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Olympic Themed Music – Chariots of Fire (On Stage) by Vangelis.

With the London 2012 Olympic Games starting on July 27, 2012, official music for the Olympics will be an equally significant component for the historic athletic games that will be viewed by millions of people worldwide.

The song Chariots of Fire by Greek composer Vangelis was played during the Olympic opening ceremonies, and named the official 2012 Olympics theme song. The London Philharmonic Orchestra has 5 new song recordings (remixes) to be played during every medal award ceremony and Olympic Flame relay.

Chariots of Fire (On Stage) is an Olympic themed theatrical movie score with 11 songs of new orchestral music by Vangelis with a release date of July 23, 2012.

The stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire movie that was partially inspired by the 2012 London Summer Olympics premiered on May 9, 2012 at the Hampstead Theatre in London, England.

The Chariots of Fire Original Movie Soundtrack claimed a victory for famous composer Vangelis, who won an Academy Award for Best Original Music Score for the film based on the inspiring story of two British athletes competing together at the 1924 Summer Olympic Games in Paris France. Below is the Chariots of Fire song video from the original motion picture.

Official Music for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London:

Another official song to be performed during London Summer Olympics for 2012 is the song Survival by the British group Muse. The theme song by Muse, which has the lyrics “Life is a race. And I’m gonna win” is also going to be aired on TV worldwide as athletes enter the stadium and prior to the medal award ceremonies.

The London Olympic Soundtrack to the opening ceremony is going to be released as an audio CD and digital release. This music release entitled; Isles Of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games will contain music by Paul McCartney, Underworld and other artists performing during official athletic events and ceremonies.

Another planned release is A Symphony of British Music: Music for the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. There will be additional concerts and music with direct ties to the London Olympics, plus some songs by artists are being kept secret until the official opening ceremonies.

Olympic theme song Chariots of Fire, composed by Vangelis will get you into the spirit for the historic sports event. Find the audio CD or digital downloads for Chariots of Fire (On Stage) at Amazon.co.uk. Big Stock Photo – Jimbarber.

7and5 Music – New Age Songs on The Weather Channel.

There is no denying technology touches everyone in a positive way daily. Given the electrifying advancement made in today’s music technology, the positive effects are especially true for contemporary new age artists like John H. Nixon, who has the artist title 7and5. Today’s state-of-the-art electronic equipment has enabled him to produce some amazing music arrangements, generated within the comfort of his home studio.

The American based television network The Weather Channel (TWC) is another source where the latest technology has not only improved lives, but saved lives too. The Weather Channel also happens to be a nationwide audience where 7and5 music is played during their popular Local on the 8s satellite weather forecast. While millions of cable and satellite television viewers of every age are watching TWC for important weather information, they are likewise listening to the electronic songs by 7and5.

The Weather Channel television network has combined their localized NOAA Doppler weather forecast updates and visual radar for U.S. cities with 7and5’s first three albums for a number of years. Select TWC song playlists from the albums In A Moment’s Time, Trading Stories, & Hope, Destiny, And Choice are positive, upbeat songs featured often over the years. In fact, 2 new age songs created by 7and5 were awarded The Weather Channel’s Top 10 Viewer’s Best Music of 2011 list.

The Weather Channel’s song list of popular artists whose music is played include Daft Punk, John Williams, Moby, Pink Floyd, The Who and many others, but as a weather watcher myself, I can say 7and5 music has some of the finest upbeat songs suited for TWC viewers.

For U.S. residents who have ever wondered what artist, and song playlists The Weather Channel network is playing during their Local on the 8s radar weather updates, now you know one of the best.

7and5 has a new 2012 album titled Oceans, and I am excited to tell you more by a pre-release album review of Oceans within the next couple of days. Until then, here is The Weather Channel music video with the song Breath In from In A Moment’s Time album by 7and5.

For overseas visitors not familiar with this category of audiovisual media, the sample song video is a re-creation of The Weather Channel’s localized forecasts and weather updates that are televised non-stop nationwide for all towns, cities, and residents in the United States.

Visit 7and5Music.com to sample and purchase albums, or you can find 7and5 music and more TWC songs at TheWeatherChannelMusic.com. Big Stock Photo – Yakobchuk. Cover and banner by 7and5music.com.

The Weather Channel Music featuring 7and5:

Legendary keyboardist Rick Wakeman, former keyboardist of the progressive rock group YES, has released a new live concert CD for 2012. Rick Wakeman’s newest album is an archival live concert CD titled In The Nick Of Time.

