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Interviews With Music CelebritiesUpcoming interviews with important music celebrities: Learn more about your favorite artist by three new exclusive interviews at New Age Music World.

I am pleased to announce three important artists are soon to be featured at this site. The first is with former The Pretenders drummer and founder of group Moodswings, James Hood. The second interview is with famous Celtic musician and vocalist, Loreena McKennitt. The third interview scheduled is with world-class concert and studio recording artist Yanni.

One thing I have learned over the years as an interview host is the fact fans do want to know more about their favorite artist. While I am knowledgeable about the lives of many important celebrity artists I meet and write about, I can honestly say I too enjoy learning even more about the artists myself. Needless to say, popular music celebrities live fascinating lives.

The upcoming interviews are an actual interview conducted by me, not lesser quality teaser articles or copied content consisting of a few quotes taken from another person’s interview. In other words fans and visitors can expect the full conversation comprised of original, up-to-date topics presented in each interview.

I work hard for an artist’s fans to cover interesting topics and ask artists relevant questions so each all-inclusive interview is unique and contains the most current news content available. Currently there are 35 exclusive interviews to read at this site. Below is a list of artists I have interviewed so far. The popularity of this site has never been greater so watch for more interviews with major music artists presented to visitors in the near future. Select from the musician’s names shown below and read about your favorite artist in my Interview Section or Interview Category. Big Stock Photo by Viperagp.

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35 Popular Music Artists with Interviews:

1. Yanni Chryssomallis – Multi-platinum, international studio and concert artist and composer.
2. James Hood – Popular UK based new age music recording artist and Moodswings founder.
3. Moya Brennan – Legendary Celtic vocalist, harpist, Clannad group member from Ireland.
4. Diane Arkenstone – Popular vocalist, instrumental new age, world music recording artist.
5. Chuck Wild – Composer and founder of Liquid Mind Musical Healthcare® Experience.
6. Peter Kater – Multi-platinum selling new age music composer and concert pianist.
7. Nicholas Gunn – Multi-platinum, best-selling instrumental flutist and EDM producer.
8. David Lanz – Legendary new age music composer, studio recording and concert pianist.
9. Eric Tingstad – GRAMMY® Award-Winning guitarist and record label owner and producer.
10. Will Ackerman – GRAMMY® Award-winner, guitarist, and Windham Hill Records producer.
11. Kitaro – GRAMMY® and Golden Globe Award-Winning recording and concert musician.
12. AOMusic – New age, world fusion group with humanitarian message and organization.
13. Al Conti – New age, world music composer, studio recording, GRAMMY® Nominee.
14. David Arkenstone – Award-winning Top 10 Billboard charting multi-instrumentalist.
15. Jim Brickman – Gold and multi-platinum selling Top 10 Billboard Chart concert pianist.
16. Suzanne Doucet – Award-winning music composer, recording artist and TV personality.
17. Colburn Tuller – New age music recording artist and inventor of The Tones instrument.
18. Fionnuala Sherry – Ireland based violin soloist and leading member of Secret Garden.
19. Randy & Pamela Copus – New age music artists, Billboard Charting music group 2002.
20. Jon Anderson – Former vocalist of group YES, solo concert and studio recording artist.
21. Gandalf – Internationally acclaimed concert and instrumental composer from Austria.
22. Steve Orchard – New age music composer and instrumental recording artist from the UK.
23. Davol Tedder – Electronic new age music composer of inspiring contemporary music.
24. Bryan El – Classical electronic composer of symphonic new age music based in Belgium.
25. Clifford White – Multi-media producer and instrumental electronic composer based in UK.
26. David Wahler – Award-winning, U.S. based electronic and instrumental music composer.
27. Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria – New age composer, flutist, clinical psychologist and author.
28. John Adorney – Contemporary instrumental new age, world music composer producer.
29. Mars Lasar – Award-winning electronic, instrumental music and film score composer.
30. Paul Sills – UK based electronic and instrumental keyboardist, new age music composer.
31. Cadence Spalding – Multi-talented new age singer, songwriter and stage performer.
32.Oscar Aguayo – Electronic new age, neo-classic, ethnic music composer and keyboardist.
33. Salva Moreno – Electronic music composer from Spain with artist title Psicodreamics.
34. Vicki Logan – Multi-talented singer, flutist, new age instrumental and electronic composer.
35. Colin O’Donohoe – Director of Pangean Orchestra and new age, world music composer.

Promotion Banner for Eversound Record Label Promotion - Eversound Record LabelThe Eversound Record Label Company Profile: Read about the award-winning artists of Eversound Records and their newest albums.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to EverSound, a record label committed to producing heartfelt, timeless music by talented artists from around the world.

EverSound’s variety of new age music ranges from instrumental to soft rock, including world and smooth jazz. The label’s versatile artists have produced cinematic music for television and film industries as well.

