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With many popular new age concerts scheduled, and popular artists who regularly perform concert tours, the chance for you to hear live new age music in 2012 is available to just about anyone who would like to attend. Many popular artists have 2012 concert tour date schedules listed at their websites.

Given the various live concerts currently scheduled in 2012, and future concert dates that will be scheduled in the days and months ahead, New Age Music World is happy to keep you informed about these live shows as they become available.

A Concert Tour Information – Live Music banner is in a right hand module. When you click on the 2012 concert tour banner, you can find your favorite artist’s concert schedule, or follow my direct links to their complete concert tour schedule. You can also find even more by reading about their newest release or interview. While I can’t keep up with every artist’s concert tour schedule, I now have a convenient place where you can check for live new age music by popular artists with concert venues in your area.

Popular artists with live concert tours include; Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Jim Brickman, Blackmore’s Night, Mannheim Steamroller, Tangerine Dream, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Yanni and Yes. Many are touring, or have updated concert information listed at their websites. Some of these popular artists may even have a live concert tour dates already scheduled within short driving distance of your city, state, or country.

Live concerts given by popular artists who are seasoned entertainers have thrilled audiences for years, so everyone in attendance can expect a fun evening of entertainment provided by experienced music professionals. If you want to stay updated on the latest live concert information for a variety of popular artists, bookmark this site. I will do what I can to add more artist’s concert tour dates, and keep you informed on the most recent concert news and tour information. Concert tour dates frequently change, so for updates please visit the artist’s website for complete concert tour dates and information.

Read my Live Concert Tour Information section or Live Concert banner in a right hand module. Big Stock Photo – dws.

Al Conti is a nominee for the 54th GRAMMY® Awards in the Best New Age Album category. Al Conti is one of five new age artist nominees, one of which will be selected for top album honors next year in 2012 when televised live on CBS in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Northern Seas is Al Conti’s GRAMMY® nominated album that highlights his abilities as a top composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist who has produced a total of four exceptional story based releases so far. Plus, I read at the alconti.net website there is new Al Conti album currently in the works, so I will bring you more about Al Conti’s new album soon.

The storyline on Northern Seas chronicles the ancestral homeland and Nordic heritage of Scandinavia in a manner you will find glorious. The rich instrumental landscape captures the imagination by 10 songs in a fascinating mixture of new age and world fusion music, with a Celtic tonal expression on several songs.

I have an interview with Al Conti in the near future. In my interview, I plan to cover a variety of interesting topics about Al Conti, including his GRAMMY® nominated new age album Northern Seas, along with his story based album compositions that have earned him the reputation of top new age artist. Pending my Al Conti interview publication, below is his Northern Seas high definition promotional song video for Veil of Mist.

Visit alconti.net to sample or purchase at his music store. Photos are courtesy alconti.net.

The 54th GRAMMY® Award Nominations for the New Age Music genre category were recently announced several days ago during a live presentation and concert at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. The televised CBS broadcast which aired on November 30, 2011 began the official countdown to announce the 54th GRAMMY® Awards for 2012.

The 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards will be televised live on CBS from Staples Center, in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012. The CBS Television Network will air the live awards program at 8 p.m. ET/PT. I know two of the five artists nominated this year, and have written album reviews for Al Conti’s Northern Seas album and Michael Brant DeMaria’s Gaia album, if you would like to read my album reviews of two nominated releases for 2012. I published an interview with Michael Brant DeMaria in January of 2011, and there is an earlier Michael Brant DeMaria interview in 2009, for more about Michael.

The GRAMMY® Nominees for Best New Age Album are shown below alphabetically. I have sampled all five albums and can say they are all great releases. You can sample or purchase each GRAMMY® Nominated album by clicking on the direct links to each CD or MP3 album at Amazon.com.