Recorded during a concert tour in 2003 to promote his current studio album at the time Out There, the new 2012 album is a recording of his performance with the group New English Rock Ensemble. In The Nick Of Time is an archival concert recording, commercially released for the first time.

Celebrating 40 years as a legendary keyboardist, Rick Wakeman throughout his career, has joined forces with some of the most prevalent artists in the music business including famous artists Cat Stevens and David Bowie.

There is also the front man for glam rock group T. Rex Marc Bolan, the original YES singer songwriter Jon Anderson, and a host of other music greats. Some may not know that many of the best hit songs produced by a lengthy list of popular artists involved Rick Wakeman’s masterful performance on keyboards.

Rick Wakeman is famous as soloist, and for his albums with progressive music group YES. The immensely popular albums Fragile, Close To The Edge and live album, Yessongs are just a few. Then there are countless fans like myself who admire Rick Wakeman’s studio and live collaboration albums with YES vocalist and lyricists, Jon Anderson. The two artists as a team are a wildly popular duo during their concert tours together in both the U.S. and UK.

Rick Wakeman’s new album In The Nick Of Time, is a signature style, progressive rock album with 7 songs performed live with the New English Rock Ensemble. The 7 identifiable in style songs on the release are Catherine Parr, Out There, No Earthly Connection, Dance of a Thousand Lights, The Cathedral In The Sky, White Rock & Wurm.

Rick Wakeman’s Biography titled Caped Crusader – Rick Wakeman In The 1970’s by Dan Wooding, with forward written by Elton John is also available at Gonzo Multimedia.

Visit the Rick Wakeman Communications Centre at RWCC.com. To purchase Rick Wakeman – In The Nick Of Time CD and his biography, visit gonzomultimedia.co.uk or Gonzo Multimedia U.S. store. Sample songs at Amazon U.S. store. Cover artwork is courtesy rwcc.com.

Award-winning producer Will Ackerman has released a new compilation CD featuring great songs by some of the best artists today. They are an elite group of instrumental artists who enlisted Will Ackerman to produce their albums at his Imaginary Road Studio.

The Gathering is a compilation album of 22 songs on Will Ackerman’s West River Records label. I plan to write a review for The Gathering once I receive the new compilation CD, but I can tell you a little about this release right now since I have already reviewed many of the complete albums in the song list. In the future I will be reviewing more artist’s with albums produced by Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studio.

The Gathering is a “best of the best album” since many of the songs selected by Will Ackerman are designated songs from a number of best albums, composed by top-ranked artists in the music recording industry. Famous for the highest quality in music productions, the tradition continues on Will Ackerman’s West River Records label. The artists with reviews at this site, and whose songs are in The Gathering are shown below.

Visit WilliamAckerman.com and find more about these select artists, and purchase The Gathering at CDBaby.com.

Ann Sweeten song Dawn on Red Mountain, from Grey Sky And Bittersweet album.

Devin Rice & Erin Aas song Thyn Ayre, from The Arrival album.

Fiona Joy Hawkins song Feeling Sunshine, from Live At The Q album.

Jeff Oster song Serengeti, from True album.

Kathryn Kaye song Mountain Laurel, from Heavy as a Feather album.

Kori Linae Carothers song Carpe Diem, from Trillium album.

Lawrence Blatt song The Color of Sunshine, from The Color of Sunshine album.

Masako song Glastenbury, Vermont, from Masako album.

Paul Jensen song Taoist Winds, from The Other Side album.

Peter Jennison song Anthem, from Longing From Home album.

Shambhu song Hide and Seek, from Sacred Love album.

Todd Boston song The Brightest Night, from Touched by the Sun album.

Will Ackerman song The Wheel, from New England Roads album.

Sony Classical has recently added two brand new music releases to the international music giants impressive all-star list of global recording artists.

The first new release from Sony Classical is an original motion picture soundtrack entitled The Trouble With Bliss, a movie score written by composer Daniel Alcheh.

The Hollywood, California based cinematic music composer Daniel Alcheh, in addition to his own esteemed career as a film composer, has worked with a number of famous cinematic film score composers, including Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, and John Williams.

The Trouble with Bliss Soundtrack has contemporary orchestrations performed by distinguished Greek artists. The animated movie score achieves a wonderful ethnic feel by the inclusion of accordion, bouzouki, clarinet, mandolin, saz, and a variety of guitars and stringed instruments.

