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New Age and World Music News Blog – 2014.

When it comes to site popularity, New Age Music World is one of the best international new age music blogs worldwide. Here I provide exclusive music news and on-topic press coverage for artists in the New Age, World, and Instrumental music genres.

While it’s impossible for me to provide news reporting for every artist, I do what I can to tell visitors about some of the most newsworthy events by today’s most popular artists and music organizations within the two genres and sub-genre categories.

Every year I provide news reporting on several best album award ceremonies by high profile organizations like the GRAMMY® Awards, Billboard Magazine, and Independent Music Awards.

Another exclusive award article at this site is my yearly New Age Music World – Best New Age Albums Award publication. Every New Year’s Day I report on the best new albums and new songs I have reviewed or sampled throughout the year.

In addition, I regularly write a best album awards publication related to Zone Music Reporter’s Best Album Awards, and offer exclusive news coverage by a variety of articles about a specific artist or group who have received award recognition for their music.

Regardless of whether an award is determined by voting members, album sales, popular choice, online radio airtime or broadcaster votes, each organization I write articles about, including my own, is an excellent source to find the latest news about top artists worldwide and the best new music available today.

This latest international music news publication at my blog is an efficient way for me to provide music news reporting, and provide coverage for a variety of topics or events, ranging from concert tour dates and information by popular instrumental artists who perform international concert tours. This also allows me to inform visitors about top 10, and top 100 radio chart information, along with top albums at Amazon, iTunes, and other on-topic music news stories.

Current updates to this music news article will be added as they arrive. On future visits to Music World, you can check for news updates to this publication by clicking on the “International Music News Banner” located in a right hand module. Naturally I invite you to visit my homepage.

Blog New Age Music WorldThe tabs at the top of my site will direct you to various sections including my profile, interviews, new music reviews, music awards, song videos and additional music news about the international artists I feature on a regular basis.

In the modules located on your right, you will find various module banners which link to specific articles. Some of the most popular banners publications are the Best Album Awards and Best New Music in 2012 banners. Other popular banner articles are Interviews, Live Concert Tour Information, and Music Promotion.

I also feature a Live 365 Stars Radio Player, operated by B.T. Fasmer, who often gives the artists I feature, free online radio promotion. The 365 Stars station radio player is free to use, or like all radio stations at Live 365 Internet Radio, you can listen to thousands of commercial free music stations when you sign up for a low cost VIP subscription at Live365.com.

Nearly every day I receive press releases from music promoters, producers, artists, and their public relations persons regarding an artist or music group’s latest press news or their latest publicized events worldwide.

I know many international artists personally so many times I can provide early news reporting by this news bulletin before an artist’s official press release. I look forward to providing exclusive music news coverage in the months and years ahead. Thank You for your return visits to New Age Music World, one of the top nonprofit music blogs worldwide. BigStockPhoto.com credits – Pcummings – MOKreations – Alexwhite.

