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With all of the attention given to the state of Florida in U.S. politics, the time is right to revisit the television soundtrack to Miami Vice by Jan Hammer. While the TV show is history, Miami Vice Theme song, Colombia, & Crockett’s Theme song and entire Miami Vice Original Soundtrack have already won the popular vote.

Miami Vice: The Complete Collection is a soundtrack with 42 Jan Hammer songs. The entire collection is a classic, like the Original Miami Vice Theme, New York Theme, and my favorite, Crockett’s Theme. Wonderful harmony is heard in laid back songs Tubbs And Valerie, Rum Cay, & Crockett’s Return. The 42 songs on Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice Complete Collection is one of his finest albums.

Jan Hammer is a GRAMMY® Award winning artist recognized for his high octane electronic hit music, but there is much more to the composer, keyboardist Jan Hammer, than his chart topping hit songs and albums like the Miami Vice Complete Collection. Jazz fusion, pop, soundtrack and film music are mainstays, but the entire musical expression of Jan Hammer is pretty diverse, as is his professional associations with other legendary music icons.

Jan Hammer was a Mahavishnu Orchestra member, led by John McLaughlin. Mick Jagger, Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck, are some of his music associations. The fashion statement of wearing a sport coat with white tennis shoes may be out of style, especially for a politician, but Jan Hammer and popular hit songs in his Miami Vice soundtrack are still in vogue. The video is from The Best of Miami Vice twentieth year anniversary. During the interview style narrative with Jan Hammer, he and his fans discuss the impact Miami Vice Original Soundtrack made in music history, featuring song Crockett’s Theme. Visit JanHammer.com to sample or purchase, or visit Amazon.com. Album artwork is courtesy Jan Hammer.

International music celebrity Yanni has millions of fans worldwide, but what some visitors may not know is that in addition to the official Yanni.com website, there are a large number of international Affiliate Yanni websites offering exclusive news and original content about Yanni and his orchestra.  In addition to other responsibilities, international affiliates play an important role in Yanni’s world tours by orchestrating concert pre-show social events with fans.

YanniYanni – India is an international affiliate website offering official Yanni news and information, along with their perspective and exclusive content on one of the world’s favorite international concert artist. Recently I had the privilege of being introduced to some of the dedicated team members with India’s international affiliate website.

The people at Yanni – India are a great group of people, which was my earlier experience with the public relations representatives at Yanni – Wake Entertainment. Knowing the entire organization is an outstanding group is something every affiliate team member can be proud of, plus it speaks volumes about the quality and dedication of the people Yanni selects as his domestic and international representatives.

This international affiliate serves Yanni’s East Indian fans, along with all international website guests. Their website text is written in English, plus they provide a built-in Google dialect translator for many other languages.

Featuring official news, press releases, and exclusive content, Yanni – India provides streaming music, and website links to the world-class musicians in the orchestra. They also post a bulletin of official sites, and provides an exclusive presentation of Yanni’s extraordinary 1997 Tribute Concert.

The Tribute Concert at the Taj Mahal was aired on U.S. Public Broadcast Stations (PBS) nationwide. It was the first televised concert where I saw a live Yanni performance, and instantly became a fan myself. There is a pretty good chance the Tribute Concert in India was the same concert venue where you, and Yanni – India Team Members became fans too.

The Taj Mahal concert venue featured a variety of world-class musicians who provided outstanding instrumentals. I thought it was one of his most memorable concert events ever! Years ago I wrote a concert review article about the Tribute Concert featuring violinist Karen Briggs and woodwind specialist Pedro Eustache, both of whom performed amazing solos during the song Renegade.

The solos by Karen Briggs and Pedro Eustache during the song Renegade were delivered with increasingly more intricate and complex solo rhythms, which is what I remember most. While a lot has changed since then, some things remain the same.

Yanni is now preparing for his 2012 North American Concert Tour. Publicized as “An Evening With Yanni,” the 2012 tour covers a large number of live concert venues in the United States and Canada. Each exclusive concert will be equally extraordinary, like earlier events described by concert attendees who have written a concert review about the legendary Yanni and his orchestra.

There are over 23 International Affiliate Yanni sites, each providing exclusive news, information, and original content. Presently there are international affiliates from the countries; Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Haiti, India, Iran, Italia, Mexico, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russian, and Turkey. Many countries listed have multiple international affiliate sites supporting Yanni.

The Yanni Community Fan Club is an interactive social outlet with special offers, exclusive content, and newsletter upon membership, including participation in All Access: Yanni On Tour, previews and contests. Community Fan Club members can participate in forums, create their own blog with profile, and meet Yanni fans worldwide.

The Yanni Street Team is designed for those who have a presence on the internet. Street Team members are given exclusive information and assignments like sharing exclusive content on blogs and social network pages in their community.

Yanni – Wake Entertainment really delivers by constantly finding new ways to provide a fun and friendly environment for fans who want to share the excitement and get involved. The International Affiliate sites, Community Fan Club, and Street Team are just a part of the fan friendly programs that people can participate in at Yanni.com.

The dedicated people at Yanni – India and their area of expertise are; Webmaster and Moderator: Prajit Nair, Graphics, Design and Art: Akriti, Copywriter: Jerin George, Video Editing and Flash Graphics: Prajit Nair.

Visit the Yanni.com homepage and find news and new Concert Tour information, and International Affiliates pages. For albums, DVD concert videos, gifts and merchandise visit the Yanni Store. Find out more about the Yanni Street Team, and free online Community Fan Club which offers pre-sale concert tickets, plus special offers for members. Visit the Yanni-India.in homepage and archive collection for Yanni in India.

Photos are courtesy Yanni.com & Yanni-India.in. Big Stock Photo – Taj Mahal – pius99.

Legendary artist Jon Anderson of Yes fame has released his new concert tour schedule for 2012. The North American concert tour is comprised of U.S. concert venues at present, and more concert dates are sure to be added later in 2012. The North American tour, in support of his CD album – Survival and Other Stories, is sure to be an amazing event for everyone in attendance.

Jon Anderson’s 2012 North American concert tour, publicized as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson,” is an intimate evening with a celebrity artist who has entertained millions of people over his decades long career.

During Jon Anderson’s career as a music professional, Jon has covered popular music like progressive rock, but often shows his diversity as an artist by producing new age, adult contemporary, and Christian music releases.

Jon Anderson’s 2012 concert tour will feature some songs from his newest CD release – Survival and Other Stories. Jon’s vocal instrumental album can be described as his personal message of inspiration, with themes regarding love, life, understanding, healing and survival.

Concertgoers in 2012 can anticipate a fun evening of entertainment with select songs from Jon Anderson’s prolific solo career, along with favorite songs by Jon & Vangelis, and classic YES songs. For many people, 2012 is going to be a great opportunity to hear a true music legend in a more intimate concert venue!

Visit jonanderson.com for music news and full tour schedule. Read our interview in 2011 on my pages for Jon Anderson. Below is Jon Anderson’s 2012 current tour schedule. Concert tour schedules frequently change so for updates please visit Jon Anderson’s site for the most accurate tour information. Photo and tour info is courtesy jonanderson.com.

Jon Anderson – 2012 North American Concert Dates;

June 1, 2012 – Minneapolis, MN – Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant

June 3, 2012 – Milwaukee, WI – The Pabst Theatre

June 6, 2012 – Chicago, IL – Mayne Stage

June 8, 2012 – Lincolnshire, IL – Viper Alley

June 11, 2012 – Seattle, WA – The Triple Door

June 12, 2012 – Seattle, WA – The Triple Door

June 16, 2012 – Napa, CA – Napa Valley Opera House

June 19, 2012 – Livermore, CA – Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center

June 21, 2012 – Rio Theatre – Santa Cruz, CA

July 6, 2012 – The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano

Visit jonanderson.com for concert tour updates.

With many popular new age concerts scheduled, and popular artists who regularly perform concert tours, the chance for you to hear live new age music in 2012 is available to just about anyone who would like to attend. Many popular artists have 2012 concert tour date schedules listed at their websites.

Given the various live concerts currently scheduled in 2012, and future concert dates that will be scheduled in the days and months ahead, New Age Music World is happy to keep you informed about these live shows as they become available.

A Concert Tour Information – Live Music banner is in a right hand module. When you click on the 2012 concert tour banner, you can find your favorite artist’s concert schedule, or follow my direct links to their complete concert tour schedule. You can also find even more by reading about their newest release or interview. While I can’t keep up with every artist’s concert tour schedule, I now have a convenient place where you can check for live new age music by popular artists with concert venues in your area.

Popular artists with live concert tours include; Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Jim Brickman, Blackmore’s Night, Mannheim Steamroller, Tangerine Dream, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Yanni and Yes. Many are touring, or have updated concert information listed at their websites. Some of these popular artists may even have a live concert tour dates already scheduled within short driving distance of your city, state, or country.

Live concerts given by popular artists who are seasoned entertainers have thrilled audiences for years, so everyone in attendance can expect a fun evening of entertainment provided by experienced music professionals. If you want to stay updated on the latest live concert information for a variety of popular artists, bookmark this site. I will do what I can to add more artist’s concert tour dates, and keep you informed on the most recent concert news and tour information. Concert tour dates frequently change, so for updates please visit the artist’s website for complete concert tour dates and information.

Read my Live Concert Tour Information section or Live Concert banner in a right hand module. Big Stock Photo – dws.

International concert artist Yanni is now preparing for his 2012 North American Concert Tour, publicized as “An Evening With Yanni.” The North American concert tour that begins in Florida on April 17, 2012, has a long list of live concert venues scheduled in the countries of the United States and Canada, with more concert dates to be scheduled soon in 2012.

The North American Concert Tour in 2012 has a song playlist said to be comprised of classic concert favorites, along with songs from his original studio release Truth Of Touch. In succession to his sold out world concert tour last year, this year is destined to be another successful concert season for Yanni and his world-class orchestra of professional musicians.

If you have ever read a Yanni concert review by those who have attended a concert, it’s easy to comprehend their enthusiasm. For the millions of people who have watched him perform live, Yanni is a natural attraction, but the lineup of top artists he selects for his concerts is equally legendary. Every venue in 2012 is expected to be an extraordinary evening of entertainment from the composing mulit-instrumentalist, and his orchestra.

The North American Concert Tour will showcase the international artists and talented music professionals that complete the Yanni concert experience. If you would like to read more about the professional musicians who perform live in concert with Yanni, there is a page at Yanni.com where you can read the biography for the outstanding artists who provide vocals and instrumentals. With 35 Gold and Platinum records to date, Yanni remains one of the most popular and exciting international concert artists in the world!

Visit the Yanni.com homepage, and find out more about the orchestra artists. Below is the current concert schedule, but please note the dates shown below are subject to change. For updates and most accurate concert info check the 2012 Concert Tour Schedule at yanni.com. Mexico Dates; March 20,2012 – Arena Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico City & March 22, 2012 – Arena Monterrey, Monterrey. Photo and concert schedule courtesy Yanni – Wake Entertainment.

