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Yanni News Interview ExclusiveSpecial new interview in 2014 with international concert and recording music celebrity Yanni.

Multi-Platinum selling recording and international concert artist Yanni is a legendary artist known worldwide for bringing professional live music and unifying message to all parts of the world. For over 30 years, Yanni has made his presence known as a leading international concert artist with around one billion admirers of all nationalities.

Famous for his concert venues in settings of historical significance, Yanni and his elite orchestra have begun their Worldwide Concert Tour in 2014. During the 2014 concert season an extensive worldwide tour will include venues covering over 20 countries, including Chile, Argentine, Brazil, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia. Also scheduled later this year are concert venues in the U.S. and Canada, with more dates to be added as the year progresses.

Topics covered in this interview are related to Yanni’s newest album Inspirato, a collective project which has taken 20 years to compose and four years to complete. Soon to be released, Inspirato is unlike any other album ever produced. Yanni details the 2014 concert season, with an emphasis on the extraordinary musicians and vocalists in his orchestra. His close relationship with fans of all nationalities and the importance of official Street Team members and Fan Clubs are covered, along with news and his plans for the future.

Exclusive New Interview with Yanni:

John P. Olsen: Let me begin by thanking you for your time Yanni. It is widely known your yearly concert schedule, with consistently sold out concert venues is demanding to say the least. It’s an honor to present to fans your most current, up-to-date interview, taking place during your Worldwide Concert Tour in 2014 and upcoming new release Inspirato.

I am confident many people who have attended one of your earlier concerts, are now anticipating their next opportunity to watch you perform live during the 2014 concert season. For some people this year will be their first chance to attend a live Yanni concert. For the benefit of every concertgoer; can you tell us about any changes you have planned this year, and what attendees will experience during a live concert event in 2014?

Keyboards Yanni ConcertYanni: We have listened to what the fans have been requesting and asking us to put into the concert though the social media in the internet. I have introduced some songs that have been not performed for many years into this current tour.

There is music from the very beginning of my career right up my most recent studio album. We have just started this recent tour in South America and the audience reaction was fantastic.

John: Clearly, the extraordinary vocalists and instrumentalists in your orchestra are an integral part of the total Yanni concert experience. Would you like to tell us about the artists performing with you during the 2014 concert season?

Yanni: I believe that our orchestra is made up of the best musicians in the world. Some of these musicians have been touring with us for decades and the most recent additions have already been with us for over 3 years.

Our musicians represent 11 different nationalities on the stage including England, Germany, Venezuela, Cuba, Paraguay, China, Canada, USA, Russia, Armenia and Greece. Some of the featured soloists fans will be familiar with are Samvel Yervinyan (Armenia) on violin, Charlie Adams (USA) on drums, Ming Freeman (China) on keyboards and Alexander Zhiroff on cello.

Here is a short biography for each orchestra member and vocalists touring with us in 2014 – 2015. (Shown Below)

John: The 2014 concert schedule posted at Yanni.com is already an ambitious number of concert appearances, with many more performances to be added later in the year. Given the fact each concert venue is special in its own way, what drives or motivates you and the orchestra to produce an exciting and memorable concert experience for an audience every time?

Yanni's Orchestra MembersYanni: Every single concert is different. Each one has a unique experience with the audience and in my career I have never experienced any two concerts that were the same. This coming year we will be touring in over 20 countries and we get a renewed enthusiasm from each new audience.

That is the magic of live performances, they are live and never the same. I still get “butterflies” or anxious before every single show. When we perform for an audience, we get so much love from the audience that makes all of us on the stage feel so motivated and rewarded for our effort and this love and relationship with the audience is what keeps us going with such enthusiasm.

John: For any person who has attended or watched one of your televised live concerts, it is apparent the caliber of artists and vocalists in your orchestra is unsurpassed.

Even to the untrained ear their performances are stunning! It is easy to tell that you select only the very best musicians and vocalists from around the world. Can you tell us a little bit about the selection process for artists in your orchestra?

Yanni: Our history has been that someone in the orchestra refers the new person to us. Each member knows the commitment that is required to be in this orchestra and they understand the chemistry, personality and the skill level that is required. Once we have people referred, they undergo a rigorous audition process and then we put them in with the rest of the orchestra. If the chemistry works and they are of the caliber of character needed, then they join and stay for many years. Thankfully, we don’t find ourselves looking for new people very often. Usually several years pass before we look for new members.

