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Randy and Pamela Copus are the popular husband and wife duo that is the complete heart and spirit of 2002. After 19 years as top New Age music artists, Randy and Pamela are approaching a significant milestone in their careers and a time of celebration by their forthcoming 20 year anniversary as the award winning, Billboard charting music duo 2002.

Randy and Pamela Copus have just released an exceptional new 2002 album titled Damayanti so this is likewise a time of celebration for their loyal fans. It was nineteen years ago when 2002 first began producing music with their first album titled Wings. Since then, it’s as if their popular celestial melodies have stair stepped their way among the clouds in a skyward journey of their own.

Many would agree the New Age Billboard charting 2002 music duo Randy and Pamela Copus are one of the finest New Age groups producing music today. Their free-flowing arrangements and unhurried approach on every album they create has resulted in a made with pride product every time.

Their status as top artists is apparent by the number of times 2002 has been listed as a favorite musical group, having charted 9 times in the New Age Billboard Charts within the past 10 years. When combined this is equal to 270 weeks on the New Age charts. 2002 was likewise featured in the December 2003 Magazine issue of Year in Review at Billboard, and listed with other top New Age artists like Enya, George Winston, Jim Brickman, Manheim Steamroller and Yanni. This is a pretty good indication of their standing as a chosen favorite for many people.

Damayanti by 2002 was recently introduced on their Galactic Playground Music label. The album has 10 opulent songs revealing a wonderful change in tonal atmosphere which does make it stand out from earlier predecessors. While it is not an immense departure from earlier albums, the story based Damayanti is perhaps their best release yet, and I imagine it will be another big hit on the airwaves.

Damayanti was created in comparison like earlier 2002 albums by Randy Copus playing piano, electric cello, guitar and bass, while Pamela Copus played flutes, harp, keyboards and a WX5 wind instrument. Visit the 2002music.com homepage and then sample / purchase on their music page or go to their Amazon.com page. My album review quote, and Free to Fly song video from their A Word in the Wind DVD is shown below. Read my interview on our page for 2002.

Even now with their unending popularity and recognition, 2002 remains steadfast in their creative ambitions for producing quality orchestrations. Their close attention to instrumental and technical details on every album results in a complete reinvention of themselves every time which gives them another reason to pause, reflect, and to celebrate.

Blackmore’s Night newest release Autumn Sky is a great album I wrote a review about here at New Age Music World. During the United States portion of their 2011 concert tour their fans know and can attest to the fact of what a wonderful success this concert season has been for the band so far, with sold out venues at nearly every concert.

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are the Grammy Nominated, award winning musicians that make up the core essence of Blackmore’s Night and 7 member troupe who wear renaissance attire of centuries past during concerts, fairs, and festival events. Overseas concert goers will have their chance to see Blackmore’s Night later in 2011 with live concerts scheduled in Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and the UK.

Ritchie Blackmore is a legendary guitar player who has made many progressive transitions in music having been a long standing member of the iconic band Deep Purple and then founder of the band Rainbow. Candice Night is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the renaissance group whose voice and lyrical point of view is one of fascination while singing in the forefront on Blackmore’s Night albums.

Blackmore’s Night 2011 release Autumn Sky acquired the #1 position on the Billboard New Age Charts upon its debut in January, 2011, The result of their international attainment and exclusive musical focus they have engraved for themselves has acquired an enormous following in North America, South America, Europe and Japan.  Their melodies have gained crossover prosperity by the enchanting lyrical vocals and fascinating instrumental music that often contains metrical structures dating back to the seventeenth century.

Autumn Sky has remained in the top 10 New Age charts at Billboard for many weeks now, and I expect this will continue since their earlier release Secret Voyage endured while on Billboard’s Top 10 Chart for a remarkable 72 weeks.  Autumn Sky is an album that accentuates the elegant vocals delivered by Candice, along with ancient and modern instrumental fanfare for which this group has become famous.

Blackmore’s Night is a true winner by their consistent ability to create progressive music with every new release. Traditional instruments of keyboards, violin, woodwinds, acoustic and electric guitars are intertwined with old-world instruments like hurdy-gurdy, chanters, mandolin, vintage percussions, and woodwinds. The song Highland from Autumn Sky shown below is a wonderful high definition YouTube video that takes you front row and center stage of a Blackmore’s Night concert.

Visit blackmoresnight.com then candicenight.com for more info. Check tour dates and then our Blackmore’s Night pages. Cover art courtesy Jeff Pickett-Pickett Productions.

