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Dreamchaser by Sarah BrightmanInstrumental & Vocal Music Review – New Dreamchaser album by international music celebrity Sarah Brightman.

International music superstar Sarah Brightman is one of today’s popular artists who clearly shines brighter than all other vocal artists in the same category.

Even when compared to the crowd of mainstream celebrity vocal artists, Sarah Brightman has excelled as a classical crossover artist, earning the respect of untold millions during her stellar career as a professional vocalist, actress, songwriter and dancer.

When describing the life and career of international celebrity Sarah Brightman, one can describe her amazing career of singer, actress, songwriter and dancer as an out of this world superstar in every respect.

Over the course of her professional career, Sarah Brightman has acquired 180 Gold and Platinum awards in over 40 countries worldwide, and reached over 30 million in album sales throughout the course of her stellar career.

Sarah Brightman ReviewDreamchaser is Sarah Brightman’s newest album nearing official release worldwide in April 2013. The songs Angel & One Day Like This are two full length song singles released earlier to the public. As one might expect, both early song releases were met with resounding admiration for her exceptional new release for 2013.

After listening to all 10 songs the beauty of Sarah’s vocals with contemporary lyrics and instrumental backing made it easy to see why this artistically driven vocal instrumental release is certain to be a popular, best-selling album.

There are several official release dates given for various countries around the world, but most importantly, her twelfth studio album with 10 vocal and instrumental songs are going to be available soon to everyone in either audio CD or digital downloads format.

The 10 songs on Dreamchaser are: Angel, One Day Like This, Glosoli, Lento E Largo, B612, Breathe Me, Ave Maria, Eperdu, A Song of India & Venus & Mars.

Special versions of this album is available as a CD/DVD combo, and includes the two bonus songs So Long Ago So Clear & 7th Heaven. Also available at iTunes is an accompanying digital booklet.

Already a brilliant star in every sense by the accomplishment of many firsts during her professional music career, her newest album, intercontinental World Concert Tour in 2013, and upcoming travel destination of the International Space Station gives new meaning to the expression superstar!

You may pre-order Dreamchaser and find World Concert Tour information and read a new interview at SarahBrightman.com. The Amazon store in the U.S. has an official release date of April 16, 2013. Sample and pre-order a special CD/DVD combo for Dreamchaser at Amazon.com. Cover art courtesy sarahbrightman.com & Big Stock Photos by Zootog & Wtolenaars.

Josh GrobanNew Vocal Instrumental Album Review: The new album in 2013 by Josh Groban titled All That Echoes debuts at #1 on Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 list.

For persons familiar with multi-platinum vocalist Josh Groban it’s understandable why his sixth studio album All That Echoes has made its debut at #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

In addition to the top position on the Best Seller list, All That Echoes currently holds the #1 position of the Pop, Vocal Pop, Rock, and Classical categories, all of which are much deserved.

The singer, songwriter and record producer is famous for his amazing talents as a vocalist as everyone knows. This time Josh Groban proves the merits of his superstar status yet again by the creation of an incredibly beautiful vocal with instrumentals release like no other.

All That Echoes is the follow-up to an equally wondrous album Illumination from 2010, yet Josh Groban test his talents as a songwriter having written seven of the twelve songs on his 2013 release. The five popular cover songs likewise are wonderful versions with verses sung of the highest quality so expect nothing less than the best.All That Echoes by Josh Groban

All That Echoes is listed in the Pop genre category at Amazon, but music crossing into multiple genres is more than commonplace. After listening to the entire album for this review it sounds primarily an easy listening vocal album but this naturally has little to do with how this album is perceived artistically.

Nearly all of the first customer reviews at Amazon have given this the uppermost rating, of which I couldn’t agree more. Resonating with fans from all corners of the globe, I believe you will find All That Echoes is a stunning new release that rings true from the first note to the last.

The 12 songs on All That Echoes are; Brave, False Alarms, Falling Slowly, She Moved Through the Fair, Below The Line, E Ti Promettero, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Un Alma Mas, Happy in My Heartache, Hollow Talk, Sincera, I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will Be Forever).

Visit the artist at JoshGroban.com and sample or purchase his new 2013 release All That Echoes at Amazon.com. This release is available in audio CD or digital downloads at major music retailers. Photo courtesy joshgroban.com.

Sarah Brightman DreamchaserSarah Brightman – One Day Like This & Angel song downloads. News update for Dreamchaser and concert tour for 2013.

Sarah Brightman fans have surely heard the news her new Dreamchaser studio album and North America Concert Tour for 2013 have been rescheduled, but fans and people new to the classical crossover music superstar are able to sample and purchase two early single song downloads, and now pre-order Dreamchaser.

The song One Day Like This is the second song single, and first song download Angel are available at iTunes, Amazon and at the SarahBrightman.com website. You can also find current concert schedule information, which begins September 13, 2013 in the Canadian province of Hamilton, Ontario.

The top-selling soprano’s Dreamchaser album is now scheduled for release on April 16, 2013 so we won’t have to wait much longer. Judging from the first two song singles One Day Like This & Angel, it will definitely be worth the wait!

Visit SarahBrightman.com for news updates, concert info, merchandise, and purchase singles One Day Like This & Angel. When you join her free forum and community, members get privileged access to exclusive news updates, videos, and newest music samples. For people new to the superstar, here is the official introduction page video for SarahBrightman.com.

