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In the very beginning, 6 million square miles of rain forests exist worldwide but because of relatively recent deforestation, only 2.6 million square miles remain. What is really alarming is that this major deforestation took place within the past 50 years. It is estimated that over  85 % of the species of animals, plants, and microorganisms now remaining in these vital ecosystems will be destroyed by the year 2020, with increasing timber losses of 56,000 square miles each year.

Oscar Aguayo is the musician with the artist title of Australis. Oscar is one among many persons who has first hand knowledge and shares this environmental concern about the rain forests, having been born and raised in a tropical rain forest region of the Amazonian Basin in Peru, South America. While Oscar presently resides in America, his 2005 electronic album Lifegiving makes reference to this complex political and social question involving our rain forests around the world.

Australis first album Lifegiving is a New Age music endeavor that steps into a lush undergrowth in the mysterious sub-genre land of Ambient, World, Electronica, and Classical, with Ethnic music pathways.

The electronic music of Australis finds deep emotional expression, where each discovery blends into an intricate canopy filled with rich colorful instrumentation. The 10 songs on Lifegiving which represent his personal insight, are portrayed on this album using careful craftsmanship that in turn introduces a strong emotive content that exists beyond any cultural, political, or geographical limitations.

This unique excursion begins with the title song Lifegiving, where faint chirping of jungle soundscapes ascend slowly into the lush surroundings. The single key piano notes then sketch an image of dew drops from the jungle canopy, falling onto dense tropical vegetation below. The deep recesses of secluded terrain are soon lit by violin and string interlude that together emerge to install thoughts of dusk like visibility. While glancing upward, small fragments of sun beams penetrate the full tree tops above, changing your perspective on the time of day. Slowly as the song starts to fade, total darkness begins to descend around you, bringing with it soft audible animal chants while they return to their nightly song ritual.

The Enchantment is a song rich in orchestral diversity with lively strings and woodwinds engaging in a native dance full of tempo and key changes that both excite and captivate those who have entered this mysterious land of musical enchantment.

Sacred Earth is an upbeat Ethnic song that explores the inner boundaries of this earthly sanctuary largely responsible for our life giving resources of medicine, water and air that we breath. While woodwind, flute, and piano play a colorful fragrant harmony, exotic instruments lend their perspective sovereignty, giving this song a unique essence. The bongo drums, woodblock, and abundant percussion claves enhance this song by an indirect border, giving it a deep tribal influence without overriding the primary melody.

Oscar Aguayo’s brother Alvaro lends his talent by playing an exotic 10 string Charango in this song, adding refinement and warmth to the experience. The song ends by fading into a soft forest rainfall, leaving you with a collective memory of your musical excursion filled with creativity and interest on this album, and our life giving rain forests worth saving.

In a conservative estimate, over 6000 life giving trees in our rain forests around the world were lost during the short amount of time it took you to read my Lifegiving album review.

An interview with Oscar Aguayo of Australis will be published soon, so that you may get the facts behind this amazing artist. You may read about the latest Australis album – The Gates of Reality review and visit AustralisMusic.com. Sample the album at  CDBaby. Picture copyright Bigstockphoto.com – gtrmtt84.

The acclaimed Jazz producer, composer, and performer Royce Campbell has released a New Age music project on the Moon Cycle Records label titled, Ear of the Beholder. While over 30 Jazz albums can be found titled under his name as lead or co-lead, the artist title Eucalyptus Dream is what you should look for when shopping in the New Age music section.

This is a first for Royce Campbell who honored a request from his friends in the medical and healing profession to provide some music for people to relax with during their patient therapy sessions.

This is quite a change of pace for Royce considering that during his 35 year career as a musician he has toured with the likes of Marvin Gaye, while also touring 19 years with award winning film composer and musician Henry Mancini.

The large number of legendary Jazz musicians he has performed with is just too numerous to list. Knowing his professional profile and having performed with this vast amount of talent from another genres, we gladly welcome Royce with open arms and can now proudly claim him as an honorary New Age artist.

Royce Campbell’s credits as a Jazz musician list 11 albums on U.S. Nationwide charts, with 4 in the top 10. With so much experience and success in Jazz, this leap into New Age music might be difficult for some people.

For Royce Campbell this apparently is not the case here since those 35 years of experience and a broad music career have obviously eased that transition.  Royce explains a focus on the composing aspects, rather than just performing as a guitar soloist was the right approach with this change in genre album.

The Ear of the Beholder by Eucalyptus Dream is a debut where it is pretty clear Royce Campbell takes New Age music just as seriously as when performing in his familiar Jazz style.

Multiple influences abound while a landscape of picturesque thoughts rise to the surface, allowing the listener to relax and take in Royce Campbell’s style at their own pace sometimes with, but mostly without his usual guitar. The result of this daring transition is a successful leap into New Age.

This first album by Eucalyptus Dream is great in the fact that the music is truly New Age, having synthesized ambient rhythms, guitar, flute, choral vocals and some great percussion effects that are composed without the repetitiveness found in some music of all genres. Much of the album blends Western, Eastern and modern influences in a nicely composed ambient blend, easily surpassing the request of relaxing music his friends in the medical profession were looking for, and so much more.

It is unknown to me whether the artist title Eucalyptus Dream was chosen because of the abundant medical uses scientist’s have discovered in the more than 700 Eucalyptus tree and plant species. Perhaps that is the reason since the therapeutic dose of relaxation qualities found on this album are safe, reliable and effective, which does support that possibility.

His music website is roycecampbell.com – Sample the album on CDBaby

Picture copyright Bigstockphoto.com – ozflash.

Terri Liles Mason is the creative spirit behind the peaceful music that involves a pronounced focus on honoring and celebrating the universal principals of positive feminine living and mother earth.

In her first release entitled Om Gaia, Terri Liles Mason puts a reflective focus in expressing oneself in a positive manner to increase self image through music. Teaching in workshops devoted to inner peace and harmony from her home in Connecticut, her expertise and knowledge in this subject is only reinforced from her educational background, which she in turn, instills into Om Gaia. Everything now becomes one, when devoting her expertise and knowledge as a teacher, into positive influential music as composer and performer on her debut album.

Terri’s music is creating quite a sensation internationally, having performed before a large audience in the recent Earth Day opening in New York City’s Grand Central Station, where she introduced herself and the Om Gaia album.

Another reason for her to celebrate is the over 120 online radio stations playing her music around the world, a #4 spot on the World Radio Top 100 chart, and 3 songs retaining the #1 Top New Age songs with Indie Music charts for 12 weeks. The 3 songs holding that position are title song Om Gaia, Begin Again, and Eleyakeha’s Lullaby.