54th GRAMMY® Nominees for Best New Age Album;

1. Northern Seas by Al Conti – Shadowside Music. Sample Northern Seas at Amazon.

2. Gaia by Michael Brant DeMaria – Ontos Music. Sample Gaia at Amazon.

3. Wind, Rock, Sea & Flame by Peter Kater – Point Of Light Records. Sample Wind, Rock, Sea & Flame at Amazon.

4. What’s It All About by Pat Metheny – Nonesuch. Sample What’s It All About at Amazon.

5. Instrumental Oasis – Vol. 6 by Alejandro Zamora – Z-Records. Sample Instrumental Oasis – Vol. 6 at Amazon.

 Read more about the 54th GRAMMY® Awards at Grammy.com and here is the complete list of GRAMMY® Nominees.

Photos are courtesy of their respective artists & grammy.com.

Jon Anderson’s new song Open is a download available for purchase at iTunes. For many like me the earlier pre-release publicity alone was a reason for excitement and anticipation. I am pleased to say everything you have read about Jon Anderson’s download song Open is correct.

After sampling Jon Anderson’s Open at iTunes, I can tell you Jon has indeed created a masterpiece! For those who haven’t heard, I can report it is true Jon has returned to his Yes origins, but in a much more dramatic way!

And the good news from what Anderson has said is this first song is only the beginning, stating he will produce more dynamic music with full orchestrations in the future so check back with me now and then. I will let everyone know the minute I hear the news about a new release.

There is more news about Jon I can tell you now since he has requested Christophe Lebled collaborate on a new project in 2012. Jon and Christophe Lebled’s new project album is a re-creation of the entire LP Olias of Sunhillow – Live in 2012. The first Olias of Sunhillow album as many of you may know was originally Jon Anderson’s first solo album where he sang and played every instrument completely by himself.

Open is an epic 21 minute opus structured in the progressive works of classic Yes songs like Close To The Edge, Gates of Delirium, Revealing, & Awaken. There are already some song reviews of Open at iTunes, and the reviews from Jon’s fans and Yes fans are very positive. In their reviews of Open, comments like: “magnificent, refreshing, excellent and compelling” are words used to describe Jon’s newest release. In all honesty I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Open features the eclectic vocals of Jon Anderson united with a full brass section, strings and full percussion orchestrations by Stefan Podell. Together this song in four continuous movements, delivers a powerful proclamation of peace, love, light and freedom. The beautifully conveyed piece with dynamic orchestrations will leave you breathless.

Jon Anderson is on tour in the U.S. and Canada with early Yes member Rick Wakeman. The legendary Yes duo Anderson and Wakeman are touring in support of their release The Living Tree. Jon is presently touring solo too, with concert dates scheduled in 2011 & 2012. In December 2011 Jon will be performing select solo concerts in South America.

It’s the progressive nature of Jon Anderson’s music that keeps his solo career and Yes fans, wanting more. And more is what we will get. From what Anderson has said in press releases, more dynamic music like Open is what we can anticipate from this highly prolific artist.

Visit jonanderson.com for news and Jon Anderson’s yearly tour schedule on his tour information page. Purchase Open at iTunes. Read my Jon Anderson interview in 2011 and Survival & Other Stories album review on my Jon Anderson pages. Photos are courtesy jonanderson.com.

New Age Music World is proud to be a helpful source of information for our ever increasing number of website visitors searching for top quality music. The artists in the New Age music industry have produced some exceptional new album releases in 2011. This article is designed to assist my visitors find new age artists and their newest 2011 album release.

NewAgeMusicWorld.com Host John P. OlsenThe multitude of outstanding musical talents available today is apparent to me on a daily basis since I am regularly in contact with an ever increasing number of independent musicians, promoters and producers requesting I interview an artist or write and publish a review for their newest release. And the quality of new releases in 2011 truly has been outstanding!

The challenge in my role as a review publicist and interview host is not having enough time to fulfill the many requests for an interview or album review even though I feel my site visitors would be interested in a musicians newest release. In an effort to offer some assistance to the musicians and provide an introduction for my visitors, I write album reviews and interview many of today’s popular electronic and instrumental artists.

I invite you to visit each musician’s website to find out more about them and to sample or purchase their newest release by my direct links to their site or music store. More 2011 album titles will be added as they arrive so more new music will be featured here at Music World.

