winds that exhibit nature as pure scenic ambiance.

The display of lighter airy moments at times nicely build into full thunderous entries, symbolic that smaller streams do trickle into larger rivers, which then flow with increasing momentum until reaching the greater oceans.

Persephone vocalizes a moderate pace in (transformation) where changing North to South seasonal winds are recalled by moving harmonic vocals. Gentle peaceful winds are heard by flute and piano duo whispering in timely unison with the lighter vocals. Brigit implies a more noble statement in (stand for your beliefs) with deeper percussion and melodic piano passages alongside bagpipes, oboe, and woodwinds, while Aeracura opens with a much quieter beginning to (unfold & blossom) considering the melody soon orchestrates in a dramatic ascension, opening right along in time with fragrant vocals.

Damara suggests a gentler mindset for (guiding children) by lighter tone in flute melody set behind piano chords and soft xylophone runs, implying a gentler hand is always wisest when caring for the younger ones. Maeve (cycles and rhythms) in an epic way when piano and flute take on a dramatic performance with one another, creating a natural ebb and flow between the two musicians, leading to the conclusion that Bruce Mitchell and Ron Korb have succeeded by becoming a constant and enduring source of inspiration while performing their music orchestration, much like the Earth itself.

Visit newearthgoddess.net homepage to sample/purchase, or at Bruce Mitchell’s Amazon.com page or CDBaby.com page.

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Since everyone must make life transitions whether they really want to or not, let me tell you about a musician from Fresno, California who has a successful history of making life transitions himself, and can perhaps offer you and I some insight on the subject of change.

Michael Stribling is an award winning New Age music composer who readily embraces change having already made many positive adjustments in his lifetime.

The newest album release entitled The Promise smoothly arrives at the next stage of his long career in music with a look and feel that confirms and conveys an admirable composite of electronic and ambient music.

His transitions include earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, work as a radio announcer, performing in theatre musicals and playing percussion for Johnny Mathis just for starters.

Michael Stribling’s story gets even better since after becoming a successful Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering help to those who needed a hand with their transitions, he returned to his love of music and formed Leela (Divine Play) Music.

Michael Stribling’s return to music is beyond more than just promising since Michael’s first album release Songs of Hope and Healing made it to #1 on the Top 100 in the Zone Music Reporter charts, securing the Electronic Lifestyle Music Award in 2006 and  Out of the Darkness, Into the Light, lit up the #2 spot on the Top 100 in January having 2 nominations for the Zone Music Reporter Lifestyle Music Award in  2007. Another Day in Paradise  is indeed praiseworthy, while Love, Light, and Water, earned ZMR nomination for Best Relaxation/Meditation Album in 2008, making each day even brighter for this independent recording artist with an optimistic outlook toward the challenge of change.

Michael Stribling has clearly made many successful transitions in his musical lifetime, giving him a first hand perspective to help others cope with change. The positive yes responses shown in his earlier music and in this brand new release only proves his natural composing abilities for bringing hope and inspiration to others.

The Promise  is Michael Stribling’s newest album to deliver 14 original songs like his newest composition in musical ambiance is an autobiography of his attitude, comprehension, and inner thoughts drawn from daily observations, then transcribed into beautiful music.

Beginning with Bright New Day a crisp new perspective is announced by abundant keyboard activity that vividly lights the occasion while percussion distinctively beats beside a synthesizer full of energy,  creating much animation by the opening number to forecast what lies beyond in future melodies. Daily Living  likewise moves right along in style and tempo by the upper register bell tones that counteract with middle range melody like the positive vibes given in  Angular Reasoning  and the uplifting theme projected during All In Good Time. 

Like many songs in his earlier projects, The Promise album does take timely breaks into the deeper hues of contemplation and reflection.

Forgotten Dreams  exemplifies this apparent yin and yang transition to a more down to earth reasoning with a single oboe tone melody bordered by a mesmerizing and hazy background, touching on a bit of sadness which is after all, a valid part of the total human experience. 

Love’s Anticipation brings a realistic and happier yes response by the lighter melody along side piano passages, much like the easy going natural feel presented in  Distant Shores. 

Title song The Promise begins with a quiet moment of solitude in a melancholy horn tone wrapped in sadness, but this moment gently advances forward in a creative moment of divine intervention nicely provided by the artist.

Changing the piece by one moving sweep in music composition, this percussion backed melody gently makes a beautiful transformation  from an already graceful song into a lovely song of splendor, very much like a caterpillar cocoon would change into a butterfly, keeping the promise of inner peace and harmony everyone discovers in the final stages during each of life’s transitions.

Visit Leela-Music.com and sample The Promise at CDBaby.com.

There are thousands of ways the word love can be defined. When talking about love in an interpersonal context, everyone recognizes their true feelings and know they love someone without a written description to define what they are feeling.

Paul Avgerinos is the composing musician behind the album having a title and theme related to the divine word we call love. This New Age artist who named his positively feel good album after one of our most primitive and basic needs we possess received Zone Music Reporter awards for Best World Album in 2007 with Garden Of Delight, and Zone Music Reporter’s Best Relaxation/Meditation Album award in 2006 with Gnosis. Many of his songs also enjoy abundant online radio airplay, so he shares his relaxing music at the top on many online radio charts.

Paul Avgerinos’s latest album titled Love does focus on both the nature and nurturing side of music, giving a caring gentle touch to ambience while providing a close to the heart definition of what the word love means to him on a personal level, both in music and by his own compassionate words like shown below.

