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Composing pianist Louis Colaiannia from Denver Colorado has a classic contemporary instrumental release you may want to know more about. His most recent New Age album expresses his love of Classical music by composing pianists like Beethoven and Mozart, but you will also hear a freestyle influence in his original compositions that give one the impression of more contemporary orchestrations. It’s like modern improvisations on classical music!

Louis Colaiannia has composed a number of classic piano and instrumental releases over the years. With earlier albums having titles of Desert Winds, Journey Of The Soul, Sailing On A Dream & Sea Of Stars, it is easy for anyone to envision that his modern orchestrations are divine and dreamy in nature. They are, much like the album titles themselves.

I found this true regarding his earlier albums, along with the wonderful piano and instrumental release Louis Colaiannia has produced in 2011, A Moment Between Eternities. With divine piano music evenly centered by a classical and contemporary atmosphere, why would anyone want to change this fine balance?

A Moment Between Eternities is a classic New Age Contemporary Instrumental release comparable to earlier albums by a wonderful range in thought and feel. The mood variations in the 9 songs are as if transitioning between one season to another, so in relation to the emotional content of his work, you will hear light graceful songs carefully blended with pieces emboldened by a more impassioned frame of mind.

Louis Colaiannia has composed each of the 9 songs total, performing on piano and synthesizer. The instrumentalist in accompaniment are; Jenna Ehrle (vocals and lyrics) Melvin Morford (bass) Jess Allen (cello) Bob Glassman (percussion) Evelyn Rutenberg (flute) Bill Kerr (guitar) and Rex Spease (saxophone and clarinet).

There is one recent variation in Louis Colaiannia’s music where a new innovative single titled City Scapes takes on a whole new direction. Moving in a new trend like his classical and contemporary orchestrations, City Scapes takes a melodic shift in what Louis terms “Orchestral Jazz”. I listened to this song and found the upbeat melodies with lively rhythms another beautiful performance of his modern classic improvisations.

Visit louismusic.com to sample / purchase and find out more. You can also visit his Amazon.com page.

Cover artwork courtesy Steve Hamilton.

Music For Commuting by Ken Elkinson.

Ken Elkinson is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California. As a young adult, he was part of the competitive Classical piano circuit, who later studied Jazz and Pop piano, picking up guitar, bass, saxophone, clarinet and French horn along the way.  In college, Ken took classes in music composition, percussion, recording studio techniques and improvisation to enhance his music education.  It was during this time he began work on his first original Solo Piano CD, Midnight Conversation, which was released in 1997.

After 9 solo piano albums, Ken Elkinson decided to begin composing ambient music, and the result is a new 6 CD box set entitled Music For Commuting.  Featuring 60 tracks and over 4 hours of music, Music For Commuting has 3 double length CDs which represent progressive days of the week.   The music was composed specifically to help calm drivers while commuting, but his calming music is well suited for massage, yoga, meditation, and academic studies.

On this 6 CD collector’s edition, Disc 1 Monday-Tuesday begins the work week in a deep and droning manner, as if shuttling the commuter through the hardest days of the week.  Disc 2 Wednesday-Thursday is much brighter while featuring upbeat, anthems and 1980’s synth-pop elements.  Disc 3 is made for Friday and the weekend, taking the commuter into an enjoyable relaxing mode by spacey and futuristic music filled with a perfect sense of optimism.  Songs can be purchased by individual mp3 downloads.

Music For Commuting is an all instrumental mix of Ambient, Chill Electronica and New Age music, but most are from an ambient perspective with lighter melodies.  All 60 songs blend beautifully into one another, and Ken performed every note you hear, so there was no instrumental programming involved during production.  Ken Elkinson instead used a combination of 8 keyboards and synthesizers on this value packed collector’s edition CD which enables the listener to arrive at their destination in a calm and relaxed attitude.

Visit kenelkinson.com to purchase / sample this 6 CD box set, also available at Amazon.com and popular music outlets.

Music legend Jon Anderson has a new CD – Survival & Other Stories, due to be released in April 2011.  Knowing Anderson’s significant influence on progressive music covering a variety of popular genres, the new Survival & Other Stories CD promises to be a hot item that will create a lot of excitement for a diverse buying public, which will no doubt include a multitude of devoted Yes fans!

Currently Jon is making preparations for a North America concert tour portrayed as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson.”

Jon Anderson is a music celebrity whose tenure as the lead vocalist in Yes, along with his innovative solo music career have placed him in center stage prominence, but Jon has also teamed up with other superstars Vangelis, Kitaro, Rick Wakeman and Mike Oldfield.  Plus, the long list of popular music artists he has performed with during a career spanning five decades is truly impressive.

In a televised HDNet Concert Series program, he shared the stage with the 112 member Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra, and 60 member student chorus.  During the live performance, hit songs from Yes and Jon & Vangelis included Owner of a Lonely Heart, I’ve Seen All Good People, Round About & I’ll Find My Way Home.

Survival & Other Stories is said to portray a personal message of inspiration, with down to earth themes regarding love, life, understanding, healing and survival.  If you are as familiar with Jon Anderson as I am, then you know this album description does indicate another positive and progressive transition in his music!

Billy James of Glass Onyon PR, in charge of this promotion recently informed me a CD copy of Survival and Other Stories will be sent to me, so look for my review in the near future.  There is also a good chance I will have an opportunity to present to our visitors an in-depth musician interview with Jon Anderson, so do come back often to visit New Age Music World.  You can count on this website to present much more about the rare eclectic voice of Yes – Jon Anderson.  Below is a video clip from the televised live HDNet Concert Series program.

Visit jonanderson.com for news and tour info.  Follow Jon on FaceBook & Twitter. Then read our pages dedicated to Jon Anderson.  Photos courtesy jonanderson.com.

Music legend Jon Anderson of Yes fame, has just announced concert dates in his 2011 concert tour in North America, beginning April 23rd, 2011 at Somerville Theatre in Somerville, Massachusetts.  This is your chance to hear a true music legend!

Publicized as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson,” the 2011 concert tour is comprised of many U.S. cities, along with several concert venues in Canada and Mexico.  This tour in support of his new CD release – Survival and Other Stories, is sure to be an extraordinary event for every person in attendance!

The 2011 Spring tour “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson” will showcase an exciting mixture of cultural material from Jon Anderson’s prolific solo career, collaborations with Vangelis and classic Yes songs, along with new compositions from his soon to be released CD, Survival and Other Stories.

Jon’s new CD release is said to have a positive message of inspiration, with basic down to earth themes regarding love, life, understanding, healing and survival.

