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Bruce Kaphan from California has taken pedal string guitar to a whole new level in New Age music for years, making this instrumental transition not only a surprising one but a dazzling one too, giving even music purists a reason to love pedal steel guitar with his earlier release Slider and now Hybrid.

Bruce Kaphan is easily recognized in the music industry since he began an early career as a studio technician, engineer and producer for many highly recognized artists in other genres and had either played a role with the recording production of their album or performed with artists such as REM, Jewel, The Black Crowes, Thomas Dolby, John Lee Hooker and a vast selection of popular musicians.

The list of popular artists Bruce has encountered as a musician and during his tenure as a recording artist is quite lengthy and will surprise you as it did me when you visit his website.  During the early days while living in San Francisco he was also a member of Indie / Alternative band American Music Club plus his music has been featured on many film scores and television broadcasts.

Hybrid is his current album that I recently wrote a review about here at New Age Music World.  The 12 original compositions show pedal steel guitar as an appealing choice while clearing a new path of creative improvisations in light ambience and emerges as a natural contender in the vast field of music.

Bruce Kaphan and his music is described below in my review quote, along with the song video of Oregon Fire from the Slider album.  This is a nice selection of Bruce performing on pedal steel guitar behind a backdrop of beautiful photography by Nick O’Kelly.  Visit brucekaphan.com website to sample / purchase his music or visit his CDBaby.com page.  Read his biography page and view his collective discography page.  Read my review of Hybrid on our page dedicated to Bruce Kaphan.  Studio photo copyright Bruce Kaphan courtesy of James Saxon.

Bruce Kaphan makes a bold statement on Slider and current Hybrid album which features pedal steel guitar as the primary instrument.  You will find his music is a unique blending of unrivaled beauty freshly harvested from another cross section in the vast field of music.  It quickly becomes apparent this new emerging beauty will remain a lasting entity in the world of music.


Davol is a popular new age musician from Colorado whose expertly blended contemporary electronic melodies are a dramatic wonder to behold.  Davol’s entire music collection and current Good Sign album ultimately proclaim a positive and upbeat influence you will find inspirational.

Electronic Music by DavolGood Sign is his April 2010 release which decisively aligns itself to symbolize another exceptional album and become an encouraging assertion to those in the music world already familiar with his first name artist title they are indeed listening to someone recognized for producing top quality music.

Davol is a success in many aspects of his life, and after obtaining a Ph.D. in 1989 his earlier career as a medical researcher and microbiologist were judiciously shelved in 1996 when he began a commercial venture producing multimedia music.

During the same year his debut Mystic Waters became another personal success and made it to # 15 on the Billboard New Age Chart, plus the worldwide usage of his songs involving television, radio, video and numerous multimedia production scores has clearly magnified this proficient artisan on an international level.

The 4 additional albums A Day Like No Other, Open Book, Paradox & Nature Of The Beast are all relatives to his current yet each one is a natural variation that evolves into their own class, interrelated by a characteristic source of fascinating drama to proclaim the positive and upbeat influence you will find inspirational.

Truth 2010 is an electronic Dance/Club influences remix featured during the popular online video now available on the Good Sign album. A heavier percussion tempo prepares the groove rhythms before exploration into deeper shades of electronic intensity and is well combined in timing when compared to his conceptual Truth Video that makes a valid point while capturing the superficial and unbalanced influences portrayed in television media.

Visit DavolMusic.com to sample or purchase, and at Davol’s music page or CDBaby.com page.  You can learn the true facts about Davol on his website biography page. Read our interview and more on my pages for Davol.  Shown below is my recent quote from my album review titled Finding the Good Sign in Davol  and his Truth Song Video.

Davol has exceeded his artistic intentions with Good Sign and the reactions granted to his progressive album do replicate the characteristic source of fascination found in his entire discography. Good Sign is symmetrical to Davol’s principal expression of innovative quality music accented with inspiring drama. 

David & Steve Gordon are internationally acclaimed 30 year music legends constantly exploring new territories throughout the years in respect to New Age, World, Ambient, Nature, Chill Out and Electronic genres.

While they have shaped the landscape when composing their own diverse music creations, their compilation albums are another key component since they select global musical talents from around the world for Sequoia Record’s playlist lineup found in many relaxation and chill out subgenre categories.

The Gordon Brothers are widely recognized by many since these Award Winning producers, composers, and classically trained instrumentalists had founded the acclaimed Sequoia Records 26 years ago which does make the time consuming search for great music easier.