Yanni – North American Concert Tour Dates 2012;

Sept 30 2012 – Santiago, CL – Movistar Arena

Oct 3 2012 – Buenos Aires, AR – GEBA Stadium

Oct 7 2012 – Porto Alegre, BR – Teatro do Sesi

Oct 9 2012 – Curitiba, BR – Teatro Positivo

Oct 11 2012 – Sao Paulo, BR – Credicard Hall

Oct 13 2012 – Sao Paulo, BR – Credicard Hall

Oct 14 2012 – Sao Paulo, BR – Credicard Hall

Oct 16 2012 – Belo Horizonte, BR – Chevrolet Hall

Oct 18 2012 – Brasilia, BR – CC Ulysses Guimaraes

Oct 21 2012 – Rio de Janeiro, BR – Citibank Hall

Visit Yanni.com for complete tour schedule updates.

Legendary Yes members Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman have released a new “In Concert CD” to complement their earlier in studio version of The Living Tree release. This of course is fantastic news to millions of progressive rock music fans everywhere. You can always count on Jon and Rick for new music in a variety of genres!

The Living Tree – In Concert Part One was released earlier on Gonzo Multimedia beginning November 28th 2011. The live in concert version of The Living Tree was recorded during Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman’s successful British Tour in 2010. For a description, the cover art designed by Mark Wilkinson, is similar to the royal blue background, with yellow and orange colored tree on the studio version cover.

The partnership of Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman is certainly close and enduring after having worked together over the years since 1971, during their innovative Yes album Fragile. In more recent years, they began performing live concerts together for audiences in the United Kingdom beginning in 2006.

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman’s celebrated North American Concert Tour in 2011 was the most recent live concert venue where concert attendees could hear songs from The Living Tree live, which is the number of live songs selected by Jon and Rick for their newest collection of songs on The Living Tree – In Concert Part One.

Fans of the group Yes have something to cheer about since the CD features some classic Yes songs. I did read a concert review that described their songs from Yes is a departure from what you might expect, but is still endearing as you can imagine.

The 12 tracks on the CD album are; And You & I, Living Tree (Part 1), Morning Star, Long Distance Runaround, The Garden, Living Tree (Part 2), Time and a Word, Just One Man, 23/24/11, Southside of the Sky, House of Freedom, & The Meeting.

Jon Anderson recently released his download song Give Hope & OPEN, along with another 2011 album review I wrote for his Survival & Other Stories. I also had the opportunity to host a comprehensive interview with Jon Anderson last year so you can read my interview with Jon Anderson in 2011 exclusively here at New Age Music World.

Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson together gave their press comments about The Living Tree – In Concert Part One. Below are their press comments and store locations where you can sample or purchase their new recorded live album.

Jon Anderson; “The live recordings have a unique feel, the way we perform the show, it’s as though all the songs ‘old and new’ were written just a few months ago, all very timeless.”

Rick Wakeman; “For many years Jon and I have felt it was really important to record all we do” adds Rick, “whether for general release or just personal purposes, the decision being very much that of quality. We were so happy with the way that the live music was happening that we felt this was a must to record and put out a mixture of the music, both old and new, as a record of where we are at, at this moment, and also perhaps giving a hint as to where we can go on to. Music for us is progressive in all genres, and this album is yet another stepping stone in that quest.”

Visit gonzomultimedia.co.uk or gonzomultimedia.com in the U.S. For Jon’s 2012 concert info visit JonAnderson.com and RWCC.com. Read my pages for Jon Anderson, and Rick Wakeman. Cover artwork & photos are courtesy Mark Wilkinson, Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman.

Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria is a 54th GRAMMY® Awards Nominee in the Best New Age Album category this year, scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012. Nominated for his Gaia album, Michael is also a new age artist with a continuous mission.

For the past 30 years as an integrative psychotherapist, Michael has committed much of his life helping people resolve their personal issues.

Bindu is the brand new 2012 release from Michael Brant DeMaria, who is a top ranked new age artist in his own right. The first release in his Ontos Healing Sound Project is The River, which led to his GRAMMY® Nominated healing/meditation release Ocean.

Remaining the number 1 album for 3 months on Zone Music Reporter’s top 100 monthly charts, Ocean ended the year 2009 achieving ZMR’s Best Ambient & Best Relaxation Album Awards.

GRAMMY® Nominated in 2012, Gaia has a graceful vibrancy that gently renews the inner spirit. Gaia is comparable to The River & Ocean, but the innovative world music inspirations found in Gaia heighten the emotional sensations of calm, and ascertains our undeniable connection with planet earth. Many may remember in 2010, Gaia achieved Album Of The Year & Best World Album in Zone Music Reporter’s Music Awards.

Bindu is a wellness driven musical experience from the directive of four time GRAMMY® Nominee Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria, who is conceivably the most accomplished artist in the field of relaxation/meditation music today.

Fourth in his popular Healing Sound Project, the serenity of Michael’s performance on Bindu reaches the pinnacle of healing music, this time turning his focus inward on the identity of oneself, and the identity of one another.

Michael Brant DeMaria as a professional caregiver has supported others by guiding them through some of life’s most challenging situations. And so by this directive, Michael transforms his capacities as a healthcare professional into therapeutic music designed to help people manage life’s challenges.

Bindu is another exceptional new album with award winning potential, but only time will tell if Bindu will secure his fifth nomination in 2013, and if Gaia will achieve GRAMMY® Award status in 2012.

Michael’s firsthand experience as both a professional caregiver and top award nominee in 2012 has placed him in a unique position by becoming a benefactor on one hand, and a potential beneficiary on another.

Visit ontos.com homepage and sample or purchase at his music store page or Amazon.com page. Read our interview and album reviews on my page dedicated to Michael Brant DeMaria. Photo images courtesy Michael Brant DeMaria.

New Year’s Day 2012 symbolizes another brand new beginning for everyone. Knowing this, I can assure you many artists are beginning, or are contemplating their new albums for 2012. As the year progresses, it will be a privilege to keep you informed about the best new age music albums with my review and interview publications.

Hello everyone, my name is John P. Olsen. In my role as review publicist and site host for New Age Music World, I have sampled some of the best new age songs and albums music artists worldwide have produced last year. Like previous years, I have had the opportunity to write review publications for a proportionate number of the best new albums released in 2011. Today I am pleased to present my recommendation for the 12 best new age music albums I have sampled or reviewed in 2011.

When it comes to new age music, I can tell you many of the popular artists I write about have produced some of the best new age music to date! For me, it takes only a moment to recall the collective number of excellent new releases public relations persons, music promoters, and new age artists sent to me for a review during 2011.

While true I couldn’t review every CD or MP3 album from 2011, I have listened to every release sent to me and many more, so I am confident of my assessment in regards to the overall quality artists have produced this past year. In fact I am certain most, if not every new age promoter and review publicist would express a similar, if not identical viewpoint.

Every artist has given their best in 2011, and so begins the process of determining who will win the various best album awards by high profile organizations like the GRAMMYS® or Billboard magazine.

Finding the best new age albums for your listening experience is even easier in 2012, thanks to the internet and online stores like Amazon and iTunes, where you have easy access to sample or purchase your favorite music in either CD album or MP3 formats. Similarly, online internet radio and television radio stations make finding new music you can call your favorite a relatively easy task.

The GRAMMY® Awards, Billboard Charts, Independent Music Awards or Zone Music Reporter is a great source for discovering some of the most popular music available today.

Regardless of whether a top album award is determined by voting members, album sales, popular choice, online radio airtime or broadcaster votes, each organization is an excellent source to discover some of the best new music available.

Likewise, I am confident you will find some of my January 1, 2012 recommendations made today about the best albums from 2011 will be included in various top album awards ceremonies later this year.

My Best New Age Music Albums in 2011 recommendation is listed in alphabetical order of the artist tags at my site, using each artist’s first name. If you are interested in finding popular music from some of today’s top artists, my 12 best albums publication includes direct links so you may sample or purchase my music recommendations at the artist’s website or on their music page at Amazon.com.

Best New Age Music Albums 2011;

1. Damayanti by 2002.

Damayanti is the newest release from 2002 featuring 10 celestial song melodies in the graceful style only 2002 can produce. You can tell the beautiful songs on this quality orchestration is a 2002 production, but this is a compliment about 2002, who made the list of top new age artists in Billboard Magazine’s Year in Review, December 2003 issue.

Damayanti does embrace a magnificent change in tonal atmosphere from earlier albums, and supports the cinematic aspects of their work that have made every one of 2002’s music releases special. Based on a legendary love story, Damayanti features instrumentals of Randy Copus performing piano, electric cello, lead guitar and bass guitar.

Pamela Copus performs flutes, harp, keyboards and a WX5 wind instrument. Their young daughter Sarah Copus sang some vocals on Damayanti, and I read Sarah is again going to be a vocalist on the new album from 2002 entitled Believe.

The heart and spirit of 2002, Randy and Pamela Copus are nearing a significant milestone in their music careers by a forthcoming 20 year anniversary as the award winning, 2002 music duo. After having charted at Billboard with 9 of their albums, and sharing the limelight at Billboard as equals with artists like Enya, Mannheim Steamroller, Jim Brickman and Yanni, Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002, truly do have many reasons to give pause, reflect, and celebrate their 20th year as esteemed new age artists.

Visit 2002music.com to sample or purchase Damayanti by 2002, or find at Amazon.com. Read our interview and full review on my pages for 2002.

2. And Love Rages On! – by AOMusic.

And Love Rages On! – by AOMusic is a brilliant world fusion release with 9 colorful songs of instrumentals and vocals. AOMusic shares a genuine message of unity on their 2011 release with an album title proclaiming – and Love Rages On! It is on this very unique release where ethnic harmonies of children and boys choirs from four continents are united with superb world music rhythms and contemporary instrumentals.

The principal members of AOMusic are Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver, and lead singer Miriam Stockly. Founding artist Richard Gannaway sings vocals and plays stringed instruments. Jay Oliver performs keyboards and synthesizers. Miriam Stockly is a beautiful vocalist in – and Love Rages On!

During the combined careers of the three artists, they have worked with popular groups like; Sheryl Crow, The Eagles, Queen, George Michael, Jimmy Buffett, Celine Dion, Bonnie Raitt, and Tina Turner. This all-star celebrity lineup is a partial list, but it does give you an idea of the high level of quality Richard, Jay, and Miriam are recognized for.

The children and boys choirs featured on And Love Rages On! – are youth choirs from Africa, America, China and the People’s Republic of Georgia. Additional key members are Sandeep Chowta who plays Indian flute tracks, and regular contributing artists Andy Georges (strings), George Bernardo (percussion), and Doug Lunn (bass guitar).

Integrating world fusion music with lively world-beat rhythms and select children’s choirs from four continents, the heartfelt singing by children from varying countries have helped unify and transform this exclusive world fusion release into something very special!

Visit aomusic.com to sample or purchase – and Love Rages On by AOMusic, or at Amazon.com. Read my full album review on my pages for AOMusic.

3. Autumn Sky by Blackmore’s Night.

Autumn Sky is a new album from the legendary renaissance inspired new age and folk Rock touring band Blackmore’s Night. Debuting at #1 on Billboard’s New Age Chart, Autumn Sky has 15 classic songs of Blackmore’s Night best music to date. Traditional instruments of keyboards, violin, woodwinds, acoustic and electric guitars are integrated with hurdy-gurdy, mandolin, vintage instruments, and elegant vocals by Candice Night.

