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Bradley Joseph ConcertPre-release Album Review: Paint The Sky by top contemporary instrumental artist Bradley Joseph, composer, soloist and professional career musician with Yanni and Sheena Easton.

If you are a fan of multi-platinum concert and recording artists Yanni and pop vocal star Sheena Easton there is a good chance you also admire the music of leading composer and multi-instrumental artist Bradley Joseph.

Bradley Joseph has enjoyed a successful solo music career of his own for years, with many impressive achievements including ranking in Sirius Top 40 Radio Charts, with over 1.5 million radio plays each month, plus attaining #1 on Amazon, #1 on iTunes, and 25 weeks on the Billboard Charts.

The career musician Bradley Joseph is the Robbins Island Music Label founder, and was voted Outstanding Minnesotan of the Year, yet these are just several highlights during his illustrious career.

These achievements as a solo artist are in all in addition to sharing the stage with music celebrities Yanni and Sheena Easton for over a decade, touring with pop vocal star Sheena Easton as her co-music director for 5 years.

Bradley JosephTouring with Yanni for over 6 years, Bradley Joseph replaced John Tesh as the feature keyboard performer and soloist during Yanni’s Ethnicity 2003 World Tour, and keyboardist in the multi-platinum selling CD and DVD titled Yanni – Live At The Acropolis. This album alone sold over 7 million copies worldwide, plus the video sold over 1 million copies to be top seller of all time, second only to the Thriller Video by the late Michael Jackson.

Bradley Joseph has an exceptional new age, piano instrumental album titled Paint The Sky, ready for official release at his website and major online music retailers on April 4, 2013. After receiving an early demo recording I am pleased to be the first to provide an album review and tell you about this special new release knowing Paint The Sky is an exceptional instrumental album guaranteed to be a popular hit among a wide audience.

Paint The Sky begins with an exciting song titled Inside the Stars, moving to a more reflective Secret of the Sun. Rather than a complex analysis of the 13 songs an accurate description is best expressed by the near even number of songs with upbeat melodies and lively rhythms, with the balance centered by a light, casual relaxed atmosphere.

All piano with instrumental pieces are brilliantly poised by the cinematic feel, with importance given to melodic rhythm and phrasing. Aside from describing the album in formal terms, Paint The Sky is simply a significant new album arrangement by one of today’s top instrumental artists guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser.

One can’t talk about Bradley Joseph without mentioning Yanni and Sheena Easton, both of which are music celebrities recognized for their selection of the highest caliber artists for their popular studio albums and concert tours.

Paint The Sky by Bradley JosephIn this sense I may be stating the obvious by saying Bradley Joseph is clearly an outstanding instrumental artist. Pointing out the significance of his music career however does offer a better perspective of how special Paint The Sky really is.

Bradley Joseph also has audio CDs and DVDs specializing in relaxation and behavioral music for pets including canines and felines. The benefits of music therapy are in fact supported by the veterinary profession, so if you are interested in providing therapeutic music for your pet visit the store section at his website.

Along with the popular pet therapy music CD and DVD collection there is a section at his website dedicated to specialty albums including Holiday Music, Popular Cover Songs, four CD nature sounds collection, piano sheet music and more.

The 13 songs on Paint The Sky: Pianist Bradley Joseph – Original piano instrumentals with a cinematic feel are: Inside the Stars, Secrets of the Sun, Into the Big Blue, Your Eyes Say Goodbye, In Dreams Awake, Rainbow Fields, I’ll Wait For You, What A Time It Was, The Edge of My Heart, Brave New Day, Light Through the Trees, Spirit of the Calm & Remembering.

Visit the artist at BradleyJoseph.com for audio CD albums, mp3 downloads, piano sheet music, and much more. Prior to the April 4, 2013 release date pre-order Paint The Sky at Amazon.com. Photo and cover courtesy bradleyjoseph.com.

Pet Therapy AlbumsRegardless of whether you are presently a student, employed or retired, chances are at some point in your life you will choose to own a pet for companionship. While dogs and cats are the most popular choice of pet to keep us company, other pets from a variety of bird species, rodents, reptiles, marine animals likewise serve as adored companions to the human species.

Bradley Joseph is a professional pianist and instrumental artist specializing in relaxation and behavioral music for pets. In fact he has produced a large collection of audio CDs and DVDs dedicated specifically to the most popular animals companions like canines and felines but his music can be beneficial to a variety of other animals too.

The album titles for some of his therapeutic CDs and DVDs are Music Pets Love, Music Dogs Love, Music Cats Love, Music Birds Love, along with DVD For Dogs & DVD For Cats.

The selection of CD and DVD pet therapy music produced by Bradley Joseph is designed specifically for pampering our companions using gentle music as a technique for relaxation and to help relieve separation anxiety while we are away, and additional common pet conditions.

The benefits of music therapy are in fact supported by the veterinary profession, so if you are interested in providing therapeutic music for your pet, allow me to direct you to his popular store section with an extra nice collection of pet therapy music to choose from.