Round Sky Music label is at the heart of Paul’s discography, where Ambient, Healing, and Relaxation music is expressed in an ever present restful state of mind and where anyone who searches for it can find Love. With his latest like prior albums, Paul performs in his natural musical state of contentment playing cello, bass, violin, 12 string acoustic, electric swell & echo slide guitars, vocal choirs, synthesizers & sound design. Paul does recognize inside the CD album cover that the Love album would not be a reality without the dedication of his friend and co-musician Kevin Braheny Fortune.

This album is dedicated to my dear Mother and Father resting in peace. They showed me by their selflessness and devotion, what true love really is. It is my fervent desire that all beings will feel, receive and give unconditional blissful love in all it’s forms with increasing ease and comfort.  Paul Avgerinos

Kevin’s Braheny Fortune’s role was to first lay the groundwork for many of the songs, while providing key instrumentation throughout, giving the entire project equal balance between the two artists while they each gave their personal interpretation about the gift of love musically. Kevin plays clarinet, electronic wind, alto flute, and soprano saxophone, sharing his own give and take for this relaxing project titled after the easy to understand, yet difficult to define word.

Dictionaries provide a simple explanation of the complex feelings involved when we love someone, so here is a quick check of the basic concept; Love ( Luv ) Noun. Term of endearment for the intense emotional attachment towards another person, based on a principal sense of commitment, loyalty, and devotion, valued on their personal qualities, sharing oneness that is without exception.

Love is without exception a comfortable feel good album, fulfilling by an abundance of deep and colorful Ambient sound escapes that completely encircle you with relaxing tonal qualities. This trademark music with a calming effect will never leave you all alone at a shallow plane in notes or isolated at some distant horizon in sound, so expect plenty of sentiment along the way.

I found the harmonic instrumental notes appear as abstract layers of color that drift and surround you, only wavering at the next soft touch of brass, string, or woodwind instrumentation. The lighter notes rise above at times to reach a plateau then gently settle into a middle range melody, providing equal balance with a distinctive atmosphere that secures the album’s ambient concept.

While the Love album may not strike at the very core of our existence as the title might suggest, it does succeed at offering an inner peace through gentle calming ambiance anyone can become attached to. You will also find yourself inspired by Paul’s sincere commitment for sharing his musical expression on this album while giving and receiving love in an unconditional manner, just like the word love was meant to be.

Visit roundskymusic.com here and sample his album on CDBaby.com here.

Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – MargoJH.

Most people begin their day with the hopes of making the most of each new opportunity improving their lives in some aspect. One solo pianist has made it a priority to better his music abilities through hard work, education, and practice. This dedication to betterment has empowered him to acquire musical abilities heard at a more professional level.

Matthew Labarge from Blacksburg Virginia is the composing solo pianist who first started his job career as an engineer, then began to study piano composition full time with composer John Hilliard, shortly releasing his first two albums, First Fall Night & In Small Hours. 

Even though both projects are something to be proud of Matthew Labarge felt composing was his stronger point and actively began to rebuild and improve his technique of piano playing from the ground up, greatly restructuring his performance foundation before releasing his current album October.

Believing this latest solo piano project is his best to date, I do agree with him after listening to all 3 albums, and I do notice the improvement in his performance abilities, but wouldn’t completely disregard his prior albums.

I really liked the songs Prelude & Dance from the First Fall Night. Both albums gave me a better understanding about the changes in composition on the October project.

October is Matthew’s latest release, and the first he had total control over, having wrote, played, engineered, and produced the entire project. This latest highlights his re-dedication to self improvement on the piano, and it shows in both the composition and performance aspects in my opinion.

Music has been so very important to me. During my worst hours, it has been a singular candle in the darkness. I truly can’t imagine life without the music that I love.

What music has done for me, I want badly to pass on. My deepest hope is that this music inspires you and makes your life a little better, if even for some fleeting moment.  Matthew Labarge

This album is polished and sincere, greatly dignified by the abundant classical touches that portray Contemporary Piano in a refined manner by his classic articulation, elevating both the expression and imagination to the overall project, without over emphasizing the classical theme.  John P. Olsen

The song Wedding Waltz has special meaning to Matthew since it was written during the time period when he proposed marriage to his girlfriend. Knowing this is already a bit revealing to the rest of us.

This first piece begins in a mid tempo moment of quiet anticipation that gently responds with an invitingly deep tonal perspective, parlayed in a classical straight forward sense, yet in a provocative way too by the inclusion of major to minor key changes.

The rich piano melody is timed equally like a sentence where cords join in unison, adding the context of emotion as if waiting for her answer to the big question, which leaves everyone else wondering what was the outcome of his marriage proposal.

Her reply to Matthew’s marriage proposal was YES!

The song Leaves Dancing marks the officiating period when our happy couple exchanged wedding vows, placed rings on one another’s fingers, and then became husband and wife. This celebration piece appropriately leaps with excitement starting with an upper register play on notes that are well suited, befitting the theme of colorful leaves falling on an October day while also observing this couple’s commitment pledge to one another.

Then an interchange in piano octaves are given during the melody, marking this song and occasion by the leaps and bounds of notes from upper register octaves that step to lower register notes, then revisit again while qualifying this moving song and this wedding occasion as a beautiful celebration of their holy union of marriage together.

We would like to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Labarge on their recent wedding. We wish you both the very best and much happiness in your life together.

Visit the just married Solo Pianist matthewlabarge.com here.  Picture Copyright Big Stock Photo – Yarchyk.                      

Imagine yourself as captain of a sailboat near the Hawaiian Islands exploring nature in the great outdoors, taking photographs, listening to music, and then sketching out the notes for your next piano solo album.