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are GRAMMY® nominated artists who are the core essence of Blackmore’s Night. Autumn Sky serves as a platform to accentuate Cadence Night’s talents as a vocalist, along with ancient and modern instrumental fanfare for which this group has become internationally famous.

The entire seven member troupe of Blackmore’s Night performs in dramatic fashion by wearing renaissance attire during their popular concerts, fairs, and festival events.

The international success for Blackmore’s Night is truly impressive. The elite musical focus they have engraved for themselves has resulted in an enormous following in North America, South America, Europe and Japan. Their melodies have gained crossover prosperity by the enchanting lyrical vocals and fascinating instrumental music that often contain the metrical structure of music dating back to the seventeenth century.

Blackmore’s Night is a true champion by their consistent ability to create transcending music that varies with every new album they have produced. This bold renaissance inspired band which transports progressive music into contemporary times is a model for success, past, present and future. Blackmore’s Night fans will be pleased to know Ritchie and Candice are working on a follow-up album to Autumn Sky.

Visit blackmoresnight.com to sample or purchase Autumn Sky by Blackmore’s Night, or find at Amazon.com. Read the full review on my pages for Blackmore’s Night.

4. Reflections by Candice Night.

The Reflections album is an excellent solo release from Candice Night, lead vocalist of the legendary renaissance inspired new age and folk rock touring band Blackmore’s Night. Candice Night’s worldwide presence as the popular lead singer and songwriter for Blackmore’s Night has proven to be the perfect overture for her exclusive solo release.

GRAMMY® nominated Candice Night, who is the recipient of numerous gold records and prestigious awards, along with husband Ritchie Blackmore, find musical inspiration from the beauty of nature. You will find Candice Night’s vocal and lyrical point of view is even more a focus of attention on Reflections.

Candice Night’s new solo album, made of her own creation is popular music produced in a more contemporary, crossover theme from the renaissance motif of Blackmore’s Night. One constant characteristic of her solo release is her incomparable vocal and lyrical qualities, which turn out to be an expert expression throughout her first new release.

One cannot talk about Candice Night without pointing out her leading role as singer in the forefront on Blackmore’s Night albums. The songs on Reflections are diverse in many ways from the renaissance themed Blackmore’s Night albums as one would expect.

Best of all, Reflections reveals another aspect of Candice Night, and her many talents for producing popular crossover music in a contemporary theme you are sure to love. Candice Night’s Reflections is an online radio favorite worldwide, and Reflections made #4 at Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Chart during the month of October, 2011.

Visit candicenight.com to sample or purchase Reflections by Candice Night, or find at Amazon.com. Read the full review on my pages for Candice Night.

5. Echoes of Creation by David Arkenstone.

Echoes of Creation is a masterful 10 song soundtrack from the award winning instrumental composer David Arkenstone. On Echoes of Creation, the three times GRAMMY® nominated musician David Arkenstone teamed up with Emmy Award winning film director Jan Nickman. The inspiring nature film by Jan Nickman, in unison with David Arkenstone’s magnificent instrumental soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece!

Diverse in his song writing aptitude, David Arkenstone, and his always popular music collection is an array of ambient, Celtic, contemporary instrumental, world, electronic, and new age fusion.

It is this unique characteristic of David Arkenstone’s ingenious songwriting abilities and extensive discography which practically guarantees there is a favorite album for just about everyone, including Echoes of Creation.

Many of you may have watched the televised Echoes of Creation film and soundtrack since the film aired nationwide on Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) in 2011. In this case, the Echoes of Creation soundtrack is a beautifully articulated cinematic music score I am certain nearly everyone will appreciate.

David Arkenstone’s popularity as a favorite artist is apparent when you consider he has sold over one million albums, and has been listed in the Top 10 Billboard New Age charts twenty times. It is clear David Arkenstone was the perfect choice for Jan Nickman’s nature inspired film. The collection of songs on Echoes of Creation is a sure winner, and an easy decision to make in my best new age albums recommendation.

Visit davidarkenstone.com to sample or purchase Echoes of Creation by David Arkenstone, or you can find at Amazon.com. Read our interview and album review on my pages for David Arkenstone.

6.  Groove Tribe by David & Steve Gordon.

Groove Tribe is the Gordon Brother’s new groove/chill out album featuring 11 songs in a vibrant blend of electronic music with ethnic percussion rhythms miles apart from many other forms of multicultural world music. Featuring electronic groove and chill out music with world drums and musical instruments, each of the 11 songs on Groove Tribe convey the relaxing yet vibrant trademark quality in which David and Steve Gordon are famous.

David and Steve Gordon are two prominent names people identify as one of the most prolific music team in today’s international music scene. After founding their esteemed Sequoia Records label 28 years ago, the award winning Gordon Brothers have earned the reputation of legendary music producers.

Groove Tribe has the calming metrical rhythms and vibrant electronic harmonies that keep the Gordon brothers in the forefront of new age and world music styles. It likewise highlights their ability to fashion a wide selection of popular music in a variety of sub-genres. The Gordon brother’s new album is an exotic assortment of smooth song melodies in step with ethnic percussion rhythms so it’s no wonder the songs on Groove Tribe are presently a bestselling choice for many people.

David and Steve Gordon’s compilation albums are another significant component of their work together during their role as award winning DJs, which showcase top artists from around the globe. Selecting the best international talents, top quality artists on Sequoia Record’s playlist lineup can be found on many of the Gordon Brother’s compilation releases.

Visit sequoiarecords.com to sample or purchase Groove Tribe by artists David and Steve Gordon, or find at Amazon.com. Read album reviews on my pages for David and Steve Gordon.

7. Songs From Before by Fionnuala Sherry.

Songs From Before is Fionnuala Sherry’s first solo release, and her personal revision on some of Ireland’s most beloved melodies. Born of Irish heritage, Fionnuala Sherry is an extraordinary violinist extensively known as the fairer side of the internationally acclaimed music duo Secret Garden.

Songs From Before is a contemporary instrumental album with 10 songs, including some previously unreleased original compositions that highlight her expertise as a professional violinist and vocalist. Her solo release became an instant success, and was chosen #3 in the Top 25 at Echoes in August 2011.

Fionnuala Sherry’s solo release Songs From Before in entirety is a moving experience and inspirational beacon showing her in a new light, yet remains true to character in regards to the remarkable violin melodies for which she is famous.

The overall sound quality on Songs From Before is rich and opulent, uplifting at one moment to deeply poignant in another. I felt every song has an elegant tenor of sophistication and depth without being overly classical. Fionnuala’s modern revisions of Irish song melodies capture traditional moments with new-found charm and charisma. Fionnuala Sherry is a longtime RTE Concert Orchestra member, and has performed with top artists including The Chieftains, Sinead O’Connor and Bono of U2 fame.

While Fionnuala Sherry’s fame and success as a partner with Norwegian composer and pianist Rolf Løvland of Secret Garden has earned them admiration by millions of people as a music team, Fionnuala Sherry can claim a brilliant success of her own by the release of her first solo album Songs From Before. Rolf and Fionnuala together have a beautiful new Secret Garden album entitled Winter Poem.

Visit fionnualasherry.com to sample or purchase Songs From Before by Fionnuala Sherry, or you can fnd at Amazon.com. Read our interview and full review on my pages for Fionnuala Sherry.

8. Spectrum by Hennie Bekker.

Spectrum is a wonderful collection of 14 songs pointing to the diverse abilities of a world-class musician. Spectrum is a relaxing album that accents the entire range and variety of award winning Hennie Bekker. The highly prolific Bekker has composed and produced over 60 albums, and over a thousand compositions and collaborations.

Hennie Bekker is a multi-platinum artist who has spent his entire music career exploring a wide array of genres, from new age, electronic, world music, and acclaimed nature soundscape albums. His work with Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – Exploring Nature with Music series was so popular the albums achieved gold, platinum, double and triple platinum status.

Hennie Bekker is also one of three leading members of the techno/dance group BKS. The group BKS won a prestigious Juno Award from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), which is the equivalent to an American GRAMMY® award. You can include film scores, television and radio recordings in his long list of achievements as a musician. Presently, Spectrum is the #1 album in Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Chart for November 2011.

Spectrum – An Anthology Of Relaxing Instrumental Music is like a “best of Hennie Bekker album” by the wide range of melodic songs on this impressive album. Of the 14 songs total, eleven songs are recordings selected out of his rather extensive music collection. Hennie Bekker from Canada, who was born and raised in Africa and lived in England, brings a world of experience to his music. Take a minute to sample Spectrum, and the world-class music of Hennie Bekker.

Visit henniebekker.com to sample or purchase Spectrum by Hennie Bekker, or find at Amazon.com. Read the full album review on my pages for Hennie Bekker.

9. Survival & Other Stories by Jon Anderson.

Survival & Other Stories is a concept album from music celebrity Jon Anderson, former front man, and lead vocalist of the group YES. The concept album has a collection of 11 songs of wonderful orchestrations unified with Jon Anderson’s heartfelt vocal energies, beautifully articulated as optimistic, upbeat and positive.

Jon Anderson’s influence and starring role in music over five decades is legendary. One can say Jon’s divine voice and lyrical message is an unforgettable story people want to hear.

It is estimated over 38 million albums were sold during his years as the dynamic lead vocalist with YES, and his successful solo career to date. Entertaining millions of people during his lengthy career, Jon Anderson without a doubt has a wonderful story to share with the world.

Jon Anderson began the concept for Survival & Other Stories after he nearly perished from a serious illness. This unique project began to take shape after his recovery. It was during this time period when Jon published a written message on his website inviting artists to submit their music for his new Survival & Other Stories project.

Select musicians from all corners of the world sent their ethnic music over the internet for consideration, and the genesis of something beautiful was born. Jon then mixed, composed, and co-produced with wife Jane Anderson, the first of three concept albums.

While Jon Anderson will always be recognized as the legendary lead singer and key lyricist of the progressive rock band YES, Jon Anderson’s prolific music career continues to be as inspiring and significant today as it was yesteryear. Jon has been performing concert tours with former YES member, and acclaimed keyboardist Rick Wakeman, in support of their live album The Living Tree in Concert Part 1. Jon is also on tour with numerous live solo concerts scheduled for 2012.

Visit jonanderson.com to sample or purchase Survival & Other Stories by Jon Anderson, or you can find at Amazon.com. Read our interview together and my album review for Survival & Other Stories on my pages for Jon Anderson.

10. Unconditional by Marc Enfroy.

Unconditional is a cinematic piano release from pianist Marc Enfroy featuring 10 classic songs.  Award winning pianist Marc Enfroy created Unconditional in a partnership with Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002, who are another award winning, Billboard Charting band. Unconditional is a passionate musical portrait by the beautiful union of contemporary instrumentals and piano music.

Marc Enfroy’s new release from 2011 is an innovative contemporary instrumental release that was bound to be a success right from its conception. It’s a newly born sound creation you are sure to love.

The attributes of Unconditional are best defined by the fine piano performance from Marc, unified with beautiful performances of flute, strings, bell tones and chorales. Produced by Randy Copus of 2002, Pamela Copus sings vocals, and Jack Chen plays flute, in an exclusive fusion of professional talents.

Marc Enfroy’s music career first emerged after the death of his sister Suzanne Whiting to cancer, but it was from the profound loss of his sister his progressive music legacy arose.