Terri Liles Mason’s music is creating quite a sensation internationally, having performed before a large audience in the recent Earth Day opening in New York City’s Grand Central Station, where she introduced herself and the Om Gaia album to the world. Terri Liles Mason’s first album reflects her focus of expressing oneself in a positive manner to increase self image through music.

The title song Om Gaia is a positive blend of mid tempo instrumental rhythms that are surrounded by Terri’s beautiful vocals, sung with an apparent soft and sensual touch.

Mother earth is celebrated by inspiring thought filled lyrics, announced to all by her beautifully deep and rich blending of vocals, instilling thoughts of an ancient realm in our distant past that transforms into the present.

Begin Again is an upbeat song with a pleasant mix of vocals, while Eleyakeha’s Lullaby is a slower paced celestial song featuring Terri’s soft vocals that seem to lull you into a contented frame of mind sure to please anyone.

Looking toward the future, this New Age artist has achieved much in transforming her teaching skills and positive vibes into a vibrant musical journey that she has just offered the world. I expect we will hear more from Terri.

Visit omgaiamusic.com and find Om Gaia at CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes.  Picture Copyright Big Stock Photo – nsilcock.

Note: Terri Liles Mason was nominated Best New Artist by the worldwide broadcasters of Zone Music Reporter, and Terri’s Om Gaia album received nomination for Best Relaxation/Meditation CD and Best Vocal CD at ZMR in 2009.

Australian composer and pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins has 4 award winning projects at present. Her most recent Blue Dream album is successful in placing an exclamation mark after her name when recognizing Fiona’s outstanding abilities and claim to fame in international status.

Fiona Joy Hawkin’s many achievements include charting at #1 on World New Age radio charts spanning 9 countries, Best Piano album in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards in 2006, and as finalist in 2 genres in the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2007. Fiona also won an award in the Classical/Jazz category in the Music OZ Awards in 2008, and after being a finalist 5 times, she ranked finalist in 4 categories including Album of the Year in the NAR Awards in 2009.

Ice: Serve Slightly Chilled is innovative, dynamic and bold, confidently stated by yours truly. With an inventor’s approach, Fiona Joy Hawkin’s Ice composition is patently administered on her Steinway Concert piano as a new musical prototype. What impressed me the most was a momentary departure from her exceptional, yet more Contemporary albums that won her claim to fame. Portions of the Rock overtones present in this album challenge some of our basic assumptions of the term Piano music. Another concept is a transition in the way Rock music has been perceived in the past, creating a new approach in the way we view the term Rock music.

It is on the Ice: Serve Slightly Chilled release where Fiona’s patent innovation in New Age, Contemporary piano begins, charting an adventurous course in the way a musician blends Classical New Age, Popular, Chill Out, Jazz, World and Rock. With an inventor’s approach, Fiona patently administers a new music prototype on her Steinway Concert piano.

The Ice album discloses more than an improvement made to a existing musical product. Fiona takes an inventor’s approach in redefining the fundamental basics of the way we perceive Piano and Rock music.

The 10 songs on Ice are issued titles with an icy thermodynamic theme, setting the spine chilling mood in motion by providing a mid tempo application of classic New Age Chill. The song Iced Rain discloses a trademark Fiona Joy Hawkins piano arrangement, yet grants an exclusive design concept by applying a mixture of genres and unique instrumentation.

While Aboriginal Didgeridoo echoes an indigenous woodwind call to the wild, ebony and ivory piano keys appear to reach an entire range of octaves to establish a new dimension in piano music that is spine tingling. Thunderous percussion unites with electrified guitar to diagram the upbeat momentum for this ground breaking discovery by commingling Classic piano and Rock music into a single entity.

Cloud Chill is a song innovation that starts out as a meteorological weather advisory on the horizon when native Didgeridoo once again reverbs an ancient voice into the past, present, and future. Fiona’s epic design in piano rhythms then integrate with electric guitar, blending into musical matter cool enough to penetrate what we term Rock music.

Fiona Joy Hawkin’s novel piano composition first finds a crack and expands, breaking the solid barrier of Rock music from a familiar genre, shattering what was once a large form of music into tiny little pieces into a new music entity. The Ice project discloses more than just an improvement made to a prior existing musical product. Fiona takes an inventor’s approach in redefining the fundamental basics of the way we perceive Piano and Rock music.

The 2 songs I just described titled Iced Rain and Cloud Chill are playing on our Stars Radio so that you may hear this invention in music for yourself. You may also read my review of her latest album titled Blue Dream, and then discover the online art gallery and music website of fionajoyhawkins.com.au. Picture copyright Bigstockphoto.com.

Classical Orchestral Harps can be thought of as divine or celestial instruments, having an origin dating to around 2500 BC, often reminding one of angels and religious cherubs posed in a holy statue. The harps early origins are ironically thought to be modeled after an archery weapon since the bowed arch with strings strongly resemble a bow and arrow.

Lizary Rodriguez Rios, residing in Tucson Arizona performs and teaches the classical harp professionally, in a career where there is no doubt her masterful quest for perfection is musical in nature.

She has 2 albums designed with therapy and healing in mind, promoting a relaxing mood by the soothing gentle breeze of sound this string instrument with an ancient origin can provide.

Lizary Rodriguez Rios achievements are very impressive, securing a Doctorate in Musical Arts and  4  time prize winner of international harp competitions around the world, also touring with the Grammy Award nominated Harp Fusion Ensemble.

Her first album Harp Voyage has received critical acclaim from prestigious classical magazines, while also drawing attention around the world as a harp soloist and composer for the ensemble.

Lizary Rodriguez Rios achievements are very impressive, securing a Doctorate in Musical Arts and  4  time prize winner of international harp competitions around the world, also touring with the Grammy Award nominated Harp Fusion Ensemble. Lizary Rodriguez Rios is a dedicated harp professional.

Harp Therapy is her second CD release in 2009, designed for those peaceful periods of musical serenity. Her music is purposefully composed for relaxation, massage, and yoga, while also finding a useful niche since the songs serve as the perfect auditory background music during church services, memorials, hospitals, and even wedding events.

Lizary Rodriguez Rios solo performances have other professional musicians playing cello, violin, guitar, with nature sounds and background Atlantic Ocean side tides of Puerto Rico. The 15 songs have many recognizable favorites including Scarborough Fair, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, and Pachelbel’s Canon. Some original works are also present as the first song Purple Bamboo starts with a healing crystal bowl during the opening portion of the album. Both albums are truly relaxing, offered by a dedicated person who has pretty much devoted their life to music.

For professional harp music for relaxation or special occasions visit lizary.net. Copyright Bigstockphoto.com – ReplayAll.