Charting on Billboard is a good way to measure the accomplishments of any group, but what makes Blackmore’s Night a true winner is their consistent ability to create transcending music which varies with every new album they produce.  This renaissance inspired band which transports progressive music into contemporary times is a model for success, past, present and future.

The Best of Album by Jon & Vangelis.

When you say the names Jon Anderson and Vangelis Papathanassiou, most people tend to classify the discography of the two legendary artists by Progressive Rock and Electronic, Soundtrack or Film Score. This is for the most part true, but like many famous musicians of today, one genre category is never enough to satisfy their creative ambitions in entirety.

Jon & Vangelis was the successive collaboration when celebrity Yes vocalist Jon Anderson teamed up with the master of electronic music, Vangelis Papathanassiou. Their partnership back in the 1980’s produced some incredible melodies which remain ageless classics and a favorite selection for devoted aficionados of both artists, in addition to their individual solo projects which began their rise to stardom.

The Best of Jon & Vangelis is an excellent album from the two artisans who joined forces during those earlier years, which today seem so long ago. The Best of Album in particular is one I would suggest to those less than familiar with their collaboration effort. The songs State Of Independence & I’ll Find My Way Home have been two of my personal favorites for many years.

During my recent interview with Jon Anderson we learned his solo career is still thriving after 5 decades of producing music.  Jon is currently performing his concert tour publicized as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson” at this very moment.

Jon Anderson’s new album Survival & Other Stories will be distributed soon too, so check back for my pre-release album review of Jon’s latest solo project. Below is Jon Anderson’s reply about what concert attendees could expect during one of his concerts, and the Jon & Vangelis song video of I’ll Find My Way Home featuring vocals by Jon and Vangelis on piano. Visit Amazon.com to sample / purchase this classic album. Cover art courtesy Jon & Vangelis.

Jon Anderson:  Well, it’s really like being in my ‘front room’. I’m singing Yes songs as I originally wrote them, singing ‘Jon and Vangelis’ songs, telling stories, how songs came together, the meaning behind the songs, talking about my life so far, and doing new songs from my new album – Survival & Other Stories.


Just for fun music videos is a novelty feature here at NewAgeMusicWorld.Com. While we regularly present New Age music videos on our pages, the Just For Fun video section is place where you will always find something a little different, and maybe a little unexpected too. To view the music video simply click on the photo icon in this article.

The Just For Fun Classic video banner is also located in the right hand module. Some examples may be rare and unusual videos, or classic videos. Whatever I decide to post, I promise it will be something special! The first song video is a good example of what you may find in this section.

This video article will be updated every now and then, so check back every now and then to view another Just For Fun video selection. Naturally I will be regularly posting new age music videos of the artists I feature here, so I hope you take time to view song videos by some of the excellent new age musicians I interview and write review publications about on the NewAgeMusicWorld.com homepage.

Music legend Jon Anderson has a new CD – Survival & Other Stories, due to be released in April 2011.  Knowing Anderson’s significant influence on progressive music covering a variety of popular genres, the new Survival & Other Stories CD promises to be a hot item that will create a lot of excitement for a diverse buying public, which will no doubt include a multitude of devoted Yes fans!

Currently Jon is making preparations for a North America concert tour portrayed as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson.”

Jon Anderson is a music celebrity whose tenure as the lead vocalist in Yes, along with his innovative solo music career have placed him in center stage prominence, but Jon has also teamed up with other superstars Vangelis, Kitaro, Rick Wakeman and Mike Oldfield.  Plus, the long list of popular music artists he has performed with during a career spanning five decades is truly impressive.

In a televised HDNet Concert Series program, he shared the stage with the 112 member Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra, and 60 member student chorus.  During the live performance, hit songs from Yes and Jon & Vangelis included Owner of a Lonely Heart, I’ve Seen All Good People, Round About & I’ll Find My Way Home.

Survival & Other Stories is said to portray a personal message of inspiration, with down to earth themes regarding love, life, understanding, healing and survival.  If you are as familiar with Jon Anderson as I am, then you know this album description does indicate another positive and progressive transition in his music!

Billy James of Glass Onyon PR, in charge of this promotion recently informed me a CD copy of Survival and Other Stories will be sent to me, so look for my review in the near future.  There is also a good chance I will have an opportunity to present to our visitors an in-depth musician interview with Jon Anderson, so do come back often to visit New Age Music World.  You can count on this website to present much more about the rare eclectic voice of Yes – Jon Anderson.  Below is a video clip from the televised live HDNet Concert Series program.

