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Christmas music has always been a popular topic here at New Age Music World. There were so many new age Christmas albums from 2011 that it has been a challenge to tell you about every single one. Some of the newest Christmas albums can be seen in an earlier article I wrote entitled; Best Christmas Albums for Holiday Music.

The 2002 music duo Randy and Pamela Copus have one of the most popular new age Christmas albums around too. Christmas Dreams by 2002 is a wonderful Christmas album they released in 2008. Randy and Pamela’s Carol of the Bells animated video has received over 868,300 views, so this gives one an idea just how popular 2002’s music has become!

Believe by 2002 is their soon to be released project, plus 2012 marks the year Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002 celebrate their twentieth year anniversary as a band! Below is a Christmas video of Carol of the Bells by 2002 from their Christmas Dreams album. On the YouTube page for 2002 you can view a song video from their new Believe album Dreams of Peace. Visit 2002music.com and 2002’s Amazon page.

Merry Christmas from New Age Music World!

Al Conti is a nominee for the 54th GRAMMY® Awards in the Best New Age Album category. Al Conti is one of five new age artist nominees, one of which will be selected for top album honors next year in 2012 when televised live on CBS in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Northern Seas is Al Conti’s GRAMMY® nominated album that highlights his abilities as a top composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist who has produced a total of four exceptional story based releases so far. Plus, I read at the alconti.net website there is new Al Conti album currently in the works, so I will bring you more about Al Conti’s new album soon.

The storyline on Northern Seas chronicles the ancestral homeland and Nordic heritage of Scandinavia in a manner you will find glorious. The rich instrumental landscape captures the imagination by 10 songs in a fascinating mixture of new age and world fusion music, with a Celtic tonal expression on several songs.

I have an interview with Al Conti in the near future. In my interview, I plan to cover a variety of interesting topics about Al Conti, including his GRAMMY® nominated new age album Northern Seas, along with his story based album compositions that have earned him the reputation of top new age artist. Pending my Al Conti interview publication, below is his Northern Seas high definition promotional song video for Veil of Mist.

Visit alconti.net to sample or purchase at his music store. Photos are courtesy alconti.net.

Billboard magazine listed Trans-Siberian Orchestra as one of the most acclaimed concert touring groups of the past decade. If you have had the chance to see them perform live you will know why this is so true, just like the millions of fans worldwide who have attended one of their extraordinary theatrical shows.

It’s a well known fact that TSO’s live concert events are notorious for stunning audiences with their exceptional rock opera style interpretation of orchestral music!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a spectacular American music group that has performed on stage before an estimated 8 million concertgoers, and has sold around 8.5 million albums since their inception in 1993.

The theatrical group’s most current 2 disc album entitled Night Castle showcases TSO’s fundamental elements of progressive, symphonic rock music that has made them a titanic success. Knowing how extraordinary this album is, I would be willing to guess that songs from Night Castle are included on their playlist of concert songs.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Winter Concert Tour for 2011 is in full force with many concerts dates scheduled between now and their final Winter Concert Tour performance in Phoenix, Arizona on December 30, 2011 at the Jobing.com Arena.

TSO’s Beethoven’s Last Night 2012 Concert Tour begins a new season for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and fans starting with their very first concert appearance on Saturday March 3, 2012 in Beaumont, Texas at the Ford Arena. The final Beethoven’s Last Night 2012 Tour season ends on Sunday May 12, 2012 in Battle Creek, Michigan at the Kellogg Arena, but there are many opportunities for you to see TSO perform live!

Please note the tour dates shown above are beginning and ending dates only, and like any concert tour, all dates and venues listed here and at their site are subject to change. The must see YouTube HD video below is a live promotional video performance for TSO’s Winter Concert Tour.

You can visit the trans-siberian.com homepage for news and gift ideas. Visit the TSO concert tour page for full concert schedule for 2011 & 2012. Photos in this article are courtesy trans-siberian.com.

A Midnight Clear is a brand new Christmas release from Bill Leslie. Recognized for his multiple talents as a musician and journalist, Bill Leslie is no stranger to winning awards as a top ranked new age artist and television newscaster for the WRAL – TV network in Raleigh North Carolina.