If you are not color blind, the colors that we see in everyday life are interpreted as wavelengths in a portion of the visible spectrum. Specific frequencies of those wavelengths determine exactly which color our eyes translate the brain to perceive.

Contemporary New Age composing artist Lawrence Blatt, who emerged number 1 in the NAR Best New Artist and Independent Music Award finalist, paints a beautiful guitarists interpretation through a color spectrum metaphor. His album is inspired from a description of color relating to physicist Isaac Newton’s color circle titled Opticks.

Isaac Newton had compared colors of the visible spectrum to musical notes centuries ago. Almost as if holding a brush and an artist’s palette of paint, Lawrence defines his own present day theory in a representation of the audible color spectrum in an adaptation of Newton’s principals through his own beautiful guitar compositions.

Lawrence Blatt has his most recent album titled The Color of Sunshine, on the Blue Pie label 2009, displaying 14 songs as artistic strokes in a colorful exhibit of his music, visualized from his home in San Francisco California. Many music influences are represented including New Age Classical, Latin, Folk, and World, blending many beautiful guitar influences in this masterful rendition.

Grammy Award winner Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, lends his talented hand as producer of this vibrant album, also taking part during song recording sessions in guitar, vocal, and percussion roles.

Lawrence Blatt paints a beautiful artist’s interpretation through a color spectrum metaphor. Holding a brush and artist’s palette of paint, he paints a colorful present day theory of the audible color spectrum.

The Color of Sunshine can be defined as intricate acoustic guitar melodies fusing with orchestral instruments and numerous percussion roles, in a unique companionship, portraying a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Lawrence plays the guitars like a pro, having over 30 years of playing guitar.

The song Mar Azul begins with a serene moderate paced beginning and quickly advances to a faster tempo where Latin and World music influences emerge near the outer edges of the color spectrum. Inspiration for this song was drawn from the Pacific Ocean, where the shade of deep cobalt blue waters contrast beautifully with the lighter pastel blue sky. The rays of lighter tones shine brightly by guitar strumming full of runs and bounding rhythms. The warm sounds of Charango guitar and accordion are a fine mix, with violin overlapping in perfect harmony to capture the dramatic ending.

Violet Blue is a song that caught my attention from the very start, having a simple yet well defined ukulele tone melody full of emotion. The multiple classic instruments of South American Charango, acoustic, and nylon guitars, mix with piano and cello, lending to a heart felt melancholy touch to the piece. The rich sound of the exotic Charango captures the primary melody as each note lends itself to a memorable upbeat rhythm that includes light, perfectly times hand clapping that I found interesting and added the ideal touch to the overall effect of the theme. As it turned out, I did a little hand clapping of my own.

The Color of Sunshine is a beautiful album put to an audible canvas. Full of interest and creativity by the many talents put on display in this exhibit it shows, and it shows well.

You can find this musical exhibit at lawrenceblatt.com. Picture Copyright Bigstockphoto.com – HelleM.

I find it very inspiring that so many popular musicians have discovered the New Age genre as a medium to express their musical diversity. New Age music is fast becoming ever more popular every day, compelling by offering musicians a unique category to display their music wares in a sub-genre expression.

Paul Jensen an acoustic guitarist who regularly performs in the Contemporary Folk style of Easy Listening guitar music. His lyrical verses are pleasing to the ear and are perfect for times of contemplation, placing oneself in a relaxing carefree mood, or for pure enjoyment.

Paul Jensen finds his inspiration from the natural wonders of the earth, and it greatly influences his personal style of singing and songwriting, in an expression of natural beauty everyone can discover for themselves.

The Other Side album from 2008 on the Juan Carlos Production label that debuted at #4 on NAR’s music charts is a great choice indeed. It is just right for those times set aside to self indulge in relaxing time spent alone, with a loved one, or with close friends and family who also appreciate the lighter side of easy listening pleasures.

The contributing artists furnish their own professional skills, including Grammy Award winning Will Ackerman, who lends a hand playing guitar, and his accomplished touch in producing this back to nature inspired album.

The 12 songs on The Other Side do emphasize much of what there is to explore in the vast wilderness full of wildlife and natural beauty, validating a more comtemplative approach to music that I found apparent in his pioneer style.

The contributing artists on Paul’s The Other Side release furnish their own professional skills, including Grammy Award winning Will Ackerman, who lends a hand playing guitar, and his accomplished touch in producing this back to nature inspired album.

Paul Jensen discovered an inspiration from the natural wonders of the earth, and is apparent that it greatly influences his personal style of singing and songwriting. Much of the creativity behind his work is drawn from adventurous time spent in the Colorado National Monument in the U.S.

This scenic National Park in Colorado has vast acres of wilderness land set aside for everyone to discover the natural wonders through hiking, horseback, and by adventure filled wilderness trails. This opportunity to discover America’s natural wonders gives people like Paul a chance to explore and grasp the sought after inspiration required for delivering his compelling Contemporary Instrumental Folk music.

In addition to Paul’s performance on acoustic guitar, beautiful vocals provide much of the richness, plus additional distinction is added by the warm characteristics of orchestra instruments. The wonderful instrumentation on The Other Side is enhanced by the cultured sounds of horn, cello, violin, piano and mandolin.

Paul Jensen’s diversity as a guitarist turns The Other Side into a release with a classic touch strengthening the harmonious beauty of his music in relation to our earth’s natural wonders, both of which are waiting for you to discover.

Visit Paul’s easygoing website juancarlosproductions.com. Photos are courtesy Paul Jensen.

It might be surprising to some that literary poetry is thought to predate language in the context of reading, writing, and speaking as a form of communication.  Some important elements of poetry consist of the meter or rhythmic structure of the poem in a measurement involving flow and movement. Proper structure is also an important component when composing and performing as a musician.

American Contemporary New Age artist Nick Farr, apparently has the proper abilities involving rhythm and structure in both music and poetry since his many accomplishments as a composer include being a published author of literary poetry, prose, short stories, fiction and children’s books. His literary career was perhaps second nature to him considering he began classical music studies at age 5 and then pursued music while in college.

Nick Farr has 6 albums total with The Ever Present Now from 2009, on the Riverboy Records label as his latest release. This latest album held the number 1 and 2 positions in NAR’s Top 100 air wave chart in January and February 2009, with additional nation wide online airplay.

Generous mixtures of mid tempo Contemporary Instrumental and nice Jazz influences do give it an aesthetic just right feel by employing the free style he is accustomed to in piano arrangements. Flute, saxophone, horns and strings provide the back drop in some songs, enhancing the classic description and giving it a distinguished tone.