For a variety of music designed for pet therapy visit BradleyJoseph.com. While you are there read about his professional music career which includes touring with international concert artist Yanni and pop vocal star Sheena Easton. Cover art is courtesy bradleyjoseph.com.

Malta Music Awards

Tribali Band from MaltaMalta Music Awards 2013: International world music band Tribali wins Best Album honors for two consecutive years at the Malta Music Awards with The Traveller album.

It’s been another successful year for the Maltese band Tribali by their first place win for Best Album at the Malta Music Awards taking place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre on February 3, 2013.

The Malta Music Awards, held the day after the Malta Eurovision Song Festival, presented Tribali a Best Album Award for their 2012 release The Traveller, which made the second consecutive year in a row Tribali claimed the victory.

The Traveller is a vocal instrumental album with 13 songs in the world music category, which highlights the band’s unique range of traditional and ethnic influences. The band incorporates a variety of instruments including ethnic instruments like didgeridoo, electric sitar, murchunga, guimbri, cahon, hang and tabla, with traditional guitars, keyboards, vocals, violin, trumpet, drums and percussion.

The compilation album Festa is another Tribali release from 2012 featuring a 13 song collection of classic songs from Tribali’s earlier releases. During earlier years their music was available to local music stores in Malta. Now it appears the two most recent albums by Tribali have largely contributed to the introduction of the band’s unique blend of new age, world and traditional Maltase Folk music to the world.The Traveller by Triballi

Likewise the two most recent albums by Tribali have transitioned the group from the status of a favorite local band into the international spotlight as serious contenders in the world music scene.

The leading daily newspaper in Malta named The Times, formerly The Times of Malta, ran a news article about the band Tribali and their recent music award. I was pleased to read The Times has quoted me in several paragraphs and made reference to this site in their February 8, 2013 newspaper publication stating; “Tribali’s album Festa has been rated the seventh best instrumental new age and world music album of the year by a top website specializing in the genre.”

It’s always an honor to be quoted by a respected news source like The Times in Malta, but the real honors do go to Tribali for their second Malta Music Awards victory in a row. Given the brazenly unique music of the Maltese band Tribali, clearly they deserve an encore for the second time.

To find concert information and sample or purchase albums visit TribaliMusic.com. If you would like to read The Times newspaper article of the recent win for the Maltese band Tribali visit TimesOfMalta.com. Cover and photos are courtesy tribalimusic.com and timesofmalta.com.

Soundtrack ReviewAward-winning Soundtrack: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

This week Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross earned a GRAMMY® Award in the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media Category for their soundtrack score The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Identical to the movie itself, this lengthy soundtrack with 39 songs paints a dark and deeply mysterious sound-scape by the two artist’s electronic score composed from an equally enigmatic viewpoint.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo SoundtrackHowever when listening to this award-winning soundtrack outside the context of the movie, does The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo still earn the appreciation it deserves? This appears to be the case. The Social Network Soundtrack from 2010, which won a Golden Globe and Academy Award, is another prize movie score of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross earning this team well-deserved admiration of music buffs and moviegoers alike.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack by itself is a masterful collection of electronic music. Now given the prestige of award-winning status and the backing of the motion picture regarded as an epic thriller, this cinematic movie soundtrack by itself has become a success by progressing into the popular arena of a trendy modern classic.

The soundtrack with 39 songs is available in a 3 audio CD box set or mp3 digital downloads. The song video shown below is the 8 minute long Official Trailer with background score. Find The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at Amazon.com. Cover courtesy Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo SoundtrackBest Soundtrack Music Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win GRAMMY® Award for Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media by their film score album titled The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

The 55th GRAMMY® Award Winners in 81 categories were recently named during a live presentation ceremony. The show publicized as “Music’s Biggest Night” was aired live during a televised broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

The ceremony held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on February 10, 2013 included a series of show performances while honoring top artists for their achievements by one or more awards of 81 Best Album Award categories.

Composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were presented with a GRAMMY® Award in the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media Category, determined by voting members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack earned Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross the prestigious, top Music Award.

Grammy Winning SoundtrackThe GRAMMY® Awards first inaugurated in 1959 was formed to recognize artists for their achievements in the music recording industry. To give you an idea how popular this awards presentation has become, the Annual Music Awards is ranked in viewership popularity as one of the highest rated television special programs.

Last year’s televised live Annual Music Awards ceremony reported 39.9 million viewers worldwide. The prime-time awards presentation in 2013 with an equally long list of popular celebrities who performed live during the presentation ceremony is expected to be another record breaking year for television viewership.

The five additional Nominated composers and their Soundtrack Scores in the 55th Music Awards for Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media are: The Adventures Of Tintin – The Secret Of The Unicorn Soundtrack by composer John Williams, The Artist Soundtrack by composer Ludovic Bource, The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack by composer Hans Zimmer, Hugo Soundtrack by composer Howard Shore, and Journey: Official Game Soundtrack by composer Austin Wintory.

Sample or purchase the album soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross titled The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at Amazon.com. Read the complete list of prizewinning artists and albums in all 81 Best Album Categories at Grammy.com. Photos are courtesy Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross & Big Stock Photo – AnmFoto.