Christopher Boscole is a composing pianist who enjoys those activities while sail boating near his home in Hawaii, a state prized for its natural beauty.

I am sure composing piano music rates among the highest on his list of activities since he currently has 6 albums available. September Songs & Land Of Music are Contemporary Instrumental, while Shimmer, O Christmas Tree, & Presents Of Angels are Solo Piano. I also found his Jazz influenced album Natural Instincts a pretty good performance while combining his talents on piano with other like minded artist in the Instrumental Jazz category.

Christopher is a classically trained pianist having a Bachelor of Arts in music and professional music educator performing for over 20 years now. He also earned a Master of Music in Studio Music and Jazz, and holds a Master in Teaching degree, so it won’t come as any surprise that you will find these qualities apparent in both his composing skills and music abilities in every one of his solo piano releases.

Presents Of Angels is his current release, doing well after receiving nomination in 2009 at the online Whisperings Radio. This latest original composition for Solo Piano is in the New Age, Lyrical Folk Piano style of Contemporary Piano.

You won’t hear any dry music Seascapes, since his studious background apparently provides an effortless grace that rises like a tidal swell, then sails along comfortably with many points of interest during his adventures on the grand piano. The solo performances are gently delivered with vigor and grace, capturing the full range of motion on the piano keyboard, as if he were capturing the full wind in his sails.

The 14 solo piano songs on Presents Of Angels represent a wide range in tempo and style in a classic setting, bestowing a restful state of repose and contemplation, while also granting plenty of exciting moments full of adventure.

The song Sailing To You is a good choice since there were many classical thoughts and key changes that held my interest, which pretty much describes the complete solo compositions on this latest album.

Just as a person would stand and pull the rope rigging hand over hand on a sailboat, Christopher resides at his piano in a like manner, except this hand over hand crossing motion is a gentle touch of the piano keys, giving a sound impression of ocean waves softly lapping against the hull of a boat.

Christopher Boscole’s new solo piano album for this fall titled Inner Voyages will undoubtedly reflect his sailing adventures in Hawaii too. I can just picture Christopher composing music for this next album after first charting a direction, hoisting the sails, and then setting the boat rigging for his next adventure. Knowing Christopher Boscole’s best piano compositions are set to a gentle ocean breeze, everyone can expect another smooth sailing performance.

Visit ChristopherBoscole.com to sample and purchase or find at CDBaby.com. Big Stock Photo – mandj98.

Recently I announced an interview with Mars Lasar. Today let’s explore Mars Lasar’s best New Age album with a beautiful Jazz influence. Its a great album whose tonal qualities set the stage for a memorable Jazz experience.

Mars Lasar has a diverse discography ranging from New Age, Electronic, Contemporary Instrumental, World, Jazz, Ambient, Chill Out, Classical, and a host of sub genres that are so unique they have yet to be classified. This revered man of many talents has touched the lives of millions of people with his diverse music while showcasing his innovative abilities during his lengthy career as a professional musician, along with his many related artistic endeavors.

At The End Of The Day creates a wonderful example since Classic Jazz music is introduced to New Age music in a manner that I felt lends itself to a high society level of sophistication, yet it is delivered in an easy going approachable manner that gives one a relaxing right at home feel of comfort.

This should give you some insight about what is in store for you, and how effective Mars Lasar is with creating beauty from contrasting images, yet there is so much more to discover from this album, plus the full scope of his vast discography.

Mars Lasar layers his mixing production talents to full advantage on every song in this Contemporary Jazzy 10 track album that highlights his artistic abilities in a just right, toast of the town in house feel. His fans will adore this release, being such a strong example of what they love, recognize, and have come to expect from Mars. Here we find soulful saxophone driven melodies, considerately subdued from completely stealing the show while keyboard, flute, and guitar melodies prove themselves just as capable while taking a turn in the solo instrumental spotlight. The song Uptown is a favorite among his fans who already own the album. Perhaps they recognize this fine song as one of his best since fusion between old school Jazz and Contemporary Jazz are intertwined to reach a playful commingling of the two styles.

Mars Lasar has an enduring ability to captivate an audience with his music by personal adaptability, mindful at using technical leverage, while also generating a creative spark of imagination. I believe these skills, plus his strive for perfection is how Mars can offer a higher level of versatility simply not present with many artists within many genres.

The song Warm Nights is a mid tempo, Jazz festival of fun, where guitar and percussion first set an atmosphere like a playful night in a downtown club. Just like we are there on location, I can imagine an illustrated solo saxophone player sharp and colorfully dressed, playing a warmly lit tune that contrasts well with the darker shades in note phrasing heard in the beginning measures of tonal imagery.

The colorful music is noted by the upward raised saxophone and soulful eyes closed expression made during the opening woodwind solo.

If you try you can imagine the seated piano player is all smiles while making their keyboard runs in distinct counter beat with saxophone while upper octave piano notes twinkle in unison, exactly as our solo performers glance at one another to give a quick nod and wink of approval.

Come And Join Us is a nicely done new age jazz mix with an inviting tone that keeps the momentum going in a positive upbeat direction.

When the bass cello player starts this in house session with a resonating pluck of the strings and then several spins of the cello, the rhythm is set by the warmer tones and expertly delivered bass runs that capture the crowd’s approval right from the beginning.

Joining in the session, piano and flute quickly step forward to contribute their fragrant ambiance by taking turns during moments of improvisation while the crowd waves their raised hands back and forth to the beat.

