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Just like an orchestra conductor standing on a podium, one New Age artist first held his raised baton in hand, and began to cue the first downbeat gesture for his debut album.  What emerged after the final cutoff gesture was made, led to an upbeat direction for his first album’s achievements, and proclaimed admiration for this relatively new artist.

David Wahler is the musician orchestrating Antiquus in a like manner, where his time signature expertly directed a unique phrasing in tempo, dynamics, and articulation, leading to welcoming salutations of praise during the final reception at the end of his first orchestration.

Antiquus  is a greatly applauded 2009 album surprising many by the paramount success granted to such a relative newcomer in the New Age music industry.  The consistent airplay and high ranking in Zone Music Reporters charts is widely recognized, along with pending nominations for 2009 in 4 categories, yet to be decided.  Likewise you will find Antiquus is held in high regard with our own NewAgeMusic.nu Best Albums of 2009 Awards, so these merits do speak clearly.

Music itself is not new to David since he began playing piano by ear at age 7, then formal music studies in college academics before directing several theater productions, performing with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra & New American Theatre, while also teaching music appreciation to disadvantaged and handicapped children.

David again steps onto the conductor’s podium for a second time.  With all eyes watching, and with several decisive taps of the hand baton, he confidently cues in his current 2010 release  A Star Dances, in an encore performance notably holding great expectations. 

Composed, performed, and arranged solely by David Wahler, this album represents a heartfelt narration surrounding his family circle past and present, where resolution of personal life challenges are reflected as a unique source of inspiration for his music’s identity, lovingly embraced by his close family heritage. 

A Star Danced is New Age, Contemporary, Electronic, Ambient, Neo Classical, and Orchestration, nicely displayed by his directing hands, where it becomes apparent this second release sharply manifests a sweeping one and two and timing, in relation to the precision delivery of his already admired discography.

The song Quest is the Epic alpha and omega heralding in 14 classics of A Star Danced, and perhaps a fine talking point of those like myself giving their own conclusions about his second release.  To me, this sensational wonder is a revelation to behold, given the heavenly virtuoso trumpet intonation with pronounced percussion taps unveiling moderate rhythms while keyboard and tenor vocals gently mesmerize.  Having these bold dynamics and a contrasting sheer ambience of lightly drawn out vibrato notes, it could be telling of a more calming and peaceful resolution made during some of our most challenging moments.

The atmosphere in the Title Song by soft soprano and tenor vocals echo nicely behind droplet-like keystrokes and percussion rhythms blending into one relaxing starlit entity.  The Seeds of Time are generously sown by guitar soloist Brent Gunter, where his evolving impressions are backed by moderate keyboards and celestial choir. Come Gentle Night has a light sway led by beautiful keyboard bell tones similar to Peaseblossom & Reverie.  Sigh Away Sunday & Vespera are new images holding a conforming poise from the well conducted Antiquus album, giving fresh ambient patterns to the ensemble of songs.

Yvonne is a heartfelt rendition where harp and piano melody embrace to portray a positive affirmation when keys changes bravely touch on an optimistic tone. It is this song where piano, strings, and harp join in a tribute to a special person, and where the significance of someone dear to David is personified.

Missing You is first composed in singular piano notes where a solemn melody gives a peaceful and serene placement of solitude in the earliest moments while nicely responding with a graceful tribute.  Piano notes resolve in a most dignified phasing, giving rise by a reverent conclusion, where ordained notes of respect and solidarity become intertwined in the loving arms of melancholy. 

Quest ( Reprise ) makes a return odyssey to the dynamic opening impressions, becoming the concluding exodus to again reveal the bold aesthetic testimonial of David’s second album.  Devoted to his unique signature which retains your interest and imagination from the first cue to the final cutoff note, I do expect honorable recognition will be given to David Wahler & A Star Danced, pending this album’s overall final reception.

Visit davidwahler.com to sample and purchase or at his CDBaby.com page.  You may read our own NewAgeMusic.nu Best Albums of 2009 Awards and my review of Antiquus on our pages dedicated to David Wahler.

Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – pressmaster.

Today’s computer enhanced technology is amazing, and when skillful composing is combined with live performers and instrumentals, the resulting musical outcome can become a creation of natural beauty.