Grammy World MusicBest World Music Album: The Recording Academy bestows Ravi Shankar a 55th GRAMMY® Award in the Best World Music Album Category for his album The Living Room Sessions Part 1.

The 55th GRAMMY® Award Winners in 81 specific categories were announced during a live presentation ceremony. The show publicized as “Music’s Biggest Night” aired live during a televised broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

The ceremony held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on February 10, 2013 included a series of show performances while honoring top artists for their achievements by one or more awards of 81 total Best Album Award categories.

Selected Best World Music Album in category #51, a Music Award was bestowed to Ravi Shankar posthumously. Award recipients in all categories were determined by voting members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Ravi Shankar won the Best World Music Album GRAMMY® Award for his album titled The Living Room Sessions Part 1.

Grammy World MusicThe GRAMMY® Awards first inaugurated in 1959 was formed to recognize artists for their achievements in the music recording industry. To give you an idea how popular this awards presentation has become, the Annual Music Awards is ranked in viewership popularity as one of the highest rated television special programs.

Last year’s televised live Annual Music Awards ceremony reported 39.9 million viewers worldwide. The prime-time awards presentation in 2013 with an equally long list of popular celebrities who performed live during the presentation ceremony is expected to be another record breaking year for television viewership.

The four additional nominees and their albums in the 55th Music Awards for Best World Music Album are: Folila by Amadou & Mariam, On A Gentle Island Breeze by Daniel Ho, Jabulani by Hugh Masekela and Traveller by Anoushka Shankar. For album reviews and interviews with additional Award-Winning and Nominated artists at this site find further reading and information on my main pages.

To sample or purchase The Living Room Session Part 1 album visit RaviShankar.org. You may also sample or purchase The Living Room Session Part 1 at the store page for Ravi Shankar at Amazon.com. To read the complete list of award-winning artists, including all award-nominees in all 81 Best Album Categories visit Grammy.com. Cover art and photo are courtesy ravishankar.org. & Big Stock Photo – AnmFoto.

Echoes Of Love by Omar AkramEchoes Of Love by Omar Akram: The Recording Academy has named Omar Akram a 55th GRAMMY® Award-Winner in the Best New Age Album Category for his album Echoes Of Love.

The 55th GRAMMY® Award Winners in 81 specific categories were announced during a live presentation ceremony. The show publicized as “Music’s Biggest Night” aired live during a televised broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

The ceremony held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on February 10, 2013 included a series of show performances while honoring top artists for their achievements by one or more awards of 81 total Best Album Award categories.

Selected top album out of 6 albums total in the New Age Music Category (#30) a Music Award was presented to Omar Akram. The recipients in all 81 categories of this prestigious music award were ultimately determined by voting members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

Omar Akram won the GRAMMY® Award in the Best New Age Album Category for his album titled Echoes Of Love.

New Age GrammyThe GRAMMY® Awards first inaugurated in 1959 was formed to recognize artists for their achievements in the music recording industry. To give you an idea how popular this awards presentation has become, the Annual Music Awards is ranked in viewership popularity as one of the highest rated television special programs.

Last year’s televised live 54th Annual Awards program reported 39.9 million viewers worldwide. This year’s prime-time live awards presentation with a long list of popular celebrities is expected to be another record breaking year for television viewership.

I have interviewed a number of GRAMMY® Award/Nominated artists and written album reviews about their albums over the years. If you are new to this music blog, on my main pages you can find more information about artists in this year and past years award competition in the Soundtrack, Americana, Instrumental, New Age, and World music genre categories.

To sample or purchase Echoes Of Love visit the artist at OmarMusic.com. Visit the record label RealMusic.com and find Echoes Of Love at Real Music online store page for Omar Akram. To view the complete list of award-winning artists and their albums in 81 Best Album Categories visit Grammy.com.

Cover art and photo are courtesy realmusic.com & Big Stock Photo – AnmFoto.

Rumbadoodle by Arun ShenoyRumbadoodle by Nominee Arun Shenoy: GRAMMY® Nominated Album for Best Pop Instrumental Album in the 55th Music Awards.

With the 55th GRAMMY® Awards scheduled for February 10, 2013, it will be exciting to see if the world fusion album Rumbadoodle by Nominee Arun Shenoy is presented with a prestigious music award in 2013. This release with 11 songs is named by a wide range of ethnic styles integrated into every song.

Rumbadoodle is a debut album Arun Shenoy produced from the sound variety of Gypsy Rumba Flamenco music, and a variety of instrumental styles like pop, rock, new age, and world music rhythms. Given the wide ranging diversity it is hard to imagine one defining sound to accurately describe this nominated release but as it turns out Rumbadoodle neatly converges into one exceptional album.

Special note: Arun Shenoy is donating 100% of the proceeds from Rumbadoodle album sales to an education fund for the underprivileged in India.

The 11 songs on audio CD or mp3 are: Rumbadoodle, My Ballad Days, Prance, Rock and Rigmarole, The Violin Song, Fireflies, Blue Sky Happiness Pt. 1, Blue Sky Happiness Pt. 2, Sleepy Town, Wanderlust in Keys & Rhythm of the Sun.