Bill Leslie’s A Midnight Clear is an instrumental album with 16 songs of traditional and original music. Finding inspiration from author Jan Karon, and her best-selling Mitford series, A Midnight Clear was the first entry in a 2011 album recommendation I wrote entitled The Best Christmas Albums for Holiday Music.

Simple Beauty earned Bill Leslie a top award for Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic at Zone Music Reporter in 2010. The video from the album below of song Smitten is the audio visual product of a family vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Along with his original compositions, Bill composes traditional and Celtic fusion music as soloist and concert appearances with his band Lorica.

The 10 original songs on Simple Beauty are modeled after 4 traditional Irish melodies in a wonderful blend of instrumental harmonies. On Simple Beauty, Bill Leslie performs acoustic guitar, piano, bass, whistles and keyboards.

Instrumental artists on this album are Bill Covington (Grand Piano), Brent Cotton (Acoustic Guitar), Jennifer Curtis (Violin), Nancy Green (cello), Will Leslie (percussion), and Linda Metz (flute).

While Bill Leslie is a prominent new age artist, a 5 time Emmy award winning journalist and recipient of multiple Journalist of the Year awards in North Carolina, Bill Leslie gives the impression he is prepared to go the normal distance to find perfect balance in his talents as a top artist and TV journalist, for which he is equally admired. Below is a review quote from Simple Beauty and the song video Smitten.

Visit billleslie.com to sample or purchase at his web store or visit his amazon.com page. Read my pages for Bill Leslie. Photo is courtesy billleslie.com.

Bill Leslie’s appropriately titled Simple Beauty is a work of harmony whose scenic wonder and peaceful surroundings emerge by the great instrumental theme, making this natural and wholesome new release a sensational find for everyone.

If you were a touring concert pianist with Julio Iglesias most artists who play the piano at this level would be perfectly content performing sold out concerts with a star performer, but Chad Lawson is not like most new age pianist in this respect.

Performing concert tours with Julio Iglesias before thousands of people was of course rewarding as anyone could imagine, and it speaks of his talents as a pianist, but Chad Lawson’s solo piano career was waiting. During his career he was the leader of his own jazz trio, contributed to albums of a variety of great artists, and has produced several film scores, with another movie score nearing completion.

Chad Lawson’s new solo piano release entitled The Piano is another great album from this artist who won Whisperings Album of the Year award in 2009 with his debut solo album entitled Set On A Hill. His debut solo piano album produced by GRAMMY® Award winner Will Ackerman, moved Chad’s solo career in a positive new direction. Today his newest release highlights the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Piano featuring 10 songs of Chad Lawson’s latest songs for solo piano can be sampled by the song video of Nocturne in a Minor shown below. Visit ChadLawson.com to sample or purchase The Piano or go to his amazon.com page.

José Luis Serrano Esteban is a composer from Spain releasing A New Horizon, (Un Nuevo Horizonte) an adventurous blend of classical and electronic rock music. Like much of Esteban’s instrumental guitar music I sampled, his electronic and acoustic guitar songs are relaxing melodies that introduce a picturesque representation across a scenic new horizon.

A New Horizon features 14 songs in a classical merge of electronic rock music in a representation like epic band Tangerine Dream, in his changing scores of over 100 popular music themes. Esteban has studied classical guitar and electronic music over the years before producing his first album Dreamland in 2002. Composer Esteban is the second Spanish musician who has signed with Landscape TV, an audio visual media station in the UK called Landscape HD productions.

José Luis Serrano Esteban’s first new age video will be released near the end of 2011. Along with his own recordings, Esteban is a guitar player and synthesizer programmer in other artist’s CDs and visual music productions too, having produced numerous scores for commercials, demo tapes, and music scores for television documentaries.

On A New Horizon, some pieces were performed with the help of the fine artists Nacho Serrano (Bass and 12 string acoustic guitar), Nuria Felix (Violin), Santiago Puente (Clarinet), Gloria Esteban (Flute) and Covadonga Serrano (Piano). The song video of Further Than The Milky Way shows images from the European Space Agency/Hubble Space Telescope.