The warm, upbeat music rhythms on The Trouble With Bliss Soundtrack is the perfect background setting for the romantic comedy-drama that is a recipient of several best motion picture awards.

Sony Classical Label’s second new release entitled Viva Brazil was made available on May 15, 2012. The live recording Viva Brazil (Live) features topnotch artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott, Sergio and Odair Assad and Joseph Gramley. The new release Viva Brazil is available at major digital retail outlets, and find Viva Brazil Live at iTunes. Sample or purchase The Trouble with Bliss digital music downloads at Amazon. Photo is courtesy sonymusic.com.

A new piano album by Laura Sullivan is planned for release later this year in October of 2012. Laura Sullivan classifies her music influences in the style of Enya and Yanni, with piano melodies likened to Liz Story, George Winston and David Lanz, but clearly, Laura Sullivan is within an artistic category of her own making.

Admired for her graceful solo piano releases, some piano albums have artists performing instrumentals of cello, guitar, violin and keyboards. Laura Sullivan’s Pianoscapes for the Trails of North America is an elegant piano and instrumental release presenting America’s grandeur with a sense of wonder and admiration.

Although Laura Sullivan is recognized for piano music in the adult contemporary, classical and new age music styles, she is also a vocalist who composes, arranges and records almost all of her own music.

Until later in October when Laura Sullivan releases her new piano album for 2012, here is her Hope for the Trees song video from her album Pianoscapes for the Trails of North America. Hope for the Trees is a song featuring Laura and artists who accompany her on cello, guitar, keyboards and violin.

Pianist Laura Sullivan is also a featured artist on the Free New Age Piano App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. On the New Age Piano app, you can listen to 3 full length songs by Laura Sullivan for free, along with 56 additional songs from 20 of today’s top New Age pianists.

Visit Laura-Sullivan.com homepage to find out more. Sample or purchase albums at her online store, or visit Amazon.com. Photo is courtesy Laura Sullivan.

With all of the attention given to the state of Florida in U.S. politics, the time is right to revisit the television soundtrack to Miami Vice by Jan Hammer. While the TV show is history, Miami Vice Theme song, Colombia, & Crockett’s Theme song and entire Miami Vice Original Soundtrack have already won the popular vote.

Miami Vice: The Complete Collection is a soundtrack with 42 Jan Hammer songs. The entire collection is a classic, like the Original Miami Vice Theme, New York Theme, and my favorite, Crockett’s Theme. Wonderful harmony is heard in laid back songs Tubbs And Valerie, Rum Cay, & Crockett’s Return. The 42 songs on Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice Complete Collection is one of his finest albums.

Jan Hammer is a GRAMMY® Award winning artist recognized for his high octane electronic hit music, but there is much more to the composer, keyboardist Jan Hammer, than his chart topping hit songs and albums like the Miami Vice Complete Collection. Jazz fusion, pop, soundtrack and film music are mainstays, but the entire musical expression of Jan Hammer is pretty diverse, as is his professional associations with other legendary music icons.

Jan Hammer was a Mahavishnu Orchestra member, led by John McLaughlin. Mick Jagger, Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck, are some of his music associations. The fashion statement of wearing a sport coat with white tennis shoes may be out of style, especially for a politician, but Jan Hammer and popular hit songs in his Miami Vice soundtrack are still in vogue. The video is from The Best of Miami Vice twentieth year anniversary. During the interview style narrative with Jan Hammer, he and his fans discuss the impact Miami Vice Original Soundtrack made in music history, featuring song Crockett’s Theme. Visit JanHammer.com to sample or purchase, or visit Amazon.com. Album artwork is courtesy Jan Hammer.

Jim Brickman’s new piano albums Romanza & All Is Calm have turned out to be two very popular albums after their November 2011 release. Jim Brickman is presently dominating the Billboard charts since both Romanza & All Is Calm are in Billboard’s Top 10 New Age charts, along with a new album entitled Love.

Romanza has 15 songs of inspiration with a fine romantic atmosphere of Italy. The second new album entitled All Is Calm is a brand new holiday collection of 15 Christmas songs. When you visit the jimbrickman.com store, Romanza & All Is Calm can be purchased as individual CDs, but when placing your order for the 2 CD Combo you get 2 free downloads of his first time released songs In My Dreaming & Vino Traboccante as 2 additional bonus tracks.