Timothy Crane is an artist using a creative touch with the music technology of today by composing piano music and then intregrating key instrumentals along with orchestra effects that become full structured works of music he and his close friends enjoy creating.

Dragonfly is the second release where Timothy plays a leading role as pianist and co-producer of his second album, along with Jason Rowsell who also played bass and mixing. Friends Rick Henly performs on guitar and percussion effects, while Ryan Day engineered and mixed the album. One last credit I don’t want to miss, Jason Rowsell’s young daughter has a cameo role by quietly laughing on cue during the beginning of song, A Child’s Goodnight.

The Other Life I Dream is the first album I enjoyed equally from Tim and this talented group. When asking Timothy what was the primary objective on this current release, and what set Dragonfly apart from the first album. Here is his reply:

With Dragonfly, my focus was more on the composition. Each piece reflects an attempt to craft an instrumental tune that is memorable, unique to the overall album, and noticeably piano-driven, produced by independent musicians who want nothing more than to continue to create and play music.   Timothy Crane

Dragonfly is where I discovered more natural forms of instrumentation become closely acquainted with an animated entity in 11 song classics. A few songs carry the rhythmic tones that might remind some of a highly recognized female artist at first glance, but I soon discovered every song is composed with a unique singular structuring in each melody belonging in a New Age, Piano, Contemporary Instrumental, Cinematic theme.

Dragonfly indeed takes flight with first song 2×2. In a graceful piano based dance of the keys, a real beauty of a melody greatly captures your attention by the upper tempo modern rhythms.

Well placed staccato notes from strings carry this steady motion while wonderful orchestration carries the appropriate rhythms that lead to a natural form of musical attraction.

Sylvan Grove holds much of the same beauty by piano leading in an upbeat theme while horns and strings inscribe a smooth blend into another most positive melody. Higher octave piano notes in Star Cross Moon are the first gentle indications of a nice correlation in melodic shades, and when numerous major to minor key changes make a full emotional presence felt during refrains, the result is gratifying.

A Child’s Goodnight is a playful theme that soon matures in a full chord and heartfelt movement, while Salish Sunset in again, a more moderate tempo, along with light recollections in piano phrasing, join with oboe to impart warmer tones of orchestration to enhance the open atmosphere of splendor.

Theft in Eb Major has more of a classical thought in composition with major and minor chords extending vibrant hues while building momentum as the song progresses. The woodwinds warm breezy notes blend with background choral vocals to instill a more celestial feel with this song.

Theme of Rachel Scott is another focal point where medium range keystrokes give way to lower chords feel of depth and richness, blending nicely with orchestration to become one exciting entity. Vasilissa the Beautiful entertains a most peaceful beginning only to be suddenly interrupted by an enthralling performance from piano, choir, and deep thunderous percussion, quickly taking flight as if suddenly startled from a comfortable resting place.

Title song Dragonfly is an impassioned piano solo signaling the finale of this lightly animated album, in a conclusion where I felt every colorful detail was closely examined while producing this incorporated album, becoming the perfect choice for many people desiring popular music creations having a natural attraction.

Visit timothycrane.com website to sample / purchase.  You can also visit his CDBaby.com pageor Amazon.com page.

Picture Copyright Big Stock Photo – FOTOCROMO.

Classical Orchestral Harps can be thought of as divine or celestial instruments, having origins dating to around 2500 BC. The harp as an instrument often reminds one of angels and religious cherubs poised in a statue.

Lizary Rodriguez Rios is the harpist I had in mind while writing this first sentence taken from an earlier review of her Harp Therapy album which invites listeners to relax by the soothing music this stringed instrument can provide.

Valentines Day is approaching and a great time to tell you about this music professional and bring up the celestial instrument, since the harps early origins are ironically thought to be modeled after an archery weapon.  Given this fact, even Cupid would like to own this instrument since it strongly resembles a bow and arrow.

Lizary Rodriguez Rios credits are quite impressive, securing a Doctorate in Musical Arts and 4 time awards winner of international harp competitions around the world, touring with the Grammy Award Nominated Harp Fusion Ensemble.

The many concerts and festivals people have attended, like the prestigious Casals Festival in Puerto Rico, venues in the United States, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain and Russia have enjoyed the experience, so chances are you will too.