Finding inspiration in memory of Suzanne, Marc proceeded to compose music for the senses, and as it turns out, Marc Enfroy indeed has the natural gift of a true artisan. Empowered by design to take flight, the uplifting composition of inspiring song melodies on Unconditional is the ultimate music experience to celebrate life.

Visit marcenfroy.com to sample or purchase Unconditional by Marc Enfroy, or find at Amazon.com. Read the full review on my pages for Marc Enfroy.

11. Winter Poem by Secret Garden.

Winter Poem is an exciting new release from Secret Garden. The fabulous lineup of 11 songs on Winter Poem is made up of original arrangements from Rolf Løvland. Featuring professional violinist Fionnual Sherry, the mainly vocal instrumental release includes the award-winning Expo Suite Rolf composed for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai China.

Norwegian composer Rolf Løvland and Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry of Secret Garden are a successful music team who has sold over four million albums. Along with the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest award, they have performed before thousands of people worldwide at live concerts covering many countries.

On Winter Poems, Secret Garden preserves their signature sound that has made them an international success, but they have taken a fresh approach on their newest composition by featuring special guest musicians. The outstanding Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry is happily the centerpiece artist, plus Secret Garden’s vibrant new release is special by the inclusion of exceptional Norwegian and Irish musicians.

One guest is dynamic vocalist Moya Brennan from Celtic group Clannad, who sings on song The Dream. Guest vocalist Fionnuala Gill sings on song Mary’s Lament, while Tracey Campbell and Espen Grjotheim perform on song Powered By Nature. Winter Poem also features instrumentals by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Popular music given by a popular music duo is a good indication that you will love every verse of Winter Poem. Secret Garden recently completed a live concert tour in Norway.

Visit secretgarden.no to sample or purchase Winter Poems by Secret Garden, or find at Amazon.com. Read our interview and album reviews on my pages for Secret Garden.

12. Truth Of Touch by Yanni.

Truth Of Touch is a passionate reflection of what Yanni does best, which is to create personal interaction with an audience through his extraordinary music abilities. Famous for his exceptional live concert performances, this time around Yanni’s social interaction is shared with his fans by virtue of his magnificent studio version of 15 songs. The hour long symphony of refined music harmony is an original composition, and fascinating expression from the international superstar Yanni, and his select orchestra.

Yanni is conceivably the greatest influential musician of our time, and Yanni’s exceptional abilities as a gifted composer and keyboardist by are by themselves a true testament to his universal appeal.

When taking into consideration the extraordinary artists and vocalists by his side, the collective inspiration pay tribute to a universal, heartfelt music experience. On Yanni’s Truth Of Touch album the energy and excitement of their performance is palpable.

Yanni – Live at the Acropolis began his historic rise to stardom, and it may have been the first venue where many of you witnessed Yanni’s grand entrance onto the world stage. It is estimated over 500 million people from 65 countries have viewed this top public television fundraising program for the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) alone. Yanni – Live at the Acropolis alone to date has sold 7 million copies worldwide.

Truth Of Touch is an sensational studio composition of pure refinement. The phenomenal caliber of musicians Yanni enlisted on Truth Of Touch is boldly demonstrated on what I feel is Yanni’s greatest electronic and instrumental music composition to date. Yes, we have heard many exceptional new albums and songs in 2011 from a variety of artists, and what better way to close than by recommending one of the best new 2011 albums produced by one of the world’s most exciting international concert artists we identify simply as Yanni.

Visit yanni.com to sample or purchase Truth Of Touch by Yanni, or find at Amazon.com. Read my review and concert information on my pages for Yanni.

This concludes my Best New Age Albums in 2011 recommendations. Later in 2012, I plan to write several feature publications about the various best new age album awards presented by high profile music organizations. Thank you for your visit today, and I invite you to visit New Age Music World again soon.

To find more of the best new age songs and albums in 2011, visit my album reviews page and music awards section.

Cover arts are courtesy of each individual artist. Big Stock Photo copyright – BSoriano – Stuarthe – Edobric – Baloncici.

Al Conti is a GRAMMY® nominated musician people worldwide recognize as a composer with a natural ability for producing some of the most vibrant, story based albums in the new age and world music genres.  Al Conti’s ability to intermingle his story based tales of intrigue into every one of his award winning albums, in part, originates from his life experiences and extensive international travels.

Al Conti is a nominee for the 54th GRAMMY® Awards in the Best New Age Album category, selected for his 2010 album entitled Northern Seas.  Along with Al Conti’s GRAMMY® nomination in the new age genre, Northern Seas was also selected in Amazon’s Top 10 list for Best New Age Albums of 2010.  Earlier albums Scheherazade, Poeta & Shadows have made other “best album of the year” and “top 10 album charts” at other organizations.

Northern Seas is the fourth album from Al Conti, and a fine release that highlights his abilities as composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist.  The storyline on Northern Seas chronicles the ancestral homeland and Nordic heritage of Scandinavia with wondrous glory.  The rich instrumental landscape captures your imagination, and valiantly stands the high ground on this resolute masterpiece aptly named Northern Seas.

Northern Seas features 10 songs in a fascinating blend of new age and world fusion with a Celtic inscription on several songs.  There is a unique atmosphere by using ancient instruments in parity with traditional instruments.  Al and contributing artists create a unique feel blending kantele, harp, hurdy gurdy, pump organ, accordion, and tribal drums with piano, violin, cello, acoustic and electric guitar.

The folklore of Norse traditions brought to the surface by Al Conti is deep, rich, and intriguing while portraying a tale of Norsemen during a time of Viking sovereignty.  Every song on Northern Seas is crisp, clear and refreshing, as if detailing the pristine landscape and panoramic mountain vistas by the deeply spacious tonal qualities.

New Age Music World host John P. Olsen had the opportunity to conduct a December 2011 interview with Al Conti, a 54th GRAMMY® nominee in the Best New Age Album category.  Today we are pleased to present their up-to-date interview to Al Conti’s fans and to our site visitors – several days prior to the New Year 2012.

GRAMMY® Nominated Al Conti Interview;

John Olsen:  Thank you for consenting to my interview, Al.  First I would like to congratulate you on your GRAMMY® nomination for Northern Seas!  This is great news. It always pleases me when I hear an outstanding artist and their work are given the recognition they deserve.  Northern Seas has many fine qualities, many of which were pointed out by a number of positive reviews at your site, AlConti.net.  I was glad to be among those to contribute an album review, and I hope to have conveyed the award-winning potential, and some of the finer aspects of your work in the album review I wrote earlier.

John:  Aside from the fact Northern Seas is in the category for Best New Age Album, I feel Northern Seas is to some extent the most progressive of the five GRAMMY® nominated albums by a variety of instrumental qualities.  Do you agree, and if so, do you feel having a nominated album that varies instrumentally from the rest will work to your advantage?

Al Conti:  Hello John, it is my pleasure to be here with you!  Many reviewers have commented before on how my work is rather different than much of the New Age music available these days.  Some have called my work ‘cutting edge.’  Personally, I feel that New Age music is very rich in its diversity, and my work is a part of that spectrum. Whether my music’s edge works to my advantage or not, I am not sure.

During the nomination process, I have indeed heard from many peers, mostly from other genres, how they found my music to be so different.  I guess it has, in the end, worked to my advantage.  The ironic thing is I never strive to compose music that is different, per se, but just to be true to myself as an artist and simply create what comes from within me.  The rest is all excruciating work!

John:  On Northern Seas you pair old-world instruments of kantele, harp, hurdy gurdy, pump organ, accordion and tribal drums with modern instrumentation of piano, violin, cello, acoustic and electric guitar.  I am familiar with the majority of songs on your earlier albums Scheherazade, Poeta & Shadows, but I would like to know, if this blend of ancient and modern instruments is consistent throughout every one of your four releases?

Al Conti:  Since my album Scheherazade, I’ve been drawn consistently to rediscovering ancient instrumentation, and this also blends very well with the mystical landscapes I like to explore.  People have responded very well to the use of these instruments.  There is also something beautiful to me in bringing instruments and sounds into a modern content.  It feels like I am in some way honoring the past by bringing these instruments into a more contemporary setting.   I am never quite sure what will come out of me musically and I am always challenging myself as an artist with each release.

John:  Would you tell us about the outstanding artists who performed instrumentals with you on your GRAMMY® nominated release?

Al Conti:  I have been blessed to have worked with some amazing people, and continue to do so.  For Northern Seas I wanted to work mostly with local talent, and except for Francesca Genco (vocals), all are Vermont artists.  Among the contributing talent in Northern Seas there is the immensely-talented violinist Hannah Beth Crary, who was truly magnificent to work with and my trusted guitarist and engineer André Maquera.

John:  You also have a team of music professionals you depend on for technical details and final production.  Would you like to mention the people who helped you finalize Northern Seas?

Al Conti:  While I do a big part of an album’s mixing myself as I compose, I depend heavily on André Maquera, of West Street Digital, in Vermont, for the final mixing and mastering on my projects.  I have worked with him since my first release, Shadows, and feel he understands my approach so well at this point as to know how to work with whatever I bring his way.  Mastering is also a very arduous process and my hearing can only handle so much.  Aside from the actual music engineering and recording, I work with a fantastic team of people that help oversee the other aspects of my career, without whom I could not do what I do.

John:  What do you feel are the most positive attributes of Northern Seas?

Al Conti:  I think Northern Seas went in a different direction than my previous album Scheherazade.  I feel it showcases my versatility as a musician and composer.  My audience can hear a more classically-oriented side of me in my album Poeta, a more exotic and sensual one with Scheherazade and a more aggressive and brooding, yet also fun and hopeful side with Northern Seas.

John:  In addition to your GRAMMY® nomination, Northern Seas made the Amazon Top 10 list for Best New Age Albums of 2010, and  many of your earlier releases were also awarded  “best of the year”, “top 10 charts”, and other “best album lists and top 100 charts.”  What do you believe has been the most important influence that has led to your overall successes as an award-winning composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist?

Al Conti:  I compose what comes through me, and this changes depending on the project I am working on at any given time.  I tend to go to a certain emotional place when I compose and the right material flows through me.  When a project is finished, it is as if someone has turned the creative faucet off, and nothing else comes through, so I know I am done.  I believe that the key to anyone’s success, especially in this business, is made up of various elements such as what I mentioned above, coupled with hard work, perseverance, gut feeling, luck, timing and fate.

I also believe it is important to follow one’s own path and not be overly influenced by what other artists do.  While there may be a music trend we all follow and music that influences our style, it is good to do what really comes from the heart and not try to imitate someone else. I simply do what I do, surround myself with a magnificent team and we all pull forward in our own way, but in the same direction.

John:  Every one of your new age albums is based a theme or legend and portrays a story.  What is the story based representation or theme behind Northern Seas, and how did you arrive at the concept for Northern Seas?

Al Conti:  Northern Seas is based on Norse mythology.  While my previous album, Scheherazade, was based on the teller of the fantastic Arabian tales, Northern Seas was a little more complicated to nail down as a concept.  I did a tremendous amount of research when the idea for this project first came to me.  I could have based the album on a particular Norse myth, but I felt that there were many important ones that would have been left out.  The album as a concept takes many of the Norse myths and weaves them into one cohesive narrative.

