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Official Sochi Olympic Music 2014Official Olympic Music for 2014: Sample or purchase the new Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games with 13 songs.

If you are a fan of the Olympic Games, and you would like to sample or purchase the official sanctioned album of the 2014 Olympic Games, this year proves to be a winning combination. Official albums are periodic over the years, but I am happy to report the inspiring 2014 Olympic Album is available.

This release titled; Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, was issued February 3, 2014. The release with 13 songs includes anthems, pop songs, electronic dance music and classic hits, primarily up-tempo and sung in the Russian language.

There are countless Olympic album imitations, so significant is the fact this is an official release now made accessible to the public by officials of the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Note: The 13 song CD album, MP3 album and digital song downloads of the new Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games is no longer available.

Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games – Artists and Songs:

1. Song: Anthem of Olympic Games 2014 by Artists: Valeriya, Dima Bilan, Sofiya Rotaru, Filipp Kirkorov, Yuliya Savicheva, Vladimir Presnyakov, Maks Pokrovskiy, Timati & Banda

2. Song: Olympic Dance by Artist: Alina Artts

3. Song: The Sky Has Us by Artists: Elka & Zmey

4. Song: Once More in Russia by Artists: Anna Sulitsyna & Valeriya

5. Song: Anthem of Olympic Games by Artists: Kirill Ukhanov & Dmitriy Koldun

6. Song: Olympic Games by Artists: Olesya Khalme & Alena Sviridova

7. Song: Time of Victories by Artists: Teni & Vladimir Presnyakov

8. Song: Olympic by Artists: Nafa & Buranovskie Babushki

9. Song: Olympic Flame by Artists: Sergey Ivanov & Zhanna Friske

10. Song: Hello, Olympic Games by Artists: Sergey Demin & Zhasmin

11. Song: Olympic Games in Sochi by Artists: Nikola Stasyuk Band & Korni

12. Song: Olympic Dream by Artists: Sergey Konkov & Aleksandr Buynov

13. Song: Light the Fire of Game On All the Earth by Artists: Anna Maslova & Denis Maydanov

Malta Music Awards

Tribali Band from MaltaMalta Music Awards 2013: International world music band Tribali wins Best Album honors for two consecutive years at the Malta Music Awards with The Traveller album.

It’s been another successful year for the Maltese band Tribali by their first place win for Best Album at the Malta Music Awards taking place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre on February 3, 2013.

The Malta Music Awards, held the day after the Malta Eurovision Song Festival, presented Tribali a Best Album Award for their 2012 release The Traveller, which made the second consecutive year in a row Tribali claimed the victory.

The Traveller is a vocal instrumental album with 13 songs in the world music category, which highlights the band’s unique range of traditional and ethnic influences. The band incorporates a variety of instruments including ethnic instruments like didgeridoo, electric sitar, murchunga, guimbri, cahon, hang and tabla, with traditional guitars, keyboards, vocals, violin, trumpet, drums and percussion.

The compilation album Festa is another Tribali release from 2012 featuring a 13 song collection of classic songs from Tribali’s earlier releases. During earlier years their music was available to local music stores in Malta. Now it appears the two most recent albums by Tribali have largely contributed to the introduction of the band’s unique blend of new age, world and traditional Maltase Folk music to the world.The Traveller by Triballi

Likewise the two most recent albums by Tribali have transitioned the group from the status of a favorite local band into the international spotlight as serious contenders in the world music scene.

The leading daily newspaper in Malta named The Times, formerly The Times of Malta, ran a news article about the band Tribali and their recent music award. I was pleased to read The Times has quoted me in several paragraphs and made reference to this site in their February 8, 2013 newspaper publication stating; “Tribali’s album Festa has been rated the seventh best instrumental new age and world music album of the year by a top website specializing in the genre.”

It’s always an honor to be quoted by a respected news source like The Times in Malta, but the real honors do go to Tribali for their second Malta Music Awards victory in a row. Given the brazenly unique music of the Maltese band Tribali, clearly they deserve an encore for the second time.