Yanni's Inspirato Album VocalistsJohn: Recent albums Truth Of Touch & Yanni: Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico have proven to be an enormous success worldwide, having achieved 40 platinum and gold albums and Best Albums of the year at Billboard during your career. Needless to say your millions strong fan base would love for you to produce more releases. I understand the most aspiring project of your life is nearing release, isn’t that right?

Yanni: Yes, we have a new studio album titled “Inspirato” that is coming out in April of 2014. This album took 4 years to record and 20 years to compose the music that inspired it.

I have collaborated with Placido Domingo to have vocals recorded to some many of my instrumental songs with the greatest voices in the world including Placido Domingo, Renée Fleming, Vittorio Grigolo, Rolando Villazon, Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson, Pretty Yende, Nathan Pacheco, Placido Domingo Jr., Lauren Jelenkovich and Chloe Lowery.

We also have a new television show that is being completed right now. It should also be ready for release in April 2014. The title is “World Without Borders.” It is a collection of performances and behind the scenes looks at our concert tour over the past 3 years and is taken from concerts from over 20 different countries.

John: In your autobiography entitled Yanni in Words, you talk about the creative process in which you compose music. Undoubtedly, music technology has changed greatly from the early years when you first began composing. Your studio albums Truth Of Touch & Inspirato were produced with today’s most innovative electronic equipment. To what degree has today’s advanced music equipment and technology influenced, or changed the thought process while composing, in comparison to the way you composed music years ago?

Live Yanni ConcertYanni: For me the development of new technology to assist with the recording process has made it possible for me to express a much wider array of the creative aspect of music. I am able to record more efficiently and to adapt and alter the sounds to more closely replicate what is in my imagination.

I also have been able to experiment with new sound designs thought technology and many of these sounds were never previously available. For me as a composer this technology has allowed me to more completely express my creative thoughts.

John: In your 2003 autobiography, Yanni in Words, many topics about your life are revealed. Have you considered publishing an updated version of your autobiography at some point in your life?

Yanni: I think that the time will come in the near future for me to share the changes and new lessons learned over the past decade. In recent years I have been able to travel the world more extensively than ever before in my life and I have been able to conquer new challenges and perform and be educated by different people and cultures like never before.

John: Throughout your career, you have shared a close relationship with your fans. It seems you devote so much of your time and energy to please the millions of Yanni fans, which includes membership portals, special events and countless interviews, including our interview today. Why are fans so important to you Yanni?

Yanni: The relationship with my audience is very important because the fans give to me more than I could ever give to them. The love I receive from fans along with the knowledge that my music has affected so many people gives me the passion to continue my career. This interaction with the fans is why I have been able to work at my passion for over 30 years now and there is no end or sign of slowing down in sight. I am extremely grateful to all of my fans for this support and encouragement.

Yanni Concert FansJohn: In addition to the official Yanni international website hosts and great staff members I met at Yanni-Wake Entertainment, you also have official groups like Fan Clubs, Street Teams, and organizations that provide an invaluable role by organizing pre-concert events and a variety of official Yanni activities.

Would you please tell us about the people in these vital organizations, their role, responsibilities, and who to contact if a person would like to join, and be a part of the Yanni team?

Yanni: I am very proud of our street team members and our fan clubs around the world. I believe we have 32 official Yanni fan clubs around the world. I can tell you that these people are incredibly important to what I do as a musician in that they help answer questions, share information and are the back bone of creating a global community centered on the music.

It is always an honor for me to travel around the world and meet these people personally. Anyone can join our family by registering at Yanni.com or join our team by emailing: TeamYanni(at)YanniWake.com.

John: It is no secret that you and the U.S. based Public Broadcast Service (PBS) share a wonderful connection together for decades. You are recognized as one of the top PBS fundraisers during the non-profit television network’s pledge drives and TV specials, but on the other hand, you and other artists can be thankful for PBS too. In what way has the television Public Broadcasting Service been a positive influence for artists in general and for you personally throughout your music career?

Yanni: PBS has been a wonderful partner for many artists in that PBS gives artists the opportunity to present their art in the manner that is true to them and shares it with a huge audience. Without PBS, many artists would have never had this opportunity and may never have realized professional careers. I am thankful for my long relationship with PBS, it has been a significant factor in helping to give me a professional career as a composer and musician.

Yanni's International Concert VenuesJohn: You are an international music celebrity whose innovative achievements are many Yanni. You are perhaps most famous for your groundbreaking, international concert venues at the Acropolis in Greece, Forbidden City in China, Taj Mahal in India, The Kremlin in Russia, and other significant international concert venues. Of your numerous professional or personal successes, what would you say are the two most rewarding moments in your career to date?