John:  How do you transpose an inspirational or story-based theme into a musical arrangement?

Al Conti:  This is also something that is very hard to describe, because I do not have a specific formula that I follow.  Each project is based on a particular myth or tale.  This already sets the parameters I will work within because each part of the world and its respective culture has a definite music style, which I then follow.

Scheherazade was Middle Eastern; Northern Seas is Nordic, Celtic and Germanic.  But I also do not want to compose an album that is fully regimented by a culture’s musical style and mood, thus I tend to modernize the music to make it more appealing to a Western audience.  As such, I end up with the music I compose, which is peppered with world cultural influences, yet remains primarily New Age.  I do believe my past as an actor also thoroughly influences my approach to my music compositions because I innately tend to approach my music composition as a film.

John:  At your music blog – alconti.blogspot.com – you detail how producing music has changed for you since the earliest years when you first began producing music.  What are some of the changes you have made over the years, and the challenges you face while producing music today?

Al Conti:  Many of the changes are dictated to me by the music industry that I am a part of.  I feel one of the biggest mistakes artists can make is to not accept the fact that the music business is, first and foremost, a business.  Since I came from an acting background, well versed in the complex workings of that business, I simply translated acting to music and brought along with me the same work ethics I had from that part of my life.  I also feel each project I undertake lays the groundwork for the direction of my career.  Because I am also a perfectionist, nothing I compose is ever good enough for me and I always strive to better myself.

John:  Has having your own Shadowside Music label been a major influence with the manner you produce and market your music?

Al Conti:  Absolutely.  I can decide what I want to create without having to answer to someone else’s idea of what I should be creating.  I also have full control over every aspect of my career and creative output.  Because I happen to also be the producer and arranger of my own albums, I can truly follow my gut instinct and move forward from there.  Of course, I knew that the path I chose was plagued with risks and I did not know if these would pay off until they did.

Much like an actor producing and directing his or her own film, producing one’s own album can either make or break you.  For me, luckily, it was the former, not the latter.  It was a great risk, but I took it head on.   I am at a point now in my career where I can honestly say that the path I chose has indeed paid off and I can continue forward knowing I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and that it is working out well.  As people now ask me for advice, I find myself saying, “Hey, my path and how I walked it to this point has worked for me, but it may not work for you at all.”  Thinking of many successful artists, I venture to say you’ll find each got there in very different ways.

John:  Early in life you were determined at a very young age to become an actor.  You appeared in commercials and were an actor in the acclaimed As The World Turns American television series.  By all accounts Al, you had achieved the acting career you envisioned for yourself.  What was the turning point where you decided to change direction to pursue a music career, and how did this change to a new career transpire over the years?

Al Conti:  I do not think any artist will ever say, “Yes, I achieved what I artistically set out to achieve,” because we’re always looking forward to the next creative project.  As an actor, I do not think I ever fulfilled that which I strived to achieve since I was a child, and I believe music has allowed me to express artistically in ways acting did not.  I also came to a place in my life where I did not have the need to play someone else to express myself.  With music, regardless of the project, I am always expressing my truest self through my work, yet I can be an actor at the same time because my projects are pretty much like a film that is being played out musically.

John:  I read you were born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Your grandfather was a concert pianist, and your mother was a classical ballerina.  What are your thoughts – do you believe talents in the arts, in fields like theatre or music, are heredity, or, do you feel non-genetic factors play more of a role with inclinations toward an individual’s profession?

Al Conti:  I cannot honestly say.  I know I was born an artist, which as a child created nothing but problems for me in school.  But because my parents and grandparents (and even beyond that to my extended family) were and are artists in their own way, I was lucky in that they completely encouraged me.  I do, however, believe that we are born with the talents we will hopefully hone throughout our lives, whether you are an artist, teacher, lawyer, social worker or whatever. I tried being other things than an artist and failed miserably.

It was clear to me that I could only work in the arts.  This is why I cringe when parents force their kids to play the piano or do anything else artistic if the child really has little inclination in that direction. It would have been the same for me if, say, my parents had forced me to be right handed while my inclination was to be left handed.  As an actor, I saw some sad things happening with parents who would bring their children into auditions.  Not pleasant!

John:  While living in Argentina, you grew up listening to ethnic music from many parts of the world, plus you have extensively traveled the globe.  Would it be fair to say your music is a vehicle that describes many of your life experiences and international travels?

Al Conti:  I think as artists we take everything we have gathered throughout our lifetime and put it into our work, because what we do comes from the deepest fibers of our beings.  Because I was raised in different cultures, this broadened my horizons culturally.  I innately know how one culture can function differently from another.  When I compose music, based on a certain culture, the way that culture expresses itself deeply affects how I compose.

John:  You have led a diverse life compared to many people.  You now reside in the state of Vermont in the United States.  What is it about the state of Vermont you adore?

Al Conti:  I have always felt at home in Vermont.  It is a state with deep French Canadian roots, which in many ways resembles the culture in which I was raised.  Those cultural roots can still be felt in Vermont.  While I have lived in a few different states in the U.S., Vermont is definitely the only one I have ever felt like calling my home.

John:  I read at – alconti.net – you are currently working on your fifth album.  I would love to release some Al Conti news for your fans and our readers today if possible.  Can you release any information about your newest, fifth album project?

Al Conti:  I usually tend to be very private about what project I am currently working on. I blame my past as a superstitious actor for this!  I never want to jinx the project.  There are also the legal ramifications of my talking about it at such an early stage.  What I can say is that the album’s progress is half way, and I am excited that there are some very well-known guest New Age artists that will be participating in the project.

I can also say that the album will be more on the lines of my previous work Scheherazade, and I think people will be very happy about that, even though it is far from that album’s Middle Eastern theme.  As an artist, I never want to repeat myself musically, so I strive to keep moving forward.  While I know that many people loved Scheherazade, and it would be easy for me to fall back into another Middle Eastern theme, I refuse to do so.  My current project is based on yet another beautiful legend and I will let my audience discover it as the time approaches.  It is tentatively scheduled for release in September 2012.

John:  During your work with humanitarian organizations, you teamed up with television celebrities Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba, and Shelly Morrison for a charitable benefit.  Can you tell us about your contributions with humanitarian organizations over the years?

Al Conti:  As an artist with a certain level of success, I always feel I need to give back.  Because I have been touched by many situations in my life, I feel like those are the ways I can give back.  Unfortunately, we live in a world that has many, many causes we could rally for, but eventually, one can only do so much.

I have chosen carefully the charities I align myself with.  AIDS, Leukemia and Alzheimer’s, as well as breast cancer, have all affected people I care about.  In my own way, I try to raise awareness about these illnesses.  I find that when people like what you do they are more apt to listen and take notice.  When recently asked by a dear friend and fellow New Age artist about how I felt regarding my GRAMMY® nomination, I replied that I feel like this now allows my heart to give more.  I truly mean that.

John:  I read you are also involved in a wellness organization called The Spa Buzz, an organization that helps spread the message of wellness through activities like their awareness-raising bus tour.  Would you like to tell us about your contributions with The Spa Buzz organization?

Al Conti:  Yes, I was involved with this event as they toured the country promoting a message of health and wellbeing.  This is something my team initially brought to my attention and I agreed to take part in it by lending my music to the project and attending events on the East Coast, because I truly believe people can be healthier, pay more attention to and be in tune with their bodies.  The Spa Buzz did a great job for health awareness, and promoted the way music can contribute to wellness along the way.

John:  You have enjoyed a remarkable career as a musician, Al.  What do you find most rewarding as a professional musician?

Al Conti:  I think, as I mentioned before, the more success I find as a musician, the more I am able to give back to others.  Once I heard a saying that went: “When you get to the top floor, make sure to send the elevator back down for somebody else.”  I never forgot that.  While I do not think I am anywhere close to the top floor, I do believe that with a certain amount of success, there comes a responsibility to give back, and the universe sends our way those who can benefit from what we have to give, and vice-versa.

John:  Thank you again for taking time out for our interview.  I wish the best for you in the 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards scheduled for Sunday Feb. 12, 2012.  In closing for now, is there anything you want to bring up, or express to your fans and the people who have supported you over the years?

Al Conti:  There are always a few things, for sure.  One is something I always speak of when able to, and that is the sad state of music piracy.  Since I have been involved in the music industry, I have become increasingly aware of the ravages that the illegal download of music is doing to artists worldwide.  Many people do not even realize that they are actually stealing music.  While some do indeed believe that we, as artists, should work for free, most simply do not realize the impact they have on the economy with even just one song illegally downloaded.

Independent musicians now form a large part of the music industry and they do not make millions, far from it.  Many can barely survive on the income they receive from their music work.  I would hope the right amount of respect be given to their efforts by actually purchasing their work rather than downloading it illegally.

A fellow artist, Loreena McKennitt, is a big spokesperson for this, and she has actually had to lay off people from her company because the illegal downloads of her work have made it impossible for her to maintain their employment.  This is extremely sad for me to see.  No one would ever accept to work for free, why should artists?

Thanks so much for this time, John, and for the work you do for New Age music!

John:  I get to know many artists personally, and I feel the same way too about the music piracy issue of illegal downloads.  I am pleased to be in a position to help get the message across.  I look forward to writing more about you soon Al.

Visit the alconti.net homepage and his music store where you can sample or purchase all four albums, and keep up with the latest news.  You are invited to visit Al’s official blog at alconti.blogspot.com and Facebook page. Read my Al Conti page.

Photos are courtesy alconti.net and with additional photographer credits of – Michael Mattern, Patrick Cote, John Young, Gerrit Ohm, and Kay Dillenberger.

Christmas music has always been a popular topic here at New Age Music World. There were so many new age Christmas albums from 2011 that it has been a challenge to tell you about every single one. Some of the newest Christmas albums can be seen in an earlier article I wrote entitled; Best Christmas Albums for Holiday Music.

The 2002 music duo Randy and Pamela Copus have one of the most popular new age Christmas albums around too. Christmas Dreams by 2002 is a wonderful Christmas album they released in 2008. Randy and Pamela’s Carol of the Bells animated video has received over 868,300 views, so this gives one an idea just how popular 2002’s music has become!

Believe by 2002 is their soon to be released project, plus 2012 marks the year Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002 celebrate their twentieth year anniversary as a band! Below is a Christmas video of Carol of the Bells by 2002 from their Christmas Dreams album. On the YouTube page for 2002 you can view a song video from their new Believe album Dreams of Peace. Visit 2002music.com and 2002′s Amazon page.

Merry Christmas from New Age Music World!

The new Winter Poem album by Secret Garden was released with much fanfare in November of 2011. It was during my interview with Fionnuala Sherry about her solo release Songs From Before, when Secret Garden fans heard news about Rolf and Fionnuala’s new Winter Poem release.

Secret Garden’s new Winter Poem album has all original arrangements from Rolf Lovland, along with the award-winning Expo Suite that he composed for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai China. If you haven’t purchased their newest album yet and you want to sample, you can listen to Secret Garden’s newest release at Valley Entertainment or Amazon using the links below.

On Winter Poem, Rolf and Fionnuala remain close to their signature sound that has made them an international success, but they have also taken on a fresh approach on their newest composition which guarantees their fans something special. Once again the outstanding Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry is happily the centerpiece artist on Winter Poem, plus Secret Garden has enlisted several exceptional Norwegian and Irish musicians for their vibrant new release.