To find concert information and sample or purchase albums visit TribaliMusic.com. If you would like to read The Times newspaper article of the recent win for the Maltese band Tribali visit TimesOfMalta.com. Cover and photos are courtesy tribalimusic.com and timesofmalta.com.

Rumbadoodle by Arun ShenoyRumbadoodle by Nominee Arun Shenoy: GRAMMY® Nominated Album for Best Pop Instrumental Album in the 55th Music Awards.

With the 55th GRAMMY® Awards scheduled for February 10, 2013, it will be exciting to see if the world fusion album Rumbadoodle by Nominee Arun Shenoy is presented with a prestigious music award in 2013. This release with 11 songs is named by a wide range of ethnic styles integrated into every song.

Rumbadoodle is a debut album Arun Shenoy produced from the sound variety of Gypsy Rumba Flamenco music, and a variety of instrumental styles like pop, rock, new age, and world music rhythms. Given the wide ranging diversity it is hard to imagine one defining sound to accurately describe this nominated release but as it turns out Rumbadoodle neatly converges into one exceptional album.

Special note: Arun Shenoy is donating 100% of the proceeds from Rumbadoodle album sales to an education fund for the underprivileged in India.

The 11 songs on audio CD or mp3 are: Rumbadoodle, My Ballad Days, Prance, Rock and Rigmarole, The Violin Song, Fireflies, Blue Sky Happiness Pt. 1, Blue Sky Happiness Pt. 2, Sleepy Town, Wanderlust in Keys & Rhythm of the Sun.

Visit the artist at ArunShenoy.com and find Rumbadoodle at Amazon.com. Album art is courtesy arunshenoy.com.

Kitaro - 2013New Kitaro Album in 2013: Pre-release review for Tamayura by GRAMMY® and Golden Globe Award-Winning Kitaro.

International concert and recording artist Kitaro is a prolific new age artist whose music exceeds with each passing year during his three decades long career. This was proven to be the case with his theatrical score Tamayura, available on CD and DVD exclusively at Domo Music Group, with pre-orders being taken and a release date at Amazon on March 12, 2013.

With each release a fresh perspective of the artist’s personality is revealed, as is the unlimited expertise as composer, which isn’t easy to achieve even for the most accomplished artist. It’s clear after three decades of composing electronic and instrumental music, Kitaro pursues perfection and the all-important essential characteristic of creating the highest quality music.

Tamayura by KitaroTamayura is a wonderful musical score by Kitaro which brings authenticity to the characters of a theatrical production by Kochi Tamano and Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Theater from the year 2000. Available as a DVD, CD, and now digital downloads, Tamayura is indeed a quality release that exceeds over an hours of then new material in the genres of new age and international music.

In this case as most circumstances it is a challenge to write an accurate music review by listening to song samples only, but Tamayura does lend itself to an assessment in general terms simply by the unique departure from earlier releases. The 7 songs on Kitaro’s newest album are: Introduction, Magma, Mercury, Sitara, Nageki, Beam Wave & Uranus.

Sample and purchase Tamayura exclusively at the Domo Music Group Kitaro page. Special pricing and discounts are given on this release, available in compact disc, digital downloads or CD/DVD combo. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at Amazon.com until the March 12, 2013 release date. Fans and visitors may read my interview with Kitaro in 2012. Photo is courtesy domomusicgroup.com.

Pre-release Review: The Fire in the Flint by John Adorney & Daya.

Instrumental new age recording artist John Adorney has a sensational new follow-up to his most recent releases John Adorney & Daya – Live! In Concert, River of Breath & The Fountain, all of which are quality releases.

John Adorney’s earliest albums like Trees of Gold, Waiting for the Moon, The Other Shore & Beckoning are similarly top shelf recordings from the award-winning artist who consistently delivers an exciting blend of modern acoustic instrumental and electronic song melodies with pronounced rhythm, grace and style.

The Fire in the Flint is a 10 song collection of John Adorney’s best songs for 2012. For over 25 years, John Adorney has been capturing the hearts and minds of people with his inspiring music, young and old alike. After listening to his newest album The Fire in The Flint, I am happy to say upfront this year is no exception, and clearly everyone will love John Adorney’s new instrumental and vocal album.