There is also an interview with Jim Brickman at his website where Jim answers questions about his newest releases. The YouTube interview questions for Jim Brickman are; what was your inspiration for Romanza? What emotions do you hope to convey to your fans with these releases? What makes All Is Calm different from your other Christmas albums?

Jim Brickman has consented to my interview request so I am pleased to announce a New Age Music World interview publication with Jim Brickman and I will be available soon. With the holiday season nearing many of you may like to know more about his Christmas concerts, so I will include several questions about his always popular holiday concert events.

Visit jimbrickman.com homepage and purchase the Romanza & All Is Calm CD Combo at his music store. Jim Brickman’s “A Christmas Celebration” Holiday Concert Tour is available so check his Holiday Concert Tour page for venues in your area. Photo is courtesy jimbrickman.com.

Grammy Award Daft PunkTron: Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk is an exceptional electronic and orchestral movie soundtrack that became the award winning music score for the movie Tron: Legacy.

The original film score by Daft Punk has high acclaim from many within the music and film industry, plus the YouTube video below of song Derezzed has been viewed over 8 million times!

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack won an award for Best Original Score by the Austin Film Critics Association, nominated for Excellence in Production Design for a Fantasy Film from the Art Directions Guild. In addition, Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy reached the top 10 charts at Billboard.

The award-winning movie soundtrack by Daft Punk was nominated Score of the Year from the International Film Music Critics Association, and GRAMMY® nominated for Sound Editing.

Daft Punk is the GRAMMY® award-winning music duo comprised of French artists Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Recognized worldwide for their innovative electronic techno music, Daft Punk at present has been honored by 2 GRAMMY® Awards and 7 nominations.

Shown below is a YouTube video of the song Derezzed. You can sample or purchase the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack at amazon.com, or Tron: Legacy DVD at amazon.com, and visit daftalive.com. Big Stock Photo by AnmFoto.

Tribute to Vangelis by Christophe Lebled.

Jon Anderson and Vangelis are names you will recognize, but haven’t you ever wondered who the contributing artists are on some of Jon Anderson’s releases? Today I want to tell you about a career musician who has performed on album collaborations with Jon, but also has many fine releases of his own, including his Tribute to Vangelis which in itself is a commendable piece of music and fine compliment to the intricate works of Vangelis.

Christophe Lebled contributed on the famed Yes singer, Jon Anderson’s newest release Survival & Other Stories by performing his rich instrumental soundscapes. And there is more news about the two since Jon has again requested Christophe collaborate on a brand new project in 2012.

Their newest project is a re-creation of the entire LP Olias of Sunhillow – Live in 2012. The original Olias of Sunhillow release incidentally was Jon Anderson’s first solo album where he played every instrument and sang entirely by himself.

Jon Anderson who had joined with Vangelis years ago going by the musician title Jon & Vangelis had this to say about Christophe Lebled’s release Tribute to Vangelis;

“It has been almost impossible to find a musician who can make music as Vangelis does, and here we have Chris Lebled, a wonderful music man very capable of morphing into many styles of music, and sound very unique at the same time. I have a wonderful energy with Chris, and feel blessed to enjoy a rich working relationship.” Jon Anderson.

Christophe Lebled from France, (left in photo) began training on classical piano and then keyboards when he discovered progressive rock music, and the most influential and popular artists of the time period which, as you might have guessed were Jon Anderson of Yes and band Genesis. Their influence in music during this time period cannot be overstated.

During the 1980’s when new wave was popular Christophe instead chose the direction of jazz and took up formal studies of harmony and arranging at the American School of Modern Music. Studying with artists Barry Harris and Kenny Baron, he began to develop his uniquely individual touch of composing.

Christophe then intermixed a new cultural sound to his repertoire and entered the world of Latin music during the 1990’s in Paris France. It was during this period the Voxterrae label, discovered his talents and enlisted him on several projects like No Stress, Be Natural, Pure, and many others. Christophe Lebled’s first release in his own name was About Us, and later Tribute to Vangelis.

Tribute to Vangelis is Christophe Lebled’s original interpretation that not only re-creates the sound of Vangelis, but rivals him in some areas on his release. While keeping the same melody and harmony structures, the sound and atmosphere is uniquely his own but a masterful re-creation in the graceful sound of Vangelis. Until Jon and Christophe’s 2012 venture together – Olias of Sunhillow is released to the public, check out Christophe’s site and his music.

Visit ChristopheLebled.com and sample Tribute to Vangelis at amazon.com. Photos are courtesy christophelebled.com.