The lineup of popular artists includes John Adorney, Diane Arkenstone, Ron Clearfield, Michael Whalen, John Mills, Curtis Macdonald, Lino, Manuel Imán and other talented artists.

John Adorney, the label’s top-selling act, is an award-winning composer and producer whose solo albums have garnered glowing reviews by music critics around the world.

Eversound Record Label ArtistsJohn Adorney began studying music at the age of 9. Although his first instrument was the cello, within two years he’d also learned the guitar, profoundly influenced by the Beatles and British Invasion they launched.

He additionally learned the piano and went on to study classical music. By the 1990s Adorney was composing contemporary instrumental material.

John Adorney went on to release several solo albums including Beckoning (1998) and The Other Shore (2002), many of which laid the foundation for the genre through the 2000s as they quickly rose to the top of the New Age radio airplay charts. Adorney’s latest release, The Wonder Well, shows no sign of the composer slowing down anytime in the near future.

EverSound also recently signed the youngest new artist in the genre, 21-year-old wunderkind Nitish Kulkarni. Kulkarni is a rising artist in the instrumental scene and his sound has been likened to that of Yanni.

Influenced by his Indian heritage and American upbringing, Nitish’s music incorporates musical instruments and styles from all around the world. Kulkarni and Adorney teamed up to produce his debut album Synesthetic, which blends together electronic and acoustic sounds from over 50 different musical instruments!

The music critics have been raving about the new album Synesthetic. “This is an artist that has the potential to become a star,” New Age Music Odyssey’s BT Fasmer writes. “Kulkarni’s debut album Synesthetic shows exceptional talent. Without a doubt the most promising debut album in the New Age music genre since year 2000.”

Music reviewer Michael Debbage from Mainly Piano writes, “Synesthetic screams sleeper hit for 2014. By the end of the year, many will be speaking highly of Kulkarni and his solo debut album.”

Read more about Eversound Records and the quality label artists at EverSound.com. You may listen to samples and purchase EverSound’s newest albums and visit EverSound’s YouTube Channel. Photos courtesy eversound.com.

The YouTube video below covers the history of the Eversound Record Label from the very start, all the way through to the popular EverSound 15th anniversary concert CD and DVD album performance recorded before a live audience in Santa Barbara, CA:

The professional music production services of William Ackerman, a Grammy® Award-winning record producer. Today Will Ackerman continues the legacy of his legendary Windham Hill Records at Imaginary Road Studios in the mountains of Vermont.

Will Ackerman is the founder of Windham Hill Records, a Grammy® Award-winner, and the recipient of more than 20 Platinum and Gold records in the United States and overseas.

Will’s productions at Windham Hill Records defined a new genre of music. The seminal work of George Winston, Michael Hedges and Liz Story among many others established Will as one of the preeminent producers of acoustic and instrumental music recordings in the world.

Now with Imaginary Road Studios, the engineering of Tom Eaton, a magnificent Steinway piano and a collection of some of the finest microphones and preamps anywhere on earth, Will is doing the best work of his life.

In the last 4 years alone, Will has produced 10 records that have achieved the #1 position on the NAR/Zone Music Reporter Charts. Seven of the ten highest rated albums ever reported by NAR/Zone Music Reporter, including the #1 and #2 positions, are Will Ackerman productions.

Imaginary Road Studios is available either for musicians who wish to work with Will as producer or for musicians who are simply looking for the finest studio in which to create.

We would be honored to help you make the record you dream of a reality. Visit our website or call us so we can chat about your project.

Visit: WilliamAckerman.com & ImaginaryRoadStudios.com. Contact: will@williamackerman.com & Office 207.929.5777.

The best musicians in the world & the ability to capture it all . . .

  • “Working with Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios was one of the most creatively transforming experiences of my life. There is no better producer than Will Ackerman, and no better studio and team than the one at Imaginary Road to make your musical dreams a reality.” Jeff Oster (two times ZMR Record of the Year award winner)
  • “Imaginary Road Studios is even more special than the name implies. Expert professionals, all nice folks, gather there to conspire in the gentle business of creating good, meaningful music – all in an incomparable setting in the New England Mountains. No wonder everyone loves working there – for me it’s one of my all-time favorites.” Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, James Taylor, King Crimson)
  • “This is a place where music and talent is fostered and nurtured and comes to life as it should, as you had always hoped, dreamed, and imagined.” Fiona Joy Hawkins (7 times ZMR Award Winner)
  • “My experiences at Imaginary Road Studios have been a delight. Professional, inspirational and comfortable beyond belief. Simply a pleasure.” Steve Holley (Elton John, Paul McCartney)
  • “There has been no single greater influence upon me than Will Ackerman. He is a staggering example of a true musical voice and visionary unparalleled in his abilities. Working with him has been one of the most tremendous honors of my life.” Patrick Gorman
  • “A state-of-the-art environment where musical dreams and visions effortlessly become reality.” Eugene Freisen (Paul Winter Consort, Multiple Grammy® Award winner)
  • “As producer of my last four projects, Will Ackerman’s influence elevated my composing and performance to new heights. I just “happened” to write the best music of my career while working with Will.” Stanton Lanier
  • “I’m so proud to be part of the art that is created and produced at Imaginary Road; a pure, peaceful and spiritual environment.” Jeff Haynes (Pat Metheny, Grammy® Award winner)
  • “Producing your album at Imaginary Road will become one of the greatest experiences of your life. The idyllic setting of Imaginary Road will capture your heart and call the music from your very soul like you’ve never seen before. There is simply no better place on earth more technically and artistically suited to produce your album than Imaginary Road.” Peter Jennison
  • “It’s really about the vibe up there, the magic that happens at Imaginary Road, the magic I’ve experienced and the exquisite music that they create.” T Bone Wolk (Hall and Oates, Shawn Colvin, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello)
Producer Will Ackerman – 2012
List for New Age & World Music Promotional Services.