I can even picture everyone moving closer to the stage as our saxophone player once again steps into the spotlight with a dramatic solo while flute makes note filled runs, then several trills during each refrain as percussion places their cymbal taps and well timed snare beats with exacting precision.

While listening to this album it’s easy to visualize every instrument sparkling brightly under the lighting while all players make their runs through the scales in this album having an uptown beat, capturing the moment and memories for the entire evening in the final closing notes. Then, as everyone slowly starts to leave and the band begins to pack, it is pretty clear the audience was captivated by the sights, sounds, and sensations, after just having heard this Jazz influenced album produced by Mars Lasar that mirrors the very ultimate in the downtown Jazz experience.

Let me introduce the players who performed on this (studio produced) album on the Sound Manipulations label. Let’s give a big round of applause for Mars Lasar, Nicholas Gunn who played flute, and the vocalist. The guitarists include Winslow Crockwell, Jeff Burak and Carlos Villalobos. Greg Vail played the saxophone and flute. This is a list of the artists homepage: Visit nicholasgunn.com, carlosvillalobos.com and gregvail.com.

Visit MarsLasar.com and sample or purchase at Amazon.com. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – mhurwich.

Starting from early childhood this New Age artist from Southern California has always had the ambition to pursue music as a career. Beginning piano at age 14 she first began composing music on her own after discovering music greats like the Beatles, Herb Alpert, and John Williams. By having these three great artist influences with such a varied range in sound, you are probably wondering who is this artist and what does her music sound like when integrating three great music influences into one hybrid music entity.

Let me introduce Kori Linae Carothers to everyone. Those already familiar with Kori know her early compositions began without formal music lessons, but she grew to find a greater appreciation of her music by formal education.

After doing quite well as a musician early in life, she continued with Classical music studies at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music where her future as a concert pianist looked promising and the rest of her story is history as they say.

Taking time off to first raise a family, her desire to produce music returned while attending a Yanni concert, and after helpful encouragement from her husband, her first album The Road Less Traveled and second album The Journey became a reality.

Trillium is the third album release in her music trilogy. The entire Trillium album holds a wide array of New Age, Contemporary Piano, Acoustic Instrumental, and Ambient touches in a well thought out arrangement, giving a multiple angle approach that fits together remarkably well.

Kori Linae Carothers performs much of the melody by playing classic piano, Native American flute, light vocals and synthesizer on this project, along with some beautiful orchestration throughout, giving the complete project a classical embrace. There are also a number of gifted musicians playing guitar, cello, violin, dulcimer, and flugel horn, along with the percussion enhancements. Together they create a great amount of depth and beauty thanks to the assistance of the talented professionals playing beside her.

The Trillium album production was also placed in the skillful hands of Grammy Award winning Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios, giving the final product that extra special touch for which he has become famous.

Trillium also happens to be one genus of around 50 species of flowering plant in the Lily family. This flowering plant is another example of the great gifts that come in threes since this species has a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, all with a 3 leaf distinction.

Crystal Fields is just one of the eleven colorful song varieties among the full bouquet from the Trillium album. Once you discover the many beautiful choices available, I really wouldn’t be surprised if you pick the whole bouquet as your personal favorites.

Crystal Fields is one particular song that starts out in a well defined melancholy tone, beginning the mid tempo piece with a deep flowing piano movement that boldly takes the initiative by planting the first seeds of hope. As the song progresses the mood reaches full extension of this theme, setting a deeper range of emotion from each carefully considered note.

The soft and delicate melody of lighter piano notes are a result from pressing the instrument’s three foot pedals based at ground level, dampening both the piano tone and your eyes at the same time.

The distant flugal horn melody soon grows and is then generously dispersed by applying extended brass notes having a light vibrato, enhancing the tonal warmth and harmony purely by implementing the three valves of this brass instrument known for warm tonal sounds.

The bass cello is the third instrument to tug at your heart strings by rising up to the surface in a characteristic movement of feeling. This final considerate thought for depth, richness, and ambiance connects the trio of orchestra instruments together in a classic moment of splendor and clarity, arriving at our fruitful conclusion of one picturesque song variety from the many songs from the Trillium album in full bloom.

From the 11 songs on the Trillium album I picked the white one. Find a full bouquet of colorful songs at KoriTunes.com.

One man’s personal dream of a world symphony has become a reality by the release of his second album through the AMAdea Records label based in Bulgaria. There are around 6.7 Billion people living on our planet according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimate.

Bryan El is the New Age artist with a current release entitled Out Of This World. Taking into account the out of this world number of people on the planet, Bryan has now begun counting a large number of people to his quickly multiplying fan base.

After listening to his Out Of This World album for the first time, Bryan can count me in as a member, adding to his total tally of electronic symphony fans. I have always loved electronic music like Tangerine Dream so his release re-enforced the sound of distinction great synthesizer music produces. Those who like to indulge in the atmosphere of premium electronic projects that challenge the vast boundaries of synthesized music with classical music influences, can also be added to the register if you sample some of his carefully arranged numbers.

Bryan El began composing symphonic music with a master plan of sharing his New Age Electronic projects with the masses in a calculating manner. Speaking a universal language by translating his thoughts and feelings in total music harmony, Bryan El has a great start with his beautiful symphonic release titled Out Of This World.

Belgium is the geographical location where Bryan was educated and currently lives, beginning his number one music ambitions after having studied Graphical Arts at Belgium’s Holy Technical Institute. We are fortunate his love of music surpasses his professional career and interests in web design and it sounds like he is well on his way to gather everyone’s attention with his great compositions.

Bryan El has also composed several song videos that are available on YouTube. The wonderful theme settings with his soundtrack scores are truly special and worth taking a look for yourself. The planetary voyage video, and his song score Solaris give you an idea of what is in store for you.