The Fire in the Flint has everything you would hope to find in an instrumental with vocals release, but there is something more if you look a little closer. While the music of John Adorney is most often associated in the style of contemporary new age instrumental and world music, the 10 songs on The Fire in the Flint incorporate a broader variation in his eloquent style that appeals to a wider variety of people.

This universal theme quality has always been present, but The Fire in the Flint, is articulated to the fullest which should increase likeability of his newest arrangement to an even broader audience.

If you are an admirer of John Adorney’s earlier albums, you too will say The Fire in the Flint is a wonderful collection of his best songs to date. The eloquent vocals by Daya and cultural African vocals provided by Marcel Adjibi are brilliantly intertwined with a full acoustic ensemble of instrumental professionals.

The Fire in the Flint is an inspiring blend of vocal harmony paired with contemporary instrumentals and upbeat world rhythms that embrace a popular music theme sure to be loved by everyone.

John Adorney performs acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, dulcimer, cello and banjo, while Daya lends her vocal talents on 4 of the 10 songs. Additional artists are Marcel Adjibi (vocals), Richard Hardy (alto and bamboo flutes), Adam Adorney (strum stick and handclaps), Nathan Adorney (violin, mandolin and handclaps), Abby Adorney and Deborah Press (handclaps) and Luise Kallenberg (bells).

The 10 songs on The Fire in the Flint are; 1. TheEndless Rain – featuring Daya, 2. The Fire in the Flint, 3. Aliho Houn/The Path is Open – featuring Marcel Adjibi, 4. A Beggar’s Fortune, 5. The Heart Cloth – featuring Daya, 6. Sailing by Starlight – featuring Daya, 7. A Moment Noticed – featuring Richard Hardy, 8. Always Remembering You – featuring Daya, 9. Admiration (2012 mix), 10. Dawn.

The Fire in the Flint will be an official release at major music stores November 13, 2012, but you may sample and purchase now exclusively at JohnAdorney.com and Eversound.com. Cover artwork and band photos are courtesy johnadorney.com.

Let Mother Earth Speak is a brand new, one of a kind album by Native American activist Dennis Banks and world-class new age instrumentalist Kitaro.

Presented by Domo Music Group, the 9 songs are in spoken word narrative and Native American song by Dennis Banks. The song verses are in unique pairing with the ethnic instrumental music and percussion of Kitaro, who performs keyboards and Native American flutes, woodwinds and percussion.

The song sample Peace in the video below is a beautiful example of this unique spoken word release in harmony with Native American instrumentals by Kitaro.

I have a pre-release album review soon for Let Mother Earth Speak, which will be available everywhere on September 11, 2012. Pre-order at major online stores and sample or purchase now at the DomoMusicGroup.com page for Dennis Banks. Domo Music Group is the place to shop for exclusive gift items for Domo artists. Visit the DomoCart.com store.

World Music Album Review: Festa by Tribali.

If lively World music rhythms and ethnic percussion sound like a fine way to celebrate your day, look no farther than the newest music by international band Tribali from Malta. Placing a strong emphasis on cultural multiplicity in every project, the group Tribali intertwines traditional ethnic music of the Maltese islands, with festive World Music rhythms. It is by all accounts, an arrangement that gives one a reason to celebrate.

Tribali is one of the most famous groups of Malta, if not the most famous. Either way you look at it there is a good reason they are celebrated locally. Tribali is first of all, a major headlining band at live concerts and music festivals in the Republic of Malta. The nationwide Ghaxaq Music Festival, Ta Qali National Park, and Byron Bay Blues fest are several of their recent concert venues, in a country immersed in a rich history and significance regarding traditional Maltese band music.

Festa by Tribali is a new release for 2012. The Festa album, with 13 songs has a level of energy that is off the chart in terms of the lively atmosphere in which they cross blend influences ranging from world music, new age, folk, reggae, rock, and jazz. The variety of instruments is equally broad by incorporating didgeridoo, electric sitar, murchunga, guimbri, cahon, hang and tabla, with more traditional guitars, keyboards, vocals, violin, trumpet and percussion.