Yanni: There are so many rewarding moments and for so many different reasons. Recently, I have been very proud of our ability to break into some new markets such as the Middle East in Oman, Bahrain, UAE and Qatar.

I also have been very moved by our recent success in South America, specifically Brazil where we have been able to perform several concerts and are continuing to grow our audience.

I also appreciate the very intimate and heartfelt experiences realized by meeting many people and coming in contact with many cultures such as helping with the flood victims in Thailand, the adoption of a Panda from the people of China, and my relationship with the International Space Station through NASA and the Russian space program.

John: Do you have any personal or professional endeavors you would like to achieve sometime in the future?

Yanni: At the moment I am very happy with our plans to continue touring around the world and meeting new people and learning from new cultures. I am sure that in some years from now, this will slow down and I will have other initiatives to explore but for the moment I am living in what is the best time of my life and I am very happy with that.

John: While preparing for our interview Yanni, I couldn’t help but think of what an amazing success story your life has been. Every day I am in contact with artists, many of which envision the attainment and level of success in their careers, similar to what you have achieved during your career. Knowing there will be a variety of debuting and seasoned artists reading our interview; can you offer any advice or guidance for musicians in general or artists in the early stages of their music career?

Newest Yanni Interview 2014Yanni: I believe that as an artist and composer, you must stay true to your dreams and persist through the challenging times. I never had a master plan for how my career would work out. I would just focus on the task at hand and dedicate all of my energy and resources to what I was doing at that time.

I never thought about success or money, I only thought about my music and doing the very best I could in being a creative artist. I believe that by putting all of my energy and resources into my music, it led to me being able to have a career as a professional music artist.

John: It has been a privilege to present your most current interview in 2014 Yanni! On behalf of your millions of fans around the world and myself, thank you yet again for sharing a moment of your time. Until the day we visit again, is there anything you would like to express to your fans or official team members who have supported you over the years?

Yanni: It is because of all of the fans and our affiliates that I am able to continue with my career. It gives me great pride to be associated with all of you and I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible as we continue to travel the world.

               Warm Regards, Yanni

Visit the official Yanni.com homepage where you can find 2014 Concert Tour information. Read the full biographies for the elite team of Yanni Orchestra Members and visit their official websites. To purchase CD albums, DVDs, gift items and merchandise visit the Yanni Store. Find information for the Yanni Community, Street Team, Fan Club and International Affiliate Members at Yanni.com and read my Yanni Section. For current news visit social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Interview photos courtesy yanni-wake entertainment & whit padgett. Big stock photos courtesy sborisov & pius99.

Orchestra Member’s Biography Summary:

Yanni Concert Orchestra Members

Yanni’s orchestra is a truly unique collection of musicians. Yanni has hand-picked each member of his orchestra and has been in search for the world’s top performers to bring you what you see today. He refers to them as the “United Nations” as they come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. Yanni brings you on a musical journey that only this group of musicians can attempt. The talents from each member surpass the imaginable, and they are all brought to you on one stage under the guidance of a true modern day orchestrator.

1. Charlie Adams, Drummer, Illinois, USA

From the USA, Charlie has been with Yanni from the beginning performing on drums in rock bands when they were kids. Charlie’s energy, stage performance and stamina gets every audience on their feet all around the world.

2. Benedikt Brydern, Violin, Munich, Germany

From Germany, Benedikt has a background in jazz violin and brings his unique style to Yanni’s music. He has been touring with the Yanni orchestra for 4 years.

3. Jason Carder, Trumpet, Arizona, USA

From the USA, Jason has shared his talents as a professor of jazz trumpet at the University of Miami. He has toured with Yanni for 4 years and uses his flugelhorn to reach unimaginable notes.

4. Yoel Del Sol, Percussion, Cuba

From Cuba, Yoel has been Yanni’s leading percussionist for 4 years performing the congas like no other. He brings an energy and latin flair to stage.

5. Victor Espinola, Harp, Asuncion, Paraguay

From Paraguay, Victor is a unique performer who brings a dynamic injection of unique style to the harp. Victor has been with the Yanni orchestra for a decade.

6. Ming Freeman, Keyboards, Taiwan

From Taiwan, Ming has been with Yanni for almost two decades touring as the lead keyboardist. Ming’s solos feature his true talents and showcases just how fast and rhythmic he can be on the keyboards.

7. Lauren Jelencovich, Vocalist, Florida, USA

From the USA, Lauren is classically trained at the Manhattan School of Music and has a voice capable of effortlessly hitting notes that no other singer would attempt. Lauren has been with the tour for the past 2 years.