Visit his jlse.serarte.es website to sample or purchase or at amazon.co.uk and other digital stores. Find more on my page for José Luis Serrano Esteban. Visit Landscape HD at landscapehd.com. Photo is courtesy jlse.serarte.es.

Jim Brickman is a popular pianist who really needs no introduction to most people, having crossed over into mainstream piano and Christmas music that is adored by millions of people. I happened to find this extra nice song video taken during his Beautiful World Christmas Special during 2009, which is available on CD or DVD.

The Beautiful World DVD is one of many Jim Brickman DVDs. I read the photography footage on the Beautiful World DVD was taken on the Peace Bridge, between the U.S. and Canadian borders at Niagara Falls. The song titled Peace (Where The Heart Is) gives a perfect example of why Jim Brickman’s piano songs are so popular.

Performing on song Peace (Where The Heart Is) are vocalists Anne Cochran and Mark Masri, with Tracy Silverman on violin. Together they give a wonderful performance on this song video, and the entire 15 song selection on the Beautiful World release.

Jim Brickman is a popular concert pianist so check the Holiday Concert schedule at his website which is billed as “A Christmas Celebration” tour.

Visit jimbrickman.com or find the Beautiful World CD/DVD at amazon.com. Photo is courtesy jimbrickman.com.

Jeff Oster is an exceptional flugelhorn and trumpet performer in today’s new age music recording industry. Many of you may already be familiar with Jeff Oster knowing he is a strategic recording musician with GRAMMY® Award-Winning Will Ackerman, at his Windham Hill Records studio. Jeff Oster is likewise a dynamic session performer on studio album recordings with new age artists Fiona Joy Hawkins, Jamie Bonk, Matt Millecchia, Kori Linae Carothers, Shambhu, and other great musicians.

Jeff Oster has his own award-winning releases which earned him an Album of the Year award, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album award, and Best New Age Song award, but many of the releases he has collaborated on for other musicians have gone on to win album or song awards of their own.

Surrender is his newest release in 2011 featuring 11 contemporary jazz infused songs that reflect the true nature of his specialized abilities as a trumpet and flugelhorn professional. Surrender is Jeff Oster’s fourth of his three prior contemporary releases; True, Released & At Last. You will find Surrender is a new age album with an urban jazz influence that carries with it a beautiful verge of sophistication.

Jeff Oster performs live Jazz music in the song video below at the Rhythmix Cultural Center in Alameda California. Accompanying Jeff are Lars Hidde, Michael Manring, Joe Venegoni, Carl Weingarten.

Visit jeffoster.com music to sample or purchase his 2011 release Surrender, or find at his amazon.com page. Photo is courtesy Craig Merrill and jeffoster.com.

Award winning Candice Night of Blackmore’s Night has released her new solo album titled Reflections. Her presence as lead vocalist, songwriter, and wind instrumentalist who tours worldwide with husband Ritchie Blackmore, former guitarist for Deep Purple and founder of the band Rainbow, has caught the imagination of music lovers internationally.

Reflections is a contemporary new solo release with 10 instrumental songs and prominent vocals of crossover music in modern variations of popular, country, rock, contemporary themes. Often likened to other iconic female vocalists, Candice Night retains an inherently unique personality as a vocalist. The recipient of numerous gold records and prestigious awards, her lyrical propensity regularly finds inspiration with nature, and her point of view is even more apparent on Reflections.

Candice Night’s worldwide presence as the lead singer for Blackmore’s Night is the preceding creative outlet for her first solo release. This momentary departure from the renaissance themed Blackmore’s Night reveals another aspect of Candice Night, and her talent for producing popular crossover music in a contemporary theme you are sure to love.

The popular crossover music in a pleasing modern day tone is found on every arrangement. Some of the most popular songs are Gone Gone Gone, Call It Love and Hush The Wind. The third song on her release titled Black Roses is shown below in an official YouTube video.

Visit candicenight.com. You can purchase individual mp3 downloads and pre-order CDs now. Her Reflections CD is available October 11th at Amazon.com. Visit blackmoresnight.com for news and info and my pages for Blackmore’s Night. Photo is courtesy candicenight.com.