Worldwide Music News Blog 2013 – New Age, World and Instrumental Music Genres:
Sochi, Russia: The Olympic Organizing Committee for the upcoming 2014 Winter Games has announced the official anthem for the Olympic Torch Relay. The song titled We Are All Under the Sky, performed by the band Kasta, will be performed in all 2,900 towns and villages Russia hosting official Olympic Torch Relay celebrations, held prior to the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Winter Games on February 7, 2014. Read the official press release at Olympic.org. – See more at: http://www.newagemusicworld.com/new-age-music-news-blog/?preview=true&preview_id=15619&preview_nonce=11e13fea1a#sthash.F0JmVdqd.dpuf
  • International concert and recording celebrity artist Yanni is the most recent music artist to be interviewed at New Age Music World. This newest Yanni Interview contains news and information about the members of his elite orchestra, new album Inspirato, and Yanni’s plans for the future. I am pleased to present my exclusive Yanni Interview.
  • Sochi Russia: As stated earlier, there will most likely not be an album or soundtrack for the Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony. There is another album of official Sochi Olympic music available for purchase however. The group Audiomachine produced the inspiring promotional music for the NBC Network and the International Olympic Committee in promotion for the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Find where to sample and purchase the Audiomachine album Champions Will Rise in the publication titled: Official Olympic Music by Audiomachine.
  • Sochi, Russia: Many are asking whether there is an album of official Olympic Opening Ceremony music. The songs performed during the Opening Ceremony will most likely, not be released. However there is an album, anthems and songs for official Olympic music. I have a list of Sochi Olympic songs and anthems in the publication titled: Sochi Olympics – Artists Songs and Events.
  • Yanni World Tour – 2014:  International concert artist Yanni and his world-class orchestra have released new concert information at Yanni.com.  There are several concert dates currently scheduled for the 2014 tour include Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and United States. New concert info and tour updates for the Yanni World Tour in 2014 can be found on the Yanni Tour Dates Page.
  • America’s 56th GRAMMY® Award-Winners were announced. Read about Laura Sullivan who made top honors by winning the Best New Age Music Album Award. Sample or purchase the winning album Love’s River at Laura-Sullivan.com. Find more Grammy Awards information in the categories of New Age, World and Score Soundtrack For Visual Media in my section named Grammy Awards.
  • The GRAMMY® Nominees Compilation Album for 2013 with 22 songs by 22 artists is now available in the formats of CD or album download. Find information at 2013GrammyAlbum.com.
  • Read Music World’s yearly best albums recommendations from 2012 in the electronic, instrumental and new age categories by clicking the upper Awards and Best Albums tabs.
  • American multi-platinum artist Nick Gunn and vocalist Carmen Rainier have begun producing an exciting mix of electronic dance music by the artist title of (We Are) Nexus. Sample their original club mixes of EDM at WeAreNexusEDM.com.
  • Scottish singer Susan Boyle has a new album titled Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage. Her rise to stardom after the TV reality show Britain’s Got Talent is a phenomenal success story. You can sample or purchase Standing Ovation at the U.S. and UK Amazon websites, major online stores, or visit SusanBoyleMusic.com.
  • Sarah Brightman News for 2014. In a press conference Sarah Brightman announced information related to her newest album Dreamchaser, upcoming World Concert Tour, and details of her future spaceflight to the International Space Station. For complete news details and 2014 concert information visit SarahBrightman.com.
  • Flutist Nicholas Gunn recently announced his new 2012 album Thirty-One Nights is on the Voting Ballot for Nomination in the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards in the World Music Category. Sample or purchase Thirty-One Nights at NicholasGunn.com.
  • There are several popular U.S. based artists I will be interviewing in the months ahead. The high profile artists scheduled include guitarist Eric Tingstad, pianist David Lanz and flutist Nicholas Gunn. Check back in the days ahead, and read earlier interviews with top ranked artists my Interview Section.
  • The U.S. music duo 2002 has a new 2012 release unlike any previous album. The newest project by Randy and Pamela Copus titled Believe has the signature sound of 2002 music we know and love, yet there are elements of music by popular era bands like Kansas, YES, Phil Collins, and Seal. It has every hallmark of becoming their best albums to date. A pre-release album review will be posted soon.
  • London Paralympic Opening Music 2012: Enlightenment – Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games is the album title of the official Paralympic song playlist for the opening ceremonies. Sample or purchase the 18 songs on Enlightenment at iTunes.com.
  • London Olympic Closing Music 2012: A Symphony of British Music – Music For The Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is the album title of the official Olympic song playlist for the closing ceremonies. The songs release in (digital format only) was made available on August 12, 2012 at DeccaRecords.com. Purchase by pre-ordering A Symphony of British Music at Amazon.co.uk.
  • London Olympic Opening Music 2012: Isles of Wonder – Music For The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games is the album title of the official Olympic song playlist for the opening ceremonies. Purchase Isles of Wonder at Amazon.co.uk, iTunes or Decca Records.
  • Greek composer Vangelis has two new releases in 2012. Vangelis – The Collection and a new soundtrack for the Olympic themed theatrical Chariots of Fire (On Stage) play, made available in July, 2012. Find both titles in audio CD and digital download format at Amazon.co.uk and other online stores.
  • U.S. based producer Will Ackerman is an artist I recently interviewed. Read about the esteemed artist and record producer in the exclusive 2012 in-depth interview with Will Ackerman.
  • Progressive rock group YES from the UK has released new 2014 concert information. With over 50 million albums sold worldwide, YES remains a leader in progressive rock music. Check the current 2014 YES tour schedule at YesWorld.com.
  • Germany based group Alphaville has the 2014 concert tour schedule posted at their site. The highly successful pop electronic/synthesizer music of Alphaville has sold well over 80 million albums. Having earlier performed concert tours in Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Singapore , Sweden, and the United States, Alphaville is a favorite electronic pop group with millions of fans worldwide. Visit the Alphaville.de Tour Page for Alphaville Concerts in 2014.
  • Sony Masterworks has released The Goat Rodeo Sessions (Live) on DVD and Blu-Ray, featuring Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, and guest vocalist Aoife O’Donovan. The live recording was also filmed for a future PBS Special to air nationwide in May, and pledge drive program scheduled throughout the month of June on PBS.
  • Bulgarian based artist Bryan El, who specializes in electronic music has released a brand new album follow-up to Out of This World & Spiritual Evolution. The newest album by Bryan El is titled Boundaries Of Imagination. Find more details at BryanEl.com.
  • California based artist Mars Lasar is currently working on a sequel to Karma. Mars Lasar’s newest follow-up release is called Afterworld. You can also check out his new website at MarsLasar.com.
  • Artists worldwide: If you are an artist looking for a music promoter to help market your newest album, I now have a contact list of the marketing specialists I know personally, who offer promotional services. Artists can find their contact information in my article titled; New Age & World Music Promotions.
  • To find live concert tour info worldwide in the new age, world, electronic, and instrumental music genres check my Live Concert Tours in 2014 information section.
  • U.S. based artist Australis is offering a free digital download called Interlude, which is a music sampler of his entire discography to current new age album Sentient Genus. Find the free music download and purchase his albums at AustralisMusic.com.
  • International site visitors to Music World can find the newest 2014 albums in the new age, world, electronic, and instrumental music genres, in a news publication titled Best New Music Albums in 2014.