8. Lisa Lavie, Vocalist, Montreal, Canada

From Canada, Lisa’s powerful voice takes on some of Yanni’s most difficult compositions. As singer and songwriter, she brings energy and emotion to the stage. Lisa has been with the tour for the past 2 years.

9. James Mattos, French Horn, California, USA

From the USA, James has been performing on his French Horn for over 18 years with Yanni’s orchestra. He maintains the warm, rich undertones throughout the concert events.

10. Sarah O’Brien, Cello, Nottingham, England

From England, Sarah has toured all over the world with Yanni. Trained on cello in London’s Guildhall School of Music, she has been seen on the stage with Yanni at every major concert event.

11. Mary Simpson, Violin, Virginia, USA

From the USA of Chinese decent, Mary plays her “fiddle” bringing warmth and richness with a bluegrass edge – her style and her smile capture the hearts of every audience. Mary has been touring with Yanni for the past 2 years.

12. Dana Teboe, Trombone, Florida, USA

From the USA, Dana is a widely recognized trombone player who has impeccable tone, accuracy and energy. Dana has been performing with Yanni for 8 years.

13. Gabriel Vivas, Bass, Caracas, Venezuela

From Venezuela, Gabriel brings a new life to the bass performing runs and scales rarely seen. Gabriel has been with Yanni since 2008 and remains a top performer.

14. Samvel Yervinyan, Violin, Yerevan, Armenia

From Armenia, Samvel has been widely recognized as one of the world’s premier violinists and has been a star performer among Yanni’s orchestra for the past decade.

15. Alexander Zhiroff, Cello, Russia

From Russia, “Sacha” has been touring with Yanni for almost 17 years performing at all the major concert events around the world with his cello. Sacha performs with a unique style and incredible talent.

Yanni Signature Autograph

Guide for Olympic Albums Banner

Olympic Theme Statue Kiev UkraineInformation guide for Official Olympic Albums and where to purchase Olympic music of the Summer and Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

If you are a fan of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and want purchase information for available Olympic albums, soundtracks or individual MP3 digital song downloads, perhaps I can assist.

In most cases I have found people are looking for an official song, recording or playlist by artists performing during a Summer or Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremony.

Finding official music albums sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) can be time consuming so my objective is to provide accurate assistance to visitors.

Since I have covered music news related to the Olympic Games for several years, I can pass along detailed information on the availability of specific Olympic music selections and purchasing details like where to sample or buy official albums.

Whether you want to buy the official music of the Sochi Opening and Closing Ceremonies or find authorized albums from past Olympic Games, availability varies for each Olympic venue.

Even if an authentic recording is offered they don’t get much marketing support from the IOC, and some albums or soundtracks are available for purchase while others are not.

For example the newest release, Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, was made available on February 3, 2014. Another example is Isles Of Wonder: Music For The Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games, & Enlightenment – Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games are available, and can easily be found at online retail stores like iTunes or Amazon.

Athena Olympic Themed StatueLikewise there are additional official albums to sample or purchase from earlier Opening and Closing Olympic Ceremonies. Each are unique in their own way, and provided below is a list of available albums to choose from.

In the event an album is not offered and you want to find a track list of songs by performing artists so you may purchase the individual songs yourself, creating your own playlist can be obtained by several methods.

Major news organizations, especially a news organization in the host country, provide an accurate description of the ceremony events in the specific order they were performed.

Another source to find an official album or list of artists and a track list of songs is Wikipedia. Simply enter search criteria related to the specific Olympic Opening or Closing Ceremony of the host country you are looking for. Various sporting or music blogs, including this one, provide accurate, detailed information for their visitors too.

One word of advice is to make a determination of whether or not the album or songs you want to buy are actual selections from an authorized album. This is especially true when searching for an official Olympic album at online retailers like iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby. The album cover and product details will tell you a lot, since they are marketed as “un-official.”

Music artists will sometimes market a “tribute album” which is made in good faith in honor of the games, but they are not endorsed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Olympic Theme Statue Kiev UkraineThe majority of artists will show integrity by clearly indicating the marketing status of their music product as a tribute album only.

You can usually determine tribute albums by checking the release date, which typically show the date released days or months prior to an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Tribute albums can be original music or have a playlist of national anthems, ceremony fanfares and theme songs of the actual music. Although these are not authentic releases, tribute albums and songs can be a worthwhile product to purchase.

Many available products are professional symphony pieces performed by famous concert orchestras, but they too are merely offering their version of an actual song.