Their early conception of nature sound creations and early dawn of their Sequoia Records Label has enabled these 2 music innovators to achieve world class recognition while grossing over 1.6 million units in sales worldwide and in the process, helped write the definitions for our primary genre and subgenres in the process.

David and Steve Gordon have been noticed by the film industry too since their original music was commissioned for many film and television scores over the years, charted several times on Billboard and a recent New Age Music Retail survey has listed the team as the fifth overall favorite in our beloved genre which tells you much about their fine achievements, recognition and life work.

Yoga Planet is a new modern alternative style of music designed for yoga, exercising or fitness programs, yet the rejuvenating music is ideal for your next get together with friends or simple relaxation.

The Gordon Brothers composed and performed on Yoga Planet and enlisted three of the top creative producers and engineers in today’s electronic music and give credit to Bobby Cochran, Alex Newman and Noah Alexander for helping bring everything together.

Gliding Azure is the first of ten songs featured on Yoga Planet and a good example of the relaxing yet energizing mood created by their mellow groove atmosphere and is an innovative collection of songs that gives the perfect auditory ambience for many occasions.

Visit the sequoiarecords.com homepage and then visit David & Steve Gordon’s biography page.  Here is where you can sample Yoga Planet and if you are new to The Gordon Brothers here are links to their new releases page & best sellers page.  Read my review on our page dedicated to David & Steve.  Directly below is my review quote about the life work of David & Steve Gordon, and the song video of Gliding Azure from the Yoga Planet album.

David & Steve Gordon are internationally acclaimed music legends admired by their early conception of nature sound creations which helped shape the landscape in New Age, World, Ambient, Nature, Chill Out, and Electronic genres.  The Gordon Brothers are additionally Award Winning producers, composers, and classically trained instrumentalists recognized by their many compilation albums and early founding of their renowned Sequoia Records Label 26 years ago. 

Salva Moreno of Psicodreamics is the predominate musician widely recognized in Continental Europe, the U.K. and overseas markets, where his unique form of fantasy and mythology inspired discography easily creates a magical divide apart from many New Age artists.

Valencia Spain is where Salva takes the stage to portray his principal role as master of ceremonies for Psicodreamics, and into the hypnotic realm of the mysterious and unknown, crafting his select style of fantasy inspired music cloaked in an intriguing shroud of mystery every time.

Psicodreamics creates this unique divide by producing designer mood music using a macabre blueprint with his own hands, all having an abundance of theatrical effects shown in a dramatic way that will leave you breathless.  Fantasynth is his 2009 Witches on the Radiowaves production that acquired a Top 100 rating, in addition to qualifying at ZMR for Best Electronic & Best Cover Art categories.

From our interview together, Salva Moreno readily defined his music as emotional melodies for dreaming and invites the listener to discover mythology through his music.  Indeed there are many opportunities for you to discover Psicodreamics and will find his discography spells out a variety of mythology and fantasy inspired tales of the heart.

Theatre des Vampires is laid out as a psychological thriller, portraying these images in classic form by a fine mixture of New Age, Ambient, Chill Out, Neo Classic and Gothic formats. This is not a rare occurrence for this composing musician who currently has 9 projects specializing in flowing tales of intrigue, all of which are well done.

AzhDark Passion is a project based on a novel by Tanith Lee titled Night’s Master, and although composed years ago, the project is relevant today as it was yesteryear.   In a surreal form of Ambient, New Age, Neo Classical, and Chill Out, with symphonic interludes, the 12 songs offer one a chance to make their own conclusions about his openly mysterious music, performed to the beat of the chilling and adventurous novel by Tanith Lee.  The Ambiethernum album also happens to be Psicodreamics best compilation of Ambient & Space music, and a nice selection too.

Visit the boldly unique psicodreamics.com homepage or go directly to his website store to sample / purchase.  You can also visit Salva at his MySpace.com website Facebook page and CDBaby.com page.   Read our interview together and my reviews of his music on our pages dedicated to Psicodreamics.

The song video Autumn Seduction from the Eternal Angel album was filmed in Benafer Spain and recently compiled by Salva Moreno himself.  Below is the AzhDark Passion album quote from my review titled Musical Magic and the song video of Autumn Seduction.

Psicodreamics beautiful array of mysterious albums make a great contradiction in sound and effect, becoming like a roller coaster ride of sensations, where you are taken close to the thrilling edge, but without the danger of losing your grip and falling into complete darkness.  