AOMusic has an exciting release entitled – …and Love Rages On!

I have an AOMusic album review for their new release in a couple of days, but I first wanted to post a beautiful world music song video of Ena na Lena from their release – and Love Rages On!

Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver and Miriam Stockley who make up the leading AOMusic group, have completed a special project that unites forces with an international lineup of guest artists, and beautiful children’s choirs from around the world.

AOMusic’s – and Love Rages On! – is special given the excellent contemporary instrumentals are in unison with ethnic vocal harmonies of children’s choirs and ensembles from four continents worldwide which makes a very exclusive release. The 9 songs feature children’s choirs from Africa, America, China and the People’s Republic of Georgia. Until I tell you more about this special world fusion album, enjoy the AOMusic video below and visit their homepage.

Visit the aomusic.com homepage. There is a 10% donation on all music downloads at the AOMUSIC 4 HAITI campaign. Banner is courtesy aomusic.com.

David Arkenstone is the Grammy Nominated musician who recently composed the Echoes of Creation movie soundtrack for Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman, and his inspiring nature film that bears the same name. The scenic backdrop for the landscape footage filmed in the U.S. is the Pacific Northwest, California, and Alaska.

The Echoes of Creation DVD soundtrack by David Arkenstone is a beautiful instrumental score that seems to bring out the very best of what director Jan Nickman had in mind while producing this equally stunning film. Together as a team they have produced an audio visual product that is beyond comparison!

For the award winning musician David Arkenstone, the Echoes of Creation soundtrack comes to be his most recent CD release in his already extensive list of popular orchestral albums. The instrumental songs on David’s soundtrack are Deep Beauty, The Most Sacred Art, Tides of Eternity, Riding the Invisible, Journey of Forever, The Inevitable, Embrace Everything & Echoes of Creation title song.

Below is the official Echoes of Creation video trailer.

Visit the davidarkenstone.com homepage to sample or purchase the CD soundtrack. Visit echoesofcreationmovie.com to order Echoes of Creation on CD, DVD or BlueRay formats. Cover art is courtesy echoesofcreationmovie.com.

Mannheim Steamroller has released a 2 CD disc album in their Fresh Aire Music series that is a “best of the best” from the popular series. The 25 songs selected by the band founding director Chip Davis are some of the most popular songs in the entire 8 disk Fresh Aire series.

The Fresh Aire Music of Mannheim Steamroller is the title of the 2 CD’s special edition. Along with being the number 1 Christmas music artist in history, and their sensationally popular Christmas concert tours, Mannheim Steamroller has been awarded 16 gold records, 7 platinum and 4 multi-platinum records over the course of their early New Age music beginnings.

Rather than quote a price for the 2 CD Fresh Aire albums at MannheimSteamroller.com and Amazon.com I can tell you this album is very modestly priced. With the holiday season just around the corner this is truly a quality music product that would make a thoughtful but inexpensive Christmas gift!

Mannheim Steamroller’s song Morning from Yellowstone: The Music of Nature is the video below. A few days ago I wrote an article about “The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis” concert tour in 2011 so if you would like, you can check for concert venues in your area by my links below.

Visit the MannheimSteamroller.com homepage and read their concert schedule. Purchase or sample the Fresh Aire album at Amazon.com and read my pages on Mannheim Steamroller. Photo and cover art is courtesy mannheimsteamroller.com.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a popular movie as is the search for The Secret Movie Soundtrack which was composed using the original songs from a number of various composers. Currently there is not an official movie soundtrack or content list of songs that I can tell you about but there is an audiobook that contains song compositions from the movie.

Mirage of Hope (chilled mix) by Hemstock & Jennings is a trance style remixes at YouTube which features one song from Rhonda Byrne’s popular movie The Secret. One characteristic you will find in the Mirage of Hope song video is a deeply mysterious setting. Here is where you can watch the 9 video YouTube mix for Hemstock & Jennings. The song video below featuring music from The Secret can be purchased on the page for Mirage of Hope (chill mix) at iTunes.

Read the review for Great Expectations by Tasmin Archer.

Great news Tasmin Archer fans – There are plans for a new album by Tasmin Archer in 2012!