One final piece of information concerning official Olympic music is the fact most official albums are not a recorded live performance of an Opening and Closing Ceremony itself.

In other words the selections you may be interested in purchasing might not be in the order performed, and specific songs may be added or various artists may not be included in the official version. All things considered, authentic Olympic and Paralympic albums are of course, a one of a kind collectable recording.

With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil two years away, it is unknown at this time whether there will be an official Rio Summer Games album. One feature we can count on and look forward to is the Rio Olympic Opening and Closing ceremonies. The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are sure to be as thrilling as the Brazilian Carnivals themselves!

Find a list of official Olympic albums at Amazon.com, and read my category section dedicated to Official Olympic Songs. Big Stock Photos of statues in Kiev, Ukraine and Vienna, Austria by Dogi78, Jozo & Kyolshin.

Promotion Banner Olympic Albums

Official Albums of OlympicsOfficial Summer and Winter Olympic Album Collection.

With the Closing Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games now over, many people will be looking to buy an official album of the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games. We can expect the same when Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

One authentic album available from the Sochi Winter Games is titled; Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. There are also authentic albums from previous Olympic Games available too. Shown below is a collection of Olympic music now available. See you in Rio de Janeiro!

Sample the entire collection of Olympic albums at Amazon.com and read my category on Official Olympic Songs. Big Stock Photo by Siart.

Collection of official Olympic albums available for purchase:

Sochi Olympic Games AlbumOfficial London Olympic AlbumVancouver Olympic AlbumVancouver Olympic Closing AlbumOfficial Beijing Olympic AlbumAthens Olympic Opening Ceremony AlbumAthens Olympic Closing AlbumSalt Lake Utah Olympic AlbumOlympic Winter Games Album 20022000 Olympic Opening Ceremony1996 Olympic Games Album1988 Summer Olympics Album

1. Official Album of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games
2. Isles Of Wonder: Music For The Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games
3. Sounds of Vancouver 2010: Opening Ceremony Commemorative Album
4. Sounds of Vancouver 2010: Olympic Winter Games – Closing Ceremony Commemorative
5. The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: One World One Dream
6. Unity – Athens 2004 -The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album
7. Harmony: Athens 2004 Olympic Official Album
8. Salt Lake 2002 Official: Music of the Games
9. Light Up The Land: 2002 Olympic Winter Games
10. Games of the XXVII Olympiad – Official Music from the 2000 Sydney Opening Ceremonies
11. Rhythm Of The Games: 1996 Olympic Games Album
12. 1988 Summer Olympics Album: One Moment in Time
Canadian Juno AwardsCanada’s Juno Awards Ceremony set for March 30, 2014. The evening ceremony honors the best Canadian artists and their albums by Canada’s most coveted music award.

Much like Canada and the U.S. share a collective international border at Niagara Falls, our two countries share similar qualities when it comes to each country’s most prestigious music award ceremonies.

Scheduled on the weekend of March 29, March 30, 2014 Canada’s most prestigious music award ceremony honoring top artists will be televised live at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Much like the United States process to determine GRAMMY® Awards, Canada’s Juno Awards are decided by either a designated selection process or selections determined by voting members of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS).

New members are inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the ceremony, which will include legendary rock group Bachman-Turner Overdrive. The designated hosts for the ceremony are: Classified, Johnny Reid, and Serena Ryder.

Niagra Falls - Canada U.S. BorderPopular artists are scheduled to perform including ceremony hosts Classified and singer, songwriter Serena Ryder. Additional artists set to perform are as follows; Gord Bamford, Dean Brody, Brett Kissell, Matt Mays, The Sheepdogs, Tegan and Sara, Robin Thicke, Walk off the Earth.

There are 44 Juno Award Categories this year, and comparable to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), Juno awards are presented as primarily Album of the Year or Artist of the Year. This change in award category terminology, which took place in 2003, was previous phrased as Best Album or Best Artist of the Year.

The Juno Awards Ceremony is televised live on the CTV Television Network each year. It’s unclear if the majority of Americans will have televised access of the live broadcast.

On March 30, 2014 you can visit CTV.ca to see if a streaming broadcast video of the ceremony is shown live. In the past the American Television Network MTV2 broadcast previous Juno Awards Ceremonies so American satellite and cable viewers may be able to watch the ceremony on the MTV2 channel.

For Canadian persons familiar with the Juno Awards nominees the chances of selecting the correct lineup of winning artists are identical to their American counterpart trying to guess the outcome of the GRAMMY® Awards. But in equal terms is an evening celebration filled with anticipation and excitement of who will win Canada’s Artist of the Year or Album of the Year!