Produced by Grammy Award winning Randy Kling, this release is more classical piano than some of Nick’s earlier albums making a nice medium to show a finer sophisticated mindset without being overly classical.

The 12 songs on The Ever Present Now represent a well versed language of music and poetry by this dedicated artist who reaches into genres of Contemporary Instrumental, New Age, Classical Piano, and Jazz.

The song Solace is a poetic hopeful song, comforting by the graceful flute and piano duet that seems to incorporate well during melodic phrases, lending a hand by consoling stanzas of support.

It is during these passages that uplifting and inspiring verses with note filled piano runs and flute, reveal patterns of consciously timed pauses between instrumental passages.

The song Traveler is a deep moving piece, set to a faster paced melody that is structured by each key change, transforming each refrain into a sonnet set to musical time, never resting during each chord step along the way.

Winter Prayer is a powerful melodic psalm, paying homage by offering a distinctly elegant classical composition.

Masterfully delivered musical prayer requests are often emphasized in this piece, carefully turning each note into a hymn of reverence.

Nick Farr’s piano composition shines from the invocation of this song which is heart felt and moving. Momentary pauses then take place as the final chapter of the song slows, bowing out gracefully upon reaching the closing benediction.

The Ever Present Now by Nick Farr is praiseworthy New Age Classical, embracing all of the structural principals of written prose, leaving one with the impression that his music is thoughtfully displayed in a manner that from the very beginning, deserves the expression of poetry in motion.

Visit nickfarr.com for a classic approach to music. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – zootog.

Depending on who you talk to, Vampires Do Exist in modern society.  It is a known fact that there is a very small segment of people living today, who either believe in vampires or practice vampirism using the typical rituals, and everyone is aware of what those rituals embody. Most people find this extremely unnerving and even more frightening by having this knowledge, than from their viewing any fictional vampire movie at the theatre.

I find it fortunate that our friend Salva Moreno from Valencia Spain, having the artist title Psicodreamics does not believe in real life vampires, but only conjures up fantasy and mythological inspired music for our entertainment purposes only.

Theatre des Vampires from 2006, on his Witches on the Radiowaves label, provides the creative blueprint to project intriguing images into the darker realms of the supernatural.

Theatre des Vampires is laid out as a psycological thriller, portraying these images in classic form by a fine mixture of New Age, Ambient, Chill Out, Neo Classic and Gothic formats. This is not a rare occurrence for this composing musician who has 9 projects specializing in fantasy and mythology tales, all of which are well done.

This album portrays a mystic cloak and dagger sound design with all of the thrill and chill musical effects to keep you in suspense, along with some of the sharp pointed edges you would expect from an album having a mysterious theme about vampires.

Theatre des Vampires is laid out as a psychological thriller. Psicodreamics portrays these images in classic form by a fine mixture of New Age, Ambient, Chill Out, Neo Classic and Gothic formats.

The album title song Theatre des Vampires goes directly to the throat by injecting a heart throbbing tempo with a hypnotic feel using a duel guitar and piano arrangement. This song is laced with theatrical drama by the eerie piano strokes that appear to compete in a battle of wills with the rival guitar melody, parlayed as if reaching out for every strained note within reach. The synthetic percussion effects of woodblock, tenor and bass drums, share character roles on the stage with the tympani drum’s surprise entrances that occur when you least expect it, but in perfect timing given the songs unsettling subject matter.

The song Daylight Belonging is Classical Goth, transporting you back to a period in antiquity when the world was believed to be flat, and physicians prescribed bloodletting as standard medical practice. This piano and guitar piece conjures images in this fictional fantasy world.

When veiled choral vocals echo through out their nightly refrains, an apparent struggle of give and take between piano runs, strings, and pipe organ instrumentals occur at the least expected moment. Bold percussion with cymbal entrances give off a dark hissing sound behind pauses in the primary piano melody, as tympani drums lightly pulsate in a cardiac like rhythm during this eventful episode. Each of the 11 songs in this project embrace musical elements full of surprise and drama as described by their individual cryptic titles.

Salva Moreno of Psicodreamics has a unique approach for producing designer mood music using a macabre blueprint, all with an abundance of theatrical effects shown in a dramatic way that will leave you breathless.

Discover the fantasy by reading our recent interview, a recent review of Fantasynth and Ambiethernum, which by the way, is a compilation of Psicodreamics best Ambient and Space music from previous albums. Visit are Psicodreamics.com and cdbaby.com/all/psicodreamics. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – DanTe.

Salva Moreno is the composing musician behind the notably mysterious and out of this world music of Psicodreamics. Salva’s electronic New Age music projects are best described as Ambient, Chill Out, Neo Classic and Gothic to name a few. I reviewed his Fantasynth album so I have given you an idea of what this artist from the beautiful city of Valencia Spain is capable of creating.

Psicodreamics has achieved a dramatic ambient theme on the 12 tracks of Ambiethernum. Intended to arouse the imagination, Salva Moreno’s synthesizer music gives the listener a chance to sit back, close their eyes, then drift along with the music to any imaginary realm they choose to fathom.

The Ambiethernum album, on his Witches on the Radiowaves label, is a thought provoking score strategically designed to place the listener in a picturesque state of mind. One could even imagine a celestial theme encounter by picturing a NASA Space Shuttle Voyage to the $ 1.5 Billion Hubble Space Telescope 360 miles / 575 kilometers away, presently undergoing enhancement.

During your imaginary journy please use caution upon your arrival to Hubble, since one complete orbit circling the globe every 97 minutes, equals a speed of 17,000 mph/28,000 kph. Those brave enough for an expedition may venture an astounding 93 Billion Light Years towards the outer edge of our universe.

The Ambiethemum album gives you this opportunity in imagination by the surreal spatial sound effects, exploring with a point of calm and composure in your virtual musical travel through the galaxy without ever losing your equilibrium.

Salva Moreno of Psicodreamics has achieved a dramatic ambient theme on the 12 tracks of Ambiethernum. Intended to arouse the imagination, Salva Moreno’s synthesizer music gives the listener a chance to sit back and drift along with the music to any imaginary realm they choose to fathom.

The ambient aspects of his earlier electronic projects are also present by abundant chill out that permit an emotion to be felt. Guided mostly by the deep, dark extended note overtones, keyboard compositions, and synthesized presence of woodwind, string, and abundance of unique percussion effects which are strongly emphasized.  The timely appearance of a Symphonic and Orchestra music only adds to the depth and dimension that is light and airy at one moment, only to reappear as a dark and heavier tones in the next phase, increasing the overall intensity.