The Out Of This World album is aptly titled, giving the listener an indication of the contents of Bryan’s dreamy music. The synthesizer mixing is very impressive and Bryan leads the way with a Classical and New Age touch, where Electronic, Contemporary, Ambient, and Chill Out, count every beat in unison while examining the incalculable depths of what synthesized music is all about, and what can be formulated from the use of electronic components and just one individual person.

Solaris is the symphonic score for his stunning trip around the universe video that travels past the planets at light speed and then encircle the young star cluster formation Eagle Nebula. Solaris starts the planetary trek at a nice clip and premium up beat tempo, along with a strong atmospheric ambiance that conforms perfectly with the classic space odyssey of a lifetime. While upper keyboard runs first travel beside the lower bass melody in a classic theme, the return melody advances along with a well directed synthesized orchestra, blending nicely with percussion rhythms.

Utopia reaches skyward for the ultimate in beautiful symphony music, creating a divine celestial presentation. Great choir vocals sing in total harmony while the infinite extensions of a synthesizer bend and stretch atmospheric notes far beyond their intended limitations, reaching those lofty sensation textures true connoisseurs of synthesized music know so well, can easily identify when heard, and that recognize the merits of a true art form.

Above and Beyond is also a song title in the 13 tracks on this album, but I reserve this song title to phrase my closing statement of what I expect the future holds for this great New Age artist from Belgium.  From what I have seen and heard,  Above and Beyond is what we can expect, and you can pretty much count on it.

In the short amount of time it took you to read my review of the Bryan El album Out Of This World, around 768 people were born and 324 have died, making the newly adjusted increase of total world population in just these few short minutes to around 443.

Visit Bryan’s website and sample his music at bryanel.com here  or at his CDBaby.com page.  Read his profile page at amadearecords.com here and every great musician showcased at Bulgaria based AMAdea Records.

Picture Copyright Big Stock Photo – sgame.

The Summer season has just improved by the release from a music team living in the second largest country in the world. This country shares the longest common border with the United States from East to West then North to South, in a federation comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Canada is the geographical location of 2 New Age artists who make up the artist title of Anewday. Their discography includes Autumn Musings, the newest release Summer Reflections plus 2 more are promised to complete the 4 seasons. I have listened to both albums and must say their music is very exciting and everyone should look forward to every release from Anewday since these 2 musicians are more than just a pretty good team.

Anewday was formed several years ago by Rob Miller and Ron Huestis who now reside in the Southeastern Coastal providence in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rob composes and plays the piano, while Ron provides the orchestrations, each performing their part in a meeting of minds between these friends who both have roots in Classical music.

This Canadian team’s first album Autumn Musings was nominated for 4 NAR lifestyle awards, ending up in the final round as Best New Artist in 2007, which is not a surprise after listening to their first album with a slightly more Contemporary Piano tone.

Summer Reflections is their current release now making an impact on the public by a beautiful blend of Classical Piano Orchestration in a Contemporary, Celtic, and a great Cinematic influence. There are some interesting angles to this album, having a variety of Orchestra and Piano Instrumental pieces along with some in a light Celtic flavor, in a distinct balance that is pleasing to everyone and many songs that could easily become a beautiful score in the perfect movie soundtrack.

Anewday has done very well with their Summer Reflections. The abundant piano and orchestration gives a variety of moods that transition wonderfully throughout the entire album, giving New Age fans some great music to enjoy this Summer, and the complete 4 seasons in our future.

While the Providence of Nova Scotia is a long distance from the Northwest Passage, many songs made me think of the present ecological changes and political issues occurring in the upper most reaches of Canada, where melting ice packs due to global warming is creating a new expansion for the shipping industry in what was once impassable frozen wilderness.

The song Future Beginnings starts with a single piano phrasing in a Contemporary Celtic tone, when measures later, orchestra begins to build then breaks into powerful crescendos with strings and woodwinds.

Over and over again, then wave after wave of emotion come crashing down in a moderate tempo theme, creating thoughts of ice breaking vessels carving a new trade route in the Northwest Passage, where tidal waves of piano and orchestra movements first break together in strong dramatic sweeps, and then gently give way and flow beside one another in a new harmonious way.

Whispering Streams is a powerful and dignified song, exemplifying the indigenous Inuit people who habitat the Northwest territories in the Arctic Region. Beginning with a wondrous piano scale melody, the Inuit lifestyle, traditions, and culture can be shown by the dignified piano note movements that trickle in upper octaves with calm and solitude.

When full orchestra enters, an element of beauty and danger is notably presented by the evolving tone, sharply contrasting with the natural beauty of the region by strings that echo the piano melody. When the symphonic orchestra begins a dramatic back and forth rhythm in a contrasting melody, a wondrous new element of cinematic intensity emerges while upper octave piano boldly enters, telling of the evironmental hazards that are also present in this narration. The piano movements in the upper most ranges confirm the skills acquired over centuries needed for survival in this beautiful yet dangerous environment in the future Arctic sea route.

Visit anewday.ca by clicking here. Sample at CD Baby, iTunes or Indie Rhythm.

Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – Larspowa.

Composing musician Paul Sills of the United Kingdom has a great New Age album dealing with the relevance of our universal perception of the world as it relates to celestial music.

Astral Doorways was Paul’s creative first endeavor that explores the celestial and surreal side of music, where illusion plays a definitive role to permit passage beyond this proverbial threshold. His music seems to arrive at a deeper realm in how we experience synthesizer music.