For news on Canada’s biggest night in music visit JunoAwards.ca. Big Stock Photos by Fallesenphotography & Gary718.

Interviews With Music CelebritiesUpcoming interviews with important music celebrities: Learn more about your favorite artist by three new exclusive interviews at New Age Music World.

I am pleased to announce three important artists are soon to be featured at this site. The first is with former The Pretenders drummer and founder of group Moodswings, James Hood. The second interview is with famous Celtic musician and vocalist, Loreena McKennitt. The third interview scheduled is with world-class concert and studio recording artist Yanni.

One thing I have learned over the years as an interview host is the fact fans do want to know more about their favorite artist. While I am knowledgeable about the lives of many important celebrity artists I meet and write about, I can honestly say I too enjoy learning even more about the artists myself. Needless to say, popular music celebrities live fascinating lives.

The upcoming interviews are an actual interview conducted by me, not lesser quality teaser articles or copied content consisting of a few quotes taken from another person’s interview. In other words fans and visitors can expect the full conversation comprised of original, up-to-date topics presented in each interview.

I work hard for an artist’s fans to cover interesting topics and ask artists relevant questions so each all-inclusive interview is unique and contains the most current news content available. Currently there are 35 exclusive interviews to read at this site. Below is a list of artists I have interviewed so far. The popularity of this site has never been greater so watch for more interviews with major music artists presented to visitors in the near future. Select from the musician’s names shown below and read about your favorite artist in my Interview Section or Interview Category. Big Stock Photo by Viperagp.

Interview Promotion Banner

35 Popular Music Artists with Interviews:

1. Yanni Chryssomallis – Multi-platinum, international studio and concert artist and composer.
2. James Hood – Popular UK based new age music recording artist and Moodswings founder.
3. Moya Brennan – Legendary Celtic vocalist, harpist, Clannad group member from Ireland.
4. Diane Arkenstone – Popular vocalist, instrumental new age, world music recording artist.
5. Chuck Wild – Composer and founder of Liquid Mind Musical Healthcare® Experience.
6. Peter Kater – Multi-platinum selling new age music composer and concert pianist.
7. Nicholas Gunn – Multi-platinum, best-selling instrumental flutist and EDM producer.
8. David Lanz – Legendary new age music composer, studio recording and concert pianist.
9. Eric Tingstad – GRAMMY® Award-Winning guitarist and record label owner and producer.
10. Will Ackerman – GRAMMY® Award-winner, guitarist, and Windham Hill Records producer.
11. Kitaro – GRAMMY® and Golden Globe Award-Winning recording and concert musician.
12. AOMusic – New age, world fusion group with humanitarian message and organization.
13. Al Conti – New age, world music composer, studio recording, GRAMMY® Nominee.
14. David Arkenstone – Award-winning Top 10 Billboard charting multi-instrumentalist.
15. Jim Brickman – Gold and multi-platinum selling Top 10 Billboard Chart concert pianist.
16. Suzanne Doucet – Award-winning music composer, recording artist and TV personality.
17. Colburn Tuller – New age music recording artist and inventor of The Tones instrument.
18. Fionnuala Sherry – Ireland based violin soloist and leading member of Secret Garden.
19. Randy & Pamela Copus – New age music artists, Billboard Charting music group 2002.
20. Jon Anderson – Former vocalist of group YES, solo concert and studio recording artist.
21. Gandalf – Internationally acclaimed concert and instrumental composer from Austria.
22. Steve Orchard – New age music composer and instrumental recording artist from the UK.
23. Davol Tedder – Electronic new age music composer of inspiring contemporary music.
24. Bryan El – Classical electronic composer of symphonic new age music based in Belgium.
25. Clifford White – Multi-media producer and instrumental electronic composer based in UK.
26. David Wahler – Award-winning, U.S. based electronic and instrumental music composer.
27. Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria – New age composer, flutist, clinical psychologist and author.
28. John Adorney – Contemporary instrumental new age, world music composer producer.
29. Mars Lasar – Award-winning electronic, instrumental music and film score composer.
30. Paul Sills – UK based electronic and instrumental keyboardist, new age music composer.
31. Cadence Spalding – Multi-talented new age singer, songwriter and stage performer.
32.Oscar Aguayo – Electronic new age, neo-classic, ethnic music composer and keyboardist.
33. Salva Moreno – Electronic music composer from Spain with artist title Psicodreamics.
34. Vicki Logan – Multi-talented singer, flutist, new age instrumental and electronic composer.
35. Colin O’Donohoe – Director of Pangean Orchestra and new age, world music composer.