One guest is dynamic vocalist Moya Brennan from Celtic group Clannad, who sings on The Dream, which is one of many new songs you can listen to right now. Another guest vocalist is Fionnuala Gill who sings on song Mary’s Lament. Tracey Campbell and Espen Grjotheim perform on song Powered By Nature.

Secret Garden’s Winter Poem was scored, arranged and produced by Rolf Lovland, and in addition to fine instrumentals by Secret Garden, the special guest vocalists, their new album features the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

A Secret Garden concert tour in Norway recently gave fans a chance to hear songs from Winter Poem, and songs covering 16 years as an acclaimed music duo with millions of fans worldwide. Secret Garden fans and new visitors have a chance to win an autographed 8 CD collection of Secret Garden albums including the new Winter Poem album. Simply visit Secret Garden’s site, click on the top banner and enter your email address for current news and information on Secret Garden.

Sample and purchase Winter Poem at secretgarden.no and Songs From Before at fionnualasherry.com. Sample or purchase Winter Poem at the Hearts of Space Records Label at valley-entertainment.com. Find more information and read an interview with Fionnuala Sherry on my Secret Garden page. Photos are courtesy secretgarden.no.

GRAMMY® nominated composer David Arkenstone is a celebrated new age artist who has produced an extensive collection of great instrumental albums over the course of his distinguished career. David Arkenstone’s popularity as a favorite artist for many persons including myself is clear when you consider he has sold well over a million albums throughout his extensive career as a popular favorite.

The admiration for David Arkenstone and his reputation as a top new age artist is apparent by other benchmarks too, having reached the Top 10 Billboard New Age charts twenty times. He is a gifted musician accustomed to playing a variety of instruments, some of which include electronic keyboards, piano, cello, flute, harp, mandolin and a number of ethnic guitars. David is also a talented percussionist, sings vocals on some of his albums, and regularly performs live music during tours as a performing new age concert artist.

David Arkenstone is a three times GRAMMY® nominated musician, having earned nominations for his three albums In the Wake of the Wind, Citizen of the World, & Atlantis. In addition he has composed numerous recordings for film and television, some of which are shown on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, NBC Sports and many other televised programs.

Echoes of Creation is a new soundtrack he composed for Jan Nickman’s nature inspired film that was aired on PBS stations nationwide. David has also composed a number of top rated computer gaming scores like World of Warcraft, Blade Runner, Lands of Lore, Earth and Beyond & Emperor.

David Arkenstone and his popular album collection are a broad array of ambient, Celtic, contemporary instrumental, world, electronic, and new age fusion. Diversity is a unique characteristic of David Arkenstone’s ingenious skills as a songwriter and his extensive music collection. He also performs live concerts with Seth Osburn and John Wakefield in his world music inspired band Mandala.

New Age Music World host John P. Olsen recently had the opportunity to provide a December 2011 interview for internationally famous David Arkenstone. Today we are pleased to present their up-to-date interview conversation to David’s fans and to our site visitors weeks prior to the new year 2012.

David Arkenstone Interview;

John Olsen: Thank you for giving everyone a moment of your time David. Like your many fans, I too have been an admirer of your music for many years, so our interview together is especially rewarding to me personally.

I noticed at your website you appear to have a close connection with your fans by easy access and information for them at your website news page, Twitter and Facebook social networking pages.

Over the years, the internet and technology has influenced everyone to some extent, and new technology directly applies to the technique in which you produce music.

John: Would you like to begin our interview by telling us about your life as a musician in the early years, preceding the time when technology changed the way you produce music?

David Arkenstone: I had several different configurations of my rock band, Arkenstone. I played guitar and keyboards. I’ve always loved synths and used them in my music, as well as all kinds of different sounds. So I was doing that. Once synthesizers and computers started communicating, I threw myself into that world and never looked back. I was able to hear things I could only previously imagine.

John: Since computer technology or electronic music has influenced the process in which you compose, what has proven to be the most beneficial aspect of your electronic enhanced orchestrations?

David Arkenstone: That would be all the things I can hear at the same time. Like a fully orchestrated piece with percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds. Or if I’m doing a more non-orchestral piece, I can hear the guitars with the drums, keyboards, generally all the sounds I use. This is so beneficial to being able to shape the piece as I go. There is an endless amount of tweaking until I’m satisfied. This can sometimes take a long time!

John: Many of your releases have bold majestic themes and popular music influences. When composing, do you intentionally set out to merge many influences into your music compositions, and how do you achieve a proper balance of electronic and instrumental orchestrations?

David Arkenstone: I usually try to start with a concept that resonates with me, and then decide which aspects of that concept I would like to illustrate with music. After the pieces begin coming out, I figure out my ‘palette.’ From that I can find a balance of sounds and decide which elements can be computer generated and which should be live musicians. This period includes a lot of exciting exploration.

John: Along with your Echoes of Creation Soundtrack & Ambient World releases, don’t you have a varied collection of Celtic songs?

David Arkenstone: Celtic Journeys is a compilation of my Celtic inspired recordings on the Green Hill label.

John: In your diverse music collection, Visions of Christmas is another relatively new release. With the holiday season drawing nearer every day, perhaps you could tell us about the songs on Visions of Christmas, and how your holiday album was produced?

David Arkenstone: I love the holidays and have been doing holiday concerts for a long time. This album came about because I was playing a lot of arrangements in our Winter Solstice concerts that I’d never recorded.

I really wanted to do another Christmas album and my producing partner, Victoria Paige Meyerink, suggested we combine the concert tunes with some of my favorites for Visions of Christmas. We’ve also filmed several of the concerts and we’re working on a DVD of the Winter Solstice Tour.

John: Again, I am very familiar with your entire discography David. Likewise, I am confident the majority of people reading this interview are too. For those who may be less familiar with your variety of great releases, what 4 albums would you recommend to them as a starting point to begin sampling your discography?

David Arkenstone: Visionary, Atlantis, Myths and Legends & Ambient World.

John: Yes, I certainly agree your 2 disc collection of songs on Ambient World is an excellent choice. This is one of your new albums I would recommend to everyone too. Earlier, Victoria Paige Meyerink informed me that Ambient World was listed in the 25 Essential Echoes CD’s for 2011. In your diverse music collection, I find many of your albums “boldly adventurous” if I can phrase it this way. Many releases including Eternal Champion & Quest Of The Dream Warrior are best described as having epic or majestic themes. Do you begin a project with a predetermined theme or does a project’s theme define itself later on while you are composing?

David Arkenstone: I usually start with a thread of an idea, though also it can materialize after I’ve composed several pieces. That can generate ideas for me, or a more specific direction.

John: You have composed numerous music recordings for film and television like the History Channel, Discovery Channel, NBC Sports and others. The Echoes of Creation soundtrack you produced with Emmy award winning director Jan Nickman is another example of your outstanding film scores.

In addition your numerous computer gaming scores like World of Warcraft, Blade Runner, Lands of Lore, Earth and Beyond, & Emperor. What are some of the challenges and dissimilarities involved with soundtrack, film and gaming scores verses composing music for an album?

David Arkenstone: A music album is completely free. I think of the road I want to go on, what instruments I want to use, and all of the final outcome. With a project involving another person’s vision, I have to determine the palette, style, and mood that will best fit the project. Then I have to please my collaborators and make sure all the elements work together.

John: Would you tell us about your world music group Mandala?

David Arkenstone: I recently started this group with a couple of my friends, Seth Osburn & John Wakefield, to perform more world music inspired pieces that are more improvisational in nature. Some are very danceable, and some are very moody, but all of them have a spiritual aspect. Mandala is evolving and we recently filmed a concert. We will be releasing footage once it’s fully edited.

John: In addition to your numerous album releases, you have been a concert performer for many years, including the renaissance festivals earlier this year. Would you like to provide some details about the musicians who perform with you, and what one can expect when attending a David Arkenstone concert in terms of atmosphere, interaction, and songs you play?

David Arkenstone:  It’s fun to step back in time. Basically, it’s me and the band without synths and sometimes little amplification. We’ve been invited to several Renn fairs and enjoy being in costume and playing some of my Celtic inspired works.

A lot of the World of Warcraft fans attend and I really love performing live to such enthusiastic crowds. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and I have the opportunity to meet with people who’ve been following my career – one person saved tickets from one of my first concerts, brought them to the fair and asked me to autograph them! People bring all sorts of memorabilia.

John: I heard the news you have plans for a new David Arkenstone album with a release date sometime in 2012. Do you have an album title for your new project, and can you tell us about the music you have in mind for your new release for 2012?

David Arkenstone: Well, I’m not ready to say too much about it yet. There are vocals, lots of drums and orchestra, as well as all the other instruments I play. I’m very excited about it. The album is collaboration with Charlee Brooks, a wonderful singer and writer, and it’s one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. We have written it almost as a soundtrack.

John: You have a large international fan base, and you have enjoyed a successful music career practically your entire life. What do you find the most rewarding experience as a professional musician?

David Arkenstone: That’s simple, the most rewarding aspect is that people enjoy my music and because of that, I get to do what I love every day. I’ve been lucky to make music that resonates with so many people, and their support and kind words make every day a musical joy.

John: Your new website looks fantastic! It’s easy to navigate too. I know you have a new album project you are working on and a busy schedule so I want to thank you again for letting me host your most current interview David. It has been a privilege to provide today’s news coverage about you!

I will publish more articles about you in time but do you have any departing words before we close for now?

David Arkenstone: Just that I appreciate your support of music and your efforts to connect musicians with the listeners. I hope everyone will enjoy my new 3-D website and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the new davidarkenstone.com website and purchase his music at David’s online store or find at David’s profile page at  domomusicgroup.com. Discover more fine artists at domomusicgroup.com homepage and read my David Arkenstone page. Interview photos are courtesy David Arkenstone.

Al Conti is a nominee for the 54th GRAMMY® Awards in the Best New Age Album category. Al Conti is one of five new age artist nominees, one of which will be selected for top album honors next year in 2012 when televised live on CBS in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Northern Seas is Al Conti’s GRAMMY® nominated album that highlights his abilities as a top composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist who has produced a total of four exceptional story based releases so far. Plus, I read at the alconti.net website there is new Al Conti album currently in the works, so I will bring you more about Al Conti’s new album soon.

The storyline on Northern Seas chronicles the ancestral homeland and Nordic heritage of Scandinavia in a manner you will find glorious. The rich instrumental landscape captures the imagination by 10 songs in a fascinating mixture of new age and world fusion music, with a Celtic tonal expression on several songs.

I have an interview with Al Conti in the near future. In my interview, I plan to cover a variety of interesting topics about Al Conti, including his GRAMMY® nominated new age album Northern Seas, along with his story based album compositions that have earned him the reputation of top new age artist. Pending my Al Conti interview publication, below is his Northern Seas high definition promotional song video for Veil of Mist.

Visit alconti.net to sample or purchase at his music store. Photos are courtesy alconti.net.

David and Steve Gordon are two prominent names people across the globe identify as one of the most prolific artists in today’s international music scene. Plus, the quality arrangements this team of brothers create on a regular basis have made them highly successful, and rightfully so.