Visit jonanderson.com for news and tour info.  Follow Jon on FaceBook & Twitter. Then read our pages dedicated to Jon Anderson.  Photos courtesy jonanderson.com.

Marc Enfroy is an award winning pianist with a new Cinematic Piano album created in collaboration with 2002, who are another award winning, Billboard charting music team of fame.  Marc’s 2011 new release titled Unconditional is an innovative Contemporary Instrumental release bound to be a success, and a newly born sound creation you are sure to love.

Unconditional is the third Cinematic Piano release from Marc Enfroy.  When you hear the unification in styles with Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002, I am sure you will agree this album does deliver a unique array in piano and contemporary instrumentals. Already admired for their great inspiring melodies as individual artists, the recently unveiled blend of two unique styles into a single creation of beauty is exemplary.

Marc Enfroy’s music career emerged after the death of his sister Suzanne Whiting to cancer, but it was from this profound loss his progressive music legacy arose.  In loving memory of Suzanne, Marc found inspiration and proceeded to compose emotive music for the senses.  Beginning anew, he composed colorful music like a painter would use brushstrokes to fill the empty spaces on white canvas.  It didn’t take long for people to admire his celestial piano music and conclude Marc is a gifted pianist and true artisan.

Unbounded was Marc Enfroy’s Solo Piano debut album which set the stage for his musical career.  Unbounded had acquired Best Neo-Classical album award in the ZMR Lifestyle Music Awards in 2008, along with Best New Artist nomination.  Awakening was the second vibrant collection of songs he produced.  The classic piano orchestrations with Janet Sullins on violin, Jack Chen on flute, and vocals by Jillian Aversa earned Marc an award nomination, and aired on many popular Internet radio stations worldwide.

Unconditional has 10 song classics of fine piano detailing expertly blended with flute, strings, bell tones and chorales, with admirable performances by Jack Chen on flute and Pamela Copus on vocals.  Produced by Randy Copus of 2002, Marc Enfroy’s newly unveiled Unconditional is a passionate portraiture and beautiful exhibit empowered by design to take flight, in uplifting music made to celebrate life.

Visit marcenfroy.com to sample / purchase or at his Amazon.com page. Read our page for Marc Enfroy, and visit the award winning Randy & Pamela Copus at 2002music.com.  Below is my album review quote and promo video for Unconditional.

When you unite the Cinematic Piano talents of award winning Marc Enfroy with the production abilities of Billboard-charting musicians 2002, the conclusive outcome is a work of music bound to be a success.

In my role as a review publicist, I receive review requests and correspond with talented musicians around the globe on a daily basis. As you might expect, I have discovered there are many gifted musicians that stand out above than the rest. These are the select individuals I want to feature and present to our website visitors.

Spencer Stanley is an outstanding composing musician I would like to introduce to you today. Spencer is currently attending Brigham Young University for academic studies, and he is an instrumentalist in the marching band. It was just last Spring when Spencer Stanley was selected as an all-star youth symphony member and instrumental music performer with the Utah Symphony.

During the course of his educational studies he received training in piano, trumpet and performance. His talents as a composer and sound engineer are perhaps equal to his performance skills on piano, trumpet and French horn.

Midnight Orchestra is his first CD album of piano and orchestral music, which is also available as individual song downloads. This album has 11 songs total.

I was really impressed with his talent as a skillful musician, along with the performing instrumentalist in accompaniment on Midnight Orchestra. I believe you will reach the same conclusion. On this album he demonstrates his talent as a composing pianist.

Spencer Stanley’s Midnight Orchestra CD album can be sampled or purchased by the links provided below since he doesn’t have a website at present. This music video of the title song Midnight Orchestra, was filmed in Bountiful, Utah.

The 11 songs were written by Spencer Stanley, and co-orchestrated with Dave Zimmerman. Along with Spencer playing piano, additional artists on various songs include Dave Zimmerman (piano and percussion) Natachia Li (cello) Sophie Stanley (classical guitar) and Andrea Hughes (violin).

Visit Spencer Stanley on his Facebook page.  Sample or purchase his album at Amazon.com, iTunes and CDBaby.com.


Asher Quinn is a singer songwriter from the United Kingdom who has devoted much of his adult life to writing music, and what beautiful music he has created while securing a significant position in the genre!  This composer released his first New Age chart-topping album Open Secret way back in 1987, and followed it with other chart-topping releases Mystic Heart, Wings of Fire and Concert of Angels, under the name first of Denis Quinn, and then Asha.