Paul’s second album Walking Across Heaven likewise explores our inner imagery in a meaningful way, creating a beautiful sanctuary of sound that arrives at a beautiful music experience. Both albums reflect a celestial or spiritual presence about them, easily fulfilling any dictionary definition of perception as it relates to music.

Astral Doorways on the Medwyn Goodall Music label is a truly powerful album, symbolic of the outer boundaries in synthesized music and simply a must have release for those who love a memorable trek into the territory of unfamiliar sounds. There is no doubt that his fans own both albums, since I couldn’t imagine anyone possessing just one album without the second nearby within easy reach.  Both albums are well crafted.

The 12 tracks on Astral Doorways is the metaphorical portal where crossing the threshold of consciousness is achieved through his unique brand of orchestration. This melodic transformation is portrayed by an atmospheric blend of piano, flute, guitar, and choral vocals, where piano key strokes play a primary role in the melody decision making, and choral vocals point out the given steps for safe passage to discover what lies beyond the twilight zone in celestial music.

Perception can be defined as, the conscious neurological process for interpreting sensory stimuli that is derived from intuition or present memory to help resolve or comprehend the present concept in a meaningful way. Like an optical illusion, the music of Paul Sills creates an ever changing phenomenon of sound where what you hear, may be contrary to what your present understanding is of what lies beyond the other side, by skillful layering of synthesized music.

The song Pathway is a monumental first step, starting out with a rhythmic guitar pattern that charts the schematics and steady pace for your journey. The gentle piano melody then starts a graceful stride, reaching a point of calm that resemble secure steps taken along the winding path.

Aglow is a pivotal song where key changes from ivory to ebony are the principal rule, changing mood and thought one keystroke at a time. Gently flowing and deep, peaceful transformation begins to take place during moments of lower octave piano melody, while string orchestra offers an insightful glimpse into the unknown territory ahead.

Angelic Grace is a moving celestial song that gently rises above in tonal qualities. The piano melody is gently released from an earthly grasp, gently floating weightless towards the heavens. Synthesizer orchestration rises into rhythmic flow as strings bring forth what you have just heard into beautiful music upon your arrival into this sanctuary of sound.

An musician interview with Paul Sills is just around the corner. Perhaps he will explain how his personal trademark sound with a powerful yet gentle approach leaves such a monumental impression on everyone.

Sample or purchase music by Paul Sills at Amazon.com. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo.com – truelight.

Aloha! The island state of Hawaii has the unique distinction as a preferred vacation and honeymoon destination in the Continental United States, likewise having visitors from all countries seeking fun in the sun, relaxation, and a memorable vacation experience. Something to consider is how much more pleasurable this extraordinary vacation stay could be with some great island music to enhance and complete the experience.

New Age artist Kika Kane, residing in Maui Hawaii is a lifelong resident of this state of islands, atolls, and islets, composing music in the land of what most would consider paradise. While Kika does enjoy an active lifestyle, much of his time is spent playing the easy to recognize, but harder to perfect style of Slack-Key guitar with the island sunsets as his perpetual source of inspiration.

Kika Kane has become pretty popular with his 2 projects that are an adaptation of Slack-Key guitar. Ocean Girl is his first project, while his second release, The Sunset Sessions was nominated for Best Slack-Key album of the year at the Hawaii Music Awards. National Public Radio’s Echoes programming has had several of his songs airing on a weekly basis. Slack-Key is a unique finer style that originated in Hawaii during the 19th century and was developed for dancing and entertainment, becoming more popular when the Hawaiian dance craze began during the 1960’s. Local television and radio have tuned into Kika’s music too, playing many of his songs as music scores in TV commercials and airing in many resorts and hotels on the islands.

The Sunset Sessions is a nicely done blend of Tropical, Ambient, and New Age, with a pleasant mix of mid tempo guitar instrumentals that reward you with pleasant thoughts of island life or in some cases, pleasant memories of your last vacation, if you have ever had an opportunity to visit the islands.

The Slack-Key guitar technique can be loosely defined as a finger style where the musician loosens or slackens the guitar strings by tuning one or more strings, most often upward on the scales until the strings form a single cord, most often in G major.

First on the song itinerary is Here Comes The Rain. This song’s welcoming melody makes one feel like an incoming rain event should always be taken in stride. The carefree feeling of island living is shown in this song by a fluid back and forth movement of strumming guitar, that will likely have you swaying to the rhythm. Even if it does rain, brief changes of tempo turn the rain event into positive thoughts considering a colorful rainbow and magnificent sunset display will follow a brief period of rain.

The song A Place In The Sun translates into every fun attraction available to you during your audible visit to the islands by an energetic opening, blending guitar rhythms in a positive upbeat mood, taking well timed breaks during each refrain to allow everyone to soak in the sun. The Sunset Sessions reflects the positive feel, relaxing mood, and welcoming atmosphere, for which this island state is highly prized.

Hawaii naturally offers every form of music, ranging from symphonies, orchestras, and every popular genre of music under the sun,  but there is just something special about the authentic home style approach to New Age music Kika has to offer, so be sure to make your next vacation or honeymoon to the islands of Hawaii a memorable one. Aloha!

Visit kikakane.com and sample the album on CDBaby.

Picture copyright Jennifer Keller- and Bigstockphoto.com – Laurzo.

Vicki Logan has a history of composing and producing outstanding New Age music from the very beginning of her music career. It seems Vicki charts a new direction with every album she produces. By incorporating elements of New Age, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental, plus a divine gift of creativity, Finding My Way, along with her entire discography does set a high standard for her future projects.