The recipient of a Centennial Achievement Award is a respected one of many, in an overall long list of awards and recognition she has achieved, drawing attention around the world as a harp soloist and composer, so expect a right on target delivery.

Harp Voyage was her first album, and much like her Harp Therapy are specifically composed for relaxation, massage, and yoga, while also finding a comforting niche since the songs serve as the perfect auditory background music during church services, memorials, hospitals, and even weddings.

Lizary has informed me she is presently working on a Christmas album, so another fine project of her specialized music is expected in the future.

While Lizary’s harp CD’s are not exact centerline New Age music, her high level of expertise as a harpist is decidedly front and center by delivering a highly regarded level of comfort, from a natural talent who is devoting much of their life achieving the very highest in musical standards.

For your next special occasion or great classic music to relax by visit lizary.net here.  Sample at CDBaby.com here, and read our pages dedicated to Lizary.

The New Age Music genre is already an exciting music category to be involved with for many reasons and now the excitement is going to the next level since Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) recently took the first step in announcing their Annual Music Award Qualifiers for 2009.

Every musician in our genre has produced some outstanding music this year, and we have enjoyed writing reviews for some of the current award qualifiers, award nominees, and artists who received a best album award this past year.

We share in the excitement of hearing the final outcome of this years ZMR best album awards decision too.

B.T. Fasmer and I know making a final determination is a challenge, and there is never an easy way to go about the task of deciding who will receive the highest recognition for a Top New Age Album Award in 2009.

Here is the list of 20 ZMR Qualifiers we have been writing about this past year by our reviews or interviews, and is a nice sample of the many outstanding musicians now under consideration.  On a personal note, I deeply respect everyone I have met and have enjoyed getting to know some artists even more by our recent interview together, and only wish I had time to request an interview with everyone.  With that said, you may click on the links to visit the artist’s official website, and then our dedicated pages to 20 of the qualifying artists and my review of their current album or interview.

There is no denying that every musician has made a significant contribution to our beloved genre and in our minds, has already become a winner simply by qualifying.  We wish everyone the very best in ZMR’s annual awards, and again thank every artist for producing music everyone can be proud to call new age.

ZMR announced the Category Nominees on February 14, 2010 & the Award Winners on March 14, 2010.  See a complete list of the Best Album Awards at Zone Music Reporter for 2009. Picture Copyright BigStockPhoto – pkruger.

Fiona Joy Hawkins has just released a YouTube video with excerpts of her recent concert performance at the Q Theatre in Sydney Australia.  In this concert, Fiona is featured showcasing her talents as a pianist, and sings soft vocals.  The entire supporting cast of music professionals on the video are Rebecca Daniels playing violin and vocals, Trish McMeakin on cello and Andy Busuttil on percussion, clarinet, and reed instrument, saxillo.

I have watched this new video several times now, and found it gives an excellent sampling of her classic material with several songs from her recent Blue Dream album. 

Fiona is also one of many currently under consideration with Zone Music Reporter’s awards ceremony taking place later in February and March.

Speaking of the ZMR awards, we have a special post ready for this weekend displaying 20 qualifying artists and their albums currently under consideration that we have written album reviews on this past year at NewAgeMusicWorld.com.

We invite you to check back for a nice story about the ZMR awards ceremony this weekend.  You can go to zonemusicreporter.com for the complete details.

Visit fionajoyhawkins.com.au to find out more about this music professional.

Cover art is courtesy Fiona Joy Hawkins.

Music is an important aspect in many people’s lives, with just one specific genre becoming their favorite form of musical entertainment. That’s fine really, but most realize it does limit the total music experience, and a vast range of enjoyment found in all forms of music.

Isaac Shepard from Southern California is like many of us who share the same philosophy when it comes to the unlimited resources for finding great music in other genres, becoming revitalized in the process, and similar to the way Isaac put it, just might make you appreciate your favorite form of music even more.

Isaac began playing piano by ear at an early age and this early love of music began as a family circle of musical talent while performing with his father during many community venues in California, including benefits for homeless shelters, social gatherings and church events.

I am pretty sure this early introduction and appreciation of all music genres was a rewarding first step in the right direction as he began a well rounded approach into his individual projects as a piano soloist.