If you have just found my music blog, you can visit the Music World Homepage to read My Interviews with some of the top artist defining the music world today. You will find I publish reviews, interviews, and articles on a regular basis.

Music World host John P. Olsen


Secret Garden enthusiasts have a new release coming called Winter Poem. For those who stay current with Secret Garden news, it was during my recent interview with Fionnuala Sherry when she gave the release date of November 7th 2011 for their new album Winter Poem.

The Winter Poem album cover has yet to be unveiled but this may be days from now knowing the release is about a month away. With Rolf Lovland and Fionnuala Sherry’s Secret Garden’s Inside I’m Singing from 2009 being their most current release, and a fine album, excitement is growing for Winter Poem when released November 7, 2011.

Fionnuala Sherry’s new solo album Songs From Before appears to be receiving a lot of attention too. This is Fionnuala’s contemporary instrumental album that is a revision on many of Ireland’s most beloved melodies which also contains some unreleased material too. Echoes Radio chose Songs From Before as Echoes Top 10 for June, CD of the Month in July, and then number 3 album in the top 25 in August at Echoes.

Secret Garden’s Eurovision Song Contest award was also a broadcast television documentary on RTE (Irish National TV) called “A Little Bit Eurovision” plus Fionnuala will be a special guest to perform live with Westlife on September 10, 2011. Westlife as you may know had won the UK Record of the Year Award on Top of the Pops with the Secret Garden song You Raise Me Up. With all of the current attention given to Secret Garden and Fionnuala Sherry, Winter Poem already sounds promising.

Visit secretgarden.no and fionnualasherry.com. Read my interview with Fionnuala Sherry. Photo is courtesy secretgarden.no.

Alvaro Villa André from Tarragona, Spain is the site host for The Music Explorer, a music blog devoted to all fans of New Age, Chill Out, Ambient, Electronic, Trance, Ethnic, Instrumental music styles. In addition to hosting The Music Explorer, Alvaro composes music. Recently he composed his fifth track titled Avaherz – In Space I believe.

Composing music in the style of legendary German artists like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, he uses composer software called Magix Music Maker, which enables him to compose his own music version with sound samples. His video is shown below, and I would also like to take a minute to tell you about my good friend from Spain.

Alvaro Villa André had to overcome some obstacles early in life, but his physical handicap called Cerebral Paralysis has not been a deterrent to living a happy and normal life. Like anyone with disabilities knows, these obstacles can be overcome!

Earlier while living in Germany for thirteen years with his parents, he discovered New Age and Adult Alternative music for the first time. Artists like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Mike Oldfield’s Crisis album were some of his closest influences. Later on he began to discover many more great influential artists including Suzanne Ciani, Patrick O’Hearn and Grammy Award winner Will Ackermann.

In the 1990’s Alvaro Villa André began dance instruction at the Contemporary Ballet Group in Galicia Spain, and later began to teach and give classes in Contemporary Ballet to young adults with physical handicaps which became a rewarding experience. From 1999 to 2001 he was involved with a local radio station in Cataluña Spain called Music Explorer. There he wrote the program commentaries about various artists, and chose the song playlist for the radio station.

In 2008 he began to publish news articles at Futbol in Spain (futbolinspain.com) where he wrote about soccer statistics. In 2010 he began combining his own poetic and literary writing about New Age Music, and began to publish Las Cronicas de Avaherz/ The Chronicles of Avaherz (avaherz.blogspot.com) which featured his articles about New Age YouTube videos. This led to his decision to host a music blog of his own and publish New Age, World music and similar style music videos.

The name Alvaro chose was The Music Explorer. Today he lives with his wife in Tarragona, Spain. Alvaro has been a great help to me and the artist I cover since he has posted many Music World video articles and has space reserved for my site including my site banner and RSS feed.

The New Age Music World artists featured at The Music Explorer include; Coburn Tuller, David Clavijo, 2002, Spencer Stanley, Louis Colaiannia, Jon Anderson, Jose Luis Serrano Esteban, Asher Quinn, Blackmore’s Night, Uwe Gronau, Matthew Schoening, Kathryn Kaye, Marc Enfroy and Yanni. There are also articles about Suzanne Doucet’s New Age Music Circle and the ZMR Album Awards in 2010. On behalf of the artists I represent and myself, Thank You Alvaro Villa André!