Julian Ray is a Toronto Canada based musician I have had the pleasure of meeting right when Canada was hosting the XXI Olympic Winter Games.  His freestyle New Age Ambient and Meditative discography meets and exceeds our gold standard for providing our readers defining music and I will soon be writing more about him.

Julian Ray’s presence in the music industry is lengthy in duration and he is a current member with the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada ( SOCAN ) and an independent solo artist who produces all of his music in his project studio suite.

His current releases are Seashell Stories, Saga, Wonderful Life  & In Flow of Light release that I had published a review about recently on our main pages.  Always looking ahead, 2 ready for release are Argonauts of Kosmos & Garden of Mysterious Souls.  Starry Tale, Evolution & Path To The Moon are future projects with song samples available at his julianraymusic.com website.

Julian’s educational background and interests are well centered in music, psychology, theater, philosophy, and art, plus he is a design artist along with wife Katrin Ray, who plays an important role by album art design and her assistance with helping advance Julian’s musical career to the next level.  Their design work together as a couple has been greatly recognized by many prestigious awards in Europe and North America during numerous design exhibitions around the world.

In Flow of Light is his current release with a lighter form of easy listening ambient music affable for at home or on the go relaxation with keyboard and percussion effects that nicely reinforce the trademark easy to recognize discography of Julian Ray.

Silence is one song from In Flow of Light that gives a measurable indication of Julian’s characteristic approach since this particular song has more of an atmospheric casual feel that makes traveling or relaxing at home even more enjoyable.

Visit julianraymusic.com and read his biography page.  Be sure to take a look at his current albums page, his future projects page then our page dedicated to Julian.  The album quote from my review titled New Age Music Canadian Style, and the atmospheric song video Silence are shown below to give you an example of Julian Ray’s individual freestyle approach to music that indeed makes the winner’s circle.

Julian’s current album In Flow Of Light has a casual ambiance while hosting the 10 uplifting song melodies in a relaxing format, great for travel or winding down right at home.  His prior releases Saga, Wonderful Life & Seashell Stories maintain this relaxing and uplifting concept, with all having a noticeable individualistic feel that indirectly tells you it was produced by Julian Ray.

Cadence Spalding is a multi talented singer, songwriter, and performer I have interviewed and published a review on recently.  Many know about her Save The World release and solo performances with husband Mars Lasar on his albums by our interview, but there are so many more aspects to Cadence Spalding I wanted to tell you more about her.

Cadence Spalding is preparing for her role as a television network host for a Children’s program in California having already performed in a teaching role for years by her Miss Jenny television personality designed to educate and entertain children in the California community where she lives.

Along with her active role at many special events in the state of California, Cadence Spalding has scored, recorded and performed original music for children’s musicals that benefit renowned charities, including donations of original scores for documentaries, independent films and commercial CD/DVD’s. In 2008 Cadence composed the scores for both the original and the remake of For The Children, a documentary originally narrated by James Coburn for Share Incorporated based in Beverly Hills, California.

Save The World is Classic New Age where her radiant vocals host a lovely mix of ballads finely tuned to perfection in the purest sense, and where Cadence instills her personal message of peace, harmony, and dedication to the family unit and for all who share the same logic, devotion and perspective. The enhancements by Mars Lasar add to the aesthetic value of her first solo album that represents a new age music release that best answers the “what is New Age Music question.”

Save The World began her debut solo album as a solo artist, although Cadence has many years of experience as an instrumentalist and soloist on many releases from Mars Lasar, who provided his expertise on the mixing, vocal layering, and technical production.

This release is available as a CD only or in a suggested and widely preferred CD/DVD collector’s edition featuring top quality visual photography by Mars Lasar that is a beautiful work of art. Together the team have produced a stunning, one of a kind audio video collection.

Visit MarsLasar.com to sample or purchase Save The World by Cadence Spalding. While you are there, read Cadence Spalding’s biography pages that tell about her diverse life work and Miss Jenny character when leading her children programs. You can read our interview together, and my album review for Save The World on the New Age Music World pages dedicated to Cadence Spalding and Mars Lasar.

Below is a short summery of my review titled Music to the Power of One and a music video of title song Save The World.

Cadence Spalding is one person doing their part as role model for bringing about a greater awareness by her Save The World album. The 11 tracks pertain to the noblest of desires in conveying her message of what one person alone can accomplish by caring for mother earth, caring for those who cannot help themselves, and by caring for one another as a family unit.

David Wahler first began conducting his New Age Electronic music just recently, where his time signature expertly directed a unique phrasing in tempo, dynamics, and articulation, leading to a Best New Artist award of praise during the final reception at the end of his first orchestration.