Visit the artist at ArunShenoy.com and find Rumbadoodle at Amazon.com. Album art is courtesy arunshenoy.com.

Steven Halpern Grammy Deep Alpha by Steven Halpern – GRAMMY® Nominated Album in the New Age Music Category at the 55th GRAMMY® Awards.

The new age album Deep Alpha has a unique distinction from the majority of new age recordings produced in 2012 by Steven Halpern’s Nomination for Best New Age Album in the 55th GRAMMY® Awards set for February 10, 2013.

Steven Halpern is a best-selling recording artist who is widely accepted as one of the earliest originators of healing music. With over 6 million albums sold, you will find his music is a source of admiration for fans and colleagues alike.

Credited for his early music and scientific studies in the field of therapeutic music, his leading role as producer of healing music has resulted in many of the best albums made specifically for relaxation, yoga and stress relief.

New age music albums produced by Steven Halpern frequently make the Top 10 Charts at Billboard. In fact a comparable album titled Deep Theta: High Coherence Soundscapes For Meditation And Healing is presently listed at #6 in the Billboard Top 10 New Age Chart, having held a position in the Top 10 Chart for the past 18 weeks.Deep Alpha by Steven Halpern

Produced by a leading authority in the field of healing music Deep Alpha, with 14 songs at over an hour in length is an exceptional blend of electronic and instrumental new age music produced in 2012 by recording artist Steven Halpern.

Comparable to all of his music the tonal atmosphere is composed with a scientific approach to promote the healing power of music. Having produced over 70 recordings to date, his music is perfect for massage, meditation, stress management and yoga.

For the leading new age recording artist Steven Halpern this year could yield a long overdue and much deserved GRAMMY® Award. When you visit his website you will find special discount pricing on his selection of audio CDs in celebration of his 38th year anniversary, so the time is right to purchase his albums.

Find more about the artist Steven Halpern and sample or purchase Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing at InnerPeaceMusic.com. Photography is courtesy innerpeacemusic.com.

Josh GrobanNew Vocal Instrumental Album Review: The new album in 2013 by Josh Groban titled All That Echoes debuts at #1 on Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 list.

For persons familiar with multi-platinum vocalist Josh Groban it’s understandable why his sixth studio album All That Echoes has made its debut at #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

In addition to the top position on the Best Seller list, All That Echoes currently holds the #1 position of the Pop, Vocal Pop, Rock, and Classical categories, all of which are much deserved.

The singer, songwriter and record producer is famous for his amazing talents as a vocalist as everyone knows. This time Josh Groban proves the merits of his superstar status yet again by the creation of an incredibly beautiful vocal with instrumentals release like no other.

All That Echoes is the follow-up to an equally wondrous album Illumination from 2010, yet Josh Groban test his talents as a songwriter having written seven of the twelve songs on his 2013 release. The five popular cover songs likewise are wonderful versions with verses sung of the highest quality so expect nothing less than the best.All That Echoes by Josh Groban

All That Echoes is listed in the Pop genre category at Amazon, but music crossing into multiple genres is more than commonplace. After listening to the entire album for this review it sounds primarily an easy listening vocal album but this naturally has little to do with how this album is perceived artistically.

Nearly all of the first customer reviews at Amazon have given this the uppermost rating, of which I couldn’t agree more. Resonating with fans from all corners of the globe, I believe you will find All That Echoes is a stunning new release that rings true from the first note to the last.

The 12 songs on All That Echoes are; Brave, False Alarms, Falling Slowly, She Moved Through the Fair, Below The Line, E Ti Promettero, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Un Alma Mas, Happy in My Heartache, Hollow Talk, Sincera, I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will Be Forever).

Visit the artist at JoshGroban.com and sample or purchase his new 2013 release All That Echoes at Amazon.com. This release is available in audio CD or digital downloads at major music retailers. Photo courtesy joshgroban.com.

Alphaville in 2013Alphaville News 2013: Newest Alphaville album with working title of Strange Attractor scheduled for release in 2013.

For fans of the synthpop group Alphaville this year is one of anticipation by the news of a brand new CD album by the international electronic music sensation. For nearly 30 years the Germany based group Alphaville has endured as a favorite band for millions of electronic music fans worldwide.

Alphaville songs like Forever Young, Big in Japan & Sounds Like a Melody brought them prominence early on, but even today they continue to produce new hit songs that quickly become fan favorites. Their most recent album Catching Rays on Giant from 2010 is a good example. It’s an impressive studio release with 16 of the best Alphaville songs on a single album.

Strange Attractor is the production or working title for Alphaville’s new album for 2013, revealed during an interview with founding vocalist Marian Gold. The release date is unknown at this time but we may be hearing more soon.

Marion Gold also said Strange Attractor, being recorded in Sweden, is unlike any other album Alphaville has ever produced. I couldn’t help but think it may be unlike any album the electronic megastars have released, but one thing we can count on is the Strange Attractor project turning out to be another exceptional album by a fascinating band that gets better with each passing year. Current band member lineup is Marian Gold, Martin Lister, David Goodes and Jakob Kiersch.