Being the site host of a popular music blog, I get emails from artists worldwide requesting a contact list for music promoters and marketing services in the New Age, Instrumental and World music genres.

While New Age Music World is a non-profit site in entirety, and I try to remain neutral on who I recommend, I am happy to offer my assistance by providing the names and contact information for the best music promoters and marketing specialists I work with on a regular basis.

I have worked with dozens of music promoters, producers, and public relations persons, by writing reviews or interviewing their clients, so I can tell you there are many excellent music promoters available, in addition to the ones I would like to tell you about today. Nearly everyone I have worked with over the years is a leading professional in regards to their capacity with client based publicity and music promotional services.

Promotional services do vary, as does their marketing strategies, level of assistance, and areas of expertise. Many if not all marketing strategists offer an artist initial phone consultation, to determine an artist’s specific needs, and at what level they can assist best, which lets the artist decide upfront, before promotion begins.

Various levels with marketing strategy can include production, graphics, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, online radio airplay promotion, and an all-inclusive list of client based services for artists wanting to greatly increase their chances with succeeding in the music industry.

The New Age Music Circle Forum, operated by marketing strategist Suzanne Doucet is another organization I would highly recommend for artists wanting to be proactive in their own music promotion. The New Age Music Circle is an international online community forum where artist in the New Age, World Music, and related sub-genres can share music, videos, and post information about special events and participate in discussions on a variety of music related topics.

The Circle Forum is open to everyone, from leading industry professionals and artists, but membership is open to music fans too. The Circle Forum is an excellent place, where artists at every level can enhance their presence in the music industry through self-promotion, regardless of whether they are employing the services of a professional music promoter or not. Visit the New Age Music Circle at NewAgeMusik.Ning.com.

Here is an alphabetized email contact list of the New Age, Instrumental and World Music promoters I have worked with on a regular basis over the years, and would recommend to artists. Please keep in mind there are a number of excellent music promotional services to choose from, so the marketing professionals listed below are the music promoters I know best, and who specialize in the New Age, Instrumental and World music genres. BigStockPhoto.com copyright – Milosluz.

Music Marketing Specialists:

1. LAZZ Promotions – Contact Ed Bonk. Email: lazzpromotions@rogers.com.

2. Only New Age Music – Contact Suzanne Doucet. Email: onlynewagemusic@yahoo.com.

3. The B Company – Contact Beth Ann Hilton. Email: bethhilton@thebcompany.com.

4. The Creative Service Company – Contact Randall Davis. Email: CreatServ9@aol.com.

NewAgeMusicWorld.com is an official music blogspot!

John P. Olsen is your host during your visit today, and your return visits tomorrow. Some of you may already know me since I was a contributing partner with friend and colleague B.T. Fasmer, at his industry respected NewAgeMusic.nu.

New Age Music World is a non-profit affiliate with NewAgeMusic.nu so I will be bringing you new content and up to date coverage of the best New Age music the industry has to offer, serving visitors and musicians alike.

You are invited to take a few minutes to make a brief tour to become acquainted with NewAgeMusicWorld.com. My Profile Page provides more details, and I am excited about this new opportunity to deliver a fresh perspective in regards to the musicians who define the New Age music genre.

You can take a look at the Interviews & Album Reviews I have written regarding some of the great producers and top artists.  You can sample the music I write about at Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, Rhapsody.com and other outlets. Many songs in my album reviews receive airtime on 365 Stars Radio and Sky.Fm internet radio stations.

I hope you will quickly recognize this blog-spot as a reliable source for news and information regarding the top artists I cover, so that you bookmark and become a regular visitor to my music blogspot.

I would like to publicly thank B.T. Fasmer for his technical assistance during website construction. For those who know B.T. and his dedication to the fans and artists in the New Age genre, here is yet another reason hold him in high regard.

                    John P. Olsen

Editor/Host for NewAgeMusicWorld.Com.

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