NewAgeMusic.nu had recognized the first release from David Wahler by our Best Albums of 2009 awards just prior to his Best New Artist award from ZMR, so this does reflect 2 awards that are warranted and we are glad to see David Wahler receive the recognition he deserves.

Antiquus is a greatly applauded 2009 album and truly a great debut that did earn much respect by the paramount success granted to such a relative newcomer in the music industry might have surprised many.

In our interview together David did say that winning was a wonderful surprise to him but had set his sights high to earn the top honors and achievements, aware of the superb musicians are creating great music within the genre.

Just like his first release A Star Danced is also welcoming a warm reception given the inherent dynamics of his well orchestrated compositions.  This album has the potential to succeed in recognition like his first so another fine album I would recommended to our visitors.  From our interview together David informed us of his plans for a future project, and many like myself are waiting in anticipation for his next album.

A Star Danced is David’s second album dedicated to his family circle past and present, boldly narrated by his unique direction in musical style.   The Quest video compiled by Aquariel Charm is just one of the many song videos that define the music of David Wahler perfectly.

Visit davidwahler.com where you can sample / purchase both albums and read his biography page.  You can also visit his CDBaby.com page then read our recent interview together and my reviews of Antiquus & A Star Danced on our page dedicated to David Wahler.

The song video Quest is a beautiful anthem giving insight into his album dedication and represents empowering inspiration to those facing challenging moments themselves.  The quote from my review titled Conducting New Age Music from A Star Danced and song video Quest is shown below.

Composed, performed, and arranged solely by David Wahler, this album represents a heartfelt narration surrounding his family circle past and present, where resolution of personal life challenges are reflected as a unique source of inspiration for his music’s identity, lovingly embraced by his close family heritage.

Vicki Logan is a musician who not only creates great music, but every song she has produced over the years reflects her heart and true spirit within each piece.   Vicki is a New Age artist who incorporates Pop, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and other genre influences that blend into memorable works of music many like myself find inspirational.

Enlisting the help of Randy Gildersleeve, Andy LaCasse, Peter O’Gorman, Matt Fink, and others to produce built with pride award winning music, every album has a personal touch I am certain you will find inspiring too. 

The 4 albums that chronicle each advancing stage in her music career include, Chasing Dreams, Finding My Way, The Ride, & The Journey To The Places In My Soul, which is now listed in the Top 100 New Age Albums for radio play in 2009.

Vicki Logan is also a creative graphic designer and has been busy launching her new website lately, but plans are underway to produce another album before long, and many like myself are highly anticipating her next release.

If you have missed the chance to hear Vicki Logan’s music on Internet Radio, we encourage you to visit her brand new website VickiLogan.com to sample or purchase her music, and sample her current release The Journey To The Places In My Soul at CDBaby.com.  There are 4 album reviews I have written, and our interview together can be read when you visit my pages dedicated to Vicki Logan.

Here is an album review quote I wrote about Vicki’s inspiring music, and the song video below of Don’t Be Afraid, is just one of many classic songs you will find memorable. Photo Copyright Vicki Logan.

Vicki Logan is an excellent example of what can be achieved when a talented artist shares a part of themselves by putting their heart and spirit into the creation of their music.  Incorporating elements of New Age, Pop, Jazz, and R & B influences provides the listener a fresh perspective with each classic piece she produces.  After discovering the music of Vicki Logan, you will find yourself recalling her inspiring melodies over and over in your mind daily.      Blog Host – John P. Olsen

Bryan El is the artist title known for producing great Symphonic New Age music in a highly effective format that makes a grand impression while shedding new light on every one of his modern day electronic interpretations.

Bryan El is also recognized by his prized videos highlighting his unique brand of electronic music which began with his Out of This World release.  When combined with visual effects, these creations become a truly memorable experience that tells much about his multiple talents.

Spiritual Evolution is his current album with a compilation video that begins a stunning new interpretation of his classic symphonies.

Here is my impression of this album in a recent review quote, and we invite you to view the compilation video from his current album Spiritual Evolution shown below.

Visit bryanel.com to sample / purchase his music or at his CDBaby.com page, then read his profile page at the AMAdea Records label.  Our pages dedicated to Bryan El display music videos and 2 album reviews for his releases Out of this World  &  Spiritual Evolution.