The Independent Music Awards or (IMAs) have released the list of category award winning musicians during their tenth annual awards competition. During the prestigious IMA annual awards ceremonies, which represent and honor international Indie artists, publicity and recognition for the musicians involved reaches an estimated 50 million people.

David Clavijo from Seville, Spain won the Best New Age Song category with his song titled Promises from his current New Age, World Music, and Chill Out album release The Landing (Special Edition). There are other organizations that recognized David Clavijo, and his award-winning album too.

The Independent Music Awards are determined by a two part tier judging panel and voting process by fans and visitors who rate the nominees at The Vox Populi Jukebox. The nominated artists are then selected by this process to produce an award winner in each category. Below is the impressive song video for Promises, which shows the cinematic aspects of his release.

Congratulations David Clavijo!

Visit davidclavijo.com to sample or purchase. Find more at independentmusicawards.com and my page for David Clavijo.

David Clavijo from Seville Spain seems to have a natural inclination of what multi influential New Age music is all about. I felt his performance on acoustic and electric guitars along with piano and keyboards are a fine line balance that blend together quite nicely by having these diverse instrumental strengths.

Coburn Tuller from Springfield Missouri has released an innovative new album that has rapidly caught the attention of many review publicists recently. One reason for the upsurge of interest may be in direct relation to the unique melodic sounds heard on his first album, which are sounds produced from a musical instrument he invented named The Tones

Coburn Tuller had first conceived the idea for his one of a kind instrument during a nighttime walk in 1996. After hearing wind chimes lightly touching in a gentle breeze he discovered the random series of sound sparked his creative imagination. Coburn then determined that aluminum tubing of accurate length, diameter and dimension produced an original sound modulation when struck with a mallet. Coburn then devoted the next 15 years perfecting his unique instrument.

The Tones is a musical instrument that stands over 8 foot tall, and consists of 3 pyramid structures supporting 90 aluminum and brass tubes of various size and dimension, which range from 7 inches to over 6 foot in length. The sounds produced are like a new form of ambient music by the sound modulation which is totally unique, but one most likely considered a percussion instrument normally used in an orchestra like tubular bells. Regardless of how this instrument is classified the distinctive sounds, unlike drum beats, enable the creation of an independent melody.

Butterfly Tones is a relaxing album featuring 9 melodies which reveal this instrumental freedom of melodic expression. This natural resonating characteristic of bell tones becomes apparent on every piece, where multiple layers enhance a distinct harmony while Coburn ascends and descends through the scales using select octaves and tempos.

On the Butterfly Tones release you will notice every note produces a clear and precise harmony rather than a series of arbitrary sounds like you would hear on wood or metal wind chimes. The natural tone reverberation on his instrument is apparent on every octave of the bells which ring true, and create a tonal echo which can linger for minutes during a song. This is the most exclusive characteristics of the instrument with the only exception being the ingenuity of the inventor.

Visit the butterflytonescd.com homepage and read what others are saying on Coburn’s reviews page. To sample or purchase or visit his CDBaby.com page or Amazon.com page. Below is a song video of Once Again from his Butterfly Tones release. Read my review on our page dedicated to Coburn Tuller.

Rarely does an artist of any genre create an entirely new and unique sound identity they can claim entirely as their own. Butterfly Tones by Coburn Tuller, featuring 9 songs of melodic bell timbres is definitely one of the most exclusive musical arrangements I have ever heard. Coburn Tuller has not only created an innovative source of beautiful harmony for a broad multicultural audience, but his first contribution to the New Age music genre is by the same token, a new source of inspiration.


Thief Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.

Movie Soundtracks & Film Scores have provided many classic moments in film history over the years by transforming a great movie into an extraordinary motion picture simply by utilizing the appropriate score to create theatrical excitement and drama to the actor’s character identity.

Tangerine Dream is after all a New Age music icon whose influence over the years should not be in doubt by anyone. With over 20 movie soundtracks alone to their credit, they have given much to the film industry by their electronic music.

Tangerine Dream’s influence is apparent today as it was in the year 1981 when Tangerine Dream provided the Thief soundtrack for the Michael Mann original motion picture Thief. The movie has an R rating, and is based on the book The Home Invaders by Frank Hohimer. The staring actors James Cann, Tuesday Weld, James Belushi and Willie Nelson portrayed their roles quite convincingly I might add.