Note: This site is down for undetermined length of time. Find music news on my article titled: New Age Music Blog.

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, both legendary musicians and former lead members of the Progressive Rock group Yes, have announced their current tour dates later this year in 2011. If you are a regular visitor to Music World then you have already read Jon Anderson is currently making appearances during his 2011 Summer Concert tour in support of his brand new release Survival & Other Stories.

Rick Wakeman has likewise been performing during his concert tour earlier this year in the UK. In addition to Rick Wakeman’s 2011 UK concert tour he has also teamed up in a recent collaboration with Jon Anderson on their most current release The Living Tree.

In regards to the Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman concert tour, it’s anybody’s guess what the song lineup is at this point, but concert goers may hear classic song favorites like Starship Trooper & Owner of a Lonely Heart, and a number of songs from their current album together The Living Tree.

The new Yes album – Fly From Here is another brand new release and a popular album with Yes fans, who have waited ten years for another album. After ending their U.S. Summer Concert Tour, Yes will begin their European Fall Tour in November 2011.

The year 2011 turned out to be a rock solid year of concert tours and brand new music for fans of Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Yes, and Progressive Rock music enthusiasts everywhere!

Visit the official websites; jonanderson.com and Rick Wakeman at rwcc.com. Visit Yes at yesworld.com.

Tour info is courtesy jonanderson.com.

Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman Tour Dates 2011;

October 19 2011 – Potawatomi Casino Milwaukee, WI

October 22 2011 – Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead Munhall, PA

October 23 2011 – Lisner Auditorium Washington DC

October 24 2011 – Concert Hall New York, NY

October 26 2011 – Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo, NY

October 27 2011 – The Palace Theatre Albany, NY

October 29 2011 – Tropicana Casino Resort Atlantic City, NJ

October 30 2011 – Temple Performing Arts Center Philadelphia, PA

November 1 2011 – Capitol Center for the Arts Concord, NH

November 2 2011 – The Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield, CT

November 4 2011 – Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ

November 5 2011 – Sherman Theatre Stroudsberg, PA

November 6 2011 – Theatre at Westbury Westbury, NY

November 8 2011 – Hanover Theatre Worcester, MA

November 10 2011 – Grande Theatre du Quebec Quebec City, QC Canada

November 12 2011 – St. Denis Theatre Montreal, QC Canada

The Independent Music Awards or (IMAs) have released the list of category award winning musicians during their tenth annual awards competition. During the prestigious IMA annual awards ceremonies, which represent and honor international Indie artists, publicity and recognition for the musicians involved reaches an estimated 50 million people.

David Clavijo from Seville, Spain won the Best New Age Song category with his song titled Promises from his current New Age, World Music, and Chill Out album release The Landing (Special Edition). There are other organizations that recognized David Clavijo, and his award-winning album too.

The Independent Music Awards are determined by a two part tier judging panel and voting process by fans and visitors who rate the nominees at The Vox Populi Jukebox. The nominated artists are then selected by this process to produce an award winner in each category. Below is the impressive song video for Promises, which shows the cinematic aspects of his release.

Congratulations David Clavijo!

Visit davidclavijo.com to sample or purchase. Find more at independentmusicawards.com and my page for David Clavijo.

David Clavijo from Seville Spain seems to have a natural inclination of what multi influential New Age music is all about. I felt his performance on acoustic and electric guitars along with piano and keyboards are a fine line balance that blend together quite nicely by having these diverse instrumental strengths.

Tangerine Dream will be a headlining band performing at the annual Moogfest 2011 during their October visit to the United States. The music festival lineup will have scenic venues in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of North Carolina.

The annual 2011 Moogfest which celebrates Bob Moog, the inventor of the innovative electronic Moog synthesizer that bears his name, takes place in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

This special weekend concert event scheduled for October 28, 29 & 30 will feature over 60 exceptional artists, most of who are recognized internationally. The weekend passes for Moogfest 2011 are sold exclusively at moogfest.com.