His Love Theme Ballads, Folk Melodies and Contemporary Instrumentals, combined with romantic, spiritual and poetic lyrics, placed him in a rather unique class in the field of New Age music years ago, just as his more Mainstream Progressive Ballads and Spiritual Love Songs continue to inspire today.

Falling Through Time is the 2011 release for Asher Quinn ( Asha ), and I have previewed the 70-minute album, featuring 16 songs which positively reaffirm his early unique abilities as an outstanding songwriter and vocalist.

Right now, Asher’s 16-album catalogue, including some vintage compilations, is available on his newly launched independent Singing Stone Music record label, although formerly both he and Medwyn Goodall were signed to New World Music for well over a decade, and Medwyn has produced some Asher tracks over the years although not for Medwyn’s MGMusic label.

With over half a million album sales to his credit, Asher continues to be a popular one of a kind musician in the New Age genre, whether he records as Asha, Denis Quinn or Asher Quinn. Falling Through Time features 9 original compositions, 6 traditional ballads and a cover version of This little bird first made famous by Marianne Faithfull, and was recorded and co-produced with sound engineer Shaun Britton at his studio in Fareham, Hampshire, UK.  It features Kristian Biddiss on lead and Spanish guitars, and female vocalists Jaba and Jimena Larraguivel.  The song lyrics for this and every Asher Quinn song are readily available on his website lyrics page.

Visit asherquinn.co.uk to sample / purchase or visit his CDBaby.com page.  Visit his official YouTube channel for more videos featuring the music of Asher Quinn.  Below is the song video Visions from the Falling Through Time release.

Asher Quinn is an artist with a long and enduring legacy for producing top quality music in a wide variety of styles over the years. You will quickly discover his divine lyrical vocals, which, when unified with exemplary musical artisans, brings forth a glorious and inspiring sense of admiration  for his music.

Paul Avgerinos is an award-winning musician with a new release called Law of Attraction his prodigious fan base is certain to fully embrace with open arms, and do so without hesitation. I would imagine this great ambient album will also succeed at winning over many new fans for Paul Avgerinos, new fans who will go directly to the heart of his popular Round Sky Music website. Like a select few of the artists I have written about over the years, Paul Avgerinos consistently produces the highest quality ambient music, and one I feel is long overdue for the world’s most prestigious music award.

Paul Avgerinos earlier music awards include Garden Of Delight which won Best World Album in 2007 and notable Gnosis had 5 Best of nominations total, while winning the Best Relaxation/Meditation Album award category in 2006. Muse of the Round Sky which made the airwaves on over 2000 radio stations worldwide was the album that had first introduced Paul Avgerinos from Redding Connecticut as a top new age musician.

Paul was also the primary bass player for The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and toured with many Popular, Contemporary, and Jazz groups over the years, having been involved with numerous Platinum album productions while collaborating with popular celebrity music stars like Aerosmith, Jewel, Run DMC, Willie Nelson and Deana Carter.

Law of Attraction is an exciting fusion of New Age Ambient and World influences from the Middle East and India. Of the many earlier releases that garnered success, Law of Attraction has instrumental essentials like his earlier award winning Garden of Delight.

Law of Attraction is a new release along the same wavelength with his prior Love album, which is another positively feel good release with a passionate and dreamy intonation paired to the divine word we call love, and the Love album did after all achieve a desirable level in 2009 by 2 nominations at ZMR which included Best Relaxation/Meditation Album.

It is pretty easy to fall in love with Paul Avgerinos music whether you have been officially introduced or not, so for some of you let me officially introduce you to this award winning musician for the very first time. You may be interested to know that in addition to his eloquent skills as a composing New Age musician Paul Avegerinos has worked on over 100 television and film projects and has given much over the years as a top New Age musician.

Visit RoundSkyMusic.com to sample and purchase or go to his Amazon.com page. You can also find out more on my section dedicated to Paul Avgerinos. Shown below is a review quote about his brand new release and colorful compilation YouTube video from Law of Attraction.

After listening to Paul Avgerinos Law of Attraction I discovered a pleasingly rich sensation of expressive delights and melodic wonderment.  If this sensational new release were a library book, Law of Attraction would be classified and shelved in the romantic therapy section.


One of the most exciting aspects of being a review publicist is having the opportunity to receive and then listen to a new album that has not yet been released to the public.  In this case my recent mailing happens to be a Truth Of Touch CD from Yanni.  I will be publishing my review for Truth Of Touch here at NewAgeMusicWorld.Com & NewAgeMusic.nu soon, but I wanted to take a moment and give our visitors my first impression.