To me, it sounds like a personal message of inspiration you will want to hear for yourself!  Below is your need to know concert tour information.

Visit jonanderson.com for music news and more tour info.  You can follow Jon on his FaceBook & Twitter pages.  Photos and tour info courtesy jonanderson.com.

An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson 2011 Concert Tour dates;

4/23/2011 – Somerville Theatre – Somerville, MA

4/26/2011 – Havana New Hope – New Hope, PA

4/28/2011 – Infinity Hall – Norfolk, CT

4/30/2011 – B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill – New York, NY

5/02/2011 – Musikfest Cafe ArtsQuest Center at Steel Slacks – Bethlehem, PA

5/04/2011 – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

5/06/2011 – Princeton University – McCarter Theatre – Princeton, NJ

5/07/2011 – New Jersey Performing Arts Center – Victoria Theatre – Newark, NJ

5/09/2011 – Rams Head On Stage – Annapolis, MD

5/11/2011 – Rams Head On Stage – Annapolis, MD

5/13/2011 – The Flying Monkey Movie House & Performing Center – Plymouth, NH

5/15/2011 – Bates College Olin Arts Center – Concert Hall – Lewiston, ME

5/18/2011 – Tupelo Music Hall – Londonderry, NH

5/19/2011 – Tupelo Music Hall – Londonderry, NH

5/21/2011 – Woodstock Town Hall Theatre – Woodstock, VT

5/25/2011 – Ellsworth Grand Auditorium – Ellsworth , ME

7/09/2011 – 07/10/2011 – Vancouver Island MusicFest Exhibition Grounds – Courtenay BC, Canada

7/12/2011 – The Triple Door – Seattle, WA

8/05/2011 – The Arcada Theatre – St. Charles, IL

8/07/2011 – Festival of Friends – Jerseyville, ON Canada

11/25/2011 – Riviera Maya Festival Mamita’s Beach Club – Playa Del Carmen Q. Roo, Mexico


Marc Enfroy is an award winning pianist with a new Cinematic Piano album created in collaboration with 2002, who are another award winning, Billboard charting music team of fame.  Marc’s 2011 new release titled Unconditional is an innovative Contemporary Instrumental release bound to be a success, and a newly born sound creation you are sure to love.

Unconditional is the third Cinematic Piano release from Marc Enfroy.  When you hear the unification in styles with Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002, I am sure you will agree this album does deliver a unique array in piano and contemporary instrumentals. Already admired for their great inspiring melodies as individual artists, the recently unveiled blend of two unique styles into a single creation of beauty is exemplary.

Marc Enfroy’s music career emerged after the death of his sister Suzanne Whiting to cancer, but it was from this profound loss his progressive music legacy arose.  In loving memory of Suzanne, Marc found inspiration and proceeded to compose emotive music for the senses.  Beginning anew, he composed colorful music like a painter would use brushstrokes to fill the empty spaces on white canvas.  It didn’t take long for people to admire his celestial piano music and conclude Marc is a gifted pianist and true artisan.

Unbounded was Marc Enfroy’s Solo Piano debut album which set the stage for his musical career.  Unbounded had acquired Best Neo-Classical album award in the ZMR Lifestyle Music Awards in 2008, along with Best New Artist nomination.  Awakening was the second vibrant collection of songs he produced.  The classic piano orchestrations with Janet Sullins on violin, Jack Chen on flute, and vocals by Jillian Aversa earned Marc an award nomination, and aired on many popular Internet radio stations worldwide.

Unconditional has 10 song classics of fine piano detailing expertly blended with flute, strings, bell tones and chorales, with admirable performances by Jack Chen on flute and Pamela Copus on vocals.  Produced by Randy Copus of 2002, Marc Enfroy’s newly unveiled Unconditional is a passionate portraiture and beautiful exhibit empowered by design to take flight, in uplifting music made to celebrate life.

Visit marcenfroy.com to sample / purchase or at his Amazon.com page. Read our page for Marc Enfroy, and visit the award winning Randy & Pamela Copus at 2002music.com.  Below is my album review quote and promo video for Unconditional.

When you unite the Cinematic Piano talents of award winning Marc Enfroy with the production abilities of Billboard-charting musicians 2002, the conclusive outcome is a work of music bound to be a success.

In my role as a review publicist, I receive review requests and correspond with talented musicians around the globe on a daily basis. As you might expect, I have discovered there are many gifted musicians that stand out above than the rest. These are the select individuals I want to feature and present to our website visitors.

Spencer Stanley is an outstanding composing musician I would like to introduce to you today. Spencer is currently attending Brigham Young University for academic studies, and he is an instrumentalist in the marching band. It was just last Spring when Spencer Stanley was selected as an all-star youth symphony member and instrumental music performer with the Utah Symphony.

During the course of his educational studies he received training in piano, trumpet and performance. His talents as a composer and sound engineer are perhaps equal to his performance skills on piano, trumpet and French horn.

Midnight Orchestra is his first CD album of piano and orchestral music, which is also available as individual song downloads. This album has 11 songs total.

I was really impressed with his talent as a skillful musician, along with the performing instrumentalist in accompaniment on Midnight Orchestra. I believe you will reach the same conclusion. On this album he demonstrates his talent as a composing pianist.

Spencer Stanley’s Midnight Orchestra CD album can be sampled or purchased by the links provided below since he doesn’t have a website at present. This music video of the title song Midnight Orchestra, was filmed in Bountiful, Utah.

The 11 songs were written by Spencer Stanley, and co-orchestrated with Dave Zimmerman. Along with Spencer playing piano, additional artists on various songs include Dave Zimmerman (piano and percussion) Natachia Li (cello) Sophie Stanley (classical guitar) and Andrea Hughes (violin).

Visit Spencer Stanley on his Facebook page.  Sample or purchase his album at Amazon.com, iTunes and CDBaby.com.


Asher Quinn is a singer songwriter from the United Kingdom who has devoted much of his adult life to writing music, and what passionate music he has created while securing a significant position in the genre!   His Love Theme Ballads, Folk Melodies and Contemporary Instrumentals, united with romantic and poetic lyrics, placed him in a unique class in the field of New Age music years ago, just as his more Mainstream Progressive Ballads and Spiritual Love Songs continue to inspire today.

Falling Through Time is the 2011 release which reintroduce his unique abilities as a splendid lyrical songwriter and vocalist without rival.  Possessing the heart and mind of a true poet, Asher assimilates his rare abilities and divine lyrical aptitude directly into his melodic love songs, which often exemplify a spiritual atmosphere.  To me, his lyrical ballads of praise and adoration, for which he has become famous, are highly prized by their gentle and forthright emotive charm.