Synthesizer animal effects make their voices known, adding to character involvement during this make believe encounter.  Another thought in utilizing this mysterious music could be as a documentary or soundtrack background score for science fiction, mystery, or even horror themed movies, since the atmospheric content would enhance nearly every movie in those genres. Ambiethernum Track 10 in particular makes a theatrical eerie presence known quite dramatically, and could easily be pictured as an excellent horror movie score, if used in that context.

Salva Moreno has agreed to an artist interview, and judging by our recent discussions together, this interview promises to give everyone a chance to better understand his point of view, and why he has chosen electronic multi-dimensional ambient music as a means to express himself. I am certain Salva is well prepared to answer your questions related to those close encounters involving relative time and space.

Visit:  Psicodreamics.com and cdbaby.com/all/psicodreamics. Photo is courtesy of Salva Moreno.

Never in the history of our world has there been a time for greater concern and action needed over energy, environmental, and social issues, that lie before us at present. The hope for a better world is foremost on millions of peoples minds.

Save The World by Cadence SpaldingThe recent 40th anniversary of Earth Day held on April 22, 2009 had an estimated 1 billion participants worldwide which is truly an astounding number when compared to the 20,000 million people first participating in the first event held in 1969.

Earth Day events are held each year to demonstrate what multitudes of people around the world can accomplish together in unity, but retains the core existence of relying on each of us as individuals, and the power of one.

Cadence Spalding is one person doing their part as role model for bringing about a greater awareness of these concerns by her Save The World 2009 album release on the Sound Manipulations label.

The 11 songs on Save The World pertain to the noblest of desires in conveying a message of what one person alone can accomplish by caring for mother earth, caring for those who cannot help themselves, and by caring for one another as a family unit.

There is also a top new age music artist doing their part by co-producing Cadence Spalding’s solo release. His technological production talents and artistic skill in layering and mixing hold the key elements that enable Cadence to excel in the music she has primarily written and presented by her own hand. While Cadence has regularly performed on many of his albums, this first solo release exemplifies her individual talents as a soloist, and overall illustrates the individual talents of these well known new age artists.

Save The World is a classical New Age and Popular music release that hosts a pleasant mix of ballads finely tuned to perfection in the purest sense. The classical touches of Cadence Spalding’s soft angelic vocals sound like lullabies at times, gently rocking you into a contented state while anthem stanzas increase in momentum and passionately rise above to greet the occasion.

Trust In Love is one musical anthem given as a heartfelt lyrical message pointing to the glorious possibilities for peace and love that await every boy and girl if only we would just let it be a reality. This soulful song is rich in vocal tone combined with personal statement through meaningful lyrics. The piano phrased beat is surrounded by a deep percussion rhythm like persons marching lock step in tandem, proposing that we trust in love and give peace a chance.

The harmony of choral effects were arranged by layering her beautiful vocals to share the message of love, peace, and harmony to all who possess the same logic, devotion, and mindful perspective.

Save The World (title song) offers an upbeat instrumental expression of the bountiful rewards we receive when we let our conscience be our guide and do our part.  The repeated message is framed by a pounding drum beat, while piano and guitar instrumentals ring out a clear tone during moments of pause between vocals.

This CD album has a bonus DVD which is really a treasure in itself. This professionally captured DVD photo gallery is extraordinary and stunning in visual effect while highlighting the serene music of Candace Spalding. The magnificent photos show landscapes, wildlife subjects, and touching scenes capturing people in everyday life.

Cadence Spalding’s Save The World CD/DVD collector’s edition is a beautiful performance and powerful statement, shared with the world after this initial spark of talented inspiration was ignited solely from the power of one.

Visit Amazon to sample and purchase Save The World by Cadence Spalding. Bigstockphoto.com – Adrian Grosu.

The 12 Months in a calendar year can easily be described as having twelve lunar cycles annually, but complex mathematical problems arise when translating into precise calendar months since each month is technically 29.53 days long. When calculating a yearly calendar an astronomer’s calendar legend has 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds, or 365.242199 days in twelve lunar cycles.

David Mauk from Las Vegas Nevada has provided everyone with a more desirable solution to resolving this complex calendar problem by introducing his 12 Months album on Thera Records label.

The twelve songs on the 12 Months album describe the time period and seasonal change for each month as musical recollections David experienced during his personal childhood growing up on his grandparents farm in rural Ohio, in a location where the yearly seasons are well defined and pronounced when it comes to changes in weather.

The 12 Months album is David’s first New Age, Ambient, Electronic release which translates into a relaxing and tranquil repertoire where each of the musical months and seasons are likewise distinct.

Everything balances together nicely by a well defined mood and a serene transition of atmospheric changes in his musical adaptation also featuring individual song notations for monthly related weather events.

David Mauk has composed the official music for the National Geographic King Tutankhamun, Golden Age of the Pharaohs, and Real Pirates museum exhibits. His music has been heard by over an estimated 7 million people in several international museums, art galleries, and other televised venues around the world. Currently David Mauk lives in Las Vegas Nevada composing music, writing a Broadway styled musical, and performing as a musician at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

David Mauk has made an impressive introduction into the New Age market with his classic ambient descriptions of the yearly seasons.  The 12 months album supports a fine balance of well defined movements in ambient phrasing that is composed with a beautiful recollection for each month.

April subtitled as Rain is a lively synthesized tune where an opportunity for rain seems present by the string instrument background. The rhythmic flute tone melody portrays a positive upbeat feeling from this perspective since the temperature is pleasant, a cool breeze can be felt, and the aroma of rain in the air delivers a promise of renewal and growth which naturally occurs in that month.

October subtitled as Change is a slower paced celestial song with piano strokes echoing like bell tones, with time adjustments given as major and minor key changes. This cinematic song is reminiscent of what you might hear in a Vangelis soundtrack.

This piece also gives an acceptable answer for the 23.45 degree tilt of our planets rotational axis, since that is what causes our seasonal changes, only his description is shown as ambient moments in musical time with an equally natural and steady transition.

December subtitled as Snow is a great time of year having an anthem like quality by a classic beginning of single key piano strokes, then build into a full cord melody with far reaching synthesized overtones, and light percussion presence.

The nine remaining months also support a fine balance of seasonally defined movements, mirroring a beautifully composed mixture of ambient instrumentation that is generously light, reflective, and relaxing to the listener throughout the year.

David Mauk has given his first project an impressive introduction into the New Age music market by personal ambient descriptions of the months and seasons nicely composed with a classic touch.

If you find your yearly schedule is becoming too complex, discover this more desireable solution to great yearly planning and visit davidmauk.com to sample / purchase. Big Stock Photo – mpemberton.