After listening to Truth Of Touch many times over for days now, I can tell you that Yanni and the musicians in accompaniment have succeeded in producing one of the finest albums to date!  Perhaps Yanni said it best in his official Truth Of Touch YouTube video when he said everyone will be “pleasantly surprised” in regards to his newest release which is available for pre – purchase now, and has an official release date of February 8th 2011.

This new and original composition from Yanni has cutting edge Electronics, along with the exceptional Contemporary Instrumentals by accomplished musicians of fame he judiciously selects during every concert and studio album production.  Earlier I wrote about two instrumental performers in a Tribute Concert article, which was my favorite album until today!  Below is an admirable travel around the world YouTube video presenting the full length song called Voyage and then we invite you to read our pages dedicated to Yanni.

My review will be published weeks prior to the album release date and I do hope to have an interview with Yanni too so visit us again soon.  For pre – release album orders, news, and concert venues visit Yanni.com and truthoftouch.com. Photo copyright – courtesy yanni.com.



Seay is a popular artist with a pretty ornate version of the song All Around The World from her A Winter Blessing album.  This video makes an inspiring statement while we celebrate the universal message of peace during the Christmas season.

New Age Music World would like to thank everyone for visiting this year.  We wish everyone a  WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS.  Visit seayonline.com.



Grammy Nominated Michael Brant DeMaria PH.D is a clinical psychologist, composing musician and author with a new release in his Ontos Healing Sound Project which is essentially the achievement of over 25 years in personal and professional research by Michael Brant DeMaira’s directive into the fundamental principles of auditory healing techniques.

Michael Brant DeMaria was Grammy Nominated in 2009 and I was pleased to learn his second in series Ocean, which ended the year 2009 with ZMR’s Best Ambient & Best Relaxation Album Awards, and presently Grammy Nominated for Best New Age Album award for 2010.

Gaia is his current 2010 release in the Ontos Healing Sound Project.  Gaia has a concept theme based on respected Earth Scientist Dr. James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, whose research studies involving planetary exploration while at NASA led to his famous Gaia Hypothesis which interprets the Earth we share as one cohesive single living organism.

Gaia is a new release where Native American flutes and percussion in modified resonance begin their ethnic exploration and is one of the more exclusive releases I have written about as a review publicist.  Gaia has every hallmark for success and rightly so.  Michael’s music, books, art, and poetry have acquired recognition in the United States and international acceptance in Australia, Europe, and Russia, touching many with his universal message.

Siyotanka is the story based narrative and soundtrack score that secured a Native American Music Award ( NAMA ) in the Native Heart category, and then lead to his Grammy Nomination for Best Native American Music Album, along with winning the Best Native American Album during the year ending ZMR Music Awards for 2009.

Ocean is a unique blending of Ambient & Contemporary Instrumentals and was first conceived to help hurricane survivors begin anew and return to a more peaceful existence, but then after the 2010 Gulf Oil Disaster, Ocean became a second symbol of recovery since Michael donated his time performing concerts around the Gulf Coast Region, along with donating a portion of sales proceeds for the still ongoing wildlife recovery.

Congratulations again and all the best during your visit at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards for 2010 Michael  !

Visit ontos.org to sample / purchase his music or visit his CDBaby.com page and Amazon.com page.  You can visit his michaeldemaria.com blog and read a recent in-depth interview with Michael and I along with my reviews of his award winning albums on our pages dedicated to Michael Brant DeMaria.  Shown below is my recent review quote I wrote about Michael’s Ocean release and feature YouTube video from the Ocean album titled Surfacing.

Michael Brant DeMaria’s Ocean release helps reclaim the natural bond we share with our greater oceanic waters while rejuvenating our vital relationship, interweaving calming ambient therapy in a bright reflection that restores a more positive link with our mysterious yet life sustaining oceanic hydrosphere.


David Clavijo is a composing guitarist from Seville Spain with an adventurous expression of New Age music along with the multiple genres of World, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental, Chill Out and Groove categories.  In most cases you will find some of these influences from one album to the next with some musicians but his novel new release travels along a multitude of influences throughout the entire album.

David Clavijo first began to write songs in the styles of Pop and Rock of the 1980’s and has several compilation albums to his credit until diversifying into the multiple genre music he composes today.  The compositions of David Clavijo likewise have universal appeal having been featured in television commercials, soundtracks, festivals and numerous cultural events held in Spain.  He has acquired a global audience by extensive radio airtime too and has collaborated with many international labels in the Ambient & Chill Out categories, so there are several compilation projects you can find that feature his original scores.