New Age Music is a popular music genre, but sometimes an overlooked genre when searching for the best new music available. Being the website host of a popular new age music blog, independent artists, promoters and producers continually send me new music for review each year.

This collection of the best new music in 2012 gives me an opportunity to tell my visitors about popular new music in the new age music genre, plus subcategories like contemporary instrumental, progressive rock, electronic, neo classical, ambient, piano, relaxation, chill out, groove, vocal, and world music.

New Age Music World is pleased to be a helpful source for website visitors searching for top quality music. Writing about today’s top artists in the new age music genre is my specialty, and I can tell you that artists in the new age music industry have already begun producing some of the best new songs and albums in 2012.

The album cover art shown below are a sample of the newest music CDs sent to me for possible review so far this year. From the albums below I select new music for my review section. I feel you will find many of these new albums of interest. Over the course of a year, some of these albums will make the top 100 new age radio charts and top 10 radio chart listings. Some new music will eventually become award winning albums or award nominated albums as the year progresses.

The year 2012 is already shaping up to be another great year for some of the best new music produced by some of today’s top new age instrumental artists. You can sample the newest songs at my site, and read about many new releases in 2012 on my reviews page, and read a recent award article about the best new age albums from 2011.

Visit Amazon to find new album releases and the best-selling albums. Visit iTunes for the top 10 albums and top 10 songs. Check my reviews section for more of the best new music in 2012, and publication about the best new age albums in 2011. Big Stock Photo – Devulderj.

Best New Music in 2012;


O Great Spirit by Asher QuinnHidden Journey by Scott AugustRenewal by Kyle PedersonInvocation by Ty BurhoeFuture Memory by Stephen SavageSacred Songs by Asher QuinnDal Segno by Francois CoutureImprovisations for Cello and Piano by David DarlingStar Journey by Yantara JiroSongs to the Goddess by Annette CantorLifegivers by Joanne ShenandoahBloom by Dan KasselThe Traveller by TribaliSoplo De Vida by Daniela De MariIsland of the Sylvan Mermaids by DOVKingdom of the Heart by DOVVisions by Uwe GronauForrest Vision by Nicholas BridgmanHidden Journey by Scott AugustAll The Things by Michael WhalenFirst Light by Craig UrquhartLight of Aluna by AnimaBy Myself by Charley RichWolf Moon Rising by WolfsheartPaisatges by Roma AlonsoUpon The Edge Of Night by Robert Scott ThompsonSanctuary Earth by Sherry FinzerFree Flow Steelpan Meditations by Joseph Peck

With many popular new age concerts scheduled, and popular artists who regularly perform concert tours, the chance for you to hear live new age music in 2012 is available to just about anyone who would like to attend. Many popular artists have 2012 concert tour date schedules listed at their websites.