Spiritual Evolution marks the second Bryan El album, where some stereotypical guidelines in music are crossed, and synthesizer boundaries seen in many modern electronic influences begin a new interpretation. To me, Bryan boldly speaks this universal language loud and clear, marked by his spirited crusade of premium brand electronics in a fascinating second symphonic proclamation.


Michael Stribling is a licensed family therapist who knows much about life’s transitions.  The Promise is his current album under consideration at ZMR, and this video of At the End of the Day from Another Day in Paradise shows an ocean sunset while giving another example of Michael’s appreciable ambient music.

Visit leela-music.com to read about Michael, then read my review of The Promise titled Promising Transitions in Music. 


Bill Wren is often referred to as the Rare Texas Songbird, in a declaration I thought appropriate having the surname Wren, yet it uniquely describes his musical aspirations and return flight to perfection. First playing bass in a Rock band, Bill realized after one stellar show in front of a crowd gone wild audience, music was his final destination.

Bill Wren is a composing songwriter where his recent One Day in a Life composition exhibits the very essence for each characteristic style of every performer on the album he can call a friend.

One Day in a Life does seem to facilitate a level of relaxation one person can easily enjoy alone, morning, noon or night, but with such an engaging album like this one, it is always best experienced in the company of good friends.

Recently I published a review about his release and there one song of many that stood out.  As it turns out there is a great video of Bill Wren’s song En Mai, taken from a concert in Jacksonville Florida last October

Bill’s good friend Frank Ralls produced and directed, edited the video, along with playing Keyboards and percussion.  Brittany Maroney is the cellist also giving a wonderful performance in front of a live audience.

It’s difficult to accurately describe great music in written text at times, so here is your chance to hear En Mai for yourself and below is my review quote.  Visit billwrenmusic.com to sample.  Learn more about Bill and visit his CDBaby.com page.  Read my album review at our page dedicated to Bill Wren.

Much like the song En Mai, lavish cello entries appear to drift and sway in time to gentle winds and deep sentimental overtones, with an emphasis on instrumental soloists as the chosen method to hallmark every occasion in this album of versatility.


Paul Avgerinos is one of the many artists I have contacted recently to inform of our new affiliate website with NewAgeMusic.nu.  Paul’s new song videos taken from his Love album is very impressive and a great place to start since I will be showing you more of the many artists we feature here at NewAgeMusicWorld.com.  We also wish to thank everyone for their positive words of support.

Paul Avgerinos & Round Sky Music bring you Love Part 1 & 2.  Visit RoundSkyMusic.com here & CDBaby.com here.

Oscar Aguayo, having the artist title Australis, is a fine musician I have written about and interviewed in the past.  His 2 albums Lifegiving & The Gates of Reality are both excellent choices for New Age fans who enjoy top quality music.

Lifegiving was compiled from his earlier recollections as a young adult and portrays ethnic pathways leading towards a deep emotional expression, where each of the 10 songs blend into an intricate canopy filled with rich colorful instrumentation.

The Gates of Reality is a mixture in contrasting genres in a fine balance of emotional depth in all 14 compositions.  Based on individual concepts and how perceptions affect our personal understanding of the world around us, this album took 3 years to complete.

The in-depth interview with Oscar Aguayo and my album reviews for Lifegiving & The Gates of Reality can be read at our page dedicated to Australis.  Oscar is working on his third album and songs can be heard when subscribing to his newsletter, plus behind the scenes details about Australis projects can be found daily at his Facebook & Twitter pages.

Visit AustralisMusic.com to sample or purchase  and find at his CDBaby.com page.  Below is my Australis review quote giving you a hint of Oscar Aguayo’s fascinating orchestrations, along with the song video Essentia.

Australis is a New Age artist title that treks into the mysterious sub-genre lands of Ambient, World, Electronic, and Neo Classical, having ethnic pathways with deep emotional expression, where each song blends into an intricate canopy filled with rich colorful instrumentation.



Just for fun music videos is a novelty feature here at NewAgeMusicWorld.Com. While we regularly present New Age music videos on our pages, the Just For Fun video section is place where you will always find something a little different, and maybe a little unexpected too.

The Just For Fun Classic video banner is located in the right hand module. Some examples may be rare and unusual videos, or classic videos. Whatever I decide to post, I promise it will be something special! The first song video is a good example of what you may find in this section.

This video section will be updated every now and then, so check back to click and view another Just For Fun video selection. Naturally I will be regularly posting New Age song videos of the artists I feature here, so I hope you take time to view some of the excellent New Age musicians I interview and write review publications about on the NewAgeMusicWorld.Com Homepage.

Classic – Fun Music Video.

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