The Landing ( Special Edition )  is his current release and a natural acquisition for those who like lively instrumentals with wonderful upbeat rhythms since every songs carries at least a moderate or upper tempo with liberal percussion accents. Another point of interest is almost all songs exhibit piano and electric guitar harmonies with appealing vocals which nicely enhance the instrumental setting.

The Landing ( Special Edition ) by David Clavijo has 10 songs featuring some vocals and his polarizing balancing act of multiple influences which is a wonderful achievement of artistry from beginning to end plus The Landing in original form with 6 songs has attained worldwide airplay, catching the attention of not just the buying public, but some music retailers too after landing onto their best sellers section.  While the original The Landing was already an earlier success, David Clavijo’s inclusion of 4 bonus tracks truly does turn his promising new multi influential release into something quite special.

Visit davidclavijo.com to sample / purchase or at his CDBaby.com pageand major retail outlets.  Learn more and connect with David Clavijo on his social network sites MySpace page & FaceBook page.  Below is my review quote I wrote about his release and the compilation YouTube video from The Landing ( Special Edition ) album and a special promotion video!

David Clavijo from Seville Spain has a natural inclination of what multi influential New Age music is all about and I felt his performance on acoustic & electric guitars along with piano & keyboards are a fine line balance that blend together remarkably well by his diverse compositional and instrumental strengths.


                      David Clavijo has a New Age Music World reference in his promotion video.  Check it out!

David Lanz is a GRAMMY® Nominated new age pianist getting more recognition with a little help from his friends on a new release with an almost certain destiny to become a radio chart topping release in 2010.

Pianist David Lanz has reunited with longtime friend and flutist Gary Stroutsos and cellist Walter Gray to form The Liverpool Trio, in a special instrumental tribute release of the greatest iconic band of all time.

Liverpool: Re-Imagining The Beatles by David Lanz & The Liverpool Trio is the release many people are talking and writing about at present including yours truly.

This release is more than just a name tribute to the fabulous four Beatles and is quite special by the respected musicians comprising this instrumental album with Lanz delivering his admired by many piano presentations.

David Lanz is easily remembered for his 1988 album Cristofori’s Dream release which remained at the top, number 1 position on Billboard’s Adult Alternative/New Age chart for 27 consecutive weeks and went platinum, establishing his position as a top New Age Solo Pianist.  In addition to several decades in recording work, GRAMMY® Nominated Lanz is also a concert pianist with appearances scheduled at many venues around the country.

While The Liverpool Trio is comprised of David Lanz, Gary Stroutsos, and Walter Gray, brother Gary Lanz co-produced this release featuring Keith Lowe on bass, Eric Eagle drums, David Revelli percussion, Larry Knechtel Hammond, Alonzo Davideo guitar, James Reynolds synthesizer and Richard Olivier on vocals.

Liverpool:  Re-Imagining The Beatles is based on the original song compositions of John Lennon & Paul McCartney and a new release that takes you back to the memorable Liverpool England of yesterday where John, Paul, George and Ringo were born.  While most are lesser known songs by design, songs like Norwegian Wood & Yes It Is are included in this fantastic release that becomes your ticket to ride during your modern times musical tour of The Beatles.

The YouTube video of Yes It Is featured below shows you wonderful images of The Liverpool Trio performance.  You can discover more on their YouTube video Interview Presentation with David Lanz & Gary Stroutsos.  The video gives their personal reflections and the creativity that went into on this production.

Visit DavidLanz.com for more information and to sample or purchase the Liverpool album. Photo courtesy davidlanz.com.


Kelly Andrew ( Kaveny ) after releasing his first album Olympus continues to create a loyal fan base for himself which makes perfect sense to me after listening to the 12 songs contained on his official debut album based upon the twelve Olympians of Greek society and then the YouTube song video from the album titled Athena.

Kelly Andrew is a classically trained composing pianist with over 15 years of producing his own signature series brand of music having composed, arranged, and produced over 35 original singles of which some songs were performed by the University of Colorado choir and the good news is that there is more to be released in the near future.

Olympus is filed New Age, Contemporary, Instrumental and Symphonic categories by New Vision Promotion director and musician Kevin Wood which is appropriate, but Kelly Andrew is also recognized for producing wider a array of music including Electronic, Trance, Celtic, Soundtrack and a Trance / Progressive hit single titled Julietta.