Our Last First Time by Sue Brescia.      

Sue Brescia, a New Age, Adult Contemporary singer, songwriter, and composing musician from Middletown, Rhode Island, recently released her second CD, Our Last First Time. By composing her original arrangements with simplicity, beauty and breadth, the 16 music compositions, title song and animated video are like a music symphony dedicated to the love shared between two people, even beyond the life experience of sorrow and loss.

The contemporary instrumentals in Our Last First Time are appropriately named after each line of every verse from the title song to encompass the full spectrum of the CD, which articulately capture emotions ranging from lightheartedness to an introspective tranquility. It is through the masterful blending of piano, woodwinds and strings that the heartfelt quality of her arrangements are conveyed.

Sue Brescia began her career as a singer in a top 40 band at age 18, while also performing in various cabarets and theaters in New England. After several years in Summer Stock Theater, a cabaret performance for the Royal Family, and an appearance at New York’s Catch A Rising Star, Sue Brescia began writing songs and produced her first CD release, Hope Rising in 2007. It was from this CD release that her song Forget You Never was listed among the International Top 40 according to the International Association of Independent Recording Artists.

The song Passage of Time from her Hope Rising CD, was another achievement for her after having been selected from more than 350,000 artists worldwide to appear with Natalie Merchant, Carly Simon and Livingston Taylor in contributing to the Life in the Years, and More Life in the Years CDs, a compilation of music to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

Our Last First Time comprises the collection of Sue’s life experiences and mortality’s reasoning which has sculpted her into the artist she is today. It is where her fervency for music originates. Writing lyrics to a song, composing an arrangement, all come from the core of her being, from a spiritual place. Sue’s album was also selected among the top entries and runner up status in the December 2010 round during the Song of the Year song and lyric competition.

Visit suebrescia.com and find at her Amazon.com page. Visit Sue’s YouTube channel. Album art courtesy Sue Brescia.

Jon Anderson and progressive rock music group Yes, are a featured topic here at Music World for the past couple of months. My earlier news articles are primarily about Jon Anderson’s 2011 concert tour and his new release – Survival & Other Stories, but I also had the opportunity to interview former lead singer Jon Anderson. This was quite an honor since I have been a fan of Jon and the group Yes for many years.

The musician lineup of the GRAMMY® Award winning music group Yes has changed over the years, but their exceptional blend of progressive rock arrangements, with symphonic and classical music blends remain as popular with today’s Yes fans as it was yesteryear when Jon Anderson graced the stage.

Fly From Here is the new album from Yes. It’s easy to see why Fly From Here is such a highly anticipated new release, being their first original album in 10 years. I have heard samples at Amazon, and can attest to the fact this release is indeed special. Recognized around the globe for providing Yes fans much more than just a pretty album cover, the group Yes remain the definitive superstars of progressive rock music!

Currently Yes has their U.S. Summer Tour With Styx, with July and August dates scheduled. The Yes European Winter Tour has scheduled dates in November and December. Current members of the band are; Benoît David (vocals) Steve Howe (lead guitar) Chris Squire (bass guitar) Geoff Downes (keyboards) Alan White (percussion). Fly From Here had early release in Japan, France, and Europe, with availability in the U.S. beginning July 12, 2011. Cover art courtesy yesworld.com.

In the latest news about Yes, the new Yes live album entitled In The Present – Live from Lyon is available on CD and DVD. The latest Yes tour news for 2012 are plans for live performances in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Visit the official yesworld.com website to find tour info and shop the Yes online store or Amazon.com to sample and purchase Fly From Here. Find out Jon Anderson’s tour info and his new album on our pages dedicated to Jon Anderson.

On July 8 2011 the Space Shuttle Atlantis will lift off at Kennedy Space Center for the last time, completing the final countdown for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program and another chapter of space travel for the United States of America.

Just as the present day epic quest for space travel concludes, another era for the United States begins with the next generation of spaceships. Designed to lift astronauts from Earth’s gravitational pull and propel them to the International Space Station and beyond, future missions will explore and discover mysteries of our universe.

Vangelis Papathanassiou, the Academy Award winning music composer won’t be aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis during the final liftoff into space set for 11:26 a.m. EDT. However there are some similarities and an interstellar connection regarding the famous music explorer and the NASA Space Program.

In a NASA interview with the music composer Vangelis, several Mars Odyssey team members familiar with his music wanted to ask Vangelis a few interview questions about his individual connection to Mars and the related space associations with his popular music.