Asher Quinn, who released his first New Age chart-topping album Open Secret back in 1987, followed with other chart-topping releases Mystic Heart, Wings of Fire & Concert of Angels, under the name first of Denis Quinn, and then Asha.  Some of his compositions have been used in film soundtracks, and with over half a million album sales to his credit, Asher Quinn continues to be a popular and incomparable one of a kind artist in the New Age music genre.

Falling Through Time features 9 original compositions, 6 traditional ballads and a cover version of This little bird first made famous by Marianne Faithfull, and was recorded and co-produced with sound engineer Shaun Britton at his studio in Fareham, Hampshire, UK.  On this album, Asher delivers lead vocals and contributing artists include Kristian Biddiss on lead and Spanish guitars, along with supporting female vocalists Jaba and Jimena Larraguivel.

Asher Quinn’s music is released on his new independent Singing Stone Music record label.  In addition, song lyrics for the CD album are printed in a handsome cover booklet, plus lyrics for every release by Asher Quinn are available on his website lyrics page.  Two of my personal favorite songs from Asher are Free Yourself & Love’s Philosophy.

While love songs and folk ballads have been a source of creative inspiration for popular musicians in a variety of genres, this is a rarity concerning artists within the New Age music category.  In every respect, Asher Quinn’s newest album continues his enduring legacy for producing top quality music in a wide variety of styles, which brings forth a newfound sense of admiration for his compositions you will indeed find glorious and inspiring.

Visit asherquinn.co.uk to sample / purchase or at his CDBaby.com page.  Then visit his official YouTube Channel for music videos, and our page dedicated to Asher Quinn.

Cover artwork courtesy Emoke Labancz – emokelabancz.com.

Blackmore’s Night newest release called Autumn Sky is a #1 Billboard Charting album off to a very strong start, especially when you consider Autumn Sky acquired the #1 position on the Billboard New Age Charts upon its debut in January, 2011.  This legendary renaissance inspired New Age and Folk Rock touring band has a long history for producing top of the chart and award winning instrumental melodies over the course of many years, and there is no end in sight.

Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night are the Grammy Nominated, award winning musicians that make up the core essence of Blackmore’s Night and 7 member troupe on Autumn Sky, who wear renaissance attire of centuries past while performing at concerts, fairs, and festival events.

Ritchie Blackmore is a legendary guitar player who has made progressive transitions in music having been a long standing band member of Deep Purple and then founder of the band Rainbow.  Candice Night is an instrumentalist and the group’s songwriter, whose voice and lyrical point of view is one of enchantment while singing in the forefront on Blackmore’s Night albums.

Blackmore’s Night 2011 release Autumn Sky greatly accentuates these elegant vocals delivered by Candice, along with ancient and modern instrumental fanfare for which they are famous.  Here you will find more traditional instruments of keyboards, violin, woodwinds, acoustic and electric guitars are melded with old-world instruments like hurdy-gurdy, chanters, mandolin, vintage percussions, and woodwinds.

The international success for Blackmore’s Night is not a fairy tale.  The exclusive musical focus they have engraved for themselves has resulted in an enormous following in North America, South America, Europe and Japan.  Their melodies have gained crossover prosperity by the enchanting lyrical vocals and fascinating instrumental music that often contains metrical structures dating back to the seventeenth century.

Blackmore’s Night prior album Secret Voyage is another recent achievement, likewise debuting at #1 on the Billboard New Age Chart where it remained for four consecutive weeks.  In addition Secret Voyage continued to remain on Billboard’s Top 10 Chart for a remarkable 72 weeks.  Secret Voyage is another great album with a more mystical feel.  The song Rainbow Eyes, which is one of my all-time favorites, is an excellent version of an earlier cover song from the band Rainbow.

Charting on Billboard is a good way to measure the accomplishments of any group, but what makes Blackmore’s Night a true winner is their consistent ability to create transcending music which varies with every album they produce.  This renaissance inspired band which transports progressive music into contemporary times is a model for success. Past, present and future.

Blackmore’s Night touring band consists of Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night, Bard David of Larchmont, Gypsy Rose, Earl Grey of Chimay, Squire Malcolm of Lumley and Albert Danneman.  Note; The Blackmore’s Night album Autumn Sky has been listed in the top 10 on Billboard’s New Age chart for the past 8 consecutive weeks.

Visit blackmoresnight.com to sample / purchase or visit their Amazon.com page.  Check the latest news and tour dates and then visit candicenight.com for more info regarding this award winning group of musicians.

Cover art courtesy Jeff Pickett-Pickett Productions.

The Zone Music Reporter Music Award Winners for 2010 were announced on March 13, 2011. Many of the artists we write album reviews about or interview are category qualifiers, award nominees, or chosen award winners in specific ZMR sponsored music award categories in 2010.

In our role as review publicists and interview hosts we often get to know many of the ZMR award candidates personally, so it is always good news when we hear exceptional artists get the recognition they deserve.

In fact, many New Age music qualifiers, nominees, and award winning musicians were recognized in the NewAgeMusic.nu Best Album Awards in 2010. We take pride ourselves when writing about these commendable individuals, and look forward to writing about many more top New Age music artists by an album review or interview in the days ahead.

The ZMR Award Winning Musicians are shown in the cover art shown below. You can click on the cover arts to visit the page for each ZMR artist featured at this website.  The ZMR award winners we didn’t have a chance to write about this year are shown below. B.T. Fasmer and I congratulate everyone! Place cursor over album cover art for each artist’s album award status.

Best New Artist – Another Place and Time by Heidi Anne Breyer

Best Instrumental Album – Piano – Another Place and Time by Heidi Anne Breyer.

Best Vocal Album – The Grace of the Green Leaf by Lis Addison.

Best Neo – Classical Album – NightBook by Ludovico Einaudi

Best Electronic Album – The Crossing by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins.

Best Ambient Album – The Crossing by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins.

Best Cover Art – The Crossing by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins.

Visit ZoneMusicReporter.com to see the ZMR Music Award Winners for 2010. Read about many of the ZMR artists, and their newest albums on my pages for Best New Age Album Award. Big Stock Photo – Stuarthe.

Yanni-Wake Entertainment has a very special event just beginning, with a live video interview with Yanni and fans to climax this extraordinary event taking place in an aired-live forum on March 16th.  The folks at Yanni.com are currently collecting questions, and then posting them in new videos every day until the open forum on March 16th.

