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The Christmas Holiday tradition of giving gifts may be over for now, but as we move closer to the New Year’s Holiday, and into 2013, there will be many occasions for giving someone a present going forward. Choosing a suitable present him or her can be a challenge for everyone now and then so for one gift giving idea may I suggest the gift of a music CD?

While giving music isn’t suitable for every occasion, there are a number of advantages to giving a compact disc album on a variety of informal occasions. Depending on the circumstances and how much you want to spend, a music CD may be the perfect choice for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, party favors and many more occasions.

The informal gift of music is relatively inexpensive, and can last a lifetime. Most importantly it’s a gift nearly everyone would enjoy receiving, and the extensive selection of album titles to choose from is practically limitless. While I operate a completely nonprofit site, many of the artists I represent usually offer special pricing discounts on their music in either CD or digital mp3 formats at certain times of the year.

Sale pricing and close out items is regularly available in the weeks prior to Christmas, and up to New Year’s Day. I hope to have been of assistance with one gift suggestion you can count on for any occasion to give him or her a present year around. I wish everyone the best, and I will see you January 1, 2013, when I make my recommendations for the Best Instrumental Albums from 2012, and tell you about the newest music in 2013 as the year progresses. Big Stock Photo – Alfred Cats.

If free online radio stations playing quality new age music is what you are searching for, I am happy to be of assistance to you today during your visit to New Age Music World. You have come to the right place since I also write about, interview, and personally know many of the artists featured on leading television and online radio programing.

Live 365 Internet Stars Radio is one free online radio stations out of thousands you can to listen to anytime during your visit. In fact, the 365 Stars Radio host is a good friend of mine, and it is his radio player located at the top right at my site. There are commercials when listening to Stars, and Live 365 free online radio stations, but of the over 7000 radio stations to choose from you are sure to find free music online to suit your preference.

With Live 365 Internet Radio you can listen for free at most stations, and with all 365 Radio stations you have an option available to choose a low cost 365 V.I.P. online radio subscription if you prefer to listen to commercial free music. Currently Live 365 is offering $25 off a 12 month VIP membership until October 31, 2011. If you do choose a 365 V.I.P. commercial free subscription you support U.S. and international artists everywhere.

365 New Age Stars is a free online radio station you can listen to anytime during your visit my music blog, plus you can read reviews and interviews about the artists while you listen to free online radio. If you like New Age, World music, Rock, Jazz, Christian, Adult Contemporary, Country, Dance, or the variety of Christmas music that will begin playing during the holidays, I invite you to stay awhile and listen here at New Age Music World.

Find out more at live365.com and listen to free radio stations playing new age music.

Note:  Live 365 Internet Radio Station is now off-air and terminated live broadcast station operations on Jan 31, 2016.

365 New Age Stars is an online radio station readily available for our visitors here at New Age Music World.  This website is proud to offer our visitors one of the highest rated 365 internet radio stations available anywhere.

Many of you may be already familiar with New Age Stars since it is a prominent feature here and at our affiliate site. Recently the album cover arts were added into the online radio player which has proven to be an attractive addition.

New Age Stars Radio has steadily risen in popularity, and there is a very good reason for the high ratings.  B.T. Fasmer and I maintain a leading playlist of the best New Age music available from around the world, updating on a regular basis with only the highest quality songs we can find. I also feature many of the artists I write CD album reviews about, or interview on my new age music blogspot.

365 Stars Radio is a free online radio station you can to listen to anytime during your visit at my blog, plus there is a low cost subscription option available if you prefer to listen commercial free music.

As ratings and number of listeners continue to increase and ascend to new heights in ratings, we invite you to try New Age Stars Radio too, and join thousands of current online radio listeners to see what all the excitement is about.

In the process, everyone can help support U.S. and international New Age artists when you select a VIP commercial free subscription at 365 Radio.

You will find the free Stars Radio Player prominently located in a right hand side module. You can sample many of the best songs by clicking on the arrow icon in the actual radio player on your right or the photo in this article.  Thanks to everyone for selecting New Age Stars as your top online radio station!

Note:  Live 365 Internet Radio terminated operations on January 31, 2016.

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