For more information and future concert tour announcements visit Alphaville.info. Photo is courtesy alphaville.de.

Alphaville Concert 2013Alphaville Concert Tour 2014: New Concert Informaton.

The Germany based synthpop group Alphaville has updated their show schedule on their 2014 concert news page. The show locations given so far this year are designed for a European audience since concert venues currently scheduled are locations in Germany and Poland.

Alphaville is a sensational electronic pop music group with a huge international fan base and millions of albums sold the past 30 years.

The song playlist from their show performances is not given but I would imagine songs from their newest album Catching Rays on Giant, and a number of additional song favorites like Forever Young, Big In Japan & Sounds Like A Melody are included in the song set list.

Alphaville’s Catchin Rays on Giant album is an outstanding studio release from 2010. I believe the majority of fans would agree Catchin Rays on Giant are some of the best Alphaville songs founding vocalist Marian Gold and band members have produced to date!Catching Rays on Giant by Alphaville

There is also news about a new Alphaville album in 2014. The working title for Alphaville’s new album for 2014 is Strange Attractor. There is more press news for Strange Attractor when available, but this is fantastic news and an exciting time for millions of fans worldwide.

Alphaville is an amazing success story beginning with first album Forever Young from 1984. With previous live concerts in Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States, Alphaville fans in Europe are going to have an eventful year in 2014! Current band members are Marian Gold, Martin Lister, David Goodes and Jakob Kiersch.

Visit the Germany based Alphaville.de for news, merchandise and 2014 Concert information. Below is an Alphaville song video titled Sounds Like A Melody, recorded live at the Tresor Club in Berlin, Germany. Check for official concert information and tour updates at Alphaville.de. Photo is courtesy alphaville.de.

Alphaville Concert Tour Dates 2014:

1. June 21, 2014 – Chodziez City, Poland – Venue Location to be announced

2. August 29, 2014 – Neuenhagen/Berlin, Germany – Venue Location Sommerwind Open Air

Pianist Kevin BluemelNew Piano Songs in 2013: Pre-release album review for Uncharted by new age pianist Kevin Bluemel.

There are a number of enjoyable aspects with being the host of a popular music blog. One noticeable feature is when I interview or write a pre-release album review about the newest music by a popular celebrity artist prior to the official album release date.

Writing about today’s top instrumental artists has in turn made this site a popular destination, however there is nothing more rewarding to me personally than when I assist a less famous, but uniquely talented artist. Regardless of whether an artist is top-ranked or not I aim to inform visitors and provide increased publicity for today’s best artists and their newest album.

Today I would like to introduce new age pianist Kevin Bluemel, who is an exceptional independent artist with a rare talent as a composing pianist. I say this with full confidence and sincerity, having spent several days sampling his 2010, self-titled debut album, and newest album with 12 songs titled Uncharted, scheduled for release next week on February 5, 2013.

Uncharted by Kevin Bluemel - 2013The 12 new piano songs by Kevin Bluemel on Uncharted are an impressive blend of piano and electronic instrumentals. Eight years in the making, you can tell these songs are skillfully composed, produced and performed just like songs from his debut album, Eye of the Storm, Heart of the Journey & Sailing the Forgotten.

Kevin Bluemel began playing piano at a young age and later began composing music in a distinctly original style, best described as classic piano and electronic instrumental music reminiscent to artist like Vangelis, Yanni and Hans Zimmer. Quality songs from Uncharted like A New Day, Vitality, Distant Serenade, Seaside & Uncharted (title song) are several favorite songs everyone will enjoy, simply by the classical melody phrasing and moving cinematic nuances.

After his first studio release, Kevin Bluemel began acquiring fans from all corners of the globe. Now with the release of Uncharted coming up next week, take a minute to discover this great artist for yourself and make Kevin Bluemel’s website and music store your next destination! Listed as new age, instrumental, contemporary piano, the 12 songs are: A New Day, Call of the Sea, Vitality, Prelude, Forest of Dreams, Distant Serenade, Seaside, Uncharted, Beyond the Horizon, Secret of the Bay, Overture & Storm Front.

Visit KevinBluemel.com to sample or purchase Uncharted and his self-titled debut release. Sample digital songs now, and after February 5, 2013 you may purchase Uncharted at Amazon.com. Photo and cover art courtesy kevinbluemel.com.

Dreamweaver Album by Gandalf New Acoustic Album by Gandalf in 2013: Pre-release music review for Dreamweaver by electronic and instrumental artist Gandalf.

If you have been an enthusiast of electronic and instrumental new age music for the past 30 years, then you know there are a limited number of orchestral musicians who convey the picturesque imagery of their compositions better than the legendary, Austrian born artist Gandalf.

The imagery he creates with his orchestral music is an important characteristic of the artist that is apparent to those familiar with his work, and yet this one aspect soon becomes obvious to those listening to the great composer of symphonic music for the first time. After all, there is a pretty good reason Gandalf is called “The Painter of Musical Landscapes.”