Wouldn’t you like to have the opportunity to ask your favorite music celebrity a personal question related to their music?  According to yanni.com, people from across the globe are turning in their questions for Yanni’s personal reply at this very minute.  In fact, there are still several days for you to send in your questions early before the main event is broadcast live!Yanni Video

This live video chat event from Yanni-Wake Entertainment will be hosted by the award-winning, American news anchor and media personality Lauren Sanchez.  In addition to answering many fan questions, Yanni also plans to share details on his upcoming concert tour and new album, “Truth of Touch.”  Here are the specific details;

Visit Yanni.com or go directly to their news page for complete live chat details, and to see videos of questions in the days before March 16th.

The live interview video aired on March 16 can be viewed at; LiveStream.com/OfficialYanni. The Live Video Chat forum aired at 1:00pm (EDT) Eastern Daylight Time. Banner courtesy yanni.com.

Matthew Schoening is a professional cellist who caught my attention recently.  I primarily became interested since his current release Elements (Live and Uncut) is presented as a solo concert recorded in front of a live audience.  As it turned out the initial reason I became curious was less important to me after I listened to his Avant-Garde electric cello concert in front of a rather enthusiastic audience.

During his live concerts Matthew apparently does a touch of magic too since this one man cello concert ended up sounding more like a full orchestra of string instruments.  In addition to cello, fine resonances of acoustic guitar, violin, double bass, and a variety of percussion rhythms are expertly produced.  I also found his tenacity for perfecting sounds on electric cello are equal to his fine technical skills of live looping and layering in real time.  Because no other musicians are present during concerts, and his current release Elements was live and uncut, it greatly increased my admiration for Matthew Schoening.

Matthew is from a family of music professionals and enjoys free reign to pursue his musical career, which has led to performance opportunities of several prestigious fundraising events.  One significant fundraiser given with Mark Steines of Entertainment Tonight was a charitable benefit designed to raise money for relief work in Sierra Leon, West Africa.

Elements by Matthew Schoening is his third Solo Cello release, and the earlier first and second albums; Solo Electric Cello & The Art of Live Looping are like Elements by the Avant-Garde style of cello Instrumentals.  In fact, there is also a Cinematic influence in his work I feel shouldn’t be overlooked.  Leap of Faith from The Art of Live Looping and then songs Air & Fire from Elements gave me this impression the most.

Elements (Live and Uncut) is a stage session before a live audience of 75 people, and it does create interest by an inherent uncut and recorded in one session format.  The original electric cello innovations on Elements are 5 songs titled Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Spirit, with clapping only at the beginning and end of the 45 minute session.

Matthew performs live concerts and he tours upon request, so if you have a group function or get-together coming up, find out the details at his website.  The warm tonal setting and enhanced rhythms of his solo electric cello music is perfect for a wide variety of festive social occasions.  In fact I would be interested to hear your group as the next enthusiastic attendees during a live concert venue with Matthew Schoening.

Visit soloelectriccello.com to sample / purchase or by going to his Amazon.com page.

Portrait & cover photos courtesy Greg Gorman.  

When you unite the Cinematic Piano talents of award winning Marc Enfroy with the production abilities of Billboard-charting musicians 2002, the conclusive result is a work of music bound to be a success. Arriving with this creative transformation in contemporary instrumental music is the impression a new and innovative sound entity has just been born.

Marc Enfroy has released his third Cinematic Piano album Unconditional, and the newly formed alliance with Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002 certainly does deliver a rather unique chord in piano and Contemporary Instrumental fanfare.  Already admired for their singular inspiring melodies, the union of their two unique styles into one creation of beauty is exemplary.

Marc Enfroy’s music career emerged after the death of his sister Suzanne Whiting to cancer, but it was from this profound loss his progressive music legacy arose. Finding his inspiration in memory of Suzanne, Marc proceeded to compose music for the senses just like a painter would use brushstrokes to fill in the empty spaces on white canvas, and as it turns out, Marc indeed has the gift of a true artisan.

His Solo Piano debut Unbounded acquired Best Neo-Classical award in the ZMR Lifestyle Music Awards in 2008, and Best New Artist nomination. Awakening was the second colorful music portraiture, with classic orchestrations by Janet Sullins on violin, Jack Chen on flute, and vocals by Jillian Aversa. Awakening was also an award finalist which aired on many popular Internet radio stations worldwide.

Unconditional will be unveiled to the public when released on March 1 2011. The 10 song classics display Contemporary Instrumental orchestrations and fine piano detailing expertly blended with flute, strings, bell tones and chorales, with admirable performances by Jack Chen on flute and Pamela Copus on vocals.

If you are familiar with both Marc Enfroy and 2002, then you can imagine this new arrival in Cinematic Piano, Instrumental and celestial soundscapes is the ultimate music experience. While I can only speculate on the success of this, or any album, I can give you the assurance Unconditional is a passionate creation and absolute beauty that was empowered by design to take flight, in uplifting music made to celebrate life.

Visit marcenfroy.com to sample / purchase or at his Amazon.com page. Visit Randy & Pamela Copus at 2002music.com.

Cover art courtesy Marc Enfroy.

Even if the holiday celebrations of Christmas and New Years are behind us now, one contemporary composing pianist has an important message to share. Having equal relevance to the honorable offerings of peace and harmony we celebrate during the close of one year and the hopeful new beginning of another, his album arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Evan Wish is a classical trained concert pianist from Encino California with a brand new release titled; Forget-me-not, blue.  Incorporating the spoken words of honorable Nobel Peace Prize recipients, and like their principled humanitarian message of peace and hope, Evan Wish gives a heartfelt message of peace and hope, told by his beautiful design in inspiring contemporary instrumental music having a classic touch.

Evan’s contemporary classic Solo Piano debut album titled Lullaby Of Love acquired the number 3 position in global charts, and remained in the Top 10 position for three months and the Top 100 for 6 months, earning a NARAS consideration for a Grammy Nomination for 2005 in the Best New Age Album of the Year category on his original composition.  Evan travels and performs concerts in Europe, and does television, film, and theatre production writing, and is an active ASCAP & ACF member, plus you can find his music on Syndicated, Public, and College Radio Stations, along with AOL, Music Choice, Live 365 and numerous others.

Forget-me-not, blue has 10 songs of Contemporary Instrumental bliss with 5 Solo Piano pieces and 5 piano with string ensemble of violin, viola and cello.  Together in unison Evan Wish delivers gently contemplative and some inspirational songs while sharing the message of peace and hope in a positive upbeat manner.  Recent recognition for Forget-me-not, blue is the # 3 chart success for December 2010, in ZMR’s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart listings.

In a universal message of harmony in tune with a multitude of people who share the same beliefs and ideals, the song What will man’s legacy be is the heart of the humanitarian side of this project.  Here you will find past Nobel Peace Prize recipients incorporated spoken words of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King are included, along with Native American reciting, an Israeli singer and ethnic percussions.