Once again we shine the spotlight on the time tested music of Vicki Logan, who has recently revealed her thought and artistic perceptions by my recent interview. You will find that The Ride is one of my all time favorite albums. I hope this will encourage you to listen what this gifted artist is offering the music world.

Vicki Logan has 4 impressive albums to date, with The Ride as the third successful release on her Carvic Publishing label from 2004, winning a place in the New Age Reporter, now called Zone Music Reporter, Top 100 albums chart.

Personally drawn from her self conclusions about the ride everyone must travel during our day to day life experiences, this album has also held positions in some additional top 100 charts and granted impressive online radio airplay attention worldwide.

The Ride is considered inspirational and emotional by recalling the exhilarating roller coaster like moments in life, to times of eminent cross road decisions where one must faithfully reach out for everything life has to offer, or risk losing an opportunity if we choose to remain in the much safer realm of not ever taking a chance at all. There is also a calming and relaxed atmosphere to her music as if acknowledging contentment in knowing that we have tried and are justly rewarded for having done our personal best. This is the easiest way to describe how her upbeat music makes me feel.

Vicki Logan’s own description is related to the passage of time and how she has experienced progress while composing and producing music, so everyone if free to draw their own self conclusions about how this album makes them feel on a personal level, but believe me, you will feel something positive from her music. Incorporating elements of New Age pop, jazz, and R & B music influences, Vicki Logan provides the listener a fresh perspective beginning with a classic piano piece.

This album is an excellent example of what can be achieved when a talented artist shares a part of themselves by putting their heart and spirit into the creation of their music, offering music lovers a chance to also feel something truly special along the way. You will soon find yourself recalling the melody over and over in your mind daily.

The Ride is primarily mid tempo instrumental throughout, enhanced by individual solo performances of saxophone, piano, guitar, and the wondrous flute, which Vicki plays so passionately.  Incorporating elements of New Age pop, jazz, and R & B influences provides the listener a fresh perspective beginning with a classic piano piece. Track 1 The Dance of the Sun has a heartfelt piano melody with background synthesizer starting a new beginning of an adventure into your earliest observations of what to anticipate further down this musical journey.

Track 5 Just to be With You offers a harmonious rhythmic ballad that intertwines electronic and saxophone solo into a singular peaceful existence upon adding the engaging percussion beat for blending everything together dramatically. Track 6 The Ride is one of many favorites being New Age pop in theme. This memorable up tempo song with heart pounding rhythms, unbounded keyboard rides, and perfectly timed percussion is truly something to behold on it’s own. Then upon adding the flowing flute melody, everything fits together so perfectly in the instrumental arrangement, you will soon find yourself recalling the melody over and over in your mind daily.

Track 8 Finding Freedom is a thought provoking song from this spirited American artist, having deep rhythms, driving percussion, and building flute repertoire which inspire and restore your faith in the very notion of individual freedoms in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as if saying, yes we can! with that said, Vicki Logan’s upbeat music is a true winner!

Visit the VickiLogan.com website. Sample the album at CDBaby and read my interview with Vicki Logan.

It seems that few instruments can compare to a piano for personally illustrating the emotion and feeling of what an artist wants to share with another. The piano is a divine instrument to play or to simply listen while others perform. I am certain many readers like myself have also had the opportunity to play the piano as younger adults either willingly or unwillingly under the guidance of their parents, which ended with varying degrees of success.

Fiona Joy Hawkins from Australia is the noteworthy artist I would like to highlight today since she has achieved unbridled success as a touring concert pianist. Fiona has reached the number 1 spot in World New Age radio charts across 9 countries, achieving the Best Piano Album in the NAR lifestyle music awards in 2006, and winning the classical/jazz category in the Music OZ Awards for 2008. These are accomplishments even her parents never would have dreamed possible.

Fiona Joy Hawkins has also received multiple nominations as finalist in classical jazz categories in 2007 and 2009 in multiple genres, among her respectable achievements as an Australian born composer and pianist.

Fiona’s most recent 2008 Blue Dream album on the Little Hartley Music label, described as Contemporary World fusion piano music. The release places the listener into a relaxed mood by many refined variations ranging from the poignant quiet moments of thought, to reflective moments with varying rhythms and orchestration phases on the 22 song album which does blend together well from song to song.

Fiona Joy Hawkins most current album Blue Dream is a piano and instrumental collaboration with other artist that has received top music honors and again extended the worldwide admiration for her work. Fiona is recognized as an awarding winning pianist who covers New Age, Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and World Fusion genres, it’s easy to see Fiona’s Blue Dream release was worth the wait!

While already widely recognized, the Blue Dream album should help her break into international markets. One can consider the 22 songs on this album as chapters in a book, that after reading each chapter, the next phase of this story becomes more revealing when finishing all verses, and working your way towards the final chapter.

My favorite track 9 blends powerful, yet soft vocals, only to crescendo into a moving inspirational piece, blending into the next novel chapter. All song chapters and illustrations in Blue Dream will hold your interest by preventing you from putting the book down, and my favorite track 9 blends powerful, yet soft vocals, only to crescendo into a moving inspirational piece, blending into the next novel chapter. Farther in the storyline, Track 12 opens with a classic piano solo interlude as vocals add definition. The plot thickens in this musical storyline by increased keyboard momentum and fine instrumentals, which divulge even greater amounts of dialog on this narrative.

Recorded and produced by Grammy Award winner Will Ackerman, there are a host of talented musicians who solo and accompany Fiona Joy Hawkins on her Blue Dream release. To their credit, they greatly influence the beauty and refinement of the album, without ever exceeding the award winning pianist intentions, and the message she masterfully portrays on the 88 ebony and ivory keyed Steinway concert piano.

Fiona Joy Hawkins is also a painter with her own online art gallery, where paintings can be purchased, along with her 4 available CDs. The novel website to visit is fionajoyhawkins.com.auPicture Copyright Big Stock Photo – aysarts.

The epic quest for personal style in composing is pretty evident in a new release entitled The Gates of Realities from South American born composer and producer Oscar Aguayo, who is titled as Australis.

Australis is an artist title taken from the Latin word meaning Southern or from the South, and also symbolic of the artist himself which emphasizes Oscar Aguayo’s early influences he felt during his very first experiences in musical emotion in his home country as a young adult.

Oscar Aguayo is another friend in music who presently lives in the United States, having produced his second 2008 album The Gates of Reality under the Independent Records label. Drawing imagination from his homeland recollections and earliest life changing events, the project is a mixture of New Age, Electronic, Ambient, Neo-Classic and Ethnic, in contrasting genres. Together there is a fine balance of emotional depth in all 14 compositions on his second album of individual expression.