During the movie score for Thief Soundtrack, the synthesizer and electric guitar laden song Diamond Diary was used extensively during the first 9 minutes of the opening scene. The song video below gives one an excellent feel of the movie atmosphere, plus there are few spoken words to interrupt the song taken from the actual movie scene. The police scanners even add a bit of excitement to the video.

Tangerine Dream band members performing on the Thief Soundtrack are Edgar Froese on keyboards, electronic equipment and guitar. Christopher Franke on synthesizers, electronic equipment and electronic percussion. Johannes Schmoelling on keyboards and electronic equipment. Craig Safan composed and performed the song Confrontation.

Visit the official tangerinedream-music.com and Amazon.com to sample or purchase the Thief Soundtrack.

Here is the YouTube song video of Diamond Diary with the opening scene from this classic movie.

Fiona Joy Hawkins has just returned home to Australia after her successful United States recording and concert tour. This visit to the U.S. has proven to be a productive recording and concert tour according to her press release where Fiona Joy Hawkins states; “The trip was absolutely exhilarating, considering I would spend weekdays recording and doing interviews and then on the weekends concert performances.”

Fiona has finalized her newest projects 600 Years in a Moment & Christmas Joy due to be released in October 2011. The word is that Fiona lends her own vocals on some songs for the first time too, so we will have to see if this is a new trend for her. The YouTube song video below is a preview of Flight of the Snowbird from her soon to be released Christmas Joy album which will arrive well before the holidays. She also has a concert DVD and has a number of live shows in Australia planned this year.

Actually the song video is a re-recording of Flight of the Albatross from her earlier album, Angel Above my Piano, already a beautiful piece and one of my favorites. This time around however she performs on an Australian 102 key Stuart & Son’s piano, which was later overdubbed with instrumentals at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studio. Needless to say Flight of the Snowbird is a masterful re-creation!

Fiona Joy Hawkins most current album Blue Dream is a piano and instrumental collaboration with other artists that had received top music honors and again extended the worldwide admiration for her work. Recognized as an awarding winning pianist who covers New Age, Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and World Fusion genres, it’s easy to see Fiona’s music is well worth the wait!

Visit fionajoyhawkins.com.au for news and concert date info in Australia. Visit Fiona’s official YouTube channel and read my reviews of Blue Dream & Ice on my pages dedicated to Fiona Joy Hawkins. Photo is courtesy fionajoyhawkins.com.au.

Blade Runner Trilogy Soundtrack by Vangelis.

Movie Soundtracks & Film Scores have played an integral role during cinematic moments in film history by transforming a great movie into an award winning motion picture. Time after time, the music chosen provides the effective chemistry to accomplish the movie director’s objective of bringing out the full emotion and depth of an actor’s character identity.

The 3 CD Blade Runner Trilogy is another innovative and popular movie soundtrack by Greek composer Vangelis Papathanassiou. Directed by Ridley Scott and produced by Michael Deeley, Blade Runner the movie remains a classic film with a long list of popular actors including Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, and Edward James Olmos.

Vangelis is an award winning musician with a long list of movie soundtracks to his credit. The Chariots of Fire movie score is one of high acclaim of course, but Vangelis also composed the entire music score for the epic science fiction thriller Blade Runner. For those who have watched the movie you know the film score by Vangelis is a vital component to the full drama viewers experience while watching this movie.

Over the years New Age music has been the perfect music genre for great movie soundtracks, so we can expect this to continue in the future. I feature many musicians who have produced film scores over the years so I wonder which artist will be the next to compose an Academy Award winning movie soundtrack for the film industry.

The Blade Runner YouTube song video from the motion picture features a pivotal moment during the movie storyline by using the song Love Theme by Vangelis. The 3 CD Trilogy Series and song Love Theme by Vangelis is a popular cinematic song on rotation now and then at our free online Stars radio player located on the right if you want to tune in.

Visit Amazon.com to sample / purchase the Blade Runner Trilogy Soundtrack by Vangelis.

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