The Moogfest event highlights contemporary and electronic music pioneers who have led the way to make their own synthesizer music innovations past and present. Citywide venues include the Asheville Civic Center Arena, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, and the world-renown Orange Peel Social & Pleasure Club.

Visit tangerinedream-music.com for the latest news. For concert info and weekend passes visit moogfest.com.

Music legend Jon Anderson of Yes fame, has just announced concert dates in his 2011 concert tour in North America, beginning April 23rd, 2011 at Somerville Theatre in Somerville, Massachusetts.  This is your chance to hear a true music legend!

Publicized as “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson,” the 2011 concert tour is comprised of many U.S. cities, along with several concert venues in Canada and Mexico.  This tour in support of his new CD release – Survival and Other Stories, is sure to be an extraordinary event for every person in attendance!

The 2011 Spring tour “An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson” will showcase an exciting mixture of cultural material from Jon Anderson’s prolific solo career, collaborations with Vangelis and classic Yes songs, along with new compositions from his soon to be released CD, Survival and Other Stories.

Jon’s new CD release is said to have a positive message of inspiration, with basic down to earth themes regarding love, life, understanding, healing and survival.

To me, it sounds like a personal message of inspiration you will want to hear for yourself!  Below is your need to know concert tour information.

Visit jonanderson.com for music news and more tour info.  You can follow Jon on his FaceBook & Twitter pages.  Photos and tour info courtesy jonanderson.com.

An Acoustic Evening With Jon Anderson 2011 Concert Tour dates;

4/23/2011 – Somerville Theatre – Somerville, MA

4/26/2011 – Havana New Hope – New Hope, PA

4/28/2011 – Infinity Hall – Norfolk, CT

4/30/2011 – B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill – New York, NY

5/02/2011 – Musikfest Cafe ArtsQuest Center at Steel Slacks – Bethlehem, PA

5/04/2011 – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

5/06/2011 – Princeton University – McCarter Theatre – Princeton, NJ

5/07/2011 – New Jersey Performing Arts Center – Victoria Theatre – Newark, NJ

5/09/2011 – Rams Head On Stage – Annapolis, MD

5/11/2011 – Rams Head On Stage – Annapolis, MD

5/13/2011 – The Flying Monkey Movie House & Performing Center – Plymouth, NH

5/15/2011 – Bates College Olin Arts Center – Concert Hall – Lewiston, ME

5/18/2011 – Tupelo Music Hall – Londonderry, NH

5/19/2011 – Tupelo Music Hall – Londonderry, NH

5/21/2011 – Woodstock Town Hall Theatre – Woodstock, VT

5/25/2011 – Ellsworth Grand Auditorium – Ellsworth , ME

7/09/2011 – 07/10/2011 – Vancouver Island MusicFest Exhibition Grounds – Courtenay BC, Canada

7/12/2011 – The Triple Door – Seattle, WA

8/05/2011 – The Arcada Theatre – St. Charles, IL

8/07/2011 – Festival of Friends – Jerseyville, ON Canada

11/25/2011 – Riviera Maya Festival Mamita’s Beach Club – Playa Del Carmen Q. Roo, Mexico


Japan Relief Fund mp3 by the Pangean Orchestra.

The Pangean Orchestra and CD Baby are teaming up to raise money for disaster relief in Japan.  Millions of people overwhelmed by the earthquakes and resulting tsunami remain desperately in need of our assistance, and people of goodwill are responding.  With the ongoing crisis in Japan, help often arrives in many forms and in this case, total revenue for disaster relief in the form of free music is a trusted source for your donation.

The Red Cross Earthquake/Pacific Tsunami Fund will receive 100% of the direct proceeds from sales of a free mp3 single released by the Pangean Orchestra, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona.  The director of the Pangean Orchestra is music professional Colin O’Donohoe, who leads the group of instrumentalist from nearly every continent.