Dreamweaver is a new acoustic album from Gandalf on the Real Music Label. Scheduled for release on March 12, 2013 the hour long recording of 9 songs is performed by a select ensemble of four instrumental artists.

While sampling Dreamweaver it became clear Gandalf artistically works his magic on his newest project in superior fashion. This is what I had anticipated, however the musical brushstrokes in this composition are chosen from a lighter palette of colors that ultimately prove to be a representation of peaceful serenity.

Musician GandalfGandalf has regularly used electric and bass guitars in rock opera style fashion to represent deep illustrations, but Dreamweaver is elegantly portrayed by lighter instrumentation, which presents a whole new tone and atmosphere for the artist, as for the listener. The four person ensemble convey a more natural sound with importance given to lighter touches of acoustic guitar, cello, flute, piano and drums.

Gandalf is admired for instrumental creations born of brilliant imagination, and this is unchanged. The beauty of Dreamweaver is surreal music qualities crafted in a more personal, naturalistic style. The four person ensemble include Gandalf performing acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion, Merike Hilmar cello, Karin Leitner flutes and woodwinds, and percussionist Christian Strobl.

The 9 songs on Dreamweaver are: Into The Rising Sun (Part 1), Into The Rising Sun (Part 2), Reaching For The Sky, Between Ebb And Flow, Dreamweaver, Shining Like A Jewel, Life’s Blossoms, Written In The Stars (Part 1) & Written In The Stars (Part 2).

Visit the section for Gandalf at RealMusic.com. Prior to March 12, 2013 album release date sample and pre-order the audio CD or digital downloads for Dreamweaver at RealMusic.com. Cover art courtesy gandalf.at & Big Stock Photo – HelleM.

David Arkenstone & Charlee BrooksNew Vocal Instrumental Album in 2013: Pre-release album review for Loveren by David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks.

It never ceases to amaze me how some artists find within themselves to consistently produce quality music year after year. This is true with multi-platinum selling concert and recording artist David Arkenstone, who is a source of admiration for millions of fans and colleagues alike.

Retaining a long standing reputation as an award-winning, top instrumental music producer David Arkenstone covers a broad array of styles including ambient, adult contemporary, Celtic, electronic, world, and new age, having made the Top 10 Billboard New Age charts twenty times.

David Arkenstone’s original compositions similarly reach a diverse range of audiences including venues like the NBC Olympics, Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup sportscasts, plus popular video game World of Warcraft. A progressive new sound is precisely what you can expect hear on a brand new vocal and orchestral album, due to be released on March 5, 2013.

Loveren is a brilliant illustration of how the three times GRAMMY® Nominated David Arkenstone has advanced musically over the past twenty-five years. You will also soon find Loveren is an epic orchestral score by the adventurous master storyteller with an impressive vocalist and lyricist by his side named Charlee Brooks.

Loveren by David Arkenstone & Charlee BrooksRarely do I compare one artist to the next but in this case I believe many people will soon be in agreement when I say Charlee Brooks is an amazing vocalist whose singing ability may be likened to superstar vocalists Enya and Sarah Brightman. In addition to primary artist who include John Wakefield on percussion and Eric Rigler on woodwinds, a full strings section and choir vocals by The Nashville Soul Choir deeply embolden Loveren like no other previous score.

Traversing new age and world music rhythms with crossover pop vocals sung by Charlee Brooks, and magnificent orchestrations are the leading attraction on the newest album fans will surely be calling the best David Arkenstone album ever!

The 9 songs on Loveren are: Origins, The Forbidden Sea, Lumaria, Sessa Nulma, Jamboree, Song Of Loveren, Lost, Slip Away & Love Always Waits. Included is an attractive 16 page CD booklet containing lyrical verses by Charlee Brooks and a short novel of the love story Loveren written by author Steven Vlasak. A live production of the story directed by award-winning producer Victoria Paige Meyerink is set for March 16, 2013 at the landmark Alwx Theatre in Glendale, California.

Visit DavidArkenstone.com and CharleeBrooks.com. Prior to March 5, 2013 pre-order audio CD Loveren at Amazon.com. Photo and cover art courtesy davidarkenstone.com & charleebrooks.com.

Kitaro - 2013New Kitaro Album in 2013: Pre-release review for Tamayura by GRAMMY® and Golden Globe Award-Winning Kitaro.

International concert and recording artist Kitaro is a prolific new age artist whose music exceeds with each passing year during his three decades long career. This was proven to be the case with his theatrical score Tamayura, available on CD and DVD exclusively at Domo Music Group, with pre-orders being taken and a release date at Amazon on March 12, 2013.

With each release a fresh perspective of the artist’s personality is revealed, as is the unlimited expertise as composer, which isn’t easy to achieve even for the most accomplished artist. It’s clear after three decades of composing electronic and instrumental music, Kitaro pursues perfection and the all-important essential characteristic of creating the highest quality music.