Brightman Banner

Dreamchaser by Sarah BrightmanInstrumental & Vocal Music Review – New Dreamchaser album by international music celebrity Sarah Brightman.

International music superstar Sarah Brightman is one of today’s popular artists who clearly shines brighter than all other vocal artists in the same category.

Even when compared to the crowd of mainstream celebrity vocal artists, Sarah Brightman has excelled as a classical crossover artist, earning the respect of untold millions during her stellar career as a professional vocalist, actress, songwriter and dancer.

When describing the life and career of international celebrity Sarah Brightman, one can describe her amazing career of singer, actress, songwriter and dancer as an out of this world superstar in every respect.

Over the course of her professional career, Sarah Brightman has acquired 180 Gold and Platinum awards in over 40 countries worldwide, and reached over 30 million in album sales throughout the course of her stellar career.

Sarah Brightman ReviewDreamchaser is Sarah Brightman’s newest album nearing official release worldwide in April 2013. The songs Angel & One Day Like This are two full length song singles released earlier to the public. As one might expect, both early song releases were met with resounding admiration for her exceptional new release for 2013.

After listening to all 10 songs the beauty of Sarah’s vocals with contemporary lyrics and instrumental backing made it easy to see why this artistically driven vocal instrumental release is certain to be a popular, best-selling album.

There are several official release dates given for various countries around the world, but most importantly, her twelfth studio album with 10 vocal and instrumental songs are going to be available soon to everyone in either audio CD or digital downloads format.

The 10 songs on Dreamchaser are: Angel, One Day Like This, Glosoli, Lento E Largo, B612, Breathe Me, Ave Maria, Eperdu, A Song of India & Venus & Mars.

Special versions of this album is available as a CD/DVD combo, and includes the two bonus songs So Long Ago So Clear & 7th Heaven. Also available at iTunes is an accompanying digital booklet.

Already a brilliant star in every sense by the accomplishment of many firsts during her professional music career, her newest album, intercontinental World Concert Tour in 2013, and upcoming travel destination of the International Space Station gives new meaning to the expression superstar!

You may pre-order Dreamchaser and find World Concert Tour information and read a new interview at SarahBrightman.com. The Amazon store in the U.S. has an official release date of April 16, 2013. Sample and pre-order a special CD/DVD combo for Dreamchaser at Amazon.com. Cover art courtesy sarahbrightman.com & Big Stock Photos by Zootog & Wtolenaars.

Sarah Brightman JapanSarah Brightman News: Listen to 45 second song samples from Dreamchaser at Amazon store in Japan.

Dreamchaser is Sarah Brightman’s newest album nearing official release worldwide in April 2013. There are several official release dates given for various countries around the world for Sarah’ twelfth studio album with 10 vocal and instrumental songs that are going to be available in either format of audio CD or digital downloads.

Sarah Brightman fans who are member of her community fan club may already be privy to this news, but for all other persons the Amazon and iTunes music stores in Japan are two online stores where you can listen to pre-release 45 second song samples of Dreamchaser. In fact persons may also purchase Dreamchaser in either format, but with the April 2013 release coming up, the wait for this exceptional album won’t be much longer.

Angel & One Day Like This are two full length videos and song singles released to the public with resounding admiration for this exceptional release. Today I would like to pass along this news update of this opportunity to listen to 45 second samples of all songs on her newest album prior to the official release date for the majority of countries worldwide.

Dreamchaser in JapanDreamchaser has been available for sample or purchase in Japan since January 16, 2013. Like many other online music outlets in various countries, Amazon is accepting pre-orders prior to the April release date, but Japan is one country to offer early samples for you to listen to all songs and to purchase.

Dreamchaser has 10 songs but the Japanese Amazon and iTunes music retailer offers an opportunity to sample all 10 songs plus the bonus song and purchase at the Amazon and iTunes online music stores in Japan. After listening to all 11 songs, the beauty of Sarah’s vocals with contemporary lyrics and instrumental backing makes it easy to see why this vocal instrumental release is sure to be a popular, best-selling album. Check back if you would like to read a pre-release album review for Dreamchaser prior to the worldwide release date.

The 10 songs samples are: Angel, One Day Like This, Glosoli, Lento E Largo, B612, Breathe Me, Ave Maria, Eperdu, A Song of India & Venus & Mars. Also available at iTunes is an accompanying digital booklet.