The primarily mid tempo music will encompass the listener with rich, deep tones to translate for you what the artist has drawn from his personal conclusions in how New Age music should be interpreted. I can tell you it is simply wonderful electronic music!

Drawing imagination from his homeland recollections and earliest life changing events, the project is a mixture of New Age, Electronic, Ambient, Neo-Classic and Ethnic, in contrasting genres. Together there is a fine balance of emotional depth in all 14 compositions on his second album of individual expression.

Track 4 Promises of Light is a dark and mysterious example of a longing desire for the presence of light in which that wishful song is titled.

Track 5 Paqta Kutemunqa begins with an ethnic quality by the ancient chants, whisperings and woodwind flute which blends together beautifully.

If one closed their eyes they could almost imagine themselves as an archaeologist exploring the inner depths of ancient ruins, and then finding the lost treasures hidden away for centuries. This is an epic quest I found mysterious but inspirational.

Track 13 Essentia is a deeply moving piece that weaves classic piano landscapes into a past melancholy state of mind, and then into a hopeful return to the present. Moving into the future, the electronic music in this adaptation becomes the essence of life which makes one whole.

Australis first project is titled Lifegiving which is another deep and meaningful project that received much online radio airplay, and earned Australis the Morpheus Music’s Best New and Independent Artist Award in 2004, so it is no surprise his The Gates of Reality project has also received abundant online radio attention, even before the album was actually released.

I hope more will be available from Australis, the artist who draws his artistic imagination from experiences during his early formative years. After listening to his music I can say his recollections must have been fascinating.

Visit the unique AustralisMusic.com to learn more about this great artist. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – Siart.

If you have already experienced the bright and talented music of Vicki Logan you know what I write today is solid truth. For anyone who has yet to discover her music, prepare yourself for a truly original New Age artist whose music is so unique one can compare her inspiring musical expression as unique to each person as an individual.

When I am not diligently listening to and writing another artist’s album on review, I regularly find myself returning to the music of Vicki Logan. After first discovering her inspirational New Age music expressions, everyone I have shared her music with loves her discography as well, so it is not just mere coincidence.

Vicki Logan’s latest release titled The Journey To the Places In My Soul, under her Carvic Publishing label, is the review we shall explore together. Come with me to find the inspirational bliss someone would expect to hear from a more globally recognized artist. First released in 2006, and now reissued in 2009, this album is upbeat classical in style, shape and form. This album has a palpable feeling of the artist’s personal creative touch and source of inspiration integrated into every song. 

Track 2 The Journey is an upbeat inspirational flute and piano tune that will inspire and enlighten you today and everyday. Track 3 Dancing with the Northern Lights is a kaleidoscope of colors revealing every tone and shade of an Aurora Borealis. This is pretty colorful if you can imagine or have ever witnessed the northern lights.

The Journey To the Places In My Soul carries an abundance of depth and feeling in each of the melodies which leads me to believe much thought and a portion of the artist’s personality are on display in this latest project. This is true in prior albums also, where one can listen to over and over and still find a great album with the passage of time, being an important consideration when purchasing CD’s.

There is also a complexity to her inspirational music described as deep, up tempo and orchestral, with wonderful  instrumentals of piano, guitar, sax, oboe, and ever present flute which she plays with drive and purpose. To their credit, fellow band members add their own personal flavor by accompanying on individual songs which enhance the album’s classic theme admirably. On her releases she enlists the help of Randy Gildersleeve, Andy LaCasse, Peter O’Gorman, Matt Fink, and others to produce built with pride album every time.

Track 6 Everlasting Memories presents a flute and piano arrangement with additional guitar rhythms combining for a more mystical tone, yet still retains a hopeful theme as if recalling distant memories of years gone by.

The Journey To the Places In My Soul carries an abundance of depth and feeling in each of the melodies which leads me to believe much thought and even a portion of the artist’s personality are on display in this latest project. This is also true in prior albums, in which one can listen to over and over and still find meaningful and sounds great with the passage of time. When we first spoke, I informed Vicki Logan I am also one of her many fans. She just laughed and seemed surprised, which is just typical of Vicki, who is much too modest when discussing her talents in my opinion. I hope you will take the time to decide for yourself. 

Vicki Logan and I have an interview planned, so more information and more album reviews are available to you so that you may discover what I have found in the inspiration music of this uniquely bright star known as Vicky Logan.

Visit VickiLogan.com homepage. Sample at CDBaby and read my pages for Vicki Logan. Big Stock Photo – Wilmy.

It is always welcomed news when talented artists from around the world contact us with information about their newest electronic or instrumental album release, or even informing us of their presence in the music business.

Salva Moreno is a composer from Spain, performing his note by note magic for years under the artist title Psicodreamics. Salva Moreno might not be as well known as an artist in the U.S. but many readers know that Salva has gained the wider recognition he deserves in Continental Europe, UK and overseas markets, having 8 previous albums that have increased his popularity and success.

We are pleased to review the 2009 Psicodreamics album entitled Fantasynth that is published on his Witches on the Radiowaves label. Psicodreamics is past and presently New Age, Electronic music in nature, containing a mixture of Ambient, Goth, and Classic influences in a deep form of chill out as the album title suggests.

Fantasynth is vibrant and creative as other previously composed Psicodreamics albums, and I did enjoy his latest release. Without a doubt this latest album and past works were thoughtfully produced and the song titled Spellbound was one favorite primarily because of a pleasant melody and synthesized undercurrents that reminded me of some unfamiliar land of fantasy.

Psicodreamics is past and presently New Age, Electronic music in nature, containing a mixture of Ambient, Goth, and Classic influences in a deep form of chill out as the album title suggests. Fantasynth is very dream like in atmosphere and composition of all the songs I sampled.

Sleepy Sorrow offers enchanting chorals, bells, a steady cello and oboe harmony which seemed to battle and compete for the upper hand at times, only to kindly resolve as close allies at the songs ending. The La Rosa De Los Vientos track has a nice mid tempo there which included woodwind overtones with interest and movement ever present as with all tracks in Psicodreamics deep and mysterious intepretation of music with rhythm and style.

The music of Salva Morenoor Psicodreamics can best be likened to a good mystery novel that is full of interest and intrigue at every turned page for the reader. Music fans will find this description similar to the Ambiethernum album which is interesting and well managed throughout. I do like the depth, myth styled settings and change of atmosphere in the 13 songs on this newest album which would also provide an excellent soundtrack score for mystery or science fiction themed movies.

Visit the official Psicodreamics.com to explore the mystique and fantasy behind the dream.  Sample at CD Baby here.

When describing a choir or large group of individuals singing in unison, one usually pictures choir members dressed in white robes singing before a congregation in a house of worship, being universal in most religious faiths and denominations.