The epic orchestral score by Vangelis entitled; Mythodea: Music for NASA’s Mars Odyssey Mission is the primary topic of the interview hosted by the Mars Odyssey team members, along with several questions regarding his personal viewpoint and the connection of his music arrangement to Mars and space exploration.

Mythodea: Music for NASA’s Mars Odyssey Mission is a beautiful orchestration with theatrical opera vocals and dramatic chorus which are in parity with other epic Vangelis scores like the Academy Award winning Chariots of Fire, along with other scores like Blade Runner, 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Alexander.

Read the NASA and Vangelis Interview about Mythodea, conducted by NASA Mars Odyssey team members. Find more at Music World including song videos from Jon & Vangelis and the Blade Runner Trilogy soundtrack on my pages for Vangelis.

Space Shuttle photo courtesy NASA – Big Stock photo rkasprzak.

Blade Runner Trilogy Soundtrack by Vangelis.

Movie Soundtracks & Film Scores have played an integral role during cinematic moments in film history by transforming a great movie into an award winning motion picture. Time after time, the music chosen provides the effective chemistry to accomplish the movie director’s objective of bringing out the full emotion and depth of an actor’s character identity.

The 3 CD Blade Runner Trilogy is another innovative and popular movie soundtrack by Greek composer Vangelis Papathanassiou. Directed by Ridley Scott and produced by Michael Deeley, Blade Runner the movie remains a classic film with a long list of popular actors including Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, and Edward James Olmos.

Vangelis is an award winning musician with a long list of movie soundtracks to his credit. The Chariots of Fire movie score is one of high acclaim of course, but Vangelis also composed the entire music score for the epic science fiction thriller Blade Runner. For those who have watched the movie you know the film score by Vangelis is a vital component to the full drama viewers experience while watching this movie.

Over the years New Age music has been the perfect music genre for great movie soundtracks, so we can expect this to continue in the future. I feature many musicians who have produced film scores over the years so I wonder which artist will be the next to compose an Academy Award winning movie soundtrack for the film industry.

The Blade Runner YouTube song video from the motion picture features a pivotal moment during the movie storyline by using the song Love Theme by Vangelis. The 3 CD Trilogy Series and song Love Theme by Vangelis is a popular cinematic song on rotation now and then at our free online Stars radio player located on the right if you want to tune in.

Visit Amazon.com to sample / purchase the Blade Runner Trilogy Soundtrack by Vangelis.

Another April Day by Marie-Thérèse McCartin.

Acclaimed pianist, singer and harpist Marie-Thérèse McCartin from Newtowngore, Leitrim, Ireland has released a debut album of special interest to people who appreciate beautiful vocals with piano and light orchestrations of distinction, set to a wonderful Celtic and Folk theme.

Another April Day offers listeners a collection of the most beautiful Irish songs ever written and in fine cohesion with compositions of her own. From the haunting notes of Carrickfergus to the unique rendition of Clare to Here, her release was over six months in the planning and recording of the 15 track album which features the 60 piece National Symphony Orchestra of Moldova.

Marie-Thérèse McCartin, who began playing piano at the age of six, had attended The Royal Irish Academy of Music and went on to graduate from Trinity College, Dublin, with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Marie-Thérèse is also an accomplished harpist, singer, and former member of Anuna, the original chorus in Riverdance. In addition to the recent release of her current album, Marie-Thérèse realized a lifelong dream in 2003 when she founded the Cavan Academy of Music. The school teaches a range of instruments and styles of music and welcomes students of all ages.

Another April Day offers listeners a fresh interpretation on some of Ireland’s best known melodies including The Rose of Tralee, Black is the Color & Galway Bay along with original compositions by Marie-Thérèse. The bonus track, Another April Day is a beautiful piece that has become somewhat of a family affair with lyrics that read like poetry composed by her father Tommy, having both the piano and vocal arrangement provided by the artist. Keeping with tradition, her debut album of Irish melodies are wonderfully heartfelt.

Visit marietheresemccartin.com to sample / purchase or at her Amazon.com page & CDBaby.com page.

Cover photo courtesy marietheresemccartin.com.

The Best of Album by Jon & Vangelis.

When you say the names Jon Anderson and Vangelis Papathanassiou, most people tend to classify the discography of the two legendary artists by Progressive Rock and Electronic, Soundtrack or Film Score. This is for the most part true, but like many famous musicians of today, one genre category is never enough to satisfy their creative ambitions in entirety.