Tinsagu Nu Hana – Japan Relief is the name of their free mp3 music.  The sample I listened to on CD Baby is sung in Japanese by a tenor vocalist, and is comprised of upbeat contemporary instrumentals.  Most importantly, your music purchase will make you feel great knowing you helped provide 100% direct funds for people who need our assistance during this ongoing crisis.  Thanks to the Pangean Orchestra and CD Baby.

Visit CDBaby.com to sample/make your music purchase donation, and then visit the pangeanorchestra.com and donohoemusic.com.  You can also read the interview I had with Colin on our pages dedicated to Colin O’Donohoe.

If you missed the Live Chat-Interview webcast on March 16, 2011 with Yanni and interview host Lauren Sanchez, you now have a chance to view a re-broadcast of this live event shared with thousands of people around the world.  In one of Yanni’s more personal interviews, Lauren read questions submitted earlier, and questions turned in during the live webcast.  Award-winning news anchor and media personality Lauren Sanchez was well prepared by some great questions of her own.

It turned out to be a pleasant surprise when Lauren began with a lead-in question about review publicists and music critics who have been less than positive about his contemporary instrumental music during earlier years.  She then read a more positive quote I wrote from my recent Truth Of Touch review.  It was also a nice compliment when she provided credits to me and New Age Music World during the broadcast.

For over an hour and a half, webcast viewers were able to participate during a wide range of personal questions covering many topics.  Some of the topics in this interview styled chat session included; questions regarding how and why this award-winning musician began a career in music, and the process in which he selects the exceptional musicians who accompany him during concerts, tours, and studio albums.

There were dozens of highly personal questions, and Yanni did touch upon a political question concerning Egypt, along with several other present day news topics.  Some of the countries in which people turned in questions during the live broadcast include Bolivia, Canada, China, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and the United States.Yanni Live

The Yanni-Wake team – responsible for the livestream.com broadcast, again prove they are prepared to go the distance for his fans by creating a live conversation that is indeed memorable and sure to please.  Recognized for his close connection with his global fan base, Yanni is open, genuine and sincere during his responses as anticipated, and remains optimistic about his music career in the years ahead.  It is a fun and enjoyable conversation with the man we identify simply as Yanni.

View the Live Chat broadcast at livestream.com or by Yanni banner shown on the right.  Visit Yanni.com for news and concert dates and my pages dedicated to Yanni.  Below is my Truth Of Touch album review quote Lauren Sanchez read during the livestream broadcast.

Yanni is conceivably the greatest influential musician of our time.  While his exceptional abilities as a gifted composer and keyboardist by themselves are a validtestament to his universal appeal, when you factor in the remarkable musicians and vocalists by his side and personal “One World, One People“ vision, the collective inspiration pay tribute to a universal and heartfelt music experience.

The Zone Music Reporter Music Award Winners for 2010 were announced on March 13, 2011. Many of the artists we write album reviews about or interview are category qualifiers, award nominees, or chosen award winners in specific ZMR sponsored music award categories in 2010.

In our role as review publicists and interview hosts we often get to know many of the ZMR award candidates personally, so it is always good news when we hear exceptional artists get the recognition they deserve.

In fact, many New Age music qualifiers, nominees, and award winning musicians were recognized in the NewAgeMusic.nu Best Album Awards in 2010. We take pride ourselves when writing about these commendable individuals, and look forward to writing about many more top New Age music artists by an album review or interview in the days ahead.

The ZMR Award Winning Musicians are shown in the cover art shown below. You can click on the cover arts to visit the page for each ZMR artist featured at this website.  The ZMR award winners we didn’t have a chance to write about this year are shown below. B.T. Fasmer and I congratulate everyone! Place cursor over album cover art for each artist’s album award status.

Best New Artist – Another Place and Time by Heidi Anne Breyer

Best Instrumental Album – Piano – Another Place and Time by Heidi Anne Breyer.

Best Vocal Album – The Grace of the Green Leaf by Lis Addison.

Best Neo – Classical Album – NightBook by Ludovico Einaudi

Best Electronic Album – The Crossing by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins.

Best Ambient Album – The Crossing by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins.