Reflections is an album nearing completion and he is working on several unique projects with release dates in 2010 & 2011, plus Kelly creates a wide array of music with over 15 years of experience as a musician.  You are invited to visit his website for more about the Olympus album, future projects and tour dates since Kelly gives live stage concerts.

Olympus is a symphony of exceptional quality and true excitement with some of the finest orchestrations I have heard recently.  Considering his strong compositional skills and the 12 tracks of classic symphonic music with contemporary instrumentals from every section backed by full percussion is unified with precision, Olympus can be regarded as a music symphony that will stand the test of time.  Below is the YouTube video Athena from his Olympus album.

Visit kelly-andrew.com to sample / purchase Olympus or at his CDBaby.com page. Read the profile page on Kelly Andrew.


Michael Stribling is an award winning New Age composer and family therapist who readily embraces change having made many of his own successful transitions during his lifetime.  His newest release entitled Paradise Lost narrates the Native American experience and becomes the latest chapter in his long career as a musician.

Michael Stribling has made Paradise Lost into a bold and monumental seventh album, in an enduring lineage of New Age Electronic albums that have made an impact in the genre, winning awards and universal acclaim during his years as an accredited musician recognized for producing outstanding ambient music.  His entire discography like recent The Promise which dealt with life transitions, became a success by winning top honors in ZMR’s Best Electronic Album award in 2009.

His album Songs of Hope and Healing made it to # 1 on the Top 100 on ZMR charts, securing the Electronic Lifestyle Music Award in 2006 and Out of the Darkness, Into the Light, lit up the # 2 spot on the Top 100 in January having 2 nominations for the Lifestyle Music Award in 2007Another Day in Paradise is another praiseworthy album while Love, Light, and Water earned nomination for Best Relaxation / Meditation Album in 2008, making every single day even brighter for this independent recording musician with a boldly optimistic outlook toward the challenge of change.

Michael’s transitions over the years include earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, work as a radio announcer, performing in theatre musicals and playing percussion for Johnny Mathis.   Michael’s story gets even better since after becoming a successful Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering professional help to those who needed a hand with their transitions, he himself returned to his earlier love of music and formed Leela ( Divine Play ) Music where he also hosts free online radio programs at Leela Radio.

Paradise Lost  is a terrific new release with 12 symbolic songs defined by 3 movements and while retracing the ancestral life experiences of Native Americans through electronic orchestrations, the perspective I determined ranged from total relaxation to energetic and is quite epic during this recounting of the early Native American experience.

Visit the leela-music.com website to sample or purchase at his CDBaby.com page.  Also visit Michael where he hosts a free online radio program at leela-radio.com website and then my pages dedicated to Michael Stribling.  Below is the album review quote I wrote for The Promise and song video from Love, Light and Water album titled River Canyon.

Michael Stribling has clearly made many successful transitions in his musical lifetime, giving him a first hand perspective to help others cope with change.  The positive yes responses shown in his earlier music and in this new release prove his natural composing abilities for bringing hope and inspiration to others.


Television media is an excellent source for documenting past historical events in retrospect and whether you are watching historic events unfold on the network news in your country or during a documentary, this opportunity to view the human triumphs along with the atrocities allows the viewer to reach their own conclusions for what they have witnessed.

Jeff Woodall is a New Age musician, producer and composing songwriter living in the United Kingdom.  The song video of My Isolation from his Chasing Shadows album becomes the media sensation that truly reflects the very best and the worst of past historic events in retrospect while inviting the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Indigenous is the 2010 release from Jeff Woodall who composes electronic music for television and library productions worldwide and I am almost certain this particular video is one of the more extraordinary works out of the many he has produced.  Regarding his New Age audio compositions, Jeff Woodall has written and produced 11 Electronic solo albums since 2002 and collaborated with easily recognized artists and composers like Belgian based Bryan El, another fine music talent I have written reviews on and had an interview with recently.

Chasing Shadows is an earlier Electronic, Ambient and Chill Out release from Jeff Woodall, and like his prior albums Free Diving, Osmosis & Afterworld, are a relaxing and introspective indulgence into ambient New Age music that borders into Experimental realms at times.

This YouTube video shows material of historical record and what is broadcast now and then during news programming here in the U.S. where I live, but does contain sensitive material so please be advised of the Strong Viewer Content Rating for this video.  Below is the YouTube song video of My Isolation from the Chasing Shadows album by Jeff Woodall.

 Find albums and songs by Jeff Woodall at RealMusik.co.uk or visit his CDBaby.com page.