Forget-me-not, blue is a true achievement after many years as a Canadian born and educated pianist, beginning his first music instructions at age 7, where his gift as a pianist became apparent as a young adult which then led to formal studies at the Conservatory of Music institute in Canada where he won first class honors among many talented competitors.

In addition Evan attended the prestigious Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles and received tutoring from top composers in the entertainment industry.  His unique gift at an early age was discovered thankfully, and those early formative years were the strong foundation for his composing skills.  Today Evan has achieved international recognition while performing worldwide for the past 25 years.

The Solo Piano and strings ensemble songs each retain their individual merits of quality, and Evan performs on a Bosendorfer Grand Piano, widely accepted as a fine tonal instrument which transfers a pianist musical arrangement with warmth and clarity.  When touring the Provence region of France, Paris, or the French Riviera, Evan Wish is widely publicized as “The Passion of a Romantic” and you will find his Solo Piano and Instrumental release with ensemble allows one to hear his passionate work as others have discovered for themselves.  In recent news, Evan has just returned from Cannes, France while attending the Midem 2011 Music Conference, meeting with music companies and industry leaders, in addition to performing an exclusive solo concert.

While peaceful ambassadors of our past have arrived to us in the form of an ideological leader, an advocate for the poor and a nonviolent civil rights crusade of another, the beautiful Solo Piano and strings instrumental expressions from the heart of Evan Wish constitute a gallant and notable gesture too, arriving in a truly inspiring manner sure to be embraced by all.

String orchestration by Marcy Vaj (violin) Robin Ross (viola) Vahe Hayrikyan (cello).  Engineer/Co-produced by Peter Granet.

Visit evanwish.com to sample / purchase or visit his CDBaby.com page & Amazon.com page.

Photo courtesy John DeCindis. 

Asher Quinn is a singer songwriter from the United Kingdom who has devoted much of his adult life to writing music, and what beautiful music he has created while securing a significant position in the genre!  This composer released his first New Age chart-topping album Open Secret way back in 1987, and followed it with other chart-topping releases Mystic Heart, Wings of Fire and Concert of Angels, under the name first of Denis Quinn, and then Asha.

His Love Theme Ballads, Folk Melodies and Contemporary Instrumentals, combined with romantic, spiritual and poetic lyrics, placed him in a rather unique class in the field of New Age music years ago, just as his more Mainstream Progressive Ballads and Spiritual Love Songs continue to inspire today.

Falling Through Time is the 2011 release for Asher Quinn ( Asha ), and I have previewed the 70-minute album, featuring 16 songs which positively reaffirm his early unique abilities as an outstanding songwriter and vocalist.

Right now, Asher’s 16-album catalogue, including some vintage compilations, is available on his newly launched independent Singing Stone Music record label, although formerly both he and Medwyn Goodall were signed to New World Music for well over a decade, and Medwyn has produced some Asher tracks over the years although not for Medwyn’s MGMusic label.

With over half a million album sales to his credit, Asher continues to be a popular one of a kind musician in the New Age genre, whether he records as Asha, Denis Quinn or Asher Quinn. Falling Through Time features 9 original compositions, 6 traditional ballads and a cover version of This little bird first made famous by Marianne Faithfull, and was recorded and co-produced with sound engineer Shaun Britton at his studio in Fareham, Hampshire, UK.  It features Kristian Biddiss on lead and Spanish guitars, and female vocalists Jaba and Jimena Larraguivel.  The song lyrics for this and every Asher Quinn song are readily available on his website lyrics page.

Visit asherquinn.co.uk to sample / purchase or visit his CDBaby.com page.  Visit his official YouTube channel for more videos featuring the music of Asher Quinn.  Below is the song video Visions from the Falling Through Time release.

Asher Quinn is an artist with a long and enduring legacy for producing top quality music in a wide variety of styles over the years. You will quickly discover his divine lyrical vocals, which, when unified with exemplary musical artisans, brings forth a glorious and inspiring sense of admiration  for his music.

Chances are everyone reading my pre-release Truth Of Touch album review today is well acquainted with the man we identify simply as Yanni, and if you are like most people you can vividly recall the very first time you viewed a televised Yanni concert.  Now, can’t you just remember the exhilaration of watching this charismatic gentleman touch the lives of people of all nationalities with his music?

Truth Of Touch is truly a passionate reflection of what Yanni does best which is create a personal interaction with an audience through his extraordinary music abilities. And just like those powerful memories of yesteryear as many of you may remember, the close societal bond is shared in contemporary times by virtue of his magnificent studio version of 15 songs with an over hour long symphony of refined harmony.

Truth Of Touch is a Contemporary Instrumental & Electronic arrangement likewise creating a genuine fascination for a multitude of people by being an original composition and direct expression from Yanni himself.  This enthusiasm is not surprising since his last original arrangement Ethnicity from 2003 is an excellent and successful album.

It may explain why Truth Of Touch is highly anticipated among his enthusiastic fan base, along with a vast multitude of people who consistently search for outstanding music that greatly surpasses the everyday ordinary.

Yanni is conceivably the greatest influential musician of our time. While his exceptional abilities as a gifted composer and keyboardist by themselves are a valid testament to his universal appeal, when you factor in the remarkable musicians and vocalists by his side and personal “One World, One People“ vision, the collective inspiration pay tribute to a universal and heartfelt music experience.

Yanni Live at the Acropolis began his historic rise to stardom and likely the first time you witnessed his grand entrance onto the world stage since 500 million people from 65 countries have viewed this top fundraising program for PBS.  The album sold 7 million copies worldwide and the music video sold over 1 million copies to become a top selling music video, second only to the Thriller Video by the late Michael Jackson.

If you regularly watch the Olympic Games then you know his music scores are presented during international television broadcasts of the Olympic Games since 1988.  He has 35 platinum and gold albums and received 2 GRAMMY® Nominations in the Best New Age Album category, for In My Time and then Dare to Dream. Perhaps of greater importance to Yanni himself are his fans, since after a temporary departure Yanni made a celebrated return to concert tours and producing music due in part to the personal letters from his dedicated fan base requesting encore performances.

In fact his global presence has remained strong following the earlier days where over 2 million people in over 20 countries attended a Yanni concert, some of which were held in culturally significant locations like the Tribute Concert venues held at the Taj Mahal in India and The Forbidden City in China, where viewership reached a television audience of 250 million people.