Given the various live concerts currently scheduled in 2012, and future concert dates that will be scheduled in the days and months ahead, New Age Music World is happy to keep you informed about these live shows as they become available.

A Concert Tour Information – Live Music banner is in a right hand module. When you click on the 2012 concert tour banner, you can find your favorite artist’s concert schedule, or follow my direct links to their complete concert tour schedule. You can also find even more by reading about their newest release or interview. While I can’t keep up with every artist’s concert tour schedule, I now have a convenient place where you can check for live new age music by popular artists with concert venues in your area.

Popular artists with live concert tours include; Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Jim Brickman, Blackmore’s Night, Mannheim Steamroller, Tangerine Dream, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Yanni and Yes. Many are touring, or have updated concert information listed at their websites. Some of these popular artists may even have a live concert tour dates already scheduled within short driving distance of your city, state, or country.

Live concerts given by popular artists who are seasoned entertainers have thrilled audiences for years, so everyone in attendance can expect a fun evening of entertainment provided by experienced music professionals. If you want to stay updated on the latest live concert information for a variety of popular artists, bookmark this site. I will do what I can to add more artist’s concert tour dates, and keep you informed on the most recent concert news and tour information. Concert tour dates frequently change, so for updates please visit the artist’s website for complete concert tour dates and information.

Read my Live Concert Tour Information section or Live Concert banner in a right hand module. Big Stock Photo – dws.

NewAgeMusicWorld.com is honored to be a helpful source of information to visitors searching for top new age albums, songs, videos and the very best music available today. Along with my role as review publicist, I regularly feature many of today’s top artists by an interview publication. Writing interview and review editorials for my website visitors are just part of what I do while offering free support to the many independent and label musicians I represent worldwide.

I have 19 interview publications at New Age Music World presently, plus I have several interviews scheduled with artists almost everyone will recognize. I will keep these esteemed new age musicians a secret for now, but I do want to tell you about my most recent interview. While my name is far from a familiar name, the site host for The Music Explorer, Alvaro Villa André from Spain requested an interview with me. During my interview I answer his questions related to the great musicians I feature at New Age Music World.

The interview with John Olsen if anything gives insight about my responsibilities as a site host and the artists I represent. I am not here to promote myself so I basically give my viewpoint as an artist representative and music site host. Rather than publish this interview at my website, visit The Music Explorer to find out more about my responsibilities if you would like.

Note: The music blog containing the interview is down for an undetermined time but you may read about some of today’s top artists I have interviewed on my Interview Section. Two future editorials I have are a “Best Christmas Albums” and “Best New Age Music Albums in 2011” articles, so visit New Age Music World again soon.

Alvaro Villa André from Tarragona, Spain is the site host for The Music Explorer, a music blog devoted to all fans of New Age, Chill Out, Ambient, Electronic, Trance, Ethnic, Instrumental music styles. In addition to hosting The Music Explorer, Alvaro composes music. Recently he composed his fifth track titled Avaherz – In Space I believe.

Composing music in the style of legendary German artists like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, he uses composer software called Magix Music Maker, which enables him to compose his own music version with sound samples. His video is shown below, and I would also like to take a minute to tell you about my good friend from Spain.

Alvaro Villa André had to overcome some obstacles early in life, but his physical handicap called Cerebral Paralysis has not been a deterrent to living a happy and normal life. Like anyone with disabilities knows, these obstacles can be overcome!

Earlier while living in Germany for thirteen years with his parents, he discovered New Age and Adult Alternative music for the first time. Artists like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Mike Oldfield’s Crisis album were some of his closest influences. Later on he began to discover many more great influential artists including Suzanne Ciani, Patrick O’Hearn and Grammy Award winner Will Ackermann.

In the 1990’s Alvaro Villa André began dance instruction at the Contemporary Ballet Group in Galicia Spain, and later began to teach and give classes in Contemporary Ballet to young adults with physical handicaps which became a rewarding experience. From 1999 to 2001 he was involved with a local radio station in Cataluña Spain called Music Explorer. There he wrote the program commentaries about various artists, and chose the song playlist for the radio station.