Tamayura by KitaroTamayura is a wonderful musical score by Kitaro which brings authenticity to the characters of a theatrical production by Kochi Tamano and Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Theater from the year 2000. Available as a DVD, CD, and now digital downloads, Tamayura is indeed a quality release that exceeds over an hours of then new material in the genres of new age and international music.

In this case as most circumstances it is a challenge to write an accurate music review by listening to song samples only, but Tamayura does lend itself to an assessment in general terms simply by the unique departure from earlier releases. The 7 songs on Kitaro’s newest album are: Introduction, Magma, Mercury, Sitara, Nageki, Beam Wave & Uranus.

Sample and purchase Tamayura exclusively at the Domo Music Group Kitaro page. Special pricing and discounts are given on this release, available in compact disc, digital downloads or CD/DVD combo. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at Amazon.com until the March 12, 2013 release date. Fans and visitors may read my interview with Kitaro in 2012. Photo is courtesy domomusicgroup.com.

Grammy CD 2013Exclusive Song Compilation – Official 2013 GRAMMY® Nominees Compilation Album with 22 songs by 22 of today’s top artists.

Today on January 22, 2013 The Recording Academy released the GRAMMY® Nominees CD Album for 2013. This special vocal and instrumental release like previous year Nominees Song CDs is an exclusive compilation album by the overall number of songs by many of today’s most popular artists.

The 22 songs by contemporary artists are among the top tier of popular artists who are candidates in the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards scheduled for February 10, 2013 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

For fans of vocal and instrumental songs in a variety of popular music genres it’s a chance to own an exclusive song collection of music made popular by celebrity vocal artists, many of which have made Billboard and top of the radio charts.

The GRAMMY® Nominees Song CD for 2013 shines by the diverse multiplicity of the artists and vocalists involved, all of which are contenders in this year’s Award Ceremony including Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best New Artist, and additional categories in the world’s most prestigious award.

Grammy 2013This exclusive album is made available in the formats of CD or album download at Amazon and iTunes. Several customer album reviews at Amazon gave this release the highest rating. After sampling the 22 songs for myself it’s easy to see why.

The 22 artists on the GRAMMY® Nominees album for 2013 are: The Black Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Gotye, Katy Perry, Fun, Florence & The Machine, Pink, Maroon 5, Carly Rae Jepsen, Miguel, Ed Sheeran, Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, Mumford & Sons, Frank Ocean, Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Muse, Coldplay, and Adele.

The 22 songs on the compilation album are: Lonely Boy, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra), Wide Awake, We Are Young, Shake It Out, Try, Payphone (Edited Version featuring Wiz Khalifa), Call Me Maybe, Adorn, The A Team, Wanted, Ho Hey, Hold On, I Will Wait, Pyramids, We Take Care Of Our Own, Freedom At 21, Madness, Charlie Brown, Set Fire To The Rain and (Live At The Royal Albert Hall).

A portion of the proceeds benefit two charitable organizations founded by The Recording Academy. Plus there are two chances to enter and win a trip to the Award Ceremonies in 2013 and 2014. Find information and sample or purchase at Amazon or iTunes by visiting 2013GrammyAlbum.com. Big Stock Photo – AnmFoto.

Pam Tillis & Kris ThomasMartin Luther King Jr. & Elvis Presley Tribute Song single by country music legend Pam Tillis & Kris Thomas.

The good people at television media and internet music video company Rive Video Promotion sent me an inspiring tribute song video for our enjoyment, just in time for civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

This song video titled Two Kings is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis Presley, two of the most iconic figures in modern American history. This tribute song honors what both men stood for and their beliefs and dream for a better America.

The song Two Kings is performed by country music legend Pam Tillis and singing songwriter Kris Thomas. If you would like to purchase this great song single by two great artists you can find Two Kings at iTunes.

Artists, bands and record labels can find information about Rive Video production services for video airplay on stations like MTV, BET, CMT and other media at RiveVideo.com. Photo of Pam Tillis & Kris Thomas is courtesy rivevideo.com.

Sarah Brightman DreamchaserSarah Brightman – One Day Like This & Angel song downloads. News update for Dreamchaser and concert tour for 2013.

Sarah Brightman fans have surely heard the news her new Dreamchaser studio album and North America Concert Tour for 2013 have been rescheduled, but fans and people new to the classical crossover music superstar are able to sample and purchase two early single song downloads, and now pre-order Dreamchaser.

The song One Day Like This is the second song single, and first song download Angel are available at iTunes, Amazon and at the SarahBrightman.com website. You can also find current concert schedule information, which begins September 13, 2013 in the Canadian province of Hamilton, Ontario.

The top-selling soprano’s Dreamchaser album is now scheduled for release on April 16, 2013 so we won’t have to wait much longer. Judging from the first two song singles One Day Like This & Angel, it will definitely be worth the wait!

Visit SarahBrightman.com for news updates, concert info, merchandise, and purchase singles One Day Like This & Angel. When you join her free forum and community, members get privileged access to exclusive news updates, videos, and newest music samples. For people new to the superstar, here is the official introduction page video for SarahBrightman.com.