Pre-release Easy Listening Album Review for – Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage by Susan Boyle.

It can be said the life story of Susan Boyle is an inspiration to those who know her best, but by all accounts, Susan Boyle is an inspiration to untold millions of people worldwide. It’s as if her sudden rise to stardom after appearing on the television reality show Britain’s Got Talent was meant to be, if not a dream come true.

Now with the prominence of a top ranked seasoned professional, best-selling albums, and top of the chart success covering five continents in over twenty countries, once again she is destined to sing her way into the hearts of millions. Some may find it ironic knowing it all began with the song I Dreamed a Dream.

Susan Boyle’s three earlier albums I Dreamed A Dream, The Gift & Someone To Watch Over Me are all popular, easy listening vocal albums loved by an constantly increasing fan base that spans the globe.

Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage is the newest album by Susan Boyle, due to be released on November 13, 2012. Her newest release is a compilation of classic songs, and as the album subtitle suggests, are 11 favorite songs performed in the theater and some of the greatest movies ever produced.

One day prior to the release of her new album on November 13, 2012 Susan Boyle appeared on NBC’s Today Show Concert Series, and performed the Abba cover song The Winner Takes It All. If you listened to her sing live for the first time it was a beautiful introduction.

For the millions of people who know her story and have listened to the soprano sing, simply discovering the talents of Susan Boyle has been the shared moment of victory uniting us all.

The 11 songs on Standing Ovation are Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Winner Takes It All, Send In The Clowns, The Music Of The Night featuring Michael Crawford, Bring Him Home, Memory, As Long As He Needs Me, All I Ask Of You featuring Donny Osmond, Out Here On My Own, You’ll Never Walk Alone, This Is The Moment featuring Donny Osmond.

Sample all 11 songs from Standing Ovation on the music video below. It is hard to believe but it was reported one earlier YouTube video reached viewership of almost 2.5 million hits within the first seventy two hours, which is a testament to her popularity. Read Susan Boyle’s inspiring story and sample or purchase at SusanBoyleMusic.com or find the audio CD and mp3 downloads for Standing Ovation at Amazon.com on November 13, 2012.

Starting from early childhood this New Age artist from Southern California has always had the ambition to pursue music as a career. Beginning piano at age 14 she first began composing music on her own after discovering music greats like the Beatles, Herb Alpert, and John Williams. By having these three great artist influences with such a varied range in sound, you are probably wondering who is this artist and what does her music sound like when integrating three great music influences into one hybrid music entity.

Let me introduce Kori Linae Carothers to everyone. Those already familiar with Kori know her early compositions began without formal music lessons, but she grew to find a greater appreciation of her music by formal education.

After doing quite well as a musician early in life, she continued with Classical music studies at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music where her future as a concert pianist looked promising and the rest of her story is history as they say.

Taking time off to first raise a family, her desire to produce music returned while attending a Yanni concert, and after helpful encouragement from her husband, her first album The Road Less Traveled and second album The Journey became a reality.

Trillium is the third album release in her music trilogy. The entire Trillium album holds a wide array of New Age, Contemporary Piano, Acoustic Instrumental, and Ambient touches in a well thought out arrangement, giving a multiple angle approach that fits together remarkably well.

Kori Linae Carothers performs much of the melody by playing classic piano, Native American flute, light vocals and synthesizer on this project, along with some beautiful orchestration throughout, giving the complete project a classical embrace. There are also a number of gifted musicians playing guitar, cello, violin, dulcimer, and flugel horn, along with the percussion enhancements. Together they create a great amount of depth and beauty thanks to the assistance of the talented professionals playing beside her.

The Trillium album production was also placed in the skillful hands of Grammy Award winning Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios, giving the final product that extra special touch for which he has become famous.

Trillium also happens to be one genus of around 50 species of flowering plant in the Lily family. This flowering plant is another example of the great gifts that come in threes since this species has a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, all with a 3 leaf distinction.

Crystal Fields is just one of the eleven colorful song varieties among the full bouquet from the Trillium album. Once you discover the many beautiful choices available, I really wouldn’t be surprised if you pick the whole bouquet as your personal favorites.

Crystal Fields is one particular song that starts out in a well defined melancholy tone, beginning the mid tempo piece with a deep flowing piano movement that boldly takes the initiative by planting the first seeds of hope. As the song progresses the mood reaches full extension of this theme, setting a deeper range of emotion from each carefully considered note.

The soft and delicate melody of lighter piano notes are a result from pressing the instrument’s three foot pedals based at ground level, dampening both the piano tone and your eyes at the same time.

The distant flugal horn melody soon grows and is then generously dispersed by applying extended brass notes having a light vibrato, enhancing the tonal warmth and harmony purely by implementing the three valves of this brass instrument known for warm tonal sounds.

The bass cello is the third instrument to tug at your heart strings by rising up to the surface in a characteristic movement of feeling. This final considerate thought for depth, richness, and ambiance connects the trio of orchestra instruments together in a classic moment of splendor and clarity, arriving at our fruitful conclusion of one picturesque song variety from the many songs from the Trillium album in full bloom.

From the 11 songs on the Trillium album I picked the white one. Find a full bouquet of colorful songs at KoriTunes.com.

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