Pre-order Dreamchaser and find concert tour information at SarahBrightman.com. The release date in Germany is April 5, 2013 and worldwide on April 8, 2013. The release date for Canada and United States is April 16, 2013. Listen to 45 second song samples for all 10 songs before April release date worldwide. Listen to samples for Dreamchaser at Amazon in Japan. Artwork is courtesy sarahbrightman.com.

Grammy CD 2013Exclusive Song Compilation – Official 2013 GRAMMY® Nominees Compilation Album with 22 songs by 22 of today’s top artists.

Today on January 22, 2013 The Recording Academy released the GRAMMY® Nominees CD Album for 2013. This special vocal and instrumental release like previous year Nominees Song CDs is an exclusive compilation album by the overall number of songs by many of today’s most popular artists.

The 22 songs by contemporary artists are among the top tier of popular artists who are candidates in the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards scheduled for February 10, 2013 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

For fans of vocal and instrumental songs in a variety of popular music genres it’s a chance to own an exclusive song collection of music made popular by celebrity vocal artists, many of which have made Billboard and top of the radio charts.

The GRAMMY® Nominees Song CD for 2013 shines by the diverse multiplicity of the artists and vocalists involved, all of which are contenders in this year’s Award Ceremony including Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best New Artist, and additional categories in the world’s most prestigious award.

Grammy 2013This exclusive album is made available in the formats of CD or album download at Amazon and iTunes. Several customer album reviews at Amazon gave this release the highest rating. After sampling the 22 songs for myself it’s easy to see why.

The 22 artists on the GRAMMY® Nominees album for 2013 are: The Black Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Gotye, Katy Perry, Fun, Florence & The Machine, Pink, Maroon 5, Carly Rae Jepsen, Miguel, Ed Sheeran, Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, Mumford & Sons, Frank Ocean, Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Muse, Coldplay, and Adele.

The 22 songs on the compilation album are: Lonely Boy, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra), Wide Awake, We Are Young, Shake It Out, Try, Payphone (Edited Version featuring Wiz Khalifa), Call Me Maybe, Adorn, The A Team, Wanted, Ho Hey, Hold On, I Will Wait, Pyramids, We Take Care Of Our Own, Freedom At 21, Madness, Charlie Brown, Set Fire To The Rain and (Live At The Royal Albert Hall).

A portion of the proceeds benefit two charitable organizations founded by The Recording Academy. Plus there are two chances to enter and win a trip to the Award Ceremonies in 2013 and 2014. Find information and sample or purchase at Amazon or iTunes by visiting 2013GrammyAlbum.com. Big Stock Photo – AnmFoto.

New Age Music and popular, mainstream music by celebrity artists is becoming even more diverse these days. Many artists within the New Age genre often have additional musical influences including Popular, Progressive, Rock, Adult Alternative, Soul, Folk, Jazz and other subcategories. Likewise, many of yesterday and today’s top artists who produce popular hit music have ventured into song melodies considered far from the swift currents of  mainstream music.

Tasmin Archer is a popular artist from the UK who became an international sensation back in 1992 with the release of her very first album entitled Great Expectations. Being one of my favorite artists for many years after hearing her first release, I can tell you her other albums like ON, Bloom & Shipbuilding are a variety of songs that can be viewed as popular or mainstream music, but ascertaining one specific music influence in her music becomes much more challenging. She is indeed adventurous!

Tasmin Archer’s smash hit song Sleeping Satellite from Great Expectations led to international recognition, reaching number one top album in the United Kingdom and Ireland, in addition to reaching international chart success in many countries.

The wonderful Great Expectations album with 11 songs reached number 8 in UK Albums Chart and attained gold disc status at years end. Tasmin was later bestowed another honor when she won an excellence in music BRIT award for the Best British Breakthrough Act.

Tasmin Archer has a sense of adventure on Great Expectations you will discover. Her lyrical point of view on all of her albums is straightforward, with a down to earth expression in touch with current day ecological and social issues.

The accompanying musicians are John Hughes and Robbie McIntosh on guitars. Keyboard players are John Beck and Paul Wickens. The percussionist is Charlie Morgan and Gary Maughan played a Fairlight synthesizer. Backing vocalists with Tasmin Archer are Tessa Niles and Carol Kenyon.

Shown below is the extraordinary song video called Sleeping Satellite from the Great Expectations album by Tasmin Archer.

There are plans for a new album by Tasmin Archer in 2012 which is welcomed news!

Visit TasminArcher.com to sample or purchase Great Expectations & Best of Tasmin Archer, and find additional albums on her Amazon.com page.

Cover art courtesy tasminarcher.com.

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