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List for New Age & World Music Promotional Services.

Being the site host of a popular music blog, I get emails from artists worldwide requesting a contact list for music promoters and marketing services in the New Age, Instrumental and World music genres.

While New Age Music World is a non-profit site in entirety, and I try to remain neutral on who I recommend, I am happy to offer my assistance by providing the names and contact information for the best music promoters and marketing specialists I work with on a regular basis.

I have worked with dozens of music promoters, producers, and public relations persons, by writing reviews or interviewing their clients, so I can tell you there are many excellent music promoters available, in addition to the ones I would like to tell you about today. Nearly everyone I have worked with over the years is a leading professional in regards to their capacity with client based publicity and music promotional services.

Promotional services do vary, as does their marketing strategies, level of assistance, and areas of expertise. Many if not all marketing strategists offer an artist initial phone consultation, to determine an artist’s specific needs, and at what level they can assist best, which lets the artist decide upfront, before promotion begins.

Various levels with marketing strategy can include production, graphics, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, online radio airplay promotion, and an all-inclusive list of client based services for artists wanting to greatly increase their chances with succeeding in the music industry.

The New Age Music Circle Forum, operated by marketing strategist Suzanne Doucet is another organization I would highly recommend for artists wanting to be proactive in their own music promotion. The New Age Music Circle is an international online community forum where artist in the New Age, World Music, and related sub-genres can share music, videos, and post information about special events and participate in discussions on a variety of music related topics.

The Circle Forum is open to everyone, from leading industry professionals and artists, but membership is open to music fans too. The Circle Forum is an excellent place, where artists at every level can enhance their presence in the music industry through self-promotion, regardless of whether they are employing the services of a professional music promoter or not. Visit the New Age Music Circle at NewAgeMusik.Ning.com.

Here is an alphabetized email contact list of the New Age, Instrumental and World Music promoters I have worked with on a regular basis over the years, and would recommend to artists. Please keep in mind there are a number of excellent music promotional services to choose from, so the marketing professionals listed below are the music promoters I know best, and who specialize in the New Age, Instrumental and World music genres. BigStockPhoto.com copyright – Milosluz.

Music Marketing Specialists:

1. LAZZ Promotions – Contact Ed Bonk. Email: lazzpromotions@rogers.com.

2. Only New Age Music – Contact Suzanne Doucet. Email: onlynewagemusic@yahoo.com.

3. The B Company – Contact Beth Ann Hilton. Email: bethhilton@thebcompany.com.

4. The Creative Service Company – Contact Randall Davis. Email: CreatServ9@aol.com.

Yanni-Wake Entertainment has a very special event just beginning, with a live video interview with Yanni and fans to climax this extraordinary event taking place in an aired-live forum on March 16th.  The folks at Yanni.com are currently collecting questions, and then posting them in new videos every day until the open forum on March 16th.

Wouldn’t you like to have the opportunity to ask your favorite music celebrity a personal question related to their music?  According to yanni.com, people from across the globe are turning in their questions for Yanni’s personal reply at this very minute.  In fact, there are still several days for you to send in your questions early before the main event is broadcast live!Yanni Video

This live video chat event from Yanni-Wake Entertainment will be hosted by the award-winning, American news anchor and media personality Lauren Sanchez.  In addition to answering many fan questions, Yanni also plans to share details on his upcoming concert tour and new album, “Truth of Touch.”  Here are the specific details;

Visit Yanni.com or go directly to their news page for complete live chat details, and to see videos of questions in the days before March 16th.

The live interview video aired on March 16 can be viewed at; LiveStream.com/OfficialYanni. The Live Video Chat forum aired at 1:00pm (EDT) Eastern Daylight Time. Banner courtesy yanni.com.


    NewAgeMusicWorld.Com  &  NewAgeMusic.nu  ZMR Qualifying artists.  Albums shown in alphabetical order.


                               The click on Word Links are [ Website ]  & [ Review ] for each artist listed below.



                David Mauk / davidmauk.com [ website ]  12 Months Album [ review ]

                David Wahler / davidwahler.com [ website ]  Antiquus Album [ review ]

      Fiona Joy Hawkins / fionajoyhawkins.com [ website ]  Blue Dream Album [ review ]

           Arturo Mayorga / arturomayorga.com [ website ]  Cascades Album [ review ]

           9  Muses /  Sample at cdbaby.com [ here ]  Feel to Heal Album [ review ]

             Ciro Hurtado / cirohurtado.com [ website ]  Guitarrista Album [ review ]

             Paul Avgerinos / roundskymusic.com [ website ]  Love Album [ review ]

         Bruce Mitchell & Ron Korb. newearthgoddess.net [ website ] Album [ review ]

 Christopher Boscole / christopherboscole.com [ website ]  Presents of Angels [ review ]

       Christopher Boscole / christopherboscole.com [ website ]  O Christmas Tree.

                Michael Brant DeMaria / ontos.org [ website ]  Ocean Album [ review ]

            Michael Brant DeMaria / ontos.org [ website ]  Siyotanka Album [ pages ]

         Matthew Labarge / matthewlabarge.com [ website ]  October Album [ review ]

         Terri Liles Mason / omgaiamusic.com [ website ]  Om Gaia Album [ review ]

  Cadence Spalding / cadencespalding.com [ website ]  Save The World Album [ review ]

            Anewday / anewday.ca [ website ]  Summer Reflections Album [ review ]

   Lawrence Blatt / lawrenceblatt.com [ website ]  The Color of Sunshine Album [ review ]

          Nick Farr / nickfarr.com [ website ]  The Ever Present Now Album [ review ]

          John Adorney / johnadorney.com [ website ]  The Fountain Album [ review ]

   Paul Jensen / juancarlosproductions.com [ website ]  The Other Side Album [ review ]

        Michael Stribling / leela-music.com [ website ]  The Promise Album [ review ]

           Kori Linae Carothers / koritunes.com [ website ]  Trillium Album [ review ]

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