David Mauk from Las Vegas Nevada is a composing performer with plenty of experience in the entertainment business and since he lives in the city billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, you might have guessed he is also a performing Las Vegas musician at the popular destination when not composing his original New Age Electronic music.

David Mauk made an impressive debut with his first release 12 Months which received nomination at ZMR for Best Electronic Album, earning David the title distinction of Best New Artist nomination for 2009, so a fine entry for an artist who also happens to be writing a Broadway-type musical.

Ground Swell is his 2010 release and quite unique not only by the great mood effect of his classic yet easygoing electronic compositions but his second album is a CD / DVD collector’s edition.

The 5 bonus video clips are nicely correlated with his unique brand of classic electronic music and become a beautiful addition to the audio CD since the extra sensory effect of video makes it easy for anyone to visualize his ambient music becoming a modern times movie score.

The National Geographic Society has already realized the true dynamic effect of David Mauk’s work and have recognized many compositions by designating as their official background scores and integrating into many of their museum exhibits.  In addition his music has been heard by over 10 million people at prestigious venues in many countries and currently the international King Tutankhamun, Golden Age of the Pharaohs, Cleopatra & Real Pirates are the exhibit destinations where his music enhances and brings to life the full experience for all museum visitors.

Ground Swell is in effect an Ambient, Electronica, New Age album and another fine classic that makes another great listening experience.  The song Summertime is like an ode of joyous celebration the summer season always represents, marching right along in attitude by a majestic piano movement while lower piano octaves maintain the rhythm while upper ranges move up and down the scales in half steps while bell tones ring in the seasonal event.

The bonus DVD is really fun to watch and David had compiled the music videos after drawing inspiration from early American realist painter Edward Hopper and he nicely captures the early American century with Cinematic drama himself by the rollercoaster ride of featured attractions on every one of the song videos he produced.

Visit the davidmauk.com homepage and then sample / purchase on his music page.  Learn more about David at his MySpace.com page and then our pages dedicated to David Mauk.  Below is my review quote I wrote about his current CD / DVD release titled Ground Swell and the song video of Summertime.

* In a footnote to this article, Ground Swell placed Number 1 on ZMR’s July 2010 Top 100 chart.  Congradulations David!

David Mauk has given everyone 2 excellent reasons to appreciate his music in 2010. The Ground Swell CD alone is a free flowing natural display of bright ambience offered with a harmonious and casual impression, plus the DVD greatly points out the Cinematic enchantment that makes his music special.



Eric Chapelle is a composing pianist from Austin Texas whose original music scores conceivably calm the waters by the gentle ambient music he produces.  Born in France, Eric is also an avid photographer who has lived in several countries around the world and his piano music retains the essential element of relaxing music by the calm buoyancy in sound that finds neutral ground with the pounding waves heard in some music today.

Across The Water is his Contemporary Instrumental 2010 release that impart 16 songs of ambient expression and creative imagination.  Eric has performed his original compositions in concerts across the U.S. for over a decade, plus movie soundtracks in television, film, and commercials have been the scores that yielded wider recognition in addition to the 2 albums to his credit.  Our Time was his 1998 album admired by many and had justifiably earned Eric a place alongside more esteemed pianists after his opening debut.

Eric Chapelle’s contributions in The Heart Aid Project has inspired me to tell you more about his dedicated efforts on a tribute CD in memorandum of the fateful World Trade Center events on 9 / 11.  Eric conceived and produced the tribute CD and compiled with 16 additional pianists who donate all royalties to the families and to me, greatly represents the caliber of people comprising the New Age genre today.

Across The Water is another fine illustration of the resourcefulness put into every composition while retaining another harmonious notation since some of the 16 songs were recorded at the Norton Island Retreat residency program in Maine.  Tide Pool is one song where the comparatively timed piano solo is casual in ambient recollection to convey an impression of calm by the fluid detailing in chord phrasing in a lighter melody that offers subtle reflections.  Below is my review quote for Across The Water and song video of Tide Pool.

Visit the hamsamusic.com website and then purchase on his music page or at CDBaby.com to sample / purchase.  Read more at our page dedicated to Eric Chapelle and at his biography page.  The Heart Aid Project CD is currently offered through the Spring Hill Music website.

Across the Water by Eric Chapelle is an inspired by nature collection of calming ambience with a wealth of restful harmony for many of the challenging moments in life, smoothing out the rough edges of today while residing in a state of readiness for the next enduring wave of life challenges that are sure to arise.


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