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Lisa Hilton is a name well recognized in the Jazz Music circuit as a continuous producer of great music having all the vibrancy and positive direction one would expect from a top artist in the genre. What some may not know is her music carries a subtle reference of New Age ambiance in many of the 12 recordings she has produced during her lifetime.

Nuance is Lisa Hilton’s 2010 release that returns to her earlier solo piano style that began her dazzling career from the very beginning in addition to fulfilling a well kept promise for her fans who have been requesting another solo album for years, with Lisa as the singular attraction.

Lisa Hilton from Southern California taught herself to compose music at a young age before more formal education in classical and twentieth century piano became the foundation prior to her transition to popular Jazz, recording and producing an album every year since 1997.

Many of her songs are played in the U.S. and around the world, realizing more recognition over the years by acquiring airtime on NPR Morning Edition, XM Radio, and charting on major Jazz oriented programs while earning numerous awards and nominations in her long enduring career.

In her earlier band inclusion release Twilight & Blues she received nomination at ZMR for the 2009 Album of the Year for the 10 original compositions and renditions of top songs from equally talented artists you are sure to recognize.

Nuance / Twilight & Blues are more subtle in their references as New Age albums and her success as a Jazz musician does reflects this, but her renowned piano performances of improvisation either as a soloist or with the band under her direction is worth a listen knowing Lisa Hilton is a great talent who personifies this ambiance with creativity and imagination, just like you would expect from more mainstream New Age artists within the genre.

Visit lisahiltonmusic.com here then sample / purchase at her music page or CDBaby.com page.


                                        Ed Bonk  ( Lazz Promotions )

NewAgeMusicWorld.Com is an independent partner with Canadian based Ed Bonk – Lazz Promotions. It has been my pleasure to support Ed over the years by writing reviews for many of the top artists he promotes in the New Age music and World music categories.

I am in contact with many of the musicians Ed Bonk has represented by Lazz Promotions. The positive comments I regularly hear about Ed Bonk reaffirm the level of quality of his services and expertise as a top promoter in the New Age and World music industry. I am proud to call Ed a friend and I look forward to working with him in the years ahead.

John P. Olsen / Host for NewAgeMusicWorld.Com.

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