Vicki Logan’s second album titled Finding My Way on her Carvic label achieved a top 100 album rating, airing on over 700 online radio stations worldwide. The song Enchanted Winds did arrive at a top # 1 song in AOL Radio for an astounding 21 weeks, reaching the final destination with high ratings.

Charting a course as a new musician has never been easy for any artist and by no fault of her own, Vicki has had her share of unforeseen detours and roadblocks along the way, but her professional drive and spirited ambition has led the way to increasing popularity and recognition along her adventurous journey.

Finding My Way is the title Vicki chose for this album since it describes a representation or timeline of where Vicki felt she was in relation to her music career. With that said, her timeless New Age classics have found their way to many people’s hearts and minds with the winning combination of solo performances of piano, flute, saxophone, and guitar along side synthesized representations.

The song Pegasus reveals the exhilarating flight of a mythological horse free, unbridled, and floating weightless during the ride of a lifetime of chasing dreams, gently leaving a trail of puffy white clouds in it’s wake. The bass percussion sprints ahead in tempo while piano melody vigorously runs through the scales in an inspirational message about undaunted courage. When Xylophone makes an impromptu entrance, it becomes pretty clear by the lively solo response that this winged horse desires freedom most, having made all the right moves to evade capture by any mere mortal.

My Mother’s Memories is a symbolic song tribute one can easily compare to a mother’s loving embrace. This hymn of love is shown through a classic piano movement complete with angelic choir vocals that emphasize the content of her character and humanity, clearly stated by the pronounced reverent atmosphere.

The emotional tale of a mother’s lifetime of memories is passionately recalled from one family generation to the next by a heart felt piano narration, where her praiseworthy commitment of giving becomes apparent while recalling the eventful past.

Then, almost as if waiting in respectful attention for the proper moment to arrive, something truly amazing happens.

In a heart felt solo performance, an all encompassing trumpet respectfully announces mother’s grand entrance onto the world stage in a proud anthem, as if honoring all deserving Mothers with a standing ovation of praise.

As if rising to the occasion during this profound moment of tribute and recognition, the choir validates through their own voice the unconditional love and support all caring Mothers around the world have given during their lifetime.

Discovering the positive and inspiring music of Vicki Logan and then writing about this New Age artist who is so passionate about their music has been personally rewarding. Having the opportunity to meet this friendly and outgoing musician by our recent interview together has been an honor.

Read my reviews of her 4 albums and our interview on my pages for Vicki Logan. Visit VickiLogan.com website and sample Vicki Logan’s CD albums at CDBaby. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – Xmasbaby.

Many artist from all music genres can sometimes resemble a particular tone or feel that sounds like another artist, which can be evident from the very beginning while listening to their music.

With composing artist David Wahler this is not the case. The New Age Antiquus album, officially released June 1 2009, has some personal trademark qualities not heard in projects from musicians established before him. David points out that this album explores our common heritage through classical compositions, and that each of the 10 songs makes reference to an ancient myth, sacred love, or eternal truth that everyone shares.

Beginning music as a young adult, David Wahler moved to formal music studies in college, and then to the theater, directing several productions while performing with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, and New American Theater.

The Antiquus album has attracted attention in the Netherlands in particular and is featured on New Age Soundscapes with Music Choice premium services. David also has a sense of giving, devoting himself and his time teaching music to handicap and disadvantaged children, in a worthwhile cause he found personally rewarding, and this is something I would like to recognize about him publicly.

The Antiquus album debut has been described as New Age Ambient, Neo Classical, and Electronic, but let’s also add Orchestra and Chill Out, since they can also be used as reference adjectives to describe his material. Provoking many emotions, the mood is thoughtful and ever changing by the insertion of a light and airy feel at times, that then shift towards deep and mysterious surroundings as the measure bar in the sheet music moves into the next measure of the page.

With this goal in mind, David Wahler has managed to produce a debut album that appears to stand alone in personal style and form, creating a model as an artisan would create a grand sculpture adorned with touches of gold, and crafted entirely out of sound.

The Antiquus album does explore our ancient past to unveil our present in an unfamiliar way by incorporating a layering and mixing of piano, strings, flute, violin, and percussion in a mysterious, yet classical way.

Choral vocals reinforce his approach in style, echoing a graceful and poetic feel, while also shining bright by a deep, thought provoking mannerism that seems to stand out from the very beginning.

With this goal in mind, David Wahler has managed to produce a debut album that appears to stand alone in personal style and form, creating a model as an artisan would create a grand sculpture adorned with touches of gold, and crafted entirely out of sound.

The mood is indeed very dreamlike and relaxing by a modern tempo rhythm that uniquely offers a positive connection by retaining interest and imagination throughout the entire album.

Shifting tempo and key changes are what I believe give this album an effective transition in thought and feeling, linking the valuable bond between our very distant past and our ever changing future.

Visit davidwahler.com to sample this music collectable.

Picture Copyright Bigstockphoto.com.

Arturo Mayorga is recognized as a dancing pianist but don’t get me wrong, Arturo does not literally dance while playing piano. However if he were to attempt this feat, I am certain it would be as graceful and dignified as what I have heard in his first classic New Age piano CD.

Equal to his talents as a composing musician, Arturo Mayorga is nationally ranked in the competitive sport of Ballroom dancing, where Waltz, Tango, and Swing are scrutinized before watchful judges who watch for the accepted criteria of a dancing couple locked hand in hand. Now with a concert piano as his partner, Cascades embraces the identical movements found in classical dance by having a choreography timed with proper speed, motion, and balance.