Truth Of Touch can be defined by the contemporary instrumental, electronic and cinematic influences, but what makes this new release special like earlier albums are a wide array of influences, crossing over into popular, new age and world music domains too.  Truth Of Touch ( Title Song ) begins a memorable introduction to a lavish cascade of midrange keyboard and string sequences set in time to energetic orchestration crescendos and intense timpani drum beats, giving you your first positive affirmation this is indeed an authentic composition from Yanni.  The boldly decisive first song is satisfying to the senses by the majestic intonation, and this is true again regarding the reverberation keyboard melody united with higher octave twinkling notes heard in Echo Of A Dream.

Seasons has a lighter keyboard sequence at the onset, changing in dramatic fashion during every refrain by articulated electronics, strings and xylophone notes.  Backed by rhythmic heartbeat percussion, Seasons progresses into a heartening song of inspiration.  Voyage is a fine excursion reaching epic qualities at times where the lighter prelude is forerunner to a spectacular sound adventure created by strings and woodwind orchestration.  Suspended by steady percussion beats, the full instrumentation creates a wonderful sensation of depth.

The World ethnicity percussion rhythms and accents with ever changing intervals of harp and cello create a beautiful tribal effect in Flash Of Color, and true again by the voice of a child set in instrumental counter time during I’m So.  Pronounced orchestra and percussion rhythms are a bold source of vibrant energy presented in the upbeat melodic theme of Vertigo.  The vocal melodies on Can’t Wait and Secret are definitively two of the more serene songs on the album.  Elegant and passionate, the soprano vocalist delivers her romantic lyrics in a graceful emotive voice which is certain to be a popular collection of contemporary songs for many people.

O Luce Che Brilla Nell’Oscurita is exquisitely imaginative given the theatrical piano, light choir and opera concerto in a harmonious adaptation where the tenor vocalist proclaims his warm and moving declaration of sentiment direct from the heart.

Long Way Home has an air of sophistication yet the vigorous piano melody has a peaceful atmosphere at times too, changing from light to more dynamic expressions along the way.  Mist Of A Kiss reveals intricate percussion rhythms having a steadfast effect in the timing of piano chord phrasing, like the piano and percussion cadence heard in the song NineYanni & Arturo begins with a light trumpet and piano prelude while transitioning into exuberant poetry in motion when glorious soprano vocals and intricate percussion rhythms set the progressive tempo for an improvisational style trumpet solo during which the highest octave notes are reached then extended with astounding precision and clarity.

Truth Of Touch is a studio composition of pure refinement, giving one a beautiful impression exactly like the inspiring concert recollections of yesteryear.  The prodigious caliber of musicians Yanni enlists for his projects is boldly demonstrated on what I feel is his greatest instrumental music composition yet.  Perhaps you can tell by now his newest release made me reflect on the personal exhilaration I first felt upon my introduction to his music, and it did inspire me today.  With that said, I am certain you too will find the qualities in Truth Of Touch are genuine, unforgettable and yes, simply Yanni!

Visit Yanni.com and truthoftouch.com to sample or purchase and then read the latest news and concert tour dates for 2011. For pre-release Truth Of Touch album orders and for gift items visit the Yanni Store and read my pages dedicated to Yanni. Photo copyright – courtesy yanni.com. Big Stock Photo copyrights Acropolis – sborisov and Taj Mahal – pius99.

Paul Avgerinos is an award-winning musician with a new release called Law of Attraction his prodigious fan base is certain to fully embrace with open arms, and do so without hesitation. I would imagine this great ambient album will also succeed at winning over many new fans for Paul Avgerinos, new fans who will go directly to the heart of his popular Round Sky Music website. Like a select few of the artists I have written about over the years, Paul Avgerinos consistently produces the highest quality ambient music, and one I feel is long overdue for the world’s most prestigious music award.

Paul Avgerinos earlier music awards include Garden Of Delight which won Best World Album in 2007 and notable Gnosis had 5 Best of nominations total, while winning the Best Relaxation/Meditation Album award category in 2006. Muse of the Round Sky which made the airwaves on over 2000 radio stations worldwide was the album that had first introduced Paul Avgerinos from Redding Connecticut as a top new age musician.

Paul was also the primary bass player for The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and toured with many Popular, Contemporary, and Jazz groups over the years, having been involved with numerous Platinum album productions while collaborating with popular celebrity music stars like Aerosmith, Jewel, Run DMC, Willie Nelson and Deana Carter.

Law of Attraction is an exciting fusion of New Age Ambient and World influences from the Middle East and India. Of the many earlier releases that garnered success, Law of Attraction has instrumental essentials like his earlier award winning Garden of Delight.

Law of Attraction is a new release along the same wavelength with his prior Love album, which is another positively feel good release with a passionate and dreamy intonation paired to the divine word we call love, and the Love album did after all achieve a desirable level in 2009 by 2 nominations at ZMR which included Best Relaxation/Meditation Album.

It is pretty easy to fall in love with Paul Avgerinos music whether you have been officially introduced or not, so for some of you let me officially introduce you to this award winning musician for the very first time. You may be interested to know that in addition to his eloquent skills as a composing New Age musician Paul Avegerinos has worked on over 100 television and film projects and has given much over the years as a top New Age musician.

Visit RoundSkyMusic.com to sample and purchase or go to his Amazon.com page. You can also find out more on my section dedicated to Paul Avgerinos. Shown below is a review quote about his brand new release and colorful compilation YouTube video from Law of Attraction.

After listening to Paul Avgerinos Law of Attraction I discovered a pleasingly rich sensation of expressive delights and melodic wonderment.  If this sensational new release were a library book, Law of Attraction would be classified and shelved in the romantic therapy section.


On the eve of the Grammy Awards scheduled for February 13 2011, review publicist John Olsen has just conducted an in-depth interview with award winning composing musician and 2010 Grammy® Nominee Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria.

In this second interview with Dr. DeMaria, we present to our visitors defining insight into the life of an esteemed new age and world influential musician whose music career is very much in the forefront of today’s music scene.

John P. Olsen : Thank you Michael for taking time away from your work and agreeing to our interview on short notice. You are a clinical psychologist, recognized poet, author, public speaker, and now a twice Grammy® Nominated musician with your 2010 Ocean album currently under consideration. Were you anticipating the Ocean album would turn out to be your second Grammy® Nomination this year, and with the awards ceremony soon approaching, what are your expectations for winning a Grammy® in the New Age category with Ocean?

Michael Brant DeMaria : First off, I want to thank you John for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to sit down with me as well. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you and I have great respect for the work you do. As always, your question goes right to the heart of the matter. As you know the New Age category is an extremely competitive category. However, in the back of my mind I knew Ocean was number 1 on the New Age chart for 3 months and did win two very prestigious awards, Best Ambient Album of 2009 and Best Relaxation/Meditation Album of 2009. I knew it was possible, but I did not think it was probable. Not only was Ocean competing with luminaries and legends in the New Age world, Ocean happened to be up against albums by Olivia Newton John and Tina Turner who both had their entries in the New Age category this year.