The Renewing is Isaac Shepard’s most recent form of expression as a solo pianist, where his individual composing performances offer relaxing ballads, classical progressions and beautiful melodies in each of the 10 songs composed with a pleasing source of renewal in mind.

Exploring the musical space and taking in all that it has to offer is a universal calling and can be life-changing. You might discover a genre that pushes your boundaries and leaves you wanting more, or you might come away being that much more thankful for what you call your own.     Isaac Shepard

Tears Can Fall is a peaceful balled where an extending range of emotion has a presence in both the keyboards and what you will find in your first sample song in new music discovery. Lead off phrasing is like a gentle question and answer session with treble notes asking the need to know questions and lower octaves blending in a responding reply that contrasts the upper octaves curiosity in important matters pertaining to harmonic togetherness.

Doors of Life has quieter moments in the earliest measures, moving into classic timed refrains before climbing to full heights in terms of the growing melody heard during this piece with steadiness like a soulful march. While piano keys move to greater distances in this song, the melody flows and sways by nice runs along the keyboard while sweeping notes trickle right in time with a more moderate background.

All Smiles like the name suggests is motion moving in an upward direction in an easy going natural movement shown by classic form, with strong stanzas recognizing a positive fullness in depth. The rich fullness of a quiet melody blossoms while reaching full cord progressions with classic touches filling in the outlining shades of color, giving a more dignified tone to the overall feeling of happiness in this pretty song of joyful contentment.

The Renewing tells of dancing rhythms resting beside moments of introspection, becoming a nice getaway from the pounding beats and winding guitars competing for your attention. Whatever your favorite form of music is, here is an opportunity to explore Isaac’s latest solo piano release and become pleasantly refreshed in the process.

Visit isaacshepard.com to sample his unpublished music, popular soundtracks, and two prior solo piano albums, Swept Away & Deep Joy. Visit CDBaby.com to sample The Renewing.

Big Stock Photo copyright – Wilmy.

The 2010 New Years celebrations are just a recent memory for many of us now, but the year 2010 also marks a new time for celebration with many of our friends at Medwyn Goodall’s MG Music label based in the United Kingdom.

Legendary musician Medwyn Goodall himself has achieved a milestone by his 25th year anniversary as an artist, and we will be telling you more about the events MG Music has in store for us later this year in 2010. Right now, there are two great artists I have been in contact with recently, who are considered family members at the MG label and are playing a major role in the 2010 celebrations by their latest release, and wanted to tell you more about them today.

Clifford White is considered an early pioneer in New Age Music beginning with the Ascension album, which became a remarkable hit and rightfully became the strong foundation to Clifford’s music career.  He has produced some great albums since then, and it is wonderful news that Clifford has now created a sequel to be released in late February crafted from this original project, with the albums description looking very promising indeed.

Ascension ll  The Healing Touch is his latest creation that is being described in the context of divine, graceful, and gentle, giving an great indication of what everyone can expect in the weeks ahead. I do enjoy listening to his first Ascension album, and can only anticipate what will follow in this revitalized profile of Ascension ll.

You can read my pages dedicated to Clifford White.

Paul Sills is another MG Music label member I have written about recently and enjoy listening to his deeply spiritual brand of music that in no shape or fashion could ever be called ordinary.  His music style finds a wonderful resting place where deep orchestration resides beside lighter melodies that soon transform into a dramatic conclusion you will have to hear for yourself.

Devas  is Paul’s latest to be issued later in the year, holding the promise of an energetic and new approach to nature that Paul has written from a new angle in his already well crafted brand of celestial music, taken to a whole new level.  For me, Devas is another highly anticipated release, and I really did like the sample track Paul sent recently.

Paul Sills and I had an insightful discussion about his music career and life at MG Music during our recent interview together also, and I have reviewed both of his prior albums, so I invite you to read my pages dedicated to Paul Sills.

The 25 year Anniversary at MG Music has more in store for us. B.T. Fasmer has also posted an article about this talented circle of friends at the MG label.  Songs from both artists are featured on Stars Radio, so you may listen to both artists on a regular basis at Stars. Photos are courtesy MedwynGoodall.net & CliffordWhite.co.uk.

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