Like so many musicians, a parent’s considerate gift of a musical instrument at an early age is what began his interest in music. Arturo states that it was at this early age that he realized the impact of what one person playing an instrument could have on another. Arturo continued music through high school then college. His scholastic studies were in math and science, but composing music was also on his mind so he started the framework songs for the Cascades album during this time period. While judging this CD for myself, I found the 10 classic piano songs of varying moods left me feeling they were a personal revelation of his emotional thoughts put to music.

Cascades begins with first song Sunrise. This mid tempo piano and violin duet sets the standard for a graceful heartfelt ballet, where each timed movement is balanced by the piano melody considering violin takes a second seat by following the lead. There is much emotional content since a melancholy feel is present, lending to a touch of sadness, yet adding character and definition, leaving a beautiful image of what you have just heard in your mind.

While judging this debut album for myself, I found the 10 classic piano songs of varying moods left me feeling they were a personal revelation of his emotional thoughts put to music.

The Last Night of Winter aligns well with the piano’s duo partner in allowing violin to take the lead in portion of the melody during this faster paced song, where full 360 degree rotational dance pivots, and those brief stationary pauses always see during pivot turns, can be pictured in your mind if you try.

The title song Cascades is a true champion in freestyle, where a faster tempo piano promenades with every rise and fall in piano key note steps, reaching the full height in posture, rhythm, and speed.

Violin notes then connects with the melody posturing in a more formal manner while piano strokes sweep along the keyboard at a dizzying pace. The positive upbeat piano movements seem to sweep you off your feet at critical moments, leaving you breathless at the finish.

Arturo is successful at engraving a full range of emotional content and movement into his classic orchestra style music. Cascades is a wonderful piano and instrumental album with beautiful rhythm.

Knowing Arturo Mayorga’s background in dance, one can easily imagine themselves sitting in the audience watching him in motion while listening to his music. From where I happen to be sitting, Arturo appears to be a winner.

Visit the dancing pianist dressed in black at ArturoMayorga.com and his music store digstation.com.

Cover art courtesy of arturomayorga.com – Photo copyright Big Stock Photo – aysarts.

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7and5 2002 Acoustic Ocean Adiemus Al Conti Alexander Zhiroff Alphaville Anewday Ann Licater Ann Sweeten AOMusic Arturo Mayorga Arun Shenoy Asher Quinn Atticus Ross Audiomachine Australis Balligomingo Benedikt Brydern Ben Woolman Bill Leslie Bill Wren Billy Sherwood Blackmore's Night Bob Ardern Bradley Joseph Bruce Kaphan Bruce Mitchell Bryan El Cadence Spalding Candice Night Celtic Woman Chad Lawson Charlee Brooks Charlie Adams Christophe Lebled Christopher Boscole Chuck Wild Ciro Hurtado Clannad Clifford White Coburn Tuller Colin O'Donohoe Cormac De Barra Craig Karolus Craig Urquhart Daft Punk Dana Teboe Daniel Alcheh Darlene Koldenhoven David Arkenstone David Clavijo David Gordon David Hoffman David Lanz David Mauk David Nevue David Wahler Davol Denise Young Dennis Banks Devin Rice Diane Arkenstone Enigma Enya Eric Chapelle Eric Tingstad Erin Aas Evan Wish Eversound Records FED Fiona Joy Hawkins Fionnuala Sherry Fred Thrane Gabriel Vivas Gandalf Gunnar Madsen Hans Zimmer Hennie Bekker Howard Shore Isaac Shepard James Hood James Mattos Jan Hammer Jason Carder Jeff Oster Jeffrey Fisher Jeff Woodall Jim Brickman Joey Curtin Johannes Linstead John Adorney John Williams Jon Anderson Jonas Kroon Jose Luis Serrano Esteban Josh Groban Julian Ray Karen Olson Karl Jenkins Kathryn Kaye Keith Driskill Kelly Andrew Ken Elkinson Kevin Bluemel Kika Kane Kitaro Kori Linae Carothers Laura Sullivan Lauren Jelencovich Lawrence Blatt Libera Liquid Mind Lisa Downing Lisa Hilton Lisa Lavie Lizary Rodriguez Rios Louis Colaiannia Luna Blanca Mannheim Steamroller Marc Enfroy Marie Therese McCartin Mark Barnes Mars Lasar Mary Simpson Masako Matthew Labarge Matthew Schoening Matt Millecchia Medwyn Goodall Michael Brant DeMaria Michael Cretu Michael Stribling Mickey Hart Band Mike Oldfield Ming Freeman Moya Brennan Nicholas Gunn Nick Farr Nitish Kulkarni Omar Akram Pangean Orchestra Paul Avgerinos Paul Jensen Paul Sills Peter Jennison Peter Kater Peter Sterling Placido Domingo Psicodreamics Randy Edelman Ravi Shankar Riad Abdel Gawad Rick Wakeman Rolf Lovland Royce Campbell Samvel Yervinyan Sarah Brightman Sarah O’Brien Seay Secret Garden Shambhu Spencer Stanley Steve Bowe Steve Gordon Steve Hackett Steven C Steven Halpern Steve Orchard Sue Brescia Susan Boyle Suzanne Doucet Tangerine Dream Tasmin Archer Terri Liles Mason The 9 Muses Timothy Crane Todd Boston Tomas Michaud Trans Siberian Orchestra Trent Reznor Trevor Jones Tribali Tron Syversen Uwe Gronau Vangelis Vicki Logan Victor Espinola We Are Nexus Will Ackerman World Music Yanni Yes Yoel Del Sol Yo Yo Ma
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