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Pre-release Review: Let Mother Earth Speak by Dennis Banks & Kitaro. New spoken word album with song single included entitled Peace, available in audio CD and digital downloads.

Distinguished Native American activist Dennis Banks has teamed up with international new age superstar and GRAMMY® Award-winning Kitaro for his new album titled Let Mother Earth Speak.

This unity of Dennis Banks, who provides spoken word narrative, and Kitaro who accompanies Dennis with world-class instrumentals, is a world apart culturally speaking from the music customarily heard in modern day society.

Let Mother Earth Speak is an exclusive new release like no other in the genres of spoken word, along with traditional Native American music. Introducing 9 songs total on the album and the life history of Dennis Banks, an Anishinabe from the land of the Ojibwa people, is delivered by spoken word and traditional Native American Indian songs.

Kitaro’s instrumentals of keyboards, Native Indian Flute, percussion, and ethnic woodwinds transcend the message of peace and real life stories with a sense of inspiring realism. Artists Tomoko Koshikawa and Kirilola sing background vocals.

There is a sense of authenticity in the voice of Dennis Banks given the down to earth clarity in which he uses spoken word to encourage a more peaceful existence, while recalling past memories and wisdom learned from the experience.

Sharing oneness with the earth in which they live day to day, Dennis Banks and Kitaro each embolden the message of international peace in their own lives as individuals. Together as a team, their encouraging message speaks of peace and harmony with new-found optimism, making the elusive goal of world peace seem less abstract and more like a compellingly real concept within arm’s reach.

Domo Music Group is presenting this arrangement by Dennis Banks and Kitaro. This album will be interesting to watch since this project will be submitted for GRAMMY® consideration in the Spoken Word category in 2012 – 2013.

Receiving nomination or a GRAMMY® Award for Best Spoken Word Album will be a challenge however since past winners include 2012 Winner Betty White, plus former and current U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

This new album composed and arranged by Dennis Banks and Kitaro, is timed to be officially released on September 11, 2012. You may sample or purchase this album right now with 18 page cover booklet containing photos and song lyrics at Domo Music Group and iTunes.

Let Mother Earth Speak has 9 songs titled as follows: Thank You Great Spirit, Song Of Responsibilities, The Missionary Song, A Good Day To Die, Don’t Cry, End Of The Day, She Don’t Love Me Anymore, Longest Walk 2 and Peace.

Visit DennisBanks.org to learn more, and to sample or purchase visit the Domo Music Group pages for Dennis Banks and the Domo Music Group pages for Kitaro. Cover artwork courtesy dennisbanks.com & kitaromusic.com.

Mars Lasar is one of the first musicians many people recall when thinking of nature inspired music. His music with a dedication to protect the heartland is a constant reminder of this gifted artist and his ability to promptly place you there.

Mars Lasar has just released another nature inspired project entitled Tahoe Spirit. This release really puts you on location, in a sharp salute that is a natural acquisition with his large fan base. This release should be of interest for all who appreciate his artistic creations gently carved from our native habitats of woodlands and ecosystems.

The time enduring Eleventh Hour Series, Olympic National Park, & Yosemite: Valley Of The Giants, are all earlier landmarks of his dedication to conservation music that, sure as our world turns, are steadily becoming more relevant each passing day. Every one is a great album with a wonderful theme.

Tahoe Spirit is his newest declaration into New Age/World/Nature genres to virtually guide you one heartbeat away from the Great North Western Sierra Nevada Wilderness, Lake Tahoe, and deep into Washoe Indian Territory, in a trail blazing expedition illustrating the territorial lands that are a vital part of our American Heritage.

David Rose is a distinguished talent from the band Painted Raven, and principal performer on Traditional Native Flutes, while a divine new age vocalist likewise join Mars Lasar on piano, bass, keyboards, and programming. It is during their unparalleled journey together where everyone can become a part of, and be a witness to the vast open wilderness, monumental mountain horizons, and the pristine waters that reverently hold the secrets of this regional gemstone.

Mars Lasar employs a careful artisans approach while composing all of his inspired by nature music, making a lasting impression on you every time. The effective result of a delicate polish given to Tahoe Spirit results in a fine grain finish, directing you to an exceptional visit to the pristine beauty of our native woodlands all Americans can call home.

Tahoe Spirit makes a bold first impact of 10 song legacies known with a deeply moving and beautifully synthesized Tahoe Legends. Beginning with a grand opening, this Epic song makes one quickly realize the musical terrain is going to be firmly held on a plateau of picturesque beauty. The woodwinds David Rose provides are encircled by percussion effects and heart pounding stanzas that Mars expertly recreates during your guided visits to memorable discoveries in music.

The Great Spirit has more of a calming presence by woodwind interludes and echoing drum rhythms that noticeably accent an inherent note by note recollection about a past civilization of people who are an important part of our heritage and who once called it home.

Washoe Meadows has the attribute as a gentle song with a relaxing melody, articulating a pleasing sense of atmosphere, perfect for those seeking an adventurous ambiance where gentle streams and natural forestry are a realistic part of the visual beauty you will hear in this total music experience.

Lake In the Sky gives a peaceful moment of reflection by woodwinds gentle tones and dreamy melody shown by a soft tranquil flow between stanzas, while bass and drums add a range of depth by the subtle undercurrents.

Alpine Meadows makes a heartfelt impression on me every time I listen to it, in an uplifting song where the bond of this trio shines so very brightly while standing together in musical unity. Mars places an Epic, yet comforting climate controlled feel on keyboards that instantly takes you there. David instills the calming winds with haunting flute passages recognizing the presence of the people living before us there, and the new age vocalist sings a soft radiant melody, glowing like the sun by her wonderful declaration to remind everyone why we become united there.

Tahoe Spirit greatly captures your attention by a bold testimonial about our native lands worth preserving, and is a wonderful presentation from talented artists united in heart, mind, and spirit, who give you the feeling that you also belong and can go there too.

Visit MarsLasar.com to sample and purchase the Tahoe Spirit album. Picture Copyright Big Stock Photo – mantonino.

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