Since the founding of their esteemed Sequoia Records label 28 years ago, the award winning Gordon Brothers have rightly earned the honorable reputation of being legendary music producers.

The Gordon Brother’s early formation of new age nature sounds was the inception of their adventurous journey into the more diverse styles of musical arrangements they produce today, which is an comprehensive array of new age, world, electronic, ambient, relaxation, plus an extensive collection of groove and chill out music.

Enthusiasts of groove and chill out music know that David and Steve Gordon are consistently “in the groove themselves” by their great selection of multicultural world fusion albums, which expertly blend ethnic drums and exotic song melodies into world class instrumental music.

David and Steve Gordon are indeed influential when composing their own music creations, plus their compilation albums that highlight top artists from around the globe are another significant component during their role as award winning DJs. Selecting international musical talents from around the world, the top quality artists on Sequoia Record’s playlist lineup can likewise be found on many of their relaxation, groove and chill out releases.

Groove Tribe is the Gordon Brother’s new groove album featuring a vibrant blend of electronic music with ethnic percussion rhythms that creates a distance miles apart from many other forms of multicultural world music. This arrangement contains the calming metrical rhythms and vibrant electronic harmonies that keep the Gordon Brothers in the forefront of new age and world music styles. It also highlights their ability to fashion a wide selection of popular music in a variety of sub-genres.

Groove Tribe has 11 songs of electronic groove and chill out music with world drums and musical instruments. Every song carries the relaxing yet vibrant trademark sound of quality in which David and Steve Gordon are famous. This album is an exotic assortment of smooth song melodies in step with ethnic percussion rhythms so it’s no wonder Groove Tribe has been a bestselling choice for many people.

For those who may be less familiar with their music, or would like a starting point to sample their albums, the Gordon Brothers make finding the right selection easy for you by cataloging their most popular, bestselling releases in a variety of styles and formats.

Visit the sequoiarecords.com homepage and David & Steve Gordon’s music page, and sign up for their Sequoia newsletter.  Here is where you can listen to or buy Groove Tribe and find their bestsellers. Photos are courtesy sequoiarecords.com.

Billboard magazine listed Trans-Siberian Orchestra as one of the most acclaimed concert touring groups of the past decade. If you have had the chance to see them perform live you will know why this is so true, just like the millions of fans worldwide who have attended one of their extraordinary theatrical shows.

It’s a well known fact that TSO’s live concert events are notorious for stunning audiences with their exceptional rock opera style interpretation of orchestral music!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a spectacular American music group that has performed on stage before an estimated 8 million concertgoers, and has sold around 8.5 million albums since their inception in 1993.

The theatrical group’s most current 2 disc album entitled Night Castle showcases TSO’s fundamental elements of progressive, symphonic rock music that has made them a titanic success. Knowing how extraordinary this album is, I would be willing to guess that songs from Night Castle are included on their playlist of concert songs.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Winter Concert Tour for 2011 is in full force with many concerts dates scheduled between now and their final Winter Concert Tour performance in Phoenix, Arizona on December 30, 2011 at the Jobing.com Arena.

TSO’s Beethoven’s Last Night 2012 Concert Tour begins a new season for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and fans starting with their very first concert appearance on Saturday March 3, 2012 in Beaumont, Texas at the Ford Arena. The final Beethoven’s Last Night 2012 Tour season ends on Sunday May 12, 2012 in Battle Creek, Michigan at the Kellogg Arena, but there are many opportunities for you to see TSO perform live!

Please note the tour dates shown above are beginning and ending dates only, and like any concert tour, all dates and venues listed here and at their site are subject to change. The must see YouTube HD video below is a live promotional video performance for TSO’s Winter Concert Tour.

You can visit the trans-siberian.com homepage for news and gift ideas. Visit the TSO concert tour page for full concert schedule for 2011 & 2012. Photos in this article are courtesy trans-siberian.com.

The 54th GRAMMY® Award Nominations for the New Age Music genre category were recently announced several days ago during a live presentation and concert at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. The televised CBS broadcast which aired on November 30, 2011 began the official countdown to announce the 54th GRAMMY® Awards for 2012.

The 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards will be televised live on CBS from Staples Center, in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012. The CBS Television Network will air the live awards program at 8 p.m. ET/PT. I know two of the five artists nominated this year, and have written album reviews for Al Conti’s Northern Seas album and Michael Brant DeMaria’s Gaia album, if you would like to read my album reviews of two nominated releases for 2012. I published an interview with Michael Brant DeMaria in January of 2011, and there is an earlier Michael Brant DeMaria interview in 2009, for more about Michael.

The GRAMMY® Nominees for Best New Age Album are shown below alphabetically. I have sampled all five albums and can say they are all great releases. You can sample or purchase each GRAMMY® Nominated album by clicking on the direct links to each CD or MP3 album at Amazon.com.

54th GRAMMY® Nominees for Best New Age Album;

1. Northern Seas by Al Conti - Shadowside Music. Sample Northern Seas at Amazon.

2. Gaia by Michael Brant DeMaria – Ontos Music. Sample Gaia at Amazon.

3. Wind, Rock, Sea & Flame by Peter Kater – Point Of Light Records. Sample Wind, Rock, Sea & Flame at Amazon.

4. What’s It All About by Pat Metheny – Nonesuch. Sample What’s It All About at Amazon.

5. Instrumental Oasis – Vol. 6 by Alejandro Zamora – Z-Records. Sample Instrumental Oasis – Vol. 6 at Amazon.

 Read more about the 54th GRAMMY® Awards at Grammy.com and here is the complete list of GRAMMY® Nominees.

Photos are courtesy of their respective artists & grammy.com.

Jon Anderson has a new Christmas song called Give Hope available as an MP3 download, just in time to begin the holiday season in style. Speaking of style, if you look at the photo you will see a trendy songbird on the album cover wearing a red scarf. It is a photo illustration, but this bird is one of the most fashionable Robins ever!

Give Hope is a new revision of Jon Anderson’s 3 Ships (22nd Anniversary Edition). I couldn’t find very much information on his new song release but there are plenty of locations where you can sample Jon Anderson’s Give Hope. It features Jon naturally, along with a children’s choir which really adds to the festive atmosphere.

This song is a special Christmas wish from Jon Anderson!

Visit jonanderson.com and sample on his music page, and his iTunes page. Watch the 2011 song video of Jon Anderson’s Christmas song – Give Hope song at YouTube.

Album cover photo illustration courtesy jonanderson.com.

A Midnight Clear is a brand new Christmas release from Bill Leslie. Recognized for his multiple talents as a musician and journalist, Bill Leslie is no stranger to winning awards as a top ranked new age artist and television newscaster for the WRAL – TV network in Raleigh North Carolina.

Bill Leslie’s A Midnight Clear is an instrumental album with 16 songs of traditional and original music. Finding inspiration from author Jan Karon, and her best-selling Mitford series, A Midnight Clear was the first entry in a 2011 album recommendation I wrote entitled The Best Christmas Albums for Holiday Music.

Simple Beauty earned Bill Leslie a top award for Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic at Zone Music Reporter in 2010. The video from the album below of song Smitten is the audio visual product of a family vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Along with his original compositions, Bill composes traditional and Celtic fusion music as soloist and concert appearances with his band Lorica.

The 10 original songs on Simple Beauty are modeled after 4 traditional Irish melodies in a wonderful blend of instrumental harmonies. On Simple Beauty, Bill Leslie performs acoustic guitar, piano, bass, whistles and keyboards.

Instrumental artists on this album are Bill Covington (Grand Piano), Brent Cotton (Acoustic Guitar), Jennifer Curtis (Violin), Nancy Green (cello), Will Leslie (percussion), and Linda Metz (flute).

While Bill Leslie is a prominent new age artist, a 5 time Emmy award winning journalist and recipient of multiple Journalist of the Year awards in North Carolina, Bill Leslie gives the impression he is prepared to go the normal distance to find perfect balance in his talents as a top artist and TV journalist, for which he is equally admired. Below is a review quote from Simple Beauty and the song video Smitten.

Visit billleslie.com to sample or purchase at his web store or visit his amazon.com page. Read my pages for Bill Leslie. Photo is courtesy billleslie.com.

Bill Leslie’s appropriately titled Simple Beauty is a work of harmony whose scenic wonder and peaceful surroundings emerge by the great instrumental theme, making this natural and wholesome new release a sensational find for everyone.

Multi-platinum pianist Jim Brickman is one of today’s most beloved artists whose selection of romantic piano and Christmas music spans across a wide variety of popular music genres. With 6 of his albums acquiring Gold and Platinum status, it’s easy to see why Jim Brickman is a prominent celebrity in the popular and new age instrumental music genres. Likewise, he is renowned as the greatest pianist in the Adult Contemporary genre category, having charted more than any other male performer.

Jim Brickman is a highly recognized entertainer and recording artist who has thrilled millions of people for years with his award winning collection of popular piano music which can range from solo piano, popular, mainstream music, adult contemporary, and a wonderful selection of Christmas albums, many of which are available in CD and DVD formats.

With 6 Gold and Platinum albums, 2 GRAMMY® nominations, and 30 chart topping adult radio hits, Jim Brickman is accustomed to prestigious awards and recognition. Along with 2 SESAC Songwriter of the Year awards, a Canadian Country Music Award, and a Gospel Music Association Dove Award, he is tied for the most #1 albums in Billboard’s New Age charts. Presently listed in the Top 10 of Billboard’s New Age Charts are three of Jim’s albums; All is Calm, Romanza, & Love.

Jim Brickman is likewise cherished for his countless album collaborations with other popular celebrity artists, some of which include Lady Antebellum, Kenny Loggins, Martine McBride, Olivia Newton-John, Donny Osmond, Carly Simon and Michael W. Smith. During the course of his lengthy career Jim Brickman has become a household name, having crossed over into mainstream piano music that is adored by millions of people worldwide.

The Christmas holidays are a special time of year that symbolizes another period in time when people often associate Jim Brickman, and his special variety of piano instrumental Christmas music. Currently Jim is beginning his 2011 Holiday Concert Tour in the continental U.S. Also recognized for his humanitarian efforts, Jim is involved with many charitable foundations dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families, including Autism Speaks, UNICEF and Camp Heartland.

New Age Music World host John P. Olsen had an opportunity to interview Jim Brickman at the very start of his opening Christmas Concert Tour in 2011. Today we are pleased to present their conversation to Jim Brickman’s international fan base and to our global site visitors.

Interview with Jim Brickman;

John Olsen: Thank you so much for accepting my interview invitation Jim. I realize this is an especially busy time for you. It is truly a privilege to be the host for your most current interview. Currently you are about to begin your 2011 “A Christmas Celebration” Concert Tour, which has numerous concert venues in major cities throughout the continental U.S.

John: When traveling across the country on tour with full entourage I imagine the excitement of every performance takes a lot out of you, and the entire team. How do you and everyone on the team re-energize and prepare for the next concert?

Jim Brickman: Each city, theatre and audience is different. Knowing this helps keep the performances fresh and exciting. It really is like celebrating Christmas every day.

John: During your Christmas Concert Tour in 2011 you have special guest vocalist Anne Cochran and Ben Utecht, with violinist Tracy Silverman. I have heard these artists on your YouTube videos and must say you have a great team Jim! Would you like to tell everyone about the exceptional artists who will be performing with you during this year’s A Christmas Celebration Concert Tour?