Best Cover Art – The Crossing by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins.

Visit ZoneMusicReporter.com to see the ZMR Music Award Winners for 2010. Read about many of the ZMR artists, and their newest albums on my pages for Best New Age Album Award. Big Stock Photo – Stuarthe.

Yanni-Wake Entertainment has a very special event just beginning, with a live video interview with Yanni and fans to climax this extraordinary event taking place in an aired-live forum on March 16th.  The folks at Yanni.com are currently collecting questions, and then posting them in new videos every day until the open forum on March 16th.

Wouldn’t you like to have the opportunity to ask your favorite music celebrity a personal question related to their music?  According to yanni.com, people from across the globe are turning in their questions for Yanni’s personal reply at this very minute.  In fact, there are still several days for you to send in your questions early before the main event is broadcast live!Yanni Video

This live video chat event from Yanni-Wake Entertainment will be hosted by the award-winning, American news anchor and media personality Lauren Sanchez.  In addition to answering many fan questions, Yanni also plans to share details on his upcoming concert tour and new album, “Truth of Touch.”  Here are the specific details;

Visit Yanni.com or go directly to their news page for complete live chat details, and to see videos of questions in the days before March 16th.

The live interview video aired on March 16 can be viewed at; LiveStream.com/OfficialYanni. The Live Video Chat forum aired at 1:00pm (EDT) Eastern Daylight Time. Banner courtesy yanni.com.

Blogspot about new age music

Recently I was informed about a new age video blogspot so I want to tell our visitors here at New Age Music World.  Today I would like to introduce our visitors to Alvaro from Tarragona, Spain and site he hosts; The-Music-Explorer.com.

The Music Explorer is a video music blogspot dedicated for all fans of New Age, Chill Out, Ambient, Electronic, Trance, Ethnic, Instrumental and similar styles.  Alvaro posts YouTube music videos and blogs on Facebook & Twitter social pages. Note:  As of February 2014, the Music Explorer is no longer in operation.

Find new age music news and information at my publication titled:  New Age Music Blog.

Enigma MMX (The Social Song) project release by Michael Cretu.

For fans of the musical project Enigma it turned out to be the ultimate social media event when fans were selected a produced the Enigma MMX (The Social Song) to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Enigma project founder Michael Cretu.

It was over a 3 month period a single song project for fans was made by fans selected to create the social music video directed by Aristides Moreno and additional designated contributors Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima), Jose Luis Lopez Guillen and Jon Behari.

There is no doubt the Enigma MMX (The Social Song) was a beautiful collaboration with Enigma’s Michael Cretu and fans from all across the world. For anyone who hasn’t heard, below is the official video of the collaboration with fans and Michael Cretu. This innovative social media project was without a doubt a special media event!

Visit EnigmaSpace.com for current news and information.

Many musicians are content to remain within a specific genre and are a complete success in their artistic focus. Then there are other notable musicians where a natural progression is realized, developing into a unique artisan style and by their inner convictions, become a virtuoso by what they offer the music world.

Gandalf is an internationally acclaimed composing music producer from Vienna Austria first identified as a New Age, Contemporary Instrumental and World artist. While transitioning over the past 30 years of his career, his progressive directive and persona has helped neutralize the customary social borders in multicultural music for years.

Gates To Secret Realities on the Prudence label is an open manifest of his ambitious return to classic world music. This 1996 album is one of fascination and perhaps a secret gaze into what Gandalf is planning for a future orchestration slated to celebrate his 30 year Anniversary in 2011. This future CD currently being composed is the centerpiece for the occasion, plus a live performance in Vienna will accent his milestone achievement.

It was during continental travels to Europe, North & South America and Asia where Gandalf began to realize the prevailing attitudes and many similarities of every continent greatly unites each of us, verses creates a divisional line between countries. This open border view is much a part of his global World Music ambitions, and perhaps why his style encompasses a unique image while making a valid statement in relation to his cultivated talents and international status.