In 2008 he began to publish news articles at Futbol in Spain (futbolinspain.com) where he wrote about soccer statistics. In 2010 he began combining his own poetic and literary writing about New Age Music, and began to publish Las Cronicas de Avaherz/ The Chronicles of Avaherz (avaherz.blogspot.com) which featured his articles about New Age YouTube videos. This led to his decision to host a music blog of his own and publish New Age, World music and similar style music videos.

The name Alvaro chose was The Music Explorer. Today he lives with his wife in Tarragona, Spain. Alvaro has been a great help to me and the artist I cover since he has posted many Music World video articles and has space reserved for my site including my site banner and RSS feed.

The New Age Music World artists featured at The Music Explorer include; Coburn Tuller, David Clavijo, 2002, Spencer Stanley, Louis Colaiannia, Jon Anderson, Jose Luis Serrano Esteban, Asher Quinn, Blackmore’s Night, Uwe Gronau, Matthew Schoening, Kathryn Kaye, Marc Enfroy and Yanni. There are also articles about Suzanne Doucet’s New Age Music Circle and the ZMR Album Awards in 2010. On behalf of the artists I represent and myself, Thank You Alvaro Villa André!

Note: This site is down for undetermined length of time. Find music news on my article titled: New Age Music Blog.

NewAgeMusicWorld.com is a top new age music blog serving artists and visitors who share the same love of music in the New Age Music genre.

I cover a variety of musicians, from debuting artists just beginning their music careers to more established artists, and top musicians easily recognized in today’s international new age music industry. With this insight, I hope everyone will have a chance to discover more about the artists who define the New Age Music genre.

It is my goal to provide visitors a fresh perspective in relation to the great artists I present, plus give everyone a chance to discover more of the best artists I will be introducing by interviews with popular artists and reviews of their new releases.

New Age Music World is a nonprofit music blog bringing you news content about today’s top new age artists. Here you will find interviews, music reviews, and music awards. I hope you find this music blog as a great source for information on today’s popular artists, so that you bookmark and become a regular visitor.

Take a tour by visiting my Homepage.

Your Friend In Music, John P. Olsen, editor/host for New Age Music World.

New Age Music World has a new CD submit policy. I have decided to revise my CD Album Submit Policy due to the increasing amount of email requests I receive for album reviews and interviews from artists, music promoters and producers.

While I enjoy writing album reviews about international artists, and their current new release, I have been spending too much time responding to daily emails requesting an album review.

The new CD album acceptance policy was implemented because of the overwhelming response for album reviews requests by email correspondence, which takes up a significant amount of my time to reply to everyone who writes me. It is my hope to spend more time writing album reviews, and less time on daily email correspondence. You may send 1 physical CD album and (press kit if available) to the address on my profile page.

Read the complete CD Submit Policy for NewAgeMusicWorld.com on my profile page. Thank you for your interest and visits to New Age Music World, one of the top new age music blogs worldwide. Big Stock Photo copyright – Ihfgraphics.

New Age Music World features music videos from many of the musicians I interview and write album reviews about on my music blog which is a great way for an artist to showcase their musical talents and create a memorable visual impact.

New Age Music World is a top music blog that features our artists in our Music Videos 1 Tab and Music Videos 2 Tab.

The New Age YouTube music videos of every artist we feature are located on Our Main Pages and in addition you can read my musician interviews, album reviews and every music video with outstanding artists from around the world producing music in the categories of New Age, World, Electronic, Instrumental, Neo Classical, Ambient, Solo Piano, Relaxation & Meditative music. 

NewAgeMusicWorld.Com is proud to be your helpful source of information for our visitors searching for top New Age albums, songs, videos and the finest music available today.

Musicians in the New Age music industry have so much to offer from other genres and I find enjoyment in helping my visitors connect and find the musicians of specific interest to them.

I have the honor of meeting top artists from around the globe on a regular basis. Visit our Main Homepage to read my recent interviews with top artists. Read my 2010 album reviews & 2009 album reviews of their music.

Below is the Spiritual Evolution Video by Bryan El.  You can read the interview Bryan and I had together and my album reviews of his music by Clicking Here.  Visit the bryanel.com Homepage and his video page for more about this fine AMAdea label artist from Bulgaria.  For all New Age music videos visit YouTube.com.

NewAgeMusicWorld.Com is a top music blog with John P. Olsen as your editor & host

When you visit my Homepage you will find I am a review publicist who writes album reviews and conducts interviews with many new age and world musicians. You may recognize many including Grammy Award Winning or Grammy Nominated musicians to top artists and the rising artists just beginning their music careers.