The international ethnic tradition of the group Tribali is a great way to revel any time, any place, and any day. There is even discussion in local Malta newspapers and among their fan base about the group Tribali representing Malta during the annual worldwide Eurovision Song Contest. With Tribali’s loyal fan support, and intense blend of lively World Fusion and traditional Maltase music, I am among those who believe Tribali’s festive music can indeed give the rest of the world a good reason to celebrate.

The Traveller By Tribali is another excellent new album due for release in 2012. Currently available in Malta, The Traveller will be available worldwide later this year in September 24, 2012. The Traveller is another exotic blend of 13 festive songs by Tribali you can sample right now prior to release at Amazon. Everyone will have their favorite song on the album naturally, but I really like the songs Rickshaw Ride & Yamasai.

Visit TribaliMusic.com and purchase Festa by Tribali at Amazon.com. The Tribali Concert video below displays the excitement Tribali generates during their live shows. Cover artwork courtesy Daniel & Reuben (Kuluri).

AOMusic has a beautiful World Fusion music release after their up-and-coming albums Twirl & Grow Wild which share the identical trait of being lively, world-beat music rhythms you are sure to love. To me, what makes AOMusic special, aside from the beautiful melodies, are the central performers themselves knowing every artist is a veteran music professional.

AOMusic’s new release is enthusiastically titled – and Love Rages On! If the colorful album cover and title doesn’t immediately catch your attention, the 9 brilliant songs that integrate World Fusion music with inspiring children’s choir will. Already familiar with AOMusic, I am excited to tell you all about this special group!

Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver, and Miriam Stockly are the leading artists in AOMusic. Between the three artist’s careers, they have worked with popular music celebrities like; Sheryl Crow, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Queen, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Chaka Khan, Jimmy Buffett, Celine Dion, Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, David Arkenstone and Mike Oldfield. Believe it or not this all-star music celebrity lineup is a partial list, but it gives you a pretty good idea about the high level of quality these artists are recognized for. And there is much more!

AOMusic shares a genuine message of unity with – and Love Rages On! – It is on this release where ethnic harmonies of children’s choirs from four continents are united with superb world music rhythms and contemporary instrumentals.

Founding artist Richard Gannaway also sings vocals and plays stringed instruments. Jay Oliver performs keyboards and synthesizers. Miriam Stockley, who is a key member, sings vocals on this release after joining Richard Gannaway and Jay Oliver during the time of their second album Grow Wild which went Top 5 on Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 airplay chart.

And Love Rages On! – is a colorful and vibrant album that will make your heart soar! AO Music takes intricate World Music rhythms and beautiful choir music to the highest level. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if AOMusic – and Love Rages On! – is the recipient of one or more “Best Album of the Year Awards for 2011” when review publicists and music sites announce their best album awards at the beginning of 2012.

You will recognize the beauty of this release even more if you are familiar with lead vocalist Miriam Stockley, who makes a grand impression on Adiemus releases. Miriam Stockley ascertains herself an amazing talent with AO Music.  Other essential members in – and Love Rages On! –  are Sandeep Chowta who plays Indian flute tracks, and regular contributing artists Andy Georges (strings), George Bernardo (percussion), and Doug Lunn (bass guitar).

AOMusic and its central performers contribute more than a slogan of international unity in their music, having been involved with the projects AOMUSIC 4 HAITI campaign, the global benefit Project Peace On Earth, and the Beijing Olympic Committee by composing the theme music for the 2008 Summer Olympiad.

And Love Rages On! – Genuinely support their values while beautifully communicating their “One People, One World” perspective of solidarity, which couldn’t be more appropriate given the current social issues experienced worldwide. In terms of the unifying harmonies you will hear on their release, I believe you will find enough inspiration to go around it will make the whole world sing!

The children and boys choirs featured on this release are; CRC Children’s Choir (Beijing, P.R.C.), Martve Boys’ Choir (Tbilisi, Peoples Republic of Georgia), Bishop Bavin St. George’s Children’s Choir (Johannesburg, South Africa), Bishop Bavin St. George’s Children’s Choir (Johannesburg, South Africa), Chorus of Light (Orlando, FL), and Rainbow Mountain Children’s School (Asheville, NC).