The 25 to 30 young male performers who make up Libera are in the age range of 7 to 16, and are often a white robed choir that sing in unison, but the normal assumptions and what you have pictured in your mind of the music they produce ends there.

Libera is a unique blend of choir music with a new age pop influence and easy listening classical vocals. Simply put, they are something special to behold and the music they produce will definitely surprise you.

Most of the young adult male singers age 7 to 16 are from the parish choir of St. Philip’s Church in Norbury London, performing under the direction of Robert Prizeman, who began his association as singer but later became the choir director in 1970 at age 18.

Libera has made concert appearances in the United Kingdom, United States, Korea and Japan, and a large number of BBC television, soundtrack, and radio recordings. In addition they have performed before 60,000 people in Yankee Stadium on April 20th 2008, during papal mass when Pope Benedict XVI made his first visit to the U.S.

The artist choir Libera is a non-profit group with many accomplishments including 16 albums having topped mainstream and classical album charts in many countries. They have had concert appearances in the United Kingdom, United States, Korea and Japan, and a large number of BBC television, soundtrack, and radio recordings. In addition they have performed before 60,000 people in Yankee Stadium on April 20th 2008, during papal mass when Pope Benedict XVI made his first visit to the U.S.

With such impressive accomplishments for the boys as young adults, I wonder how many of the boys will continue their individual music careers as New Age musicians upon reaching full adulthood. That would be great news to all New Age music fans!

The Libera album Free, released under the EMI Classics in 2004 has full flowing choral vocals and solos that do remind you of being part of a congregation at moments, yet there is something particularly special about this music group that I haven’t quite put my finger on.

One song titled Stay With Me is a song which may help shed some light onto the subject so that you too can discover this talented group of young artists. To me, Libera is a classic example of the many ways New Age music can be redefined when combining separate music genres into one soulful entity.  Stay With Me is one great song on the Free album and entire choir music collection from Libera.

To learn more about Libera and Robert Prizeman visit the official libera site.

Would you like to travel the entire world someday? When traveling as a tourist do you enjoy visualizing the new and unique cultural destinations to visit, along with the sights, sounds and experiences?

For persons who are not frequent globetrotters having neither time nor opportunity to travel the world firsthand, an excursion awaits you by listening to many distant exotic lands through a musical journey that will definitely fit your schedule and budget.

The international flavor of musician, composer, and conductor Colin O’Donohoe is your ticket for world music influences.

Colin’s most recent album Songs of the Saints released in 2007 on the Ocean Media label, is inspired by music native to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and also includes musical varieties of North and South America which makes your travel by sound itinerary complete. Much like his Songs of the Saints album, the Pangean Orchesra that he directs perform music having a wide varity of influence and musicians from all parts of the globe.

The instruments and vocals used in the Songs of the Saints album is as diverse as the music, exploring many geographical destinations on the 10 individual songs.

One explanation for Colin O’Donohoe’s choice of using a fusion of world music influences might be his self described inspiration being drawn from reading a Chinese book of poetry titled Shi Jing. Another explanation could be his current position as Artistic Director of the Pangean Orchestra or other held positions as director of the New Moon Orchestra, and Phoenix Chinese Orchestra.

Colin O’Donohoe openly admits that his music and technique is challenging for some people to embrace, by offering such a wide range of influences that almost creates a new music genre. Songs of the Saints has genres ranging from international, world, jazz, easy listening, light rock, and slight touches of rap and hip hop, even having a light jazz title track version of the song Amazing Grace.

Colin O’Donohoe openly admits that his music and technique is challenging for some people to embrace, by offering such a wide range of influences that he almost creates a new music genre, which I did find correct, but appreciative by his blending of pleasant vocals, chorals, and harmony of music spanning the globe.

The album has genres ranging from international, world, jazz, easy listening, light rock, and slight touches of rap and hip hop, even having a light jazz title track version of the song Amazing Grace.

While visiting Pangeanorchestra.com to learn more about Colin O ‘Donohoe, I did learn he is committed to this unique style of music. I also learned he is a kindred soul with a mission in life to unite and bring people of the world closer together through the common bond of music.

This is something peaceful tourists traveling around the world will appreciate.

Visit the PangeanOrchestra.com website and Colin’s DonohoeMusic.com website. Sample at  his CDBaby.com page. Picture copyright BigStockPhoto.com – jgroup.

Paul Sills latest album Walking Across Heaven, released by Medwyn Goodall Music in 2008, is a beautiful experience which is more like a transformation or angelic journey at times than one would expect from even a great New Age album. Quite a unique and wonderful surprise to this author.

The Walking Across Heaven album title perfectly describes what to expect for those listeners who prefer their New Age music with a medium tempo, yet powerful theme. Those new to Paul Sills will welcome this wonderful creation that is deep, flowing, full of emotion and very spiritual in nature. Persons who already own the previous 2007 release Astral Doorways know the intensity of Paul Sill’s music and will definitely want to include his current release, if they haven’t already made the investment.

Paul Sills album containing 8 songs is consistently powerful throughout, offering a synthesized atmosphere in which piano, flute, acoustic guitar, and distant choral vocals rise to transform each song into an anthem with hymn like quality. My noteworthy song favorites are: Track 2 Footsteps in the Clouds, which begins with a piano sequence upon combining orchestral movements, glide into a heavenly anthem. Track 6 Walking Towards Heaven, has a graceful melody which will raise your spirits throughout the entire song. Track 7 Hall of Voices, is full of distant choral harmony in which one can almost imagine being lifted upward by angels into the final heavenly destination.

Paul Sills Walking Across Heaven album containing 8 songs is consistently powerful throughout, offering a synthesized atmosphere in which piano, flute, acoustic guitar, and distant choral vocals rise to transform each song into an anthem with hymn like quality.

The Walking Across Heaven album cover is appropriate in describing what awaits the listener, having a deep blue cloud filled background and the bold Taijitu symbol or widely recognized in modern times as the Yin & Yang symbol.

The ancient symbolic character Taijitu was introduced in China during the Ming Period around (430 A. D.) by author Lai Zhide and has remained a constant in being adopted worldwide by many different cultures and philosophies throughout the centuries. When translated, Taijitu can be defined as The diagram of the supreme ultimate power. This accurately describes the latest contribution by Paul Sills and I thank him for the latest creation, having enjoyed the experience.

Walking Across Heaven is a collector’s edition for those seeking a celestial journey in electronic music while still residing here on this Earth, but don’t bother packing friends since luggage will not be a requirement.

Sample or purchase music by Paul Sills at Amazon.com.

Copyright Bigstockphoto.com – Designor.

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