Jon & Vangelis was the successive collaboration when celebrity Yes vocalist Jon Anderson teamed up with the master of electronic music, Vangelis Papathanassiou. Their partnership back in the 1980’s produced some incredible melodies which remain ageless classics and a favorite selection for devoted aficionados of both artists, in addition to their individual solo projects which began their rise to stardom.

The Best of Jon & Vangelis is an excellent album from the two artisans who joined forces during those earlier years, which today seem so long ago. The Best of Album in particular is one I would suggest to those less than familiar with their collaboration effort. The songs State Of Independence & I’ll Find My Way Home have been two of my personal favorites for many years.

During my recent interview with Jon Anderson we learned his solo career is still thriving after 5 decades of producing music.  Jon is currently performing his concert tour publicized as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson” at this very moment.

Jon Anderson’s new album Survival & Other Stories will be distributed soon too, so check back for my pre-release album review of Jon’s latest solo project. Below is Jon Anderson’s reply about what concert attendees could expect during one of his concerts, and the Jon & Vangelis song video of I’ll Find My Way Home featuring vocals by Jon and Vangelis on piano. Visit Amazon.com to sample / purchase this classic album. Cover art courtesy Jon & Vangelis.

Jon Anderson:  Well, it’s really like being in my ‘front room’. I’m singing Yes songs as I originally wrote them, singing ‘Jon and Vangelis’ songs, telling stories, how songs came together, the meaning behind the songs, talking about my life so far, and doing new songs from my new album – Survival & Other Stories.


Calmness of Spirit by David Hoffman.

David Hoffman is a brilliant composing musician from Illinois named a top award winner among others in The Tenth Annual Independent Music Awards. David was selected by a 62 member panel of industry professionals including popular artists Seal, Aimee Mann, Ozzy Osbourne, Arturo Sandoval and many other influential musicians.

Many may already recognize David Hoffman by his lengthy tenure with another famous musician named Ray Charles, having been the trumpet and flugelhorn soloist, along with his presence as composer and arranger with the Ray Charles Orchestra. It was during his 13 year partnership with Ray Charles that David Hoffman extensively toured many notable venues in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. Additional tours included Russia in 1994 and a return visit in 2000, where he performed with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

Calmness of Spirit is a beautiful instrumental album merging New Age and Jazz in a remarkable coupling which gives the listener a distant ray of sunshine impression by the elevated melodic ambience and tonal qualities. What makes this CD album so unique is the transition in style by the artist himself, and needless to say, it is a successful one. David skillfully performs on piano and the trumpet, for which he is famous. Another great artist on this album is colleague Paul Adams who co-produced and performs Native American flute, guitar, percussion, and Hulusi wind instrument.

David Hoffman is a masterful Jazz performer and expert brass musician making a fine transition by Calmness of Spirit. In addition to the more New Age and Jazz influence blending in Calmness of Spirit, David’s earlier more Jazz or World music centered albums are; From Energy to Stillness, Groovin’, The David Hoffman Sextet Live, and Christmas In Your Heart. David Hoffman also provides area located and online instructions to students of all levels from beginner to expert. As a Jazz great, his vast areas of expertise in composition, scoring and arranging on a multitude of instruments is unsurpassed.

Visit the davidhoffmanjazz.com homepage and visit pauladams.org to sample / purchase, or at his Amazon.com page.

Album Art courtesy David Hoffman.

Midnight Orchestra by Spencer Stanley

Spencer Stanley is a composing musician who first developed his love for the piano during his elementary school years. Composing musical scores during junior high then became a constant activity and form of creative enjoyment for him. Spencer’s performance in various school bands, jazz bands and orchestras reflects his own compositional phrasing in his Midnight Orchestra debut album from 2010.

Midnight Orchestra has a Classic Piano, Contemporary Instrumental & New Age presentation. This album contains 11 pieces which takes listeners into the depths of melodic piano flow, with appealing resonances of strings, some woodwinds and lively percussion rhythms on snare and timpani drums. I was really impressed with his talents, along with the performing instrumentalist in accompaniment. Songs from Midnight Orchestra are currently being played on various internet radio stations, and his YouTube videos feature the song Velocity, and the title song.

Spencer Stanley has received training in piano, trumpet and French horn during his high school years. His scholastic studies earned him top scores in band ensembles, jazz and orchestras in competitions throughout the state. He is currently attending Brigham Young University for academic studies, and was selected an all-star youth musician with the Utah Symphony. Even though his background skills are centered on brass instruments, these songs are comprised of mainly piano, strings, and percussion rhythms blend remarkably well by their light melodic harmony.