I interview these talented musicians and write album reviews because of the great music they produce along with their role in Defining the New Age Genre today.  What everyone I write about has in common is the great music they produce and their ever present role in shaping the New Age music genre today.

Some of the genres and sub categories I write about are new age, world, instrumental, electronic, ambient, orchestra, solo piano, and relaxation music. 

The NewAgeMusicWorld.com homepage is where you can read my Interviews with some of the top artist defining the music world today. You can also find some of the best albums on my awards page and visit my Reviews Page. Thank You for visiting today. I hope you bookmark and visit again tomorrow. Your Friend In Music, John P. Olsen.

NewAgeMusicWorld.Com is a popular music blog host by John Olsen. I am dedicated to helping our visitors find simply the best music. I am a review publicist who writes album reviews and conducts interviews with artists you may already recognize, from Grammy Award-Winning or Grammy Nominated musicians to top artists of today. I invite you to discover the NewAgeMusicWorld.Com Homepage.

New Age Music World is a non-profit source of information for our visitors searching for top New Age albums, songs, videos and the finest music available today. Musicians in the New Age music industry have a lot to offer apart from other music genres, so I enjoy helping my visitors connect and find artist of interest to them. For the artist, I provide free support for the many independent and label musicians I present daily to our international visitors.

In my role as a review publicist I have the honor of meeting many top artists on a regular basis. Many artists I interview and write album reviews about are Zone Music Reporter ( ZMR ) Music Award Winning, Award Nominated, Award Qualifiers or musicians placing in the Yearly Top 100 chart or Monthly Top 100 Chart, based on the New Age Radio Chart listings published monthly and yearly. Here is the Billboard top New Age albums chart listing and Wikipedia Grammy Awards for Best or Top New Age album.

What every musician I write about has in common is the outstanding music they produce and their defining role in shaping the New Age genre today. Many of the genres and sub categories include; New Age, Electronic, Instrumental, Neo-Classical, World, Ambient, Solo Piano and music for relaxation. 

You are invited to visit my homepage to read interviews with some of the top artist defining the music world today. Here is where you can read my Album Reviews in 2010 along with my Album Reviews in 2009.

NewAgeMusicWorld.com is an official music blogspot!

John P. Olsen is your host during your visit today, and your return visits tomorrow. Some of you may already know me since I was a contributing partner with friend and colleague B.T. Fasmer, at his industry respected NewAgeMusic.nu.

New Age Music World is a non-profit affiliate with NewAgeMusic.nu so I will be bringing you new content and up to date coverage of the best New Age music the industry has to offer, serving visitors and musicians alike.

You are invited to take a few minutes to make a brief tour to become acquainted with NewAgeMusicWorld.com. My Profile Page provides more details, and I am excited about this new opportunity to deliver a fresh perspective in regards to the musicians who define the New Age music genre.

You can take a look at the Interviews & Album Reviews I have written regarding some of the great producers and top artists.  You can sample the music I write about at Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, Rhapsody.com and other outlets. Many songs in my album reviews receive airtime on 365 Stars Radio and Sky.Fm internet radio stations.

I hope you will quickly recognize this blog-spot as a reliable source for news and information regarding the top artists I cover, so that you bookmark and become a regular visitor to my music blogspot.

I would like to publicly thank B.T. Fasmer for his technical assistance during website construction. For those who know B.T. and his dedication to the fans and artists in the New Age genre, here is yet another reason hold him in high regard.

                    John P. Olsen

Editor/Host for NewAgeMusicWorld.Com.


Read our musician interviews, current album reviews and music videos by clicking on the corresponding photograph.


                                        Ed Bonk  ( Lazz Promotions )

NewAgeMusicWorld.Com is an independent partner with Canadian based Ed Bonk – Lazz Promotions. It has been my pleasure to support Ed over the years by writing reviews for many of the top artists he promotes in the New Age music and World music categories.

I am in contact with many of the musicians Ed Bonk has represented by Lazz Promotions. The positive comments I regularly hear about Ed Bonk reaffirm the level of quality of his services and expertise as a top promoter in the New Age and World music industry. I am proud to call Ed a friend and I look forward to working with him in the years ahead.

John P. Olsen / Host for NewAgeMusicWorld.Com.

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