Gates To Secret Realities featuring 11 songs with over an hour of world class music is an earlier expedition not to be missed. Gandalf is a multi-instrumentalist performing acoustic and electric guitar, charango, piano, keyboards, mellotron, balaphon and many indigenous percussion. Enlisting Emily Burridge from England and Peter Aschenbrenner from Vienna, Emily performs vocals & cello and composed 3 songs while Peter is another fine talent on flutes, soprano saxophone and some backing vocals.

Gandalf’s ensemble makes this album a unique listening experience beginning with 3 songs Dreamcatcher ( Part 1 ) vocals and flute instill a celestial atmosphere before Gandalf steps up to give an astounding rock styled electric guitar anthem. This is in relation to The Power Of Nature & Man’s Promise To Mother Earth performed by the united trio where vocals, flute, keyboard and electric guitar proclaim a powerful majestic atmosphere.

Many songs journey along more moderate terrains regarding style and tempo yet the fascination remains deep and on a grandiose scale. Footprints In Red Sand is relaxing by the flute and keyboard interludes before building momentum with electric guitar that greatly increases depth of the impression.

Majestic Mountain View is an apt title shown by cello, keyboard and flute setting their sights on a light background depth and then again in following windswept song Voice In The Wind, then bells signal the tonal imagery in piano and guitar melody on Along The Milky Way.  Some songs like Ascending On The Eagle’s wings, Dreamcatcher ( Part 2 ) & Floating Down The Silent Stream are ballads elevated by cello flute, keyboards and saxophone that give a cinematic feel by lighter orchestrations portrayed in a lavish way.

The Wheel Of Life is a moving concerto lightly revolving in time, thought and deliberation, swaying in a gentle way by an enchanting flute melody backed by wondrous piano rhythms. Cello is fluently engaged to intensify the atmospheric warmth and progressive movement this song and the album in entirety envisions, perhaps giving us secret insight into the celebratory atmosphere Gandalf has in mind for us in the year 2011.

Visit Gandalf.at to sample his music and read his biography page. Visit the Munsing Germany based bscmusic.com homepage and BSA’s Gandalf music profile to sample / purchase. Picture copyright Big Stock Photo – EcoShot.

The ZMR Music Award Winners were announced on March 14 2010.  Many of the artists we write about were category qualifiers, nominees, or chosen award winners in specific categories. It is always good news to us when these outstanding artists get recognition they deserve.

Every musician in our genre has produced some outstanding music this year,and we have enjoyed writing reviews about many of these musicians at NewAgeMusicWorld.Com & NewAgeMusic.nu this past year.

There is no denying that every musician has made a significant contribution to our beloved genre and in our minds, has already become a winner.  We enjoy writing about these deserving individuals and look forward to writing even more  about our featured musicians in the days ahead.

B.T. Fasmer and I would like to congratulate everyone !

The qualifying artists we feature, along with their websites can be found by clicking on the ZMR news links provided in each review or interview.

Visit zonemusicreporter.com a complete  Category Awards List  and the artists who won a best album award for 2009.

Expect New Age Music World to bring you even more about the musicians we feature here.  Below are the individuals we have been writing about who received top honors at ZMR for 2009.


                                                                          Fiona Joy Hawkins 

                                                                          Blue Dream Album

                *Album of the Year *Best Contemporary Instrumental *Best Contemporary Instrumental / Piano

David Wahler                                 Michael Brant DeMaria                        Michael Brant Demaria

Antiquus Album                            Ocean Album                                         Siyotanka Album

*Best New Artist                           *Best Ambient  & *Best Relaxation     *Best Native American


Michael Stribling                                Bruce Michell                                     9  Muses

The Promise Album                           New Earth Goddess Album               Feel to Heal Album

*Best Electronic                                  *Best Neo Classical                          *Best Chill / Groove


Again we invite our readers to visit each individual artist website by our links provided within every review.  You can find their individual reviews by scrolling down our main pages or by clicking on their names in the right hand module to visit their dedicated page here at New Age Music World.

The ZMR Best Album Award winning musicians I wrote about this year at New Age Music World are shown above.  Every artist listed has a home here so I will be posting more info about these award-winning artists in the future.

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