As far as winning, I have no expectations. Once again, the other nominees in my category are true legends in the world of New Age music, Paul Winter, Kitaro, and R. Carlos Nakai. Each of these men have influenced and inspired me over the last 25 years. I am very humbled just to be in their company. At the same time, I try to live by the Samurai warrior saying, “Expect nothing, be ready for anything”.

John : You have studied and performed with friends and past Grammy® Winner David Darling, along with Grammy® Nominated R. Carlos Nakai. What are your connections with colleagues David Darling and R. Carlos Nakai over the years?

Michael : R. Carlos Nakai is responsible for me picking up a Native American Flute 17 years ago. I was traveling through Glacier National Park in Montana on my way to enact a very traditional vision quest. I found a copy of Nakai’s Earthspirit and put it in my tape player in the car while I was driving. It was the first time I had ever heard the Native American Flute and it literally brought tears to my eyes. Although I had played piano, synthesizers and percussion most of my life, as soon as I heard the hauntingly familiar sound of the flute I knew I had to play it. When I finally did find one to play – it was like finding an old friend. Years later I joined Nakai’s organization, INAFA, The International Native American Flute Association – and have been a member for over a decade. It was at INAFA conventions in Taos, NM and San Francisco, CA that I finally had a chance to meet and play with him. Not only is he an amazing talent, but a very generous man with his time and knowledge.

Likewise, David Darling’s life, teaching and music have been and remains a very strong influence in my life. I had been listening to his music for many years when I heard about his Music for People program which trains people in the art of improvisation and facilitation. I took my first workshop with him back in 2005 and was immediately hooked. I apprenticed in the program for 4 years and graduated in 2009. In my opinion, he has done more than almost any other musician to teach the finer and deeper aspects of the art of improvisation. He is truly a master in his craft and actually is teaching much more than music – but actually a way of life based upon compassion and creativity. The highlight for me last year attending the Grammy’s as a nominee was having the opportunity to see him win, in person, his very long overdue Grammy® for his amazing album, Prayer for Compassion.

John : I read an article by the prominent author and past entertainment editor for the LA Times Richard Rushfield, where he mentions your name when giving his assessment of the 2010 Grammy® choices. What was your reaction to his article titled Handicapping the Grammys : Best New Age Album?

Michael : To be honest John I was a bit overwhelmed by it. Someone sent me a link to the article and my first thought was, “Boy I bet they don’t even mention me”, being the relative unknown in the category this year. After I read it I was very moved and appreciative of his kind and generous words, particularly about the track Moonlit Sea on my album Ocean. Of course, he admits I am a long shot, but a long shot nonetheless, who he thinks actually has a chance.

John : In your professional life Michael you are an equally devout music professional and psychotherapist. Would you ever pursue one profession over the other at some point in your life, or is it safe to say you are, and always will be recognized as a recording artist and a therapist?

Michael : You’re not the first who has asked me that question John. For me, an artist does for a culture, what a therapist or healer does for an individual. In this way, I feel they are two sides of the same coin. I also find they inform and balance each other in my life. Composing and writing are very solitary and deeply self-absorbed tasks that can take a lot out of you. After 4 days of that kind of intense work I’m really ready to sit across from somebody and be totally there for them. Of course, after 3 days of really being there for others I’m ready to dive back into the solitude of the creative process. I find one replenishes what the others depletes, like crop rotation – it has been a blessing in my life how they have woven themselves together. Now I don’t know what the future holds – but in some way I will always be active in both – although the format for how that may evolve remains to be seen!

John : Michael, you have already realized many achievements in many aspects of your life and I wondered if you would answer a more personal question by telling us what has been the motivating force in your life?

Michael : The primary motivating force in my life is love. Love in the sense of what the Greeks called agape – which is a love for life itself and humanity. I love life, I love people, and I love to create. I feel very blessed that I have been given the opportunity to express what is nearest and dearest to my heart. For me, love is about connection – and unfortunately we live in a time where most people feel a profound disconnection from life, nature, each other and even from their own hearts. The Cherokee say our first teacher is our heart – and unfortunately in our culture we leave that teacher far behind too early in our educational system and in our society. It’s very much my mission in my life to bring a bit more heart into the world through my writing, speaking and music.

John : During the past several years your music career has noticeably gained momentum and taken flight so what do you believe are the reasons your music compositions have repeatedly been granted numerous honors and award considerations over the years?

Michael : You are so very kind John. To be completely honest I really don’t know. What I can tell you is this. My music comes from a very humble and sincere place. When I go into my studio to record I have no interest or desire for any recognition or awards. It’s the furthest thing from my mind. I have no interest in impressing anyone – only in being true to my journey and the experience of the moment. I’m still that 6 or 7 year old boy who went to the family piano to take a sonic adventure – and to help me connect with a greater presence. In that way, it’s a spiritual practice for me. In this way, my albums are all crafted to take the listener on a journey. Each journey actually begins where the last one ended – they build upon each other. In fact, in many ways The River, Ocean and Gaia are a trilogy. They are also part of the larger Healing Sound Project which I have been dedicated to for the last 8 years. It has been a joy for me to see how this music created with the intent of making the world a bit more peaceful, soulful and heartfelt has been embraced so deeply.

John : In our earlier interview everyone had a chance to learn you have donated your time and talents by performing at fund raising benefits and concerts including the Gulf Oil Disaster in 2010 so could you tell us about the charity work you have been involved with over the years?

Michael : I have always felt John that it’s important to give back and whether it has been donating to Native American charities from Siyotanka or wildlife recovery from the gulf oil spill from Ocean, I try to make the project connect to something greater – something more than just about me. I love to play, create and record – so it is simply an added bonus when concerts or albums bring attention to well deserved programs. The world is in a state of great need today – and I believe artist have a unique ability to draw attention to worthy causes. Just as all my albums are concept albums – they are all designed hopefully to teach as well as to be enjoyed for the pure joy of listening.

John : Thank you again Michael for the opportunity to learn more about your amazing career. It has been an honor to get to know you personally while providing coverage of your lifework and career achievements for our visitors. Is there anything you would like to mention before we close?