Visit the aomusic.com homepage. There is a 10% donation on all music downloads at the AOMUSIC 4 HAITI campaign. Find more on my page for AOMusic. Photos are courtesy aomusic.com.

AOMusic has an exciting release entitled – …and Love Rages On!

I have an AOMusic album review for their new release in a couple of days, but I first wanted to post a beautiful world music song video of Ena na Lena from their release – and Love Rages On!

Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver and Miriam Stockley who make up the leading AOMusic group, have completed a special project that unites forces with an international lineup of guest artists, and beautiful children’s choirs from around the world.

AOMusic’s – and Love Rages On! – is special given the excellent contemporary instrumentals are in unison with ethnic vocal harmonies of children’s choirs and ensembles from four continents worldwide which makes a very exclusive release. The 9 songs feature children’s choirs from Africa, America, China and the People’s Republic of Georgia. Until I tell you more about this special world fusion album, enjoy the AOMusic video below and visit their homepage.

Visit the aomusic.com homepage. There is a 10% donation on all music downloads at the AOMUSIC 4 HAITI campaign. Banner is courtesy aomusic.com.

Planet Earth from the beginning was destined to be one of our greatest mysteries, where every life form and those yet to be discovered remain more dependent on our mysterious world rather than this blue planet would ever depend on us. Simply put, we know Earth can survive without us, and in fact our present day endeavors to save the world is a statement equivalent to saying hey everyone, let’s save ourselves!

Michael Brant DeMaria, PH.D, is a clinical psychologist, lecturer, and award winning musician from Florida with a revitalizing new concept album honoring our shared heritage with the Earth by the World influences in Gaia, an innovative and exceptional brand new release in his widely acclaimed Ontos Healing Sound Project.

Gaia is essentially the achievement of over 25 years in personal and professional research by Michael into the fundamental principles of auditory healing techniques. His New Age Ambient release The River began the first origins of the Ontos Healing Sound Project while leading to the Healing & Meditation release Ocean, which remained at number 1 for 3 months on the monthly charts then having ended the year 2009 with ZMR’s Best Ambient & Best Relaxation Album Awards.

Ocean and was first conceived to help hurricane survivors begin anew and return to a more peaceful existence, but then after the 2010 Gulf Oil Disaster, Ocean became a second symbol of recovery since Michael donated his time performing concerts around the Gulf Coast Region, along with donating a portion of sales proceeds for the still ongoing wildlife recovery. I was pleased to learn Ocean is under consideration for a 2010 New Age Grammy Nomination.

Gaia is a serene excursion into the Ontos Healing Sound Project by directive of Michael Brant DeMaria. Therapeutic by a graceful vibrancy that effectively renews the inner spirit akin to The River & Ocean; the innovative world music inspirations found in Gaia heighten these emotive sensations of calm and well-being while ascertaining our undeniable relationship with planet earth.

Siyotanka is the story based narrative and soundtrack score that secured a Native American Music Award ( NAMA ) in the Native Heart category, and then lead to his Grammy Nomination for Best Native American Music Album, along with winning the Best Native American Album at year ending ZMR Music Awards for 2009.

Gaia has every hallmark for success since nearly every album produced by Michael Brant DeMaria has earned awards and respect from those in the music industry, and rightly so. Michael’s music, books, art, and poetry have acquired recognition in the United States along with widespread international acceptance in Australia, Europe, and Russia, having touched many lives with his universal message.

Third in the Ontos Healing Sound Project Gaia is based in part on the Greek Goddess Gaia, along with esteemed Earth Scientist Dr. James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, whose research studies involving planetary exploration while at NASA led to his famous Gaia Hypothesis which interprets the Earth we share as one cohesive single living organism.

Gaia ( Title Song ) is the musical genesis of 14 tonal poetries and sound prayers traversing many nations and cultures, opening with a lighter piano melody, where World and Native American wood flutes in amended resonance on every song begin their ethnic exploration and develops into a wonderful first prelude to the ever changing stages in this moving expedition.