Midnight Orchestra is compiled of songs Spencer composed and co-orchestrated with Dave Zimmerman during their high school years. It features Spencer on piano and Dave Zimmerman on percussion, with other musicians he became friends with over the years; Andrea Hughes (violin) Natachia Li (cello) and Sophie Stanley (classical guitar). Together these musicians have produced an impressive instrumental album, and I am sure you will reach the same conclusion.

Visit Spencer Stanley on his Facebook page.  Sample or purchase his album at Amazon.com and iTunes. Visit our page dedicated to Spencer Stanley.

Music For Commuting by Ken Elkinson.

Ken Elkinson is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California. As a young adult, he was part of the competitive Classical piano circuit, who later studied Jazz and Pop piano, picking up guitar, bass, saxophone, clarinet and French horn along the way.  In college, Ken took classes in music composition, percussion, recording studio techniques and improvisation to enhance his music education.  It was during this time he began work on his first original Solo Piano CD, Midnight Conversation, which was released in 1997.

After 9 solo piano albums, Ken Elkinson decided to begin composing ambient music, and the result is a new 6 CD box set entitled Music For Commuting.  Featuring 60 tracks and over 4 hours of music, Music For Commuting has 3 double length CDs which represent progressive days of the week.   The music was composed specifically to help calm drivers while commuting, but his calming music is well suited for massage, yoga, meditation, and academic studies.

On this 6 CD collector’s edition, Disc 1 Monday-Tuesday begins the work week in a deep and droning manner, as if shuttling the commuter through the hardest days of the week.  Disc 2 Wednesday-Thursday is much brighter while featuring upbeat, anthems and 1980’s synth-pop elements.  Disc 3 is made for Friday and the weekend, taking the commuter into an enjoyable relaxing mode by spacey and futuristic music filled with a perfect sense of optimism.  Songs can be purchased by individual mp3 downloads.

Music For Commuting is an all instrumental mix of Ambient, Chill Electronica and New Age music, but most are from an ambient perspective with lighter melodies.  All 60 songs blend beautifully into one another, and Ken performed every note you hear, so there was no instrumental programming involved during production.  Ken Elkinson instead used a combination of 8 keyboards and synthesizers on this value packed collector’s edition CD which enables the listener to arrive at their destination in a calm and relaxed attitude.

Visit kenelkinson.com to purchase / sample this 6 CD box set, also available at Amazon.com and popular music outlets.

Music legend Jon Anderson has a new CD – Survival & Other Stories, due to be released in April 2011.  Knowing Anderson’s significant influence on progressive music covering a variety of popular genres, the new Survival & Other Stories CD promises to be a hot item that will create a lot of excitement for a diverse buying public, which will no doubt include a multitude of devoted Yes fans!

Currently Jon is making preparations for a North America concert tour portrayed as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson.”

Jon Anderson is a music celebrity whose tenure as the lead vocalist in Yes, along with his innovative solo music career have placed him in center stage prominence, but Jon has also teamed up with other superstars Vangelis, Kitaro, Rick Wakeman and Mike Oldfield.  Plus, the long list of popular music artists he has performed with during a career spanning five decades is truly impressive.

In a televised HDNet Concert Series program, he shared the stage with the 112 member Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra, and 60 member student chorus.  During the live performance, hit songs from Yes and Jon & Vangelis included Owner of a Lonely Heart, I’ve Seen All Good People, Round About & I’ll Find My Way Home.

Survival & Other Stories is said to portray a personal message of inspiration, with down to earth themes regarding love, life, understanding, healing and survival.  If you are as familiar with Jon Anderson as I am, then you know this album description does indicate another positive and progressive transition in his music!

Billy James of Glass Onyon PR, in charge of this promotion recently informed me a CD copy of Survival and Other Stories will be sent to me, so look for my review in the near future.  There is also a good chance I will have an opportunity to present to our visitors an in-depth musician interview with Jon Anderson, so do come back often to visit New Age Music World.  You can count on this website to present much more about the rare eclectic voice of Yes – Jon Anderson.  Below is a video clip from the televised live HDNet Concert Series program.

Visit jonanderson.com for news and tour info.  Follow Jon on FaceBook & Twitter. Then read our pages dedicated to Jon Anderson.  Photos courtesy jonanderson.com.

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