Michael : The honor has been mine John. You do a great service to all of us in the New Age music world through your many efforts. I did want to mention I’m working on a new album – I don’t want to say too much about it, and the title is even in flux at this point – but I hope it will be available for release in late 2011. Let us just say that it is a project I’m very excited about and will be another very unique sonic journey for the soul, this time exploring the mystery of creation itself. Thanks again John and wishing you, B.T. Fasmer, and all your readers a happy, healthy and joyous 2011!

Visit ontos.com homepage and then sample / purchase on his albums page and CDBaby.com page or Amazon.com page. Read our earlier interview and album reviews on our page dedicated to Michael Brant DeMaria.

Copyright images courtesy Michael Brant DeMaria.

Seay is a popular artist with a pretty ornate version of the song All Around The World from her A Winter Blessing album.  This video makes an inspiring statement while we celebrate the universal message of peace during the Christmas season.

New Age Music World would like to thank everyone for visiting this year.  We wish everyone a  WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS.  Visit seayonline.com.



Grammy Nominated Michael Brant DeMaria PH.D is a clinical psychologist, composing musician and author with a new release in his Ontos Healing Sound Project which is essentially the achievement of over 25 years in personal and professional research by Michael Brant DeMaira’s directive into the fundamental principles of auditory healing techniques.

Michael Brant DeMaria was Grammy Nominated in 2009 and I was pleased to learn his second in series Ocean, which ended the year 2009 with ZMR’s Best Ambient & Best Relaxation Album Awards, and presently Grammy Nominated for Best New Age Album award for 2010.

Gaia is his current 2010 release in the Ontos Healing Sound Project.  Gaia has a concept theme based on respected Earth Scientist Dr. James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, whose research studies involving planetary exploration while at NASA led to his famous Gaia Hypothesis which interprets the Earth we share as one cohesive single living organism.

Gaia is a new release where Native American flutes and percussion in modified resonance begin their ethnic exploration and is one of the more exclusive releases I have written about as a review publicist.  Gaia has every hallmark for success and rightly so.  Michael’s music, books, art, and poetry have acquired recognition in the United States and international acceptance in Australia, Europe, and Russia, touching many with his universal message.

Siyotanka is the story based narrative and soundtrack score that secured a Native American Music Award ( NAMA ) in the Native Heart category, and then lead to his Grammy Nomination for Best Native American Music Album, along with winning the Best Native American Album during the year ending ZMR Music Awards for 2009.

Ocean is a unique blending of Ambient & Contemporary Instrumentals and was first conceived to help hurricane survivors begin anew and return to a more peaceful existence, but then after the 2010 Gulf Oil Disaster, Ocean became a second symbol of recovery since Michael donated his time performing concerts around the Gulf Coast Region, along with donating a portion of sales proceeds for the still ongoing wildlife recovery.

Congratulations again and all the best during your visit at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards for 2010 Michael  !

Visit ontos.org to sample / purchase his music or visit his CDBaby.com page and Amazon.com page.  You can visit his michaeldemaria.com blog and read a recent in-depth interview with Michael and I along with my reviews of his award winning albums on our pages dedicated to Michael Brant DeMaria.  Shown below is my recent review quote I wrote about Michael’s Ocean release and feature YouTube video from the Ocean album titled Surfacing.

Michael Brant DeMaria’s Ocean release helps reclaim the natural bond we share with our greater oceanic waters while rejuvenating our vital relationship, interweaving calming ambient therapy in a bright reflection that restores a more positive link with our mysterious yet life sustaining oceanic hydrosphere.


New World Flamengo Jazz is a music category some may not be familiar with, so if you can imagine a sunny tropical atmosphere with an oceanfront setting and gentle tides splashing against the shoreline you begin get the picture. When you combine this imagery with exotic melodies and glowing rhythms you are set for a beautiful day of fun in the sun.

Tomas Michaud from Alameda California has accurately termed the phrase New World Flamenco Jazz and this precise terminology tells a lot, but more importantly it is about the sensations you feel and the affirmative imagery acquired from his world blend of contemporary instrumentals and Latin acoustic guitar designs in new World Fusion music. These elements are also the fine attributes that create a new category of music from his various contemporaries like Ottmar Liebert, Govi, or Johannes Linstead.

Tomas Michaud defines his unique singular style in World Fusion having the fundamentals of Nouveau Flamenco, New Age and Smooth Jazz, but with Latin and South American rhythms that embrace Middle Eastern and Spanish music, along with Caribbean and Mediterranean harmonies. This may sound way too complex, and I am sure it is for the guitarist, but for any music aficionado it translates into charismatic melodies that turn an empty white canvass into a masterful portrait complete with colorful designs that are pleasing to the heart and mind of a broad audience.

Drawing his harmonious inspiration from Central and South American travels, the lengthy list of beautiful travel destinations recited on this album include Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, France, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Singapore. Knowing his lengthy list of travel destinations across many continents and categorical guitar inspirations, then New World Flamenco Jazz is definitely an accurate description.

Beauty and Fire has 12 original compositions by Tomas Michaud and it quickly becomes clear his precision Flamenco styled performance on nylon – string guitar is a leading component of professional beauty, but the numerous distinguished musicians in accompaniment is another attractive element that makes this album flourish.

Beauty and Fire ( Title Song ) is an adventurous retreat into paradise by a peaceful East meets West cultural blend and this first song truly does make a meticulous statement about his singular New World Flamenco style with marvelous certainty. Two Hearts Into One & Night Into Day are pleasingly balanced by their relaxing melodies, along with another elaborate reflection carried into the moderate timed but equally rhythmic Embrace In The Mist & Morning Grace.

Deep melodic strides and tantalizing refrains are heard in Tango In Paradise while Gipsy Heart is quite breezy by the casual atmosphere an of accentuated guitar strides shared with violin. Living On The Wind retains a wonderful fascination by the amicable melody that can also be identified by an air of lively sophistication set in motion by magnificent guitar and piano rhythms backed by light instrumentals with plenty of quality percussion accents.

Thomas Michaud has a singular music style is a point I wanted to make today, so when selecting your album purchase at music outlets and you don’t find a New World Flamenco Jazz category try searching under New Age, World, Flamenco, Jazz, or Contemporary Instrumental sections. That is until the day retail outlets introduce a fun in the sun music category.

The musicians joining Tomas Michaud on Beauty and Fire are Don Turney on Grand Piano and keyboards, David Margen on Bass and Kai Eckhardt on Fretless Bass. Strings include Lila Sklar on violin and Michael Knapp on cello with Aharon Wheels Bolsta on Tabla and Thomas Perry, Celso Alberti, and Brian Rice on percussion.

Visit the worldmelodies.com website to sample / purchase or visit his CDBaby.com page and Amazon.com page.

Album art courtesy Elena Ray. Big Stock Photo copyright ersler.

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