New Albums - 2013The date of January 1, 2013 began a brand new year on our annual calendars naturally, but as the website host of a popular music blog, January 1st begins the period in time when independent artists, promoters and producers begin sending me their newest albums for review each year.

In 2012 I received nearly 200 CDs for review consideration, so from my point of view I really can say it was an outstanding year with some of the best music available at the time. I wrote 45 reviews but would like to have written more.

If 2013 is anything like last year there will be hundreds of brand new albums to sample and review in the categories of electronic, instrumental, new age, progressive rock, and world music. Plus there are many subcategories I review over the course of a year too like contemporary instrumental, neo-classical, ambient, piano, relaxation, chill out, groove and vocal albums.

The album cover artwork shown below is a sample of the newest music CDs sent to me for review consideration so far in 2013. More will be added to the list, but from the albums below I select new music for my pre-release album reviews and news articles, along with several best album publications in various categories at the end of the year.

It’s already shaping up to be another excellent year for some of the best new music produced by some of today’s top electronic and instrumental artists. In the months ahead some albums below will make the top 10 radio charts, top 100 radio charts, and other honorable mentions at various music blogs.

Some new albums shown below will be nominated for an award or prove to be award-winning albums as the year progresses. I will also review many before they are released in music stores, by a pre-release review if an artist sends to me early so check back as the year progresses to sample the newest songs. For now find reviews for new albums in 2013 available on my main pages if you would like, and find new music releases at Amazon.com. Big Stock Photo –Rkasprzak.

New Album Releases in 2013:


Jon Anderson Olias of SunhillowSheela Bringi album IncantationsDistant Sun by Eamonn KarranCity in the Clouds by Daniel LippertChristmas Symphony II by Mannheim SteamrollerKitaro Quintessential by KitaroThe Wonder Well by John AdorneyIllumination by Peter KaterFilmworks by Jorge GrandaBelow Zero by Bryan CarriganInvitation from Within by Ann LicaterIn Search For the Meaning of Christmas by IsadarThe Electric Christmas Symphony by Joey CurtainThe Road Ahead by Michael LogozarSky Over Sea by MingoMovements of the Heart by David LanzScotland - Grace of the Wild by Bill LesliePhoenix Rising by Rovo System 7Bravura Apasionada by MatzumiDeep Theta 2.0 by Steven HalpernPonder the Mystery (feat. Billy Sherwood) by William ShatnerMusic of the Earth by Al Jewer & Andy MitranHeart by Doug HammerShanti Orchestra by Ricky KejBeyond Grand Canyon by Nicholas GunnSblmnl Mpct by Jerico DeAngeloTahoma - Reimagined by Scott DavisOpen Spaces by Stanton LanierTranscendence by Sean ChristopherFinal Call by KitaroDaytime Dreamer by Omar AkramChill Out Christmas by Mark BarnesThe Luminous Pearl by Lia ScallonSmooth & Jazzy by Julian RayBeatlerianas by Leo BrouwerSonic Travels by Star Edwards with KingBeatAffinity by Moya Brennan & Cormac De BarraJourney of Divine Instrumentation by Craig KarolusState of Grace by Asher QuinnWolfLore by LlewellynSounds from the Circle 5Grace by Michael HoppeWaking the Muse by Michele MclaughlinEnchanten Rising by Margaret MariaTimeless by Jami SieberDowntown Ride by Francois CoutureFull Circle by Lawson RollinsNight Wheel by Michael BarryWhispering to the Wind by Arthur DavenportThursday Afternoon by Brian EnoNamaste - A Journey Through the Spiritual Light by Various ArtistsLight From Darkness by ErwilianOn Water by Amy LaurenMizu Ni Inorite by KitaroSisters of the Moon by Lindie LilaSienna by Brian CrainGetaway by Lisa HiltonYoga Moods 2 by Sequoia GrooveDrum Cargo by David & Steve GordonThe Gate of Saturn by Tangerine DreamEuropa by Ron KorbHokulea by AOmusicGuitar Greats by Various ArtistsPath of the Divine by Rajendra TeredesaiDarn That Dream by Neil AlexanderHousekeeping by Dor600 Years in a Moment by Fiona Joy HawkinsThe City of my Soul by Sophie DunerOne Midsummer Morning by Steve OrchardTimeless Journey by Mark BarnesBeyond The Realm by Steve OrchardRiver Flow by Catherine Marie CharltonCrown in the Sky by Lis AddisonState Of Souls by Remi Orts ProjectWhen Dreams Come True by Curtis MacdonaldCristoforis Dream - Re-Envisioned by David LanzPaint The Sky by Bradley JosephRumbadoodle by Arun ShenoyLove & Kindness by GolanaThe Beginning by Blackmore's NightDreamweaver by GandalfRed Piano by IsadarScorpion Moon by SoraUncharted by Kevin BluemelUnion Road by Diane ArkenstoneThe Blue Rose by Al ContiObsession by Luna BlancaLoveren by David Arkenstone & Charlee BrooksTone Fabric by Tone FabricParadiso & RasamayiLove's River by Laura SullivanDreamchaser by Sarah Brightman

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