Anima Mundi tells of an emergent period and where Michael uses his voice as a human instrument to speak for the ancestors of our past. The surreal Alchera features Australian ( didgeridoo ) ever present wood flute instrumentals and vocal exhalations to denote the Earth as a single living entity of magnificent beauty.

Asase Yaa, with fine qualities of African rhythms and Amazonia, with South America textures are together moderate in rhythm, having unifying world flute instruments and percussions in each melody, even during the deep and mystical atmosphere of Ja’neba. The silk road to China is traversed by highly symbolic gong strikes in Xiaolin, along with Chinese flute ( Xiao ) in akin song Kuan Yin with traditional (Yueqin ) strings instrument dramatizing the orient with vibrancy.

Gentle imprints of Japan are represented by bamboo flute ( Shakuhachi ) and the gentle breeziness of wind chimes leave fine impressions in Zazen & Tarani, likewise revealing Michael’s fine transition in World music personified on Gaia, along with the notion that our enduring heritage of dependency we share with planet Earth will always be just a simple fact of life.

Visit ontos.org to sample / purchase or visit his CDBaby.com page or major music outlets. Visit michaeldemaria.com blog and read a recent in-depth interview with Michael and I, and my album reviews of his award-winning music on my pages dedicated to Michael Brant DeMaria. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – Shutter.

The Chicago World Music Festival 2010 is just concluding their annual city wide venue regularly hosted by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and since the inception in 1999, has entertained over a half million visitors by traditional and contemporary music concerts performed live by music professionals spanning the globe.

Riad Abdel-Gawad is a violinist just concluding his performances with his ensemble at the Clarke House Museum & South Shore Cultural Center during this international multi cultural event which over the years has had representation of seventy five countries.

His concert appearances during the Chicago World Music Festival were held just recently in September 2010 and in addition, Riad Abdel-Gawad has extensively toured the U.S. this year with his ensemble from Cairo Egypt.  The newly released Egypt: Mother of the World was designed to coincide with his U.S. ensemble tour and the numerous venues where people have had a chance to hear his multi cultural music during live performances.

Riad Abdel-Gawad is a Southern California resident and Harvard graduate with a PH.D in Musical Composition, also a University of Southern California and University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music graduate.  When his educational and Western classical influences are joined with his Middle Eastern ensemble the equation becomes a wonderful cross section of music that blends into a much broader World music influence.  Also having toured many countries as a violinist, in addition to a large presence in online radio programming, his recognition has nicely reached an international audience.

Egypt: Mother of the World is his 2010 Middle Eastern, World, New Age, Contemporary release featuring four additional musical talents comprising his ensemble. Egyptian born Riad Abdel-Gawad had wrote the original compositions and all musicians are highly recognized artists in Middle Eastern music and perform on traditional ethnic instruments so the listener is greatly rewarded with colorful and authentic works of beauty.

The professional musicians playing on this album include Yousri Abdel-Maqsoud on percussion, drums, bongos, duff, riqq  ( tambourine )  Saber Abdel-Sattar  qanun ( plucked dulcimer )  Hesham Makarem oudist  oud ( lute )  and Mohamed Foda ( Fouda ) nayist ( bamboo flute )  The physical CD includes a large colorful 16 page foldout booklet describing the meaning and inspiration for each piece and makes a nice bonus.

Egypt: Mother of the World is an excellent introduction for those less familiar with Middle Eastern music and for those coinsurers, the album is an unrivaled work of art given by some great talents.  Riad performs on a violin tuned several tones lower keeping with traditional Middle Eastern standards and this tuning in tonal pitch does make the recognizable variations from Western music clear.

The quality of this professional ensemble and their authentic style of music can be felt from the first of fifteen songs that truly does deliver a wonderful atmosphere while becoming a global festival and lively cultural event in World music.

Visit the musicariad.com website to sample / purchase or visit his Amazon.com page and most major music retailers.

Its one occasion when musicians produce music at the local level, and another when top performing artists from around the globe unite in a music festival that reaches the attention of worldwide audiences and achieves a high level of acclaim.