Jim Brickman: I’ve been performing with Anne Cochran and Tracy Silverman for many, many years. Anne and I met in high school. I look forward to performing with her, not only because we are close friends, but because she has a beautiful voice and a great personality.

Tracy is a brilliant musician who adds a dimension to my concert that you don’t normally expect to hear. Ben Utecht is new to the tour, but may be a familiar name to NFL football fans. He was a member of the Super Bowl Championship Indianapolis Colts. He has a powerful voice that brings new meaning to familiar songs and old favorites. Ben has a large presence on stage, and he wears his Super Bowl ring!

John: How many seasons have you held Christmas concerts to date, and how do you determine which of the many exceptional artists to choose from will be performing with you? If it is not a secret, can you tell us some of the Christmas songs concert attendees will hear during your 2011 season?

Jim Brickman: This is the 16th year of the holiday tour. I will be playing holiday favorites and a few songs from my latest CD Romanza. Plus the hits, because everyone wants to hear the hit songs. I hope for a few hours the audience can wrap themselves up in the holiday spirit through my music.

John: Over the years you have been Grammy nominated, won countless music awards, in addition to 6 of your releases attaining Gold and Platinum status. It is obvious people adore your music Jim. Do you feel there a specific element about your music that you feel has helped you achieve worldwide popularity?

Jim Brickman: As I write music, I think about where people will be listening to it, and how it will make them feel. Because the majority of my songs have no words, people can listen, apply it into their own lives, and take away what they need to hear.

John: I am confident most people reading this interview are familiar with your music. For those people who may be less familiar with your many albums, what albums would you suggest for a starting point for them to begin sampling your music?

Jim Brickman: If You Believe is my signature song and I think it also best represents my “sound.” It symbolizes my dream of composing and performing, and the belief in myself to bring it to fruition. It’s on the CD Picture This.

John: From your great selection of Christmas music CDs and DVDs, what would you recommend they sample or purchase?

Jim Brickman: That’s like asking which is your favorite child. I have a new CD called All Is Calm that’s available at Target.

John: You have been a successful musician nearly your entire life. Knowing there are other artists reading our interview today, can you give any advice or offer a helpful strategy to those artists who are just beginning their music career?

Jim Brickman: Listen to many different artists that you enjoy and admire. Hear what it is in their music and lyrics that speak to you. Then when you sit down to write, adopt what you like from other elements and make it your own.

So many pianists tell me “Everyone says I sound like Jim Brickman. How do I start my career?” Well, there’s already a Jim Brickman, so I tell them the best way is to create a new, unique sound. Find places to be heard. And don’t be afraid of rejection. Find places to play and show off your talent. Start small and get your style and personality known so that you can grow your career.

John: In regards to your talents as a pianist, would you say you have natural born talents as a pianist, or has it merely taken practice and dedication to reach the level of expertise you have achieved?

Jim Brickman: I started playing piano when I was 4. I begged my parents to buy me a piano. So, that part was natural. I had a lot of piano teachers growing up, and they all wanted me to play in what I call “their style.”

It wasn’t until I studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music, that I found a teacher who helped me develop my own style. It evolved out of my classical training and my love of pop music. That’s what you hear today.

John: You have collaborated on numerous projects with famous artists like yourself over the years. Would you like to tell us about your experience while working with esteemed artists like yourself?

Jim Brickman: I love writing with different people because each one draws something new out of me. As I write I hear a specific sound singing the vocals. I love using new voices that may not be familiar to listeners because they come to me with an eagerness and fresh energy. Of course, many have gone on to become household names like Martina McBride and Lady Antebellum.

John: When visiting your jimbrickman.com website I read you are offering a “Jim Brickman Escape Cruise” in 2013, where you and anyone interested can sail the Eastern Caribbean together. What are some of the cruise destinations you have traveled during your earlier vacation cruises, and what are some of the onboard cruise activities?

Jim Brickman: We have sailed all over the Caribbean, and the Mexican Riviera. Two years ago we took an amazing trip to Alaska, and this year we went to Hawaii. I do two concerts onboard, usually in a cabaret style theatre that lends itself to a more casual performance.

A favorite for the fans is the songwriting workshop where we actually write a song with the help of the audience. My parents have become a popular addition to the cruise, and we have a Q&A session with them where they tend to say more than they should! There are casual get-togethers where we all just hang out.

What’s really cool is that a lot of the same people who come back year after year and have made lifelong friends that they continue to travel with.

John: I saw at your website the CDs and DVDs items in your Christmas store section are generously priced at $10 and under. Even your newest releases Romanza & All Is Calm CDs are on sale. Would I be correct in saying Christmas is a very special time for you, and could you tell us why Christmas holds so much significance to you personally?

Jim Brickman: This may sound corny but, what makes Christmas so special to me is the music. We hear the same songs year after year. They create memories that tie generations together.

The old songs are sung in their original form or updated versions, but the message is the same. And sharing that with audiences every night is a wonderful gift I can share.

John: You are also involved with many charitable foundations for children. Would you tell us about your work as a philanthropist?

Jim Brickman: I try to get involved with charities that are affected by my music. When I heard that children with Autism responded to my music, I got involved with Autism Speaks. After Beautiful World was released, we raised money for UNICEF.

People tell me how my music has helped them through chemotherapy, and really hard times in their lives. It important to me to help raise awareness any way I can. Also, a scholarship has been established at my alma mater the Cleveland institute of Music in my honor.

John: Do you have any news or information to pass along regarding any new album projects you may have or special events you will be announcing soon?

Jim Brickman: I produced a Carpenters tribute show called Yesterday Once More that is currently touring the US. I’d love to do more theatrical type shows, maybe even write for Broadway!

John: Thank You again for spending time with us by way of our interview Jim. I look forward to the day when I can follow-up by another interview together.

In closing for now, do you have anything you would like to express to the people who will be attending a concert this year, and the many fans that have supported you throughout your career?

Jim Brickman: I am most humbled by people who tell me how my music has touched them. You really can’t measure something like that that in awards and sales.

Visit the jimbrickman.com homepage and the Jim Brickman Store. Find more about the topics Jim mentioned like his Holiday Concert Tour schedule for 2011 & 2012, and listen to his radio program at brickhouseradionetwork.com. Read my pages dedicated to Jim Brickman. Photos are courtesy Kirkland Performance Center & jimbrickman.com.

Jim Brickman’s new piano albums Romanza & All Is Calm have turned out to be two very popular albums after their November 2011 release. Jim Brickman is presently dominating the Billboard charts since both Romanza & All Is Calm are in Billboard’s Top 10 New Age charts, along with a new album entitled Love.

Romanza has 15 songs of inspiration with a fine romantic atmosphere of Italy. The second new album entitled All Is Calm is a brand new holiday collection of 15 Christmas songs. When you visit the jimbrickman.com store, Romanza & All Is Calm can be purchased as individual CDs, but when placing your order for the 2 CD Combo you get 2 free downloads of his first time released songs In My Dreaming & Vino Traboccante as 2 additional bonus tracks.

There is also an interview with Jim Brickman at his website where Jim answers questions about his newest releases. The YouTube interview questions for Jim Brickman are; what was your inspiration for Romanza? What emotions do you hope to convey to your fans with these releases? What makes All Is Calm different from your other Christmas albums?

Jim Brickman has consented to my interview request so I am pleased to announce a New Age Music World interview publication with Jim Brickman and I will be available soon. With the holiday season nearing many of you may like to know more about his Christmas concerts, so I will include several questions about his always popular holiday concert events.

Visit jimbrickman.com homepage and purchase the Romanza & All Is Calm CD Combo at his music store. Jim Brickman’s “A Christmas Celebration” Holiday Concert Tour is available so check his Holiday Concert Tour page for venues in your area. Photo is courtesy jimbrickman.com.

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7and5 2002 Acoustic Ocean Adiemus Al Conti Alexander Zhiroff Alphaville Anewday Ann Licater Ann Sweeten AOMusic Arturo Mayorga Arun Shenoy Asher Quinn Atticus Ross Audiomachine Australis Balligomingo Benedikt Brydern Ben Woolman Bill Leslie Bill Wren Billy Sherwood Blackmore's Night Bob Ardern Bradley Joseph Bruce Kaphan Bruce Mitchell Bryan El Cadence Spalding Candice Night Celtic Woman Chad Lawson Charlee Brooks Charlie Adams Christophe Lebled Christopher Boscole Chuck Wild Ciro Hurtado Clannad Clifford White Coburn Tuller Colin O'Donohoe Cormac De Barra Craig Karolus Craig Urquhart Daft Punk Dana Teboe Daniel Alcheh Darlene Koldenhoven David Arkenstone David Clavijo David Gordon David Hoffman David Lanz David Mauk David Nevue David Wahler Davol Denise Young Dennis Banks Devin Rice Diane Arkenstone Enigma Enya Eric Chapelle Eric Tingstad Erin Aas Evan Wish Eversound Records FED Fiona Joy Hawkins Fionnuala Sherry Fred Thrane Gabriel Vivas Gandalf Gunnar Madsen Hans Zimmer Hennie Bekker Howard Shore Isaac Shepard James Hood James Mattos Jan Hammer Jason Carder Jeff Oster Jeffrey Fisher Jeff Woodall Jim Brickman Joey Curtin Johannes Linstead John Adorney John Williams Jon Anderson Jonas Kroon Jose Luis Serrano Esteban Josh Groban Julian Ray Karen Olson Karl Jenkins Kathryn Kaye Keith Driskill Kelly Andrew Ken Elkinson Kevin Bluemel Kika Kane Kitaro Kori Linae Carothers Laura Sullivan Lauren Jelencovich Lawrence Blatt Libera Liquid Mind Lisa Downing Lisa Hilton Lisa Lavie Lizary Rodriguez Rios Louis Colaiannia Luna Blanca Mannheim Steamroller Marc Enfroy Marie Therese McCartin Mark Barnes Mars Lasar Mary Simpson Masako Matthew Labarge Matthew Schoening Matt Millecchia Medwyn Goodall Michael Brant DeMaria Michael Cretu Michael Stribling Mickey Hart Band Mike Oldfield Ming Freeman Moya Brennan Nicholas Gunn Nick Farr Nitish Kulkarni Omar Akram Pangean Orchestra Paul Avgerinos Paul Jensen Paul Sills Peter Jennison Peter Kater Peter Sterling Placido Domingo Psicodreamics Randy Edelman Ravi Shankar Riad Abdel Gawad Rick Wakeman Rolf Lovland Royce Campbell Samvel Yervinyan Sarah Brightman Sarah O’Brien Seay Secret Garden Shambhu Spencer Stanley Steve Bowe Steve Gordon Steve Hackett Steven C Steven Halpern Steve Orchard Sue Brescia Susan Boyle Suzanne Doucet Tangerine Dream Tasmin Archer Terri Liles Mason The 9 Muses Timothy Crane Todd Boston Tomas Michaud Trans Siberian Orchestra Trent Reznor Trevor Jones Tribali Tron Syversen Uwe Gronau Vangelis Vicki Logan Victor Espinola We Are Nexus Will Ackerman World Music Yanni Yes Yoel Del Sol Yo Yo Ma
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