Johannes Linstead is an Award Winning Canadian guitarist and multi instrumentalist proving his acclaimed talents once again by his current release. Showcasing his lively artisanship on Spanish guitar, Mistico becomes the well centered focal point and international meeting place for dedicated music professionals uniting from Canada, Spain, Cuba, Greece, Iran, and Venezuela.

Recently winning Best World Album & Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic in ZMR’s 2009 Awards, plus ranking #1 at eMusic.com’s World Music & Jazz / Blues charts, gives the few people not familiar with the quality of his work a little more insight.

Listing just the highlights of his music career, Johannes was recognized in the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards as Guitarist of the Year, had 4 Top Ten charting albums at Billboard, Best World Album JUNO Awards nomination, and 4 Best Album awards at NAR & NAV. With over 500,000 albums sold worldwide, the long list of awards and nominations in entirety reaches a length most artists strive to achieve in a lifetime.

Johannes Linstead has a musical style not easy to categorize since Contemporary, Latin, Flamingo, Mediterranean, and World are just some of the essential New Age influences that when synchronized with a vast array of percussion instruments, seamlessly integrate into stylish musical scores that could be more easily categorized using the word festive.

Mistico is the successful album that commands much respect, not only by the heart beating origins of another chart topping project by Johannes and his extraordinary Contemporary Latin guitar rhythms, but Mistico becomes an extravagant music festival with top international artists performing by his side.

The Happy Song ( Felicidad ) begins this rare international festival of 11 original songs with up-tempo flare, neatly tailored to the elevated atmosphere of the occasion while giving Johannes his first opportunity to sport the masterful guitar melodies for which he has become famous. The accordion composition smoothly introduces a heightened amount of ambience to the opening number with much fanfare, while groove rhythms in Rico ! move gracefully in counter beat with beautiful electric guitar runs, congas, and bongo drums to interlock in dramatic fashion.

Leisurely strides in Night Dance rely on a crisp Latin styled melody with moderate vocals to generate a nice distinction to a more casual Twilight, where the sheer beauty of guitar melodies lend themselves to a veiled feel of lively sophistication.  Otros Mundos embraces percussion claves, congas, bongo and timbale while playing rhythmic intermediary companion with guitar melodies expert runs in well defined chords.

All She is ( Ella Es ) brings a light breeziness into the storyline, while Coconut Girl outlines positive imagery of the spirited occasion on this festive album. Rhumba styled Santa Maria with accordion harmony extends a tantalizing impression of solidarity to the sunny and joyful affair. 

Durango brings the talents of many artists into the lively exotic mix, where dejembe, doumbek, and bongo percussions dispense the glitter, while guitar instrumentals and accordion intermezzos engrave the melodic sparkle. 1000 Veils conveys energetic rhythms and palmas ( hand clapping ) to make a striking contrast to violin’s and Spanish guitar’s well structured verses.

Mistico ( Title Song ) enters an extravagant linage of passion where violin and doumbek perpetuate the energetic tempo and warm festive atmosphere, uniting with resolute harmony while synchronizing to become positively dazzling.  Much like the territorial borders the world musicians in attendance encountered during the album’s production, Mistico crosses many borders itself, achieving an extravagant repertory for everyone who listens to this celebratory fiesta of music. Viva Mistico!

The global musicians uniting to form this international festival alongside Johannes Linstead include Anastasios Bigas, Frank Marcos Aular, Jalidan Ruiz, Jordan Abraham, Geoff Hlibka, Yosvani Castaneda, Sina Khosravi, and Laura Fernandez.

Visit johanneslinstead.com to sample / purchase or visit his Amazon.com pages here.

Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – Siart.  Album cover copyright Johannes Linstead.

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Moya Brennan Interview
Diane Arkenstone Interview
Diane Arkenstone Interview
Interview with Chuck Wild
Chuck Wild of Liquid Mind
Will Ackerman Interview
Interview with Kitaro
Interview with Peter Kater
Peter Kater Interview 2013
Nicholas Gunn Interview
David Lanz Interview
Al Conti Interview
Michael DeMaria Interview
Eric Tingstad Interview
D. Arkenstone Interview
Jon Anderson Interview
Secret Garden